Ohio State | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6


February 23, 2012 Columbus, Ohio State 19



THE DIRTY ARMY: Austin Taylor Jenkins: thinks about himself way to much. Cant have a conversation with him without him saying something about himself. he is a self made douche and doesn’t have any respect for anyone. He thinks he is number one in everything. He goes to park street complex non stop and claims he bangs all the shot girls but if you talk to them you know he doesn’t. he looks like an albino f*ck who has white pubes. I don’t know who is more manly him or his twin sister .

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A Weekend At Indiana University

February 13, 2012 Columbus, Indiana, Ohio State, The Dirty 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out a weekend at Indiana University.  Personally I think its a great campaign to help a lot of kids make their decision on college.  Because lets face it, college is only good for one reason… and that is to have much sex as possible, underage drinking and drug use.  Do you agree, how great is this?

All this video proves is how beat the chicks are in Indiana. I will be at Ohio State in 2 weeks… please tell me the U is next level.- nik

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Softball Sloot

February 8, 2012 Columbus, Dirty Athletes, Ohio State 10

would you?

would you?

would you?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you can’t get any worse than this. Athletes getting wild! This is L**sa Gre**am on the softball team. I heard about this girl a few times in passing with other friends. She is a sloot wh*re. She is an athlete at OSU who likes to sleep with other athletes, particularly football players. When I say sleep with, I mean suck off. I don’t think they would even fu*k her. She’s given head to most of the football and basketball team JT moore, Chad, Sully among the most famous names. I’ve met her like twice, she tries to act all innocent but she’s not fooling anyone. One of my football player friends told me she is on a certain wall in their locker room where they write down hoes. “L**sa Head Queen” is what is currently written. She just wants the recognition of football players and basketball players. To her, sleeping with them is like winning white girl olympics. And her half asian friend isn’t an apple to far from this tree.

Hefty chicks (I mean softball chicks) are gossip queens, what better thing to talk about.- nik

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DG Girls At OSU

February 6, 2012 Dirty Greeks, Ohio State, The Dirty 21

DG Girls OSU

DG Girls OSU

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the other week I was downtown at the famous “Park Street” bar with a bunch of my friends and roomates. Next thing you know, I was approached by about 10 different sorority sl*ts all saying the same sh*t over and over.  DGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!  To make things worse they then would lift their arms in the air and create some retarded symbol describing their jersey chasing sorority. Not only were these girls annoying as hell but they were also hideous. I thought these so called “Jersey Chases” are supposed to catch the eye of a football player. I was sadly mistaken. These girls were all incredibly fat and all just flat out ugly. Every single one of these girls are sluts, ugly, and need to get out of Ohio State so the next DG sorority class can see how many dicks they can fit in their mouths.

**We will be at The Big Bar and Grill February 25th.- JV

Yeah, I am helping some kid write a paper for one of his classes and I told him I would personally fly out for the interview (I am a nice guy). Of course the MoMo’s want to come to bang college chicks.- nik

**Ladies email [email protected] for VIP treatment and free beer on Feb 25.

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Snow Fell Early In Ohio

January 18, 2012 Columbus, Dirty Greeks, Ohio State 3

Snow Fell Early in Ohio

Snow Fell Early in Ohio

Snow Fell Early in Ohio

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, while most of us are just now beginning to enjoy the snow in Ohio, I know a few others who started the celebration early. Pike brothers, Matt, Austin, John, and Anthony were enjoying it way back in October and it almost cost them their brotherhood. Apparently drug use is something Pike doesn’t take lightly and their fellow brothers decided that expulsion was the way to go. Unfortunately for them, they weren’t able to get rid of them. But don’t let out that sigh of relief yet, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before your “friends” and IFC find some way to get rid of you for good. Didn’t know Revenge of the Nerds was coming out with a fifth.

