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Nik Richie Radio – My Last Show

November 21, 2013 Hollywood, Nik Richie Radio, The Dirty 78

Once again I want to thank the Toadhop Network and Frank Kramer from Heidi and Frank on KLOS/Dish Nation for giving me an opportunity in radio. I loved sharing my life with the DIRTY ARMY over the past 3 years. Now off to the next level.- nik

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Nik Richie Radio – Swedish Penis Implants

November 14, 2013 Hollywood, Nik Richie Radio, The Dirty 7

Please watch this very informative radio show. I bet you never knew what a penis implant looked like or that Swedish chicks love Baja Fresh.- nik

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Nik Richie Radio – The Most Sex Is Happening In Africa

November 9, 2013 Hollywood, Nik Richie Radio, The Dirty 10

Here is the replay of tonight’s radio show with Scooby Sunday and myself. We have confirmed many things tonight… all the sex is this world is still happening in Africa and David Grisman is still a civilian. Oh and the Clippers suck.- nik

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Nik Richie Radio Replay With Special Guest RayJ

October 23, 2013 Hollywood, Nik Richie Radio, Star F*cker, The Dirty, Vancouver 221

“I hit it first, he hit it last.”@RayJ. If you missed the live Nik Richie Radio show last night catch the replay above. Thanks to the 126k live listeners last night. Much love and it’s good to be back on air.- nik

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**Here is the Dirty Celebrity Star F*cker that RayJ keeps talking about**

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Nik Richie Radio – David Weintraub

October 10, 2013 Hollywood, Nik Richie Radio, The Dirty 18

Here is the replay from last nights NRR show. David Weintraub gives us a look behind Hollywood’s curtain and introduces his new development project ‘Copper Cab’ – the viral internet phenom. I guess this Ginger is a Rapper. David also confirms that Brandon Davis (the greasy guy who always hangs out with Paris Hilton) actually peed on Kim Kardashian at a house party. Good stuff.- nik

**Make sure you tune in next week as Flynn will be joining us from New Mexico.**

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Nik Richie Radio – Nicole Eggert

October 3, 2013 Nik Richie Radio, The Dirty 35

Here is the NRR replay from last night. I was shocked to hear that Charles (Scott Baio) took Nicole Eggert’s virginity at 17 and that they were messing around when she was 16 years old while filming Charles in Charge. Also, Nicole talks about cyber bullying and weight issues. Thank you to all the callers.- nik


**I’m hoping Tess Taylor will join us next week. I’m looking forward to the interview.**

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Nik Richie Radio – The Shannon Twins

September 27, 2013 Nik Richie Radio, The Dirty 155

Here is the replay from last nights live Nik Richie Radio show… Yes, I got the Shannon Twins to wall twerk for my black fans. Make sure you watch as they spill the beans on their sex life with ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner.- nik photo  **Next week I have Nicole Eggert on my show. I’m actually really excited for this interview because Nicole Eggert in the reason I grew up only liking blondes. She is pretty much the reason I became evil thanks to ‘Charles in Charge’. It’s crazy how I dream crushed on Nicole as a kid and now we will be meeting one on one. So to all you kids out there… never give up on your dream crushes.- nik

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Nik Richie Radio – Anthony Weiner Meet Sydney Leathers

September 19, 2013 Nik Richie Radio, The Dirty 36

Here is the replay from last nights radio show with Sydney Leathers… Yes, she still loves him.- nik


**Next week on Nik Richie Radio we have special guests – The Shannon Twins.**

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