Cherrelle Janae Will Let Ya Have It

June 7, 2014 Oklahoma City, The Dirty 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cherrelle Janae is a dirty ol tramp. She trashed my friend’s house (who was letting her stay there for free). She came home from Europe and found this ho naked in her bed with some dude. Apparently this girl goes out every night with a totally different guy (never the same one twice) so your odds are pretty good. She loves to drink and I mean DRINK! She’ll give it up to anyone who will let her stay with them. Nevermind that she’s been divorced and was dishonorably discharged from the military for salacious conduct, you won’t care about that once you see her fake hair and nails. Granted the girl has a nice body but that’s the only nice thing about her. Her best friends are 50 year old ex-con ladies (real treat fellas) she doesn’t work or go to school so she has plenty of time to sleep all day and sleep around all night. She’