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Nicole the Suckhole

October 29, 2014 Oklahoma City 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: OK I first met Nicole I dated her friend as I seen it really wasn’t working out Nicole started to hit on me and I knew she was in a relationship but she said she was tired of being with a boy and needed a real man so we ended up together it lasted about 2 weeks I found out she was still texting her ex was flirting with my brother I was arrested on some bs and was in jail 3 weeks not two days had past this girl was at the club dancing with her ex kissing him rubbing all over him but she didn’t go home with him she met another man named Daniel and went home with him . Well she needed a place to stay so she moved in with Emilio and was sleeping with him as well . So she needed a lil cash and slept with another man all in all she slept with 7 men this last month and gave me 3 stds . She is after Mexicans and money watch out she will burn you after she uses you blast this girl she lovesclub levels

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Stormy Weathers Exposed

October 10, 2014 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Phoenix 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nick her real name is Margaret Flamand Wesley and she has recently moved back to Phoenix from Oklahoma. This girl takes more selfies than their are stars in the sky. She is so obsessed about her weight loss and body. She had her children taken away from her and ran off to Oklahoma. She had lesbian sex in front of a bunch of people at a party in Sainte fe new mexico. There is a page on the internet where she admits she has done nude modeling in the past. Nik this girl fits the criteria for a dirty celeb and I think its time you anointed her…

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Two Faced Sackchaser

September 15, 2014 Kansas City, Oklahoma City 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: 2timing sack chaser Samantha martin…talks shit on everybody and screams talks shit yells and throws fits like a little kid, this girl steals from everybody lies and blames everybody else for stuff, beats her son if she isn’t asleep for days when he comes to visit she lets anybody and everybody hit it that walks in her house she shoots mth eats mth smokes mth and shoves mth in her loose a** whole she will do anything to get a free ride and trip to casino she masturbated to Oklahoma just to spend 200 at casino ahh she jumped in bed with her man’s worst enemy day after he went to jail she sold all his stuff to people cuz she wants that next high

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Sadie Jo or Sadie Lynn Shine

September 8, 2014 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this bitch is from Elk City,Oklahoma. My now husband used to talk to this whore before we met while he was in Afghanistan. This bitch is so obessed with my husband that she has made probably 10 yes I said 10 facebook profiles to get his attention after he has already blocked her a thousand times! Can you say obessed much? This bitch even lied to my husband when they used to talk about her age! who does that? I am not all that great lucky but atleast I don’t fcking look like Miss Piggy! And not trashy to send NAKED pictures to someone’s HUSBAND! So she wants attention I will GIVE it to her. I hope her future employers don’t GOOGLE her name and see how trashy this bitch is! Oh Sadie if you see this…how stupid do you feel now? Thought you were actually talking to my man but in reality you were talking to me and now we are both LAUGHING at your dumb ass!

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Frank Easterling Jr

August 26, 2014 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Frank is a womanizer. He uses women for sex, he promises to marry them and claims to love them just to get what he wants. He is also abusive and has gotten women pregnant and abandoned them. He lies constantly and can’t be faithful to anyone. He lives double lives. He is emotionally, psychologically and physically abusive. He likes to torment and hurt women because he’s insecure and pathetic!

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August 25, 2014 Oklahoma City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Me my buddy and two other pepole at tinker airforce base met with this girl named lori broerse she’s is the biggest military whore I’ve ever met all she does is rave about how she only dates military guys and will only get with them for their money and to top it off she gave my friends c***dia watch out for that crazy bitch


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Butthurt Bonnie Combs

August 18, 2014 Oklahoma City, Tulsa 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: Bonnie Michelle Combs is an unemployed high school dropout and self-proclaimed incest lover from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She pretends to be many things she is not, including a professor for Oklahoma State University, a three-time university graduate, an ex-he*oin junkie, a mother of 5 and a cancer survivor. Every detail of her made-up personal life has been shared with the Internet since 1999- due to severe schizophrenia and psychosis, she’s unable to distinguish the difference between reality and the voices inside her head. To nobody’s surprise, she lives with her parents Clinton and Patricia Combs in a ghetto trailer. She is an attention whore who spends her days spewing lies on her many blogs while stalking and defaming several hundred people online out of pure envy. Bonnie admits to having several mental illnesses which include schizophrenia, psychosis and bipolar disorder. Her parents neglected her at a young age and placed their daughter behind a computer rather than actually parent her, this is why Bonnie is the monster she is today. Bonnie Combs is well known online for her cyberbullying, stalking and harassing awesome people that she wishes to be. Her cyberbullying dates back to 1999 as the result of years of neglect by her batshit parents. Bonnie has over 200 victims.

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Gage Ty Wilson

August 11, 2014 Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This kid is the biggest joke I’ve ever met. While him and I were dating he decided he was going to be a drunk punk and hold a gun to me.. Hes an alcoholic.. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt.. And stayed with him. A few months later. I went to the DR and found more than I bargained for.. He gave me Genital drd. He blamed me and said it was my fault.. And I did it. A few months later after all my guilt.. Knowing I was clean when we were together. I got tested and never heard back from the DR when we first started dating. Genital Herpes is no joke. He a couple months later told me he was sleeping with two different girls while we were together. And he was sleeping with someone new now.. And she didn’t know about it. My hopes in writing this isn’t just to slander his name in what he did to me. But to hopefully maybe one day save a girl from what happened to me to her. No one deserves this pain. This disgust in themselves.. His name is Gage Ty Wilson, he’s a pipeliner.. From Oklahoma.. He was in Ohio .. Now he’s in Mansfield, PA.. He is currently 22.. He will lie and cheat his way through everything.. Including the Oklahoma Government. But that’s another story. Girls watch yourself and your body. Trust no one. You can find him on POF his name is gagety. Just watch ladies. You deserve better.

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