Well Known Hooker Raquel Tait Committed Suicide

May 19, 2014 Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, The Dirty 822



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, last week well known hooker Raquel killed herself.  Obviously she had demons and  I’m not posting this to be rude.  Just want to wake up other young girls who strive to self their souls for Red Bottoms and Vacations.  I was a hooker myself and for the first few years it was great, but what it did to my mind has got me really f*cked up.  I can’t find any trust worthy man to be with me, even though I’m a perfect 10, they know I’m f*cked inside.  I constantly have nightmares of my Johns and how nasty and fat most of them were, it saddens to me to see girl like Chewy and Scooby Snack thinking they have the best lives, while inside they are slowly dying.  Girls, stop this, red bottoms aren’t worth it.

RIP Raquel Tait.- nik

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What Is Up With Spanish Nanny’s +2s

May 9, 2014 Newport, The Dirty, The Nanny 77


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what’s up with Spanish Nani’s boob? Is that a stretch mark on her left breast? All that working out (butt injections)  is taking a toll on her +2′s.

It’s nothing, she must have been laying on her stomach before this selfie… I’m more concerned about her armpit.- nik

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Newport Beware: Christopher Michaels Is A Scam Artist

May 8, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, be careful of Christopher Michaels as Newport Beach’s biggest scam artist. He scammed me out of 30k and won’t pay me back!  I wanna give a big shout out to Christopher (Kobe) Michaels and his buddy who is his bitch Justin Byler for being professional Scam Artists!!! You both knew exactly what you were doing when you used me to get what you wanted!!! How can you live with yourselves??? You obviously have no conscience or heart!!! Too bad KARMA is A Bitch and your reputation you have earned will stay with you ALWAYS!!!!  30k is serious money!!! Everyone who knows me knows if I’m posting something its no JOKE!!! He has lied to me for over a month saying he was gonna pay and ALWAYS A NO SHOW!!!  Learn from my mistake and do not trust this guy. He pretends that he will help you but instead will take your money and party with it on YOUR EXPENSE.

For a second I thought the guy on the left was the dude from Ridiculousness.- nik

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Why Do Rockstar Promo Models Photoshop

May 7, 2014 Hollywood, Newport, The Dirty 21


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you ever noticed how the Rockstar promo girls love to airbrush all their pictures. None of the faces you see on social networks are real.. they are all photoshopped. Rockstar models are bogus.

I can’t tell if I like that nose job or not?- nik

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Brittany Cameron

May 7, 2014 Newport 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, my name is Britany Cameron, I need your advice! I have been cheating on my boyfriend of four years, whom I love, with my coworker at True Foods, whom I also love. My boyfriend knows I fck my coworker in our bed while he works, yet he is still taking forever to buy me a ring! On the other hand I can run away with my coworker and his daughter to start a brand new life! The only caveat is my boyfriend spoils and supports me AND I can still sleep around behind his back. It’s the best of both worlds and so hard to make up my mind. If you think this cant get any worse for me it does. I have red box dyed hair. Nik, please help me!

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The Real Pornstars Of Orange County – Alexa Curtin Is Jayden Taylors

May 5, 2014 Newport, The Dirty 191


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel so bad for the Curtin family. I don’t even blame the Real Housewives of Orange County tv show. I think the daughters downfall is drug related. It’s very sad. Dirty Army do your research, Lynne Curtin’s daughters Alexa and Raquel Curtin are now pornstars. Alexa Curtin’s name is Jayden Taylors and Raquel Curtin goes by the porn name Suttin Suicide.

This makes me want to raise my daughter in another country.- nik 

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The He/She ICK’s ‘Kissy” got into a physical altercation with

May 5, 2014 Los Angeles, Newport 23




THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, So I happen to come across this Beast that ICK got into a physical altercation with. I’m still trying to figure out is it a man or a woman!? With that being said what is your opinion NIK? Did ICK fight a man or women. Either way ICK followed the fight with a video the next morning showing she just got a scratch out of it. Supposedly the He/She is a Gym Rat and post ghetto pictures showing off her muscles. The faces she makes are Priceless she try’s to make intimidating faces referencing how big and strong she is. The Beast is grouse it thinks its the hottest thing alive but it dresses ghetto it wears ton’s of fake ghetto jewelry with guy Hat’s,that has seriously got to be the most trashiest look what is it thinking walking out of the house like that! What happen to class if this is a girl this generation of ladies need to be schooled. I’m still trying to find out it’s race I’m guessing Arabian. NIk what do you think it is guy or girl? If you believe it to be a female what do you think about it’s body and face? Would you tap that?

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Laron Turley Is A Married Jerk

May 2, 2014 Newport, The Dirty, Whittier 130

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Laron Turley from Newport Beach. I first met this guy on Tinder & he seemed attractive, interesting & very much single. He is an architect & tells me he lives with roommates. Everything seems to be going well during our initial conversations when we decide to make a date to meet. As a single girl nowadays you have to be pre cautious so I googled him & initially found his facebook then I start seeing pictures of a baby & a woman. Turns out he has been married about five years & has two daughters (3 years & a newborn). I casually asked him if he had any children & he said no so when I told him what I found he went on to say that he was getting a divorce which was a complete lie because Rachel Turley, his wife posted a picture and mentioned him in a picture on Instagram less than a week ago. Nik, I just want other women out there to beware of this idiot. He is an asshole to deny his children & cheat on his wife. I hope other women are as savvy as I was & look him up & find all the dirt on him!!! Good luck ladies & keep away from Laron Turley!!!

If you are going to take a picture at the Rose Bowl, at least get the whole sign in the background.- nik


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