The Real Pornstars Of Orange County – Alexa Curtin Is Jayden Taylors

May 5, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 191


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel so bad for the Curtin family. I don’t even blame the Real Housewives of Orange County tv show. I think the daughters downfall is drug related. It’s very sad. Dirty Army do your research, Lynne Curtin’s daughters Alexa and Raquel Curtin are now pornstars. Alexa Curtin’s name is Jayden Taylors and Raquel Curtin goes by the porn name Suttin Suicide.

This makes me want to raise my daughter in another country.- nik 

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The He/She ICK’s ‘Kissy” got into a physical altercation with

May 5, 2014 Los Angeles, Newport 23




THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, So I happen to come across this Beast that ICK got into a physical altercation with. I’m still trying to figure out is it a man or a woman!? With that being said what is your opinion NIK? Did ICK fight a man or women. Either way ICK followed the fight with a video the next morning showing she just got a scratch out of it. Supposedly the He/She is a Gym Rat and post ghetto pictures showing off her muscles. The faces she makes are Priceless she try’s to make intimidating faces referencing how big and strong she is. The Beast is grouse it thinks its the hottest thing alive but it dresses ghetto it wears ton’s of fake ghetto jewelry with guy Hat’s,that has seriously got to be the most trashiest look what is it thinking walking out of the house like that! What happen to class if this is a girl this generation of ladies need to be schooled. I’m still trying to find out it’s race I’m guessing Arabian. NIk what do you think it is guy or girl? If you believe it to be a female what do you think about it’s body and face? Would you tap that?

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Laron Turley Is A Married Jerk

May 2, 2014 Newport, The Dirty, Whittier 130

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Laron Turley from Newport Beach. I first met this guy on Tinder & he seemed attractive, interesting & very much single. He is an architect & tells me he lives with roommates. Everything seems to be going well during our initial conversations when we decide to make a date to meet. As a single girl nowadays you have to be pre cautious so I googled him & initially found his facebook then I start seeing pictures of a baby & a woman. Turns out he has been married about five years & has two daughters (3 years & a newborn). I casually asked him if he had any children & he said no so when I told him what I found he went on to say that he was getting a divorce which was a complete lie because Rachel Turley, his wife posted a picture and mentioned him in a picture on Instagram less than a week ago. Nik, I just want other women out there to beware of this idiot. He is an asshole to deny his children & cheat on his wife. I hope other women are as savvy as I was & look him up & find all the dirt on him!!! Good luck ladies & keep away from Laron Turley!!!

If you are going to take a picture at the Rose Bowl, at least get the whole sign in the background.- nik


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The Jeep Groupie Kara Jo

April 30, 2014 Newport 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Kara Jo Donovan. She it’s a young little hussy, who’s got a think for jeeps and little to no self respect. She will (attempt)to climb on your stick shift, and is known by many as the jeep groupie. Boyfriend? Doesn’t bother this chick in the slightest…. So ladies watch your back, but really if your boyfriend would hump this dirty little gremlin you were better off without him. Standards people. She takes pride in the jeep her daddy bought her and is always trying to do a “sexy” pose with it to get attention from anyone who will look her way. Most of these men are older then she is. Daddy issues? I think so

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Jaszmine Is Newport’s Biggest Drama Queen

April 25, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jaszmine, one of the biggest drama queens I’ve ever encountered. I swear she gets off on getting in other people’s business. She claims to be a friend yet will talk up a storm behind your back, which none of it will be true. She thrives on the attention from the gossip she creates. This isn’t the only horrible quality of Jaszmine’s… she also happens to be more promiscuous than any girl I know, and that’s me trying to be nice about it. Every time you see her out, she’ll be tongue hopping from guy to guy until one of them buys her a drink. That unlucky sucker will either be the first, or the 3rd guy she sleeps with that weekend (depending on what night it is). Men, beware. She will get in between any sort of relationship you have going for yourself, just because she can’t go a night without lies flowing out of her drunk mouth.

Is that a bra or a bathing suit?- nik

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Dating a Minor

April 23, 2014 Newport 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kevin Corey, has the drd alert women. i used to be his roomate with my fiance. he stole money, alcohol from us, stole my xbox, broke my dvds,games stole my dvds and games. never paid rent and now is harassing me. His girlfriend taylor is only 15 years old. someone call child protective services because he hits her, look at all the holes in the walls in the apartment. this kid WILL STEAL FROM YOU AND SELL IT ON CRAIGSLIST. WATCH OUT EVEN HIS FRIENDS. and girls HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. HE MIGHT STILL BE FCKING YOU ON THE SIDE BUT HE HAS A UNDERAGE GIRLFRIEND. beware. dont room with him, lets his dog take shits all over the house and ruin my couch.

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Stinky Sushi

April 10, 2014 Newport 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, So I’ve seen this girl out (mainly at Landmark)and everytime her and her friends act like they are the hottest thing around. I mean look at her and her friends, they look like they are 40. And that hair….c’mon who are you trying to fool. She posts all these selfies of herself in her room trying on clothes. Here’s a hint sweetie, try cleaning your room first before you take pics.

untry: US Region: CA City: Simi Valley Zip: 93065 Area code: 805

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I Highly Recommend Trying It

April 10, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 533


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m 34 black male and a very very very good looking one.  I have had sex with easily over 1000 girls.  Most have been white, some Asian and a few Latinas but never with a black girl.  No, I’m not racist, but its just very hard for me to find any black girls attractive and when I do, they are usually wifed up by some rapper or pro athlete.  Finally came across a cutie that look identical to the one in this picture, we had an amazing night and OMG the sex was the best thing ever.  She did this thing with her booty that made me have TWO orgasms back to back, if you are a man, I know it sounds impossible but it happened.  I’m completely in love now and only going after the black girls.  For anyone that has not slept with a black girl, you gotta try you some Chocolate, now I see why all the white girls only want black guys these days.  Sex is just better.

Black people have extra muscles in their body, this is why they excel at anything athletic… like sex.- nik

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