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Jessica Stewart

September 30, 2014 Jersey, Manhattan, Newark 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: shes going around fck an sucking every one for dope shes a meth head when they run out she turns them in so she can move on to the next dope boy she fcks old men 3 times her age mentaly challanged an even sells her ass in the city right now shes fck a handicap guy by name jim bob she does not cARE WHO SHE SLEEPS WITH SHE WAS PRGENET BY HER HALF BROTHER JOSH WEBSTER DOING M*TH ALSO FCKS HER 65 YEAR OLD BOSS ON SAT DAYS

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Dumpster Divers

March 19, 2014 Newark, The Dirty 668

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, huge fan of your site and have been for years! I have never submitted anything as I live in Delaware and not too much goes on here. Well that is until this past weekend. The St.Patrick’s Day partying in Newark on Main St. had a “special show” put on by a mystery whore and a desperate drunk. Below and behold the two idiots who couldn’t even find a car to do each other in! The question is who are they? No one really cares about the guy because hey men will be men. But who is this girl!? Rumor is she was visiting from PENN STATE. I figured who better to find out who this girl is then the one and only Nik of TheDirty. Action news actually posted one of the pictures (their faces) as Delaware State Police would like to find out who they are as well. They deserve everything coming to them! Oh, my friend also sent me a video. She knows people saw, and tried to hide when she saw them filming. Well sweetheart you can run but you can’t hide! Someone has to know her! Making mommy and daddy proud! HAPPY ST PATTY’S DAY!

Luck of the Irish.- nik

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Absolutely Disgusted By This

February 15, 2013 Newark, The Dirty 91

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is really disgusting act that these 3 thugs did to this poor teenager.   Making him do that is not right, especially since the boys father owed one of the thugs 20 dollars and that is why they made him strip naked and repeatedly whipped him with a belt.  This video is disturbing and to be honest, not surprised it was black people who did it.  I don’t see white people doing something like that.

Why do you have to be racist? We are all products of our environment.- nik

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Trailer Trash Tranny

June 27, 2012 Newark 0




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this disgusting thing is the most obnoxious person ever. She voices her uneducated opinions that make no sense. She is from NORTH JERSEY AND all of the sudden thinks she’s a cowgirl and is into huge trucks and cowboy hats, BECAUSE SHE HAS A D*CK. Her mandee’s wardrobe shows how classy she thinks she is. Since she thinks she’s such a hick she should stick to wall-mart. She always talks about her drug addict 16 year old high school boyfriend (she’s almost 25) that dumped her ass for drugs. Clearly if you were with her, you’d be on drugs too. She has a new guy in her bed every single week, so that v*gina must be torn to shreds. Her nose is bigger than her ex boyfriends drug addiction. She needs a wake up call because this ain’t no rodeo. She is disgusting, has crusty underwear and has back acne. Please share your thoughts.

Couple things you still needa lose; your thighs, frontal tramp stamp and a procedure to fix those pits.- nik

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Lazy Workers At University Of Delaware

April 24, 2012 Delaware, Dirty News, Newark, The Dirty 25




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was employed with the University of Delaware for almost 2 years. I was terminated in September of 2011, due to my reaction to the retaliation and harassment I received on the job of a legit complaint I made about another employee. Delaware Department of Labor sided with the University of Delaware without considering my side and was also denied unemployment. I want to put some information out there about the University of Delaware specifically West Campus (Rodney & Dickinson Complex). Other employees from other campus areas of the University were also part of the retaliation against me, and if necessary I will speak on those areas at a later date. The University of Delaware continues to throw money away employing custodians to maintain West Campus dorms and this is something very easy to show and prove. If University of Delaware is not aware, my plan is to make it known. You have workers on West Campus who do very little to nothing on the job throughout their workday. Take a look at the photos I posted. The employees responsible for what you see in the photos still remain employed with the University. I was told from a West Campus employee that one of the buildings the person was assigned to in the Rodney Complex was in really bad condition. The picture of the urine stained toilet seat was taken from the same building this person spoke of. I’m quite sure (could be wrong) the Assistant Director went into action and did some renovations such as replacing those nasty urine stained toilet seats. He can renovate the entire West Campus, but one thing he can’t change is their laziness of West Campus workers and the fact that they are not needed from 8-4:30pm to maintain the dorms. The custodian’s first break is from 10:00-10:15am, but the actual break starts from the time they arrive to the end of the workday. The key station is the place where the employees meet before starting the day, to clock in, grab keys and so on. Rodney workers may not even leave the key station until about 8:30, close to 9:00. Lunch was definitely at least an hour. Many of the workers watched the television drama, The Young and the Restless everyday from 12:30-1:30pm. The afternoon 3:00 break was the end of the work day. Rodney workers sat in the key station from 3:00 until it was time to clock out at 4:25pm, so at least 3 hours of the day custodians of West Campus are not working. It’s clear that the amount time to maintain the dorms is not an all day job. Although there is plenty to do in the buildings to maintain the dorms, a person could easily get away with just pulling trash and do absolutely no cleaning and receive no complaints from students. The truth is, custodians of West Campus are not doing much work and the picture of the shower shows just how much. I’m no expert on cleaning and you certainly don’t have to be to know a shower does not get to that point overnight. You could go a whole week without cleaning the showers and still would not have the buildup seen in the photo. There is no excuse for the condition of that shower, although I’m quite sure they could come up with a few. One thing about the University of Delaware is you would never be fired for lack of doing your job, yet that was the excuse used when they got rid of a temp who wanted to become a full time employee. This employee worked and it was surprising for me when I was told the temp was let go. I was told from the group leader, the temp must of got too comfortable. She also said she had to continuously get on the temp about the showers and even mention to the temp about a new baby on the way to think of. I was also told from the manager, the reason the temp was let go, was he received pictures from students to show the temp was not working. I didn’t believe the group leader or the manager for the reason the temp was let go. I don’t know the true reason for the temp being let go, but I do know it had absolutely nothing to do with his work performance. (and by the way I mention this incident to the Department of Labor and they did nothing) Every picture I posted is from a full time West Campus University of Delaware employee. When you look at the photos, it’s clear that the temp was not doing any less than the fulltime employees of West Campus. If students did send photos to management about the temp, it was out of dislike for the temp and not because of the building not being clean. A majority of the students at this University could care less about the cleanliness of the dorms and if they do care, students rarely complain. If students made complaints about custodians, the photos posted would not exist. If you have a son or daughter who resides on West Campus (Rodney & Dickinson complex) there is no excuse for a dirty building when the University of Delaware has a custodian around to maintain the building from 8:00-4:30pm five days a week and although they are not around on the weekends, there is still no excuse (I’ll save that story for later).You can find fingerprinted glass, dust dirty stairwells, messy toilets, overflowing trash cans, empty paper towel dispenser, no hand soap, filthy tubs & showers and the list goes on. Since I left, things may have changed, but I seriously doubt it. You can find custodians taking a nice, long, all day breaks, especially frequent smoke breaks. The bottom line is West Campus workers are not needed full time and that is something very easy to show and prove. They felt as though they were walking on egg shells with me around, which some idiot led them all to believe, well now that I am no longer employed, I will make sure it goes from egg shells to pins and needles. I am putting this information out there to let the right person and the parents of students know what goes on around West Campus. I have so much to say about the University of Delaware’s West Campus area, but I will cut this short for now. *When you see a West Campus building is not so clean and the custodian responsible for the building is sitting around or no where in site, taking a smoke outside of their break time, be sure to make a complaint or take a photo as they did to the temp (so he says) or even better, put up a spy camera to watch their every move as they did to one of there employees to see what really goes on. There is some unfairness going on at the University of Delaware.

