If You Wanted To Book Spanish Nanny

August 18, 2014 Hollywood, Newport, The Dirty 167


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, doesn’t “Luna” look like Spanish Nanny?  I have heard of this escorting agency and it has a legit reputation… so I do really think its her.  So guys, you want her?  Just make sure you have money.

Can someone text that number and see if it’s really her?- nik

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Looks Like Dustin Slinkard Got A New Girl

August 18, 2014 Newport 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dustin Slinkard and Shay McCall the new power couple, Dustin the self proclaimed Pirate and his newest flavor we all know and love to see Shay are an item, and making big things happen. I wonder how long it will take for him to cut this loose after he get’s what he wants. The two are both porto potties at this point everyone and everything has been with their private parts. Are you ready to be a daddy? HAHAHAHA!!!

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Japan Keeps It Real

August 16, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 102

THE DIRTY ARMY: You know Nik I see a lot of FUNKY women out on those streets while out and about. It never ceases to amaze me how RATTY some women let themselves get. It is HORRIBLE!!! Well while glancing at one of my sisters Japanese Anime’s I noticed something very peculiar that caught my eye. The girl character had the most perfect ITG – Inner Thigh Gap that I have ever seen on a woman or a cartoon character, let alone half of the slores I see on your site. Nik, please give a shout for the Anime slores and show off this beauty of an ITG for all to see. Thanks Japan for keeping it REAL!!!

Long live Japan.- nik

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Make It Rain On Him And You Might Get Lucky

August 15, 2014 Houston, Newport, The Dirty 161


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this gay deserves to be called out who goes by the name of Rain Perez. You can find him on Instagram @RainPerez. His name alone gives off what I’m about to tell you. He is Houston’s most popular gay gold digger. He thinks everyone is jealous of him. You’re 19 years old, why do you have fake ass lips and botox like a Real Housewife? He doesn’t work or go to school but insists he’s a “trophy husband” and is constantly traveling back and forth between Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami. Hmmm, we all know what that means. Starting young… He’s linked with Nicolette Shea and Khloe “Scars” Terae. He would be nothing without his French sugar daddies. He dates all these foreign men because they’re the only ones dumb enough to fall for his bullsh*t. He’ll f*ck anything with money. Someone had to say this. No one is jealous of you.

His life is exactly what I want JV to do, but without the Gay parts. If there are any rich older women in the Newport Beach area looking for a late 20′s boy toy… Junior Varsity is ready.  Email me [email protected] so I can approve.- nik

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Paris Dylan Is Smart

August 13, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 72

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I don’t get why everyone is talking sh*t about by girl Paris.  She is a genius if you ask me.  While I go to school and most of our friends do, she is living the life, hanging out with rich people and getting paid for sex… I have sex all the time, but its for free, at least she is making money.  I live at home, she lives on her own and drives a dope car.  How can anyway say he is not smart?  2 years into to college and I feel like the dumb ass, thats what I get.. freshman 15 ruined any chance I ever had of being a working girl.

What a seedy looking motel/apartment complex. Is that her office?- nik

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Leanna Bartlett Was Not Happy With Me

August 12, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 75



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Leanna Bartlett has her booking email on IG and since she is not a paid model, I assumed the email was for hooking. I asked her about her hourly rates and she went ape sh*t on me and blah… Doesn’t she know why girls leave their emails on IG? How do you think I booked Chewy’s friend JoJo?

The only reason these women take selfies is to promote their ‘product’.- nik

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Kate Garfield Is The Photoshop Queen Of Instagram

August 8, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Kate Garfield thinks she’s Ms. Erotica, who recently got fired from SlickForce Studio and is the Photoshop queen of Instagram. Her old boss Nick Saglimbeni found out that she’s been escorting on the side and had to fire her. Kate or Katherine been catfishing every guy she runs across on Instagram. She lures them in with her erotic stories claiming she’s sensual and she’s hot and they fly her out only to find out how disappointed they are. Nik, you should read some of the comments these guys leave on her Instagram @KatGarfield it’s HILARIOUS! She thinks she has some Hollywood friends just because they follow her back on Instagram. All her real friends are either super ugly or crazy like her. Kate also has a very dysfunctional family where her brother Samuel Garfield is a closet gay and her sister Johanna Garfield is a pothead lesbian. She claims to travel around the country but only to different parts of the states that her catfished “John’s” fly her out. The DA army needs to know about this fugly girl. I give her a solid 2.7362828.

Is that Instagram pic supposed to be sexy? I don’t see it.- nik

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Better Than Adderall

August 8, 2014 ASU, Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 348

I have been testing this product for a while now and it is LIMITLESS. It is the first ever over the counter Adderall (I am not supposed to be saying that, but I have to be honest). This stuff is better than Addies because it doesn’t give you the cracked out meth feeling associated with Adderall. Anyway, to make a long story short… I am 2 for 2 in the advancing life products department. DON’T BUY ADDERALL ILLEGALLY. If you want to focus, here is the safe solution that is actually better for you. Half of the white kids at UCI are taking this stuff and they are kicking the Asians asses. Buy one bottle and if you have ADD/ADHD you will love it!! And for you college kids who are “entrepreneurs” I JUST MADE YOU RICH!

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FYI: This is my personal opinion and individual results may vary. I always advise you consult with your physician first.

**Now that I got the legal fun out of the way… Click here to buy over the counter Adderall.**


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