University of Chapman Slore

February 6, 2014 Newport 31 7,614 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl Nalani was fucking around with multiple guys while still texting her ex. She went on 3 dates with my friend and fucked him all 3 times. She is a saint in her parents eyes since she will be goin to the virgin islands for some nursing care. In Chapman she was so ugly but now she dyed her hair got a tramp stamp and opens her legs to anythin

I can feel a duck face coming on.- nik

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Raquel Curtin From RHOC

February 4, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 59 104,285 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, remember Lynne Curtin’s daughter from Real Housewives of Orange County who became a half naked rave girl? Looks like she is now a suicide girl.. She definitely got her nose done so she’s looking better, but is now covered in tattoos.

Tess Taylor knock off.- nik

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Better Than Adderall

January 31, 2014 ASU, Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 318 195,775 Views

I have been testing this product for a while now and it is LIMITLESS. It is the first ever over the counter Adderall (I am not supposed to be saying that, but I have to be honest). This stuff is better than Addies because it doesn’t give you the cracked out meth feeling associated with Adderall. Anyway, to make a long story short… I am 2 for 2 in the advancing life products department. DON’T BUY ADDERALL ILLEGALLY. If you want to focus, here is the safe solution that is actually better for you. Half of the white kids at UCI are taking this stuff and they are kicking the Asians asses. Buy one bottle and if you have ADD/ADHD you will love it!! And for you college kids who are “entrepreneurs” I JUST MADE YOU RICH!

**Click here to buy over the counter Adderall**

FYI: This is my personal opinion and individual results may vary. I always advise you consult with your physician first.

**Now that I got the legal fun out of the way… Click here to buy over the counter Adderall.**


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I Should Get A Free Disney Cruise For This, My Statement

January 30, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 233 124,154 Views


PopDust Article:

I should be ignoring this, but I have some pride in myself. should change its name to I understand hating on me makes you guys money. I understand the business model. I’m more ashamed of Disney for letting some cubicle warrior sell my personal information.

I just want to be 100% honest and tell everyone I AM NOT BROKE. I’m not sure why my credit card did not go through, but I can assure you I’m in good standing with Disneyland.

Here is a picture from Monday via my Instagram. I had NO issues getting into the theme park. Case closed…

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Natalya Visnius

January 29, 2014 Newport 44 9,799 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Natalya Visnius Newport rat. She has slept with everyone, there brothers, there dads, you name it. She likes to get attention from her instagram (@love_dahlia) by acting like she is “punk rock” and is “different”. If you live in newport or la or san francisco you have banged this chick. She openly bulimic so her breath smells almost worse then her pusssy! If you thought veronica poppa was the newport skunk, you a few years behind. At least poppa is hot and has a banging bod. This girl is “fat skinny” Her face is puffy from puking up her food but her body is skinny(ish) with little sag tits. Fucking her is like fucking someone one that is having a seizure. She tries to act like she’s a freak but her acting skills are a D-.. doesn’t help that she is blackout drunk with everyone. & i mean everyone. Check this chick out, write her an insta comment saying you think she’s cute and youll get laid that night, promise. She will even let you take pictures & videos of her while in the process.

Fat skinny…aka, soft.- nik

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Soo Linh Is The Hottest Asian Girl Around

January 27, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 99 98,312 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is the hottest Asian model I’ve ever seen in my life.  Her name is Soo Linh and she is soooo perfect.  Everything about her is on point and any man would be into her.  I had to ask you and tell me those +2′s aren’t on point?

Not feeling the naked Asian. +2′s can’t change a smell.- nik

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Pin-Up Beauty

January 24, 2014 Newport 2 8,531 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Pin-up models have never really caught my attention but this one has caught my eye. I don’t know if my eyes need to get checked so I have to ask: Hot or not? She has an Amanda Heard look to her. Her eyes might be the reason I can’t confirm her hotness! Amazing eyes!

I’m gunna say ‘No’ based on the amount of cake on her face.- nik

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Don’t Waste Your Time At Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse

January 23, 2014 Dirty Food, Newport, The Dirty 35 96,186 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I do love prime steak so we decided since Costco had a gift card we would try it out. Not the best place out there. First of all we had a 7:00 reservation for 2 and we got there and were told they were running about 40 minutes behind (it was on a Tuesday). After waiting around for about 30 minutes the manager came around with champaigne for all the guests waiting in the lobby area. He walked over to me and I said thank you and before I could grab a glass he said “Let me serve them first” and pointed to the men and women wearing the suits next to us. Ok pretty rude. We later took our seat and found the resturant to be very noisey. Not the ambiance we were expecting from a fine dining restaurant. I ordered the ceasar salad, filet and flemmings potatoes. My salad was lacking dressing but was a good size. My steak later came out and although it was an exceptional cut of meat it lacked flavor. There was nothing special about the steak compared to other fine dining restaurants. The flemings potatoes were probably the best tasting part of the meal. We skipped desert and decided we would stick to Ruths Chris. Probably would not go back here. I read other review that said it was hit or miss maybe we went on a miss night.

I have always thought Morton’s was the McDonalds of steaks and Fleming’s was the Sizzler of steaks. I’m not a fan of either one.- nik

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