Another reason fraternities are for the gays.- nik

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Strippers Anonymous

December 26, 2011 Columbus, Ohio State 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, I have a really good story for you here. This b*tch goes by the name of Br!tt@ny H31s, aka KIMBER at COLUMBUS GOLD STRIP CLUB, is the sleeziest, most scandalous wh0r3 in Columbus. After getting kicked out of her own home for drinking, a nice, compassionate soul named Katie Hewitt (yes she is on your site) brought her in and introduced her to all of her friends, in particular one named Mary Schultz. Mary, being another kind and compassionate soul, allowed Brittany to move in with her RENT FREE. Finally, they got an apartment together. To pay for the apartment, KIMBER began stripping at one of the nastiest strip clubs in town. DONT GET ME WRONG, this girl used to be the sweetest, most innocent girl around, but now all she is is a huge F@$# UP. Anyways, while Katie was away for college, KIMBER had sexual relations with a one Jack McKnight, while he also was having sexual relations with Katie. OUCH. Good best friend RIGHT? She then did the same thing to Mary. Pushing all that aside, her wonderful friends forgave her. BUT the happy ending is not here. Just recently, she left her friend Mary, at the bar while she was so intoxicated she could barely see out of her own eyes. Struggling, she made the daring walk back to her car to await Brittany’s assistance. THE ASSISTANCE NEVER CAME. Mary had to drive home in fear of a DUI. BUT THE DUI CAME ANYWAY. Brittany has since then NOT tried to contact her “bestfriend” Mary/roommate BECAUSE SHE IS TOO BUSY F*CKING EVERY BAR TENDER IN COLUMBUS FOR FREE DRINKS.  She has slept with over 6 bar tenders in the Park St complex and now that they dont want her, she has no where to turn. Her only friends now are strippers. TYPICAL. Oh and plus she thinks she’s the sweetest, sexiest bitch around… NIK, I can’t even ask if you would, because I know you wouldn’t, BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

Is she really a stripper or does she just dress like one?- nik

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Guido Show

December 13, 2011 Columbus, Dirty Predator, Ohio State 48

Guido Show

Guido Show

Guido Show

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we have the Macedonians. These guys think they are part of the scareface movie mixed with the Jersey Shore. You will find them preying on underage girls in every bar wednesday through saturday. Most recent sightings are at the park st. complex. They have no respect for themselves, their friends or the types of girls they take home. I don’t know Nik do you think they could make the scareface cut?

I didn’t know Italian people lived in ohio.- nik 

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Beware Of Dewey Deward Daclaud Lee

December 13, 2011 Columbus, Ohio State 223

Warning people! Dewey Deward Daclaud Lee of OSU, Franklin University, Arena District Columbus, Ohio

Warning people! Dewey Deward Daclaud Lee of OSU, Franklin University, Arena District Columbus, Ohio

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, online dating alert! This guy is a straight up compulsive liar and player that all the ladies should know about. He has a lengthy criminal background including felonies. He has been trying to get them removed. So do a background Check on this loser before dealing with him in any way. First of all, his name is Dewey Lee. He uses several alias but his main one is Daclaud Lee. He is a Chinese immigrant but speaks English really well. He claims to be part white and only dates white girls. He prays on them at nightclubs in the Arena District, near OSU campus, in Powell and Dublin lounges and Chinese restaurants. He tells them various lies such as he owns a furniture store (he worked at one, but it went out of business – probably because he was having sex with his online girlfriends from dating sites such as okcupid, match, pof – on the new beds before he sold them – so he told me). He also claims he owns a restaurant, a tea shop a legendary club called Outlands in German Village. He has several fake fronts. He plays a grunge role, a business man role, a college kid role and a real professor at University role. He also claims he is a web developer. His work speaks for itself. Horrible pages, he hires people to actually put them together and they still don’t work. He is a compulsive lyer. He NOT only lie to every girl he meets, but he lies to his BEST and closest friends. This guy is NOT a dogs best friend. He brags about eating dog, as do most Chinese and Vietnamese people. Watch out for this guy in the Arena District. He actually hates white men but loves them women. He starts fights mostly with OSU frat guys which he calls “Chotches,” then he brags that he takes their women away from them. Another thing. He likes very young girls. He is close to 30 years old but dates girls in their teens, even underage girls. He meets them via cartoon characters he plays online with games such as Warhammer. He uses old pictures online when he was also a teenager. In person he is balding, he has gout and and some skin disease where he breaks out in red rashes all over his body. He looks very old, balding, very boney and sick in person. Girls and white boys – watch out for this winner! Also he doesn’t leave a tip at a bar or restaurant and never pays. He will try to make you come to his house where he lives with his mom and dad. His mom actually will charge you $4.50-$7.00 for a dish!!

Beware of some Asian dude who thinks he’s from the medieval times.  Shouldn’t be too hard to spot.- nik

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