What Happened To Carli Bybel

January 23, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 35 104,736 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Carli used to be beautiful and curvy. Everyone wanted to be her. Now she looks very sick and anorexic. I think the fame may be getting to her or she is starving to keep up with her personal trainer boyfriend. What gives?

The shirt says it all… too much Pepsi.- nik

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This Surgeon Is Such A Pervert

January 22, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 59 101,943 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, sisters Charm and Brittani Niccole have both been given boob jobs – by their plastic surgeon dad. Brittani, 25, first had breast surgery for her 18th birthday and three years later her dad gave her a new nose for her 21st birthday. Charm’s first surgery was at the tender age of ten, when dad, Michael, fixed her protruding belly button. I find this very sick that this guy has to see his daughters naked and is making their boobs bigger… disgusting pervert.

Don’t you watch The Bachelor? It’s illegal to use the word ‘pervert’.- nik

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Human Barbie Is A Fan Of Spanish Nanny

January 22, 2014 Newport, The Dirty, The Nanny 150 96,391 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, looks like Human Barbie reads your site because she posted a video of Spanish Nanny on her Facebook. I mean, how else would she hear about an escort from Santa Ana? Hope she doesn’t take notes from the video, though. Spanish Nanny’s thighs are looking quite heavy.

I wonder if Spanish Nanny had her inner thighs liposuctioned?- nik

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I Feel So Bad That Ted “Fletcher Jones” Fell For Dalene Kurtis’ Trap

January 22, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 349 136,143 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so this chick Dalene Kurtis lives in Newport Beach and she recently married Ted “Fletcher Jones”. He found out that she was a escort after they had already been married so he divorced her. She refuses to leave his beach house where she has moved her new boyfriend of a month in, Wanna Be Ultimate Fighter “Tiki Ghosn”.  She has had a history of finding guys with money and trying to get money out of them some way or another. She flaunts all of his cars and all of the money she was able to get out of the poor guy all over her Instagram and Twitter.  It’s disgusting and makes women look bad. I feel bad for any guy who has gone through this or will go through this. She is a washed up old Playmate and needs to be stopped. She needs to focus on being a mother to her son and set a good example for him and stop bringing different guys in and out of his life.

Even car salesmen are suckers.- nik

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The Ignorance Some People Have

January 21, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 140 104,028 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is this b*tch for real?  Renae Wall is one dumb ass girl.  I don’t even know why she is bringing up taxes when all of her friends are Porta Potties… just shows you how some people don’t really have a brain.

Near Ontario… since when do people by Ontario Mills Mall pay taxes. People move out there to hide from the IRS.- nik

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Physical Altercation Left This 23-Year-Old Brain Dead

January 20, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 363 144,274 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, usually I wouldn’t post something tragic here, but I really need to spread awareness about a tragic death of a friend because the people who took her life are still out there.

As it says in the picture, on Friday night, 1/17/14, an argument broke out between the victim and a group of Latinos (2 men, 3 women) in front of the club, The Crosby, in downtown Santa Ana. The altercation turned violent. The victim was beaten to the ground and stomped on the head by the group (yes, the men joined in too). This was a disgusting act and nobody deserves to be treated like this. Security eventually broke up the fight, but it was too late. The victim was taken to the hospital and pronounced brain dead shortly after. She was only 23 years old.

Currently, authorities are asking anyone with any information or evidence to help by stepping forward. The only video that has been posted of the fight is a short 4 second video showing several people at the scene of the fight and at least one other person recording the altercation. Please if anyone has information regarding this horrendous act, please help bring justice to the victim and her family. This story has been on several news articles, facebook, and other social media so I am sure the people who are responsible for this death is well aware that they are wanted. I hope they come to their senses and turn themselves in.

It saddens me that her friends and family have so much hope that she will recover, but brain dead is not the same as a coma. If you do a bit of research, you will find that “brain dead is dead”. Her friends and family has lost such a young and beautiful soul… If anyone has any tip, please come forward.

This really sucks. My heart goes out to the family.- nik

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Addressing Pregnancy Rumors

January 20, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 190 111,629 Views


TMZ posted something yesterday, HERE IS MY RESPONSE! I wanted to wait to share the news, I apologize to friends and family who found out this way.

TMZ article: http://www.tmz.com/2014/01/19/shayne-lamas-nik-richie-pregnant-baby-dirty/

Hater article: http://popdust.com/2014/01/20/nik-richie-baby-shayne-lamas-pregnant/

My response article: http://tabrag.com/portfolio/shayne-lamas-is-pregnant/

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Chin Chin Is A Racist iPhone App

January 17, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 36 94,389 Views



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this kid at UCI started an App called ChinChin.  It is basically the same thing as Tinder but as you can tell from the name, it is specific to Asian people.  I don’t like the racial undertone and I am surprised Apple allowed this.

Smart name. UCI is 99.9% Asian. Good move Ching.- nik

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