Leanna Bartlett Fakes Her Instagram Pictures

July 22, 2014 Las Vegas, Newport, The Dirty 7

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, a lot of girls have been doing this lately on Instagram. They make it seem like they have an ITG when they don’t.  I don’t get it, just get in the gym and work on it like the rest of us.

I follow this chick. She is really good with the airbrush tool on Adobe.- nik

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Beware Of This Douche

July 21, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this douche is Scott VanDeusen. He posts all day on pinterest (more than most girls), instagram, snapchat, and the Book. He is on every single hook-up app you could imagine (OKCupid, Tinder, POF, you name it). He is a cheating, lying, steroid-using, loser who thinks he is sooo hot, when in reality we all know he has cheated on every gf he has ever had. Even the ones he was “engaged” to. Sorry to disappoint you girls…but he has some trouble keeping his small greg hard! Girls in Newport, HB, Laguna…beware of this lying cheating scumbag before you’re next!

Scott don’t break your back bro, that chick is HEAVY. If I had to guess…152 lbs.- nik

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Mike Bibby, Not the Basketball Player

July 21, 2014 Anaheim, Newport 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy calls himself Mike Bibby. Perfect example of a 30k millionaire burn out. Not only did he get his little brother smoking meth at age 15, he repeatedly dates junkies (one of which died and he started dating her friend). Maybe by posting this he’ll realize that by being 27 and addicted to drugs wo’t get you anywhere. Most people snap out of drug use if any after done being a teenager. This guy took it to a whole nother level. He thinks people are shapeshifters and “big brother” is watching him all the time. Before getting kicked out of his house, his little brother went on a rage and beat him in the head with a crowbar (definitely deserved it). After getting kicked out of his house, his mommy is now paying for a luxurious apartment off Ball Road in Anaheim (ya know, where all the tweek and h*roin and hookers are sold) for him and his fellow “baseball team” members can twist up the pipe. He is the epitome of El Toro Highschool graduates. Smoking mth and hanging out on Facebook for 16 hours at a time is NOT a career. Snap out of it and make your mother proud. Not that she cares obviously.

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Better Than Adderall

July 16, 2014 ASU, Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 301

I have been testing this product for a while now and it is LIMITLESS. It is the first ever over the counter Adderall (I am not supposed to be saying that, but I have to be honest). This stuff is better than Addies because it doesn’t give you the cracked out meth feeling associated with Adderall. Anyway, to make a long story short… I am 2 for 2 in the advancing life products department. DON’T BUY ADDERALL ILLEGALLY. If you want to focus, here is the safe solution that is actually better for you. Half of the white kids at UCI are taking this stuff and they are kicking the Asians asses. Buy one bottle and if you have ADD/ADHD you will love it!! And for you college kids who are “entrepreneurs” I JUST MADE YOU RICH!

**Click here to buy over the counter Adderall**

FYI: This is my personal opinion and individual results may vary. I always advise you consult with your physician first.

**Now that I got the legal fun out of the way… Click here to buy over the counter Adderall.**


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Nik Richie’s Official NBA Announcement — Thank You Los Angeles Lakers Organization For The Memories

July 14, 2014 Hollywood, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty 191


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Caitlin Heather Is A Very Popular Girl In SoCal

July 9, 2014 Newport 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Caitlin Heather, another midwest transplant and model wannabe. She has a cute body. Tall, skinny, ITG and nice fake tits. Something is just ugly about her face and I thought maybe your suggestions could help launch her modeling career. She is a stripper and works under the name Detroit. She is quite popular in Anaheim, famous even.

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OC’s Finest Is About To Pop Off

July 9, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 122

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, in 2008 you posted a little story about Samer Theodory AKA OC’s Finest. This leader of the 30k millionaire club is still going strong. In 2008 he was driving a 2002 740i BMW, sucking down drinks at Sutra living in an disco ball encrusted apartment trying to go big. Good news! He is still driving that car, living in that dump, stinking up Sutra and the empire is expanding! This mogul is branching out from web pimp, calendar publisher with OC’s Finest models to clothing and children’s toys. Yep, he invented the world famous Bottle cuddler. This thing is so hilarious. Its a cheep china stuff animal with a hole in its head for bottles. Sales were so bad that he ended up donating a few boxes of this stuff to make room at the “OC’s Finest beach house”. After the Bottle Cuddle windfall he founded 24 Karat Fashion in 2012. According to the company’s Facebook as of April 2013 they are taking orders for Mens shirts website soon to launch! The suspense is real Nik. Please tell Samer to return to Lancaster and take his pepsi head clown crew with him.

Some things never change. 30K Millionaires love the Groundhog life. Everyday is a struggle living off overdraft protection.- nik

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Carmella McBreen Is Not A Model

July 8, 2014 Newport 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, met this wanna be model Carmella McBreen goes by Carmella Rose on Instagram a couple weeks while out with some of my boys in Laguna. She comes across normal but during the course of an hour she flirted with me, and two of my boys while her BF was supposedly on his way. A couple weeks later she hooks up with another of our friends, and then I see her again at and she’s all on my nuts too! Bangin body, but words on the street is she’s burnin’ dudes. She acts like this high class model in LA but I saw some pics on tumblr that look like she’s nothin more than a cheap hoe flashing her goods to everyone with a camera.

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