Ohio State Abuse Of Football Players

August 8, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Ohio State, The Dirty 56


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am friends with Rod Smith on Facebook and he has been complaining about how the coach, Urban Meyer, has been in violation of proper procedures for training camps. As you can tell from one of the post, he said that the coach does not allow him or other players to get enough sleep. Is this grounds for concern? I would not want the same thing that happened at Michigan years ago, where the players were abused mentally and physically, to happen at Ohio State. He has stated other things about the coach but deleted them. I am a Ohio State fan and would not want the team to be in violation of anything that can hinder them from moving to the next level.

Rod Smith suck it up. Stop acting like a flag football player.- nik

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I Need Some Ex-Girlfriend Advice

March 7, 2013 Columbus, Ohio State, The Dirty 85

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA Strong for years. I’ve always thought you give good advice and you always seem to know why people act in a certain manner. I’ll keep it short. I’m in college and the girl I dated for two years broke up with me about three months ago yet she still wants to hang out with me because she misses her “best friend.” She claims that we are never getting back together and that she just enjoys my company as friends, yet we still have sex. I don’t understand why someone who didn’t want to be with me still wants to be friends with me. I’m convinced she is just trying to exert her power over me because she doesn’t really want to cope with the idea of me being completely out of her life. I was completely over this chick and she keeps weaseling her way back in. Can you tell me what is going on in her head and what I should do? Thanks.

Bro, she cannot bare the thought of you sleeping with another woman so she is playing mind games like a selfish c*nt. You need to cut her loose before you look back at your life and say “ugh I should have f*cked more b*tches in college” (we all say it).- nik

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I Think Ryan McNeeley Enjoys It

February 20, 2013 Columbus, Ohio State, The Dirty 125

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, let’s give the crowd what they want.  People were shocked about Ryan McNeeley and wanted to know if this was just a bet he lost, or he really likes to dress like this…  Well here is another set of pics, so either he really does suck at betting, but most likely he likes doing this on his own.  You go GIRL!!!

I think Terminal is his real father.- nik


Ryan McNeeley Is Your Typical OSU Graduate

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Ryan McNeeley Is Your Typical OSU Graduate

February 13, 2013 Columbus, Ohio State, The Dirty 318

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, check out Ryan McNeeley.  He is a graduate of Ohio State and obviously he loves to dress up.  Wanted to see what you guys think about his outfit and does it fit him well?

This doesn’t look like Halloween… it feels like real life.- nik

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Motto Marine

February 13, 2013 Marine Corps, Ohio, Ohio State, Omaha 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This guy thinks he’s the top of line Marine. All he does is post has been pictures of him on deployment and drops lines about it to pick up girls. The truth is he’s a drunk (with a DWI), a beater (charged with Domestic Assault), and to top it off has a small penis. Warm the girls out there about this POS!

Posting pics ‘in action’ is both douchey and unprofessional.- nik

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Ohio State Graduate

February 7, 2013 Chicago, Ohio State 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: OH EM GEE nik Check out Ryan McNeeley, graduated at ohio state, dressin in drag!!

Pretty brave sporting that outfit without a wig.- nik

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Queen P

January 30, 2013 Cleveland, Ohio State 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Chelcie typical ugly girl in high school who learned to pick up some make up four years later. She thinks she is the hottest thing, yet she looks 100% different in every photo graph. Captions to this photos all include “no make up” “all natural” please you’re not fooling anyone. She dates queers boys who look like fives. Could this be your brunette?

Answer: No, she needs to work on her photoshop curves, straight lines make it too obvious.

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ITG Inquiry

January 20, 2013 Ohio State, The Dirty 58

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA Strong for years. My friends and I live in a frat house. Recently have I introduced them to many of your sayings, all of which they love, specifically the Inner Thigh Gap. A question we were contemplating the other night was whether or not being ITG Strong is a prerequisite for smashing a chick or is it just to be preferred in your opinion. Being college students, sometimes the options at school don’t necessarily lend themselves to being too particular. Have you always been this particular or is this something that developed over time? Just wondering what your advice was on being in college and whether you should go for quantity or quality.

College is about finding yourself and practicing for the big leagues (real world). I used college to work on my mechanics and stamina. My taste has been acquired through time and life experience. I’m a firm believer in quality… nobody likes DRD’s or a second place trophy.- nik

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