Looks like my child will never attend the University of Delaware. They can’t even produce good Sanitation Engineer majors.- nik

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Its Not The Pictures Which Make You Look Fat, Its Your Face

March 9, 2012 Manhattan, New York, Newark, The Dirty 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lisa Ramos thinks she is some big shot model.  This girl has always been a b*tch, she was/is ugly mean rude and has a comb over.  Since high school Lisa has been trying to model and though she was better then everyone else because of it.  You don’t have the right to talk down to everybody just cause a couple guys want to get your clothes off.  Reality check Lisa, you had/have a comb-over, you will never lose your baby fat and you will NEVER make it as a model.  I know Lisa was too stupid to realize this so I thought I’d sahre; first off, heres some pics of her deformed fat face, secondly notice the spotting in the bottom picture…she was on her period!!! she made some sly comment about it on facebook talking about the hardships of modeling, after I saw the pic I knew why.  I hope she got to keep those bottoms.  Probably not since she compains that photgraphers always use bad photos of her, ones that make her look fat  Shes definitely a pain to work with.  Nik I want people to know Lisa’s true colors shes a cold hearted b*tch abd will walk over anyone to get what she wants.  Don’t think she’s actually you’re friend, she’ll use you for your connections and forget about you.

Sounds like she is always on her period.- nik

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Sloot To Her Best Friend’s Men

March 8, 2012 New York, Newark 11

Whore to Her Best Friend's Men

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Deidre Mayr who lives in Saugerties, NY. She is the mother of two (poor children) and the whore of her best friend’s baby daddy’s, boyfriends, and fiancées. Deidre has been sleeping with, but unable to tie down her supposed best friends’ men for years. She is a low life who does not work, lives off of the the welfare system and does drugs like it is the only job she has ever known (well I guess it is). Deidre has the ability to smile in your face and then offer oral sex to your man the next minute. She conned one man into having two children with her (we assume they are both his) and that poor guy has been run through the mill. Deidre believes she is the hottest thing in the world, when really her face is disgusting, she has no chest, terrible skin and speaks with a lisp. She will never be anything more than some man’s whore (most men that have been with her deny it because she is so nasty). She is on the prowl looking for her next baby daddy/drug supplier. Deidre is known to have sex with, not date, any man who looks in her direction. Her prospects have been dwindling since it is rumored she is spreading drd, but the town she lives in is full of already diseased men who do not care, so she still has options. Beware if you see this diseased disaster on wheels heading your way, if she has no loyalty to her own friends, how can you expect her to have loyalty toward you? P.S. She makes Beira Sanders look like a saint.

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Shes A Dirty Girl

October 19, 2011 Newark 3

She's a Dirty Girl

She's a Dirty Girl

She's a Dirty Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Kayluh Davis. One day this chick and two of her friends came to our party out at Denison. While the partying is going on, this girl asked if she can have a three-some with me and my best friend. So me and two of my buddies took her to my dorm and took that chick tooooo town. Afterwards she offered too swallow all of us. Well I’m pretty sure my friend has something crazy going on down below so if anyone meets her be careful what u do bro. Man what partying can do tooo you. So would you Nik?

This sounds like someone you paid for.- nik

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