This Is What I Think Kate Upton’s Breast Look Like

March 27, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 74 111,990 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, now I understand why you prefer fake +2′s over “Kate Upton” tits.  The picture of the boobs is not actually Kate but but this is what I imagine they do in order to prep for her photoshoots.  Click here to see the image!!!

It’s crazy what a difference tape can make.- nik

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Lee Lee Shannon The Drug Addict

March 27, 2014 Hollywood, Huntington Beach, Newport, The Dirty 253 98,076 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she goes by Leeleeshannon_ on her Instagram. This girl is a whack job, she post about 10 different selfies each night between the hours of 11pm – 5am, what is crazy is her makeup is always done up and she is half naked in all her pics smoking weed. I for one know the girl never leaves her house, and has zero friends NONE. When she does get friends, they all discover how much of a crazy bitch she is. Then she goes on IG claiming people they aren’t loyal and she is so GANGSTER and that she will f*ck people up and people don’t know who she is. Dude this girl is insane, don’t even try and date her, my boy dated her for 3 days only to cut her off because she literally starts blowing you up and when you don’t respond because say you have a normal life working for example she starts threatening you. I believe she is closet Meth Addict who claims she does “Spray Tans” for a living, my guess since she never leaves her apartment she sells Meth/Weed? I heard she got in trouble for doing that before so maybe CMPD should pay her visit? Go to her IG bro and look at her pics, you will die. Not to mention this hag is 45 years old no joke and she say’s she is related to former Dr. Jerry Buss, I mean I guess you can say she looks ok for that age but bro that doesn’t remove the craziness of this girl. She should be like a DirtyCeleb for you guys.

RIP Dr. Jerry Buss. The Lakers died with you sir.- nik

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Is It Just Me

March 27, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 164 103,453 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so, I’m a little old school, I am a female and of course I tend to get upset when I find my boyfriend of five years looking at porn. I mean I just don’t understand it, honestly I have a high sex drive and I’m adventurous. However now I’m starting to wonder if I should be mad in the first place? After looking at who he admires (above), I can’t help but wonder if maybe he’s a little gay? Should I be worried? I mean I’m not that bad looking I can admit I do need adjustments but Nonetheless I do look like a girl. And I know a guys vision is different from a woman’s, however to me these girls look like trannys or boyish to me, or is just me? Eh whatever the case that’s my story, love you Nik Richie huge fan! XO!

The only time you should be worried is when he starts calling you different role play names (during sex) that could be crossovers like Taylor, Jordan or Kyle.- nik

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Sutra’s Gene Brezeale Is A Scumbag

March 26, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 259 108,611 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I work at Sutra and I’m so sick of Gene Brezeale.  Social Group is such a joke.  He is an alcoholic who loves to black out on the job.  He treats Sutra employees like sh*t.  His wife Lindsey doest even trust him, she follows him around non stop to make sure he isn’t trying to sleep with any of us… if she only knew the sh*t he says about her.  And I let him touch my boobs once.  Sorry Lindsey.  It’s so annoying how wasted and black out drunk the he gets.  You have child Gene.  Try being a good father and not an alcoholic.  Gene constantly brags about how he is friends with you Nik and how he has immunity from The Dirty.  I will let the comments speak for themselves if you have the balls to post this.

Sorry, but I don’t know this Gene Brezeale guy.- nik

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How Do I Approach Franchesca

March 22, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 550 103,456 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I work with Franchesca and she is without a doubt my dream girl.  She is perfect from head to toe and has the personality to match it… but there is one huge issue.  She only likes to date mega douchebags, you know, the guys with the tattoos and “hipster” look.  I’m just a regular guy who makes good money and has his sh*t in order.  I feel like if my life wasn’t in order and I was a disaster, she would actually pay attention to me.  What should I do Nik?  and don’t give me one of your bullsh*t generic answers, I need to real NR to tell me what to do.

What are those white shadows coming from her nose in the first image?- nik

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Why Does Spanish Nanny Feel So Blessed

March 21, 2014 Newport, The Dirty, The Nanny 173 110,538 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I started to follow Spanish Nanny on Instagram.. and she seems to be so in love with herself with her hashtags (blessed, happy, beautiful, sexy, confident, etc) Whats there to be so proud of… you weren’t born with those fake tits, ass, nose, chin, cheeks, EVERYTHING. I would be be happy if I was her too but, not for too long. And I wonder what her family thinks about her hooking; doesn’t she get sick of selling her stinky mexican taco? She’ll probably be a prostitute her whole life because she’s used to that lifestyle. Also, if she ever has children they’ll come out looking like a gremlin just like she did before her makeover.

Yes, the picture above is Spanish Nanny.- nik

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Spring Break Dirty Style At 1 Oak Las Vegas, I Need A WingMan

March 19, 2014 Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver, Would You? 0 231,301 Views


Ok… so here is the problem, my original birthday party in Las Vegas got rescheduled to Saturday, March 22 during Spring Break. Fortunately, I have the Hawaiian Tropic Models joining me for my birthday (the invited themselves). As much as I would love to entertain these beautiful women, I asked 1 Oak if it was cool to have a wingman contest — A) Because I’m married and B) Because I want someone in the DIRTY ARMY to experience my life for one day. So 1 Oak is down… here is the breakdown:

1 OAK is giving you the chance to turn Spring Break from lame to fame-worthy!

Your whirlwind VIP weekend starts with a limo pickup from the airport that whisks you away to a suite at The Mirage Hotel & Casino. After getting settled in you’ll be dining at hot-spot, STACK Restaurant & Bar with the ladies of Tropic Beauty at your side. The party continues with a VIP table at 1 OAK alongside the legendary Nik Richie, custom VIP bottle presentation and more surprises throughout the night! The next day you’re partying poolside at tops-optional Bare Pool Lounge. Think you can handle all that? Enter for a chance to win the Spring Break of a lifetime!

CLICK HERE to win, fill out the entry form. Oh, and Wingwomen are welcome to enter the contest too. I don’t discriminate (just please be hot).

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Shana Lynn Needs Rehab

March 16, 2014 Las Vegas, Newport, The Dirty 141 98,901 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Shana Lynn who is an absolute wreck. She needs rehab and a lot of therapy. It’s not funny anymore. Since she only dates purple crayons, she thinks she can drop the N bomb anytime she wants let alone get a tattoo of it! She has serious problems and I hope a public shaming will motivate her to get her act together. Anyone who defends her actions are only enabling her at this point. I wonder if she’ll be working at Story anymore with a tattoo like that. How long before we see her in porn or in an obituary?

Wow, Shana Lynn really needs to LaserAway the racist sh*t off her body. That tattoo is racist, don’t give me the “GGA version doesn’t count” card either.- nik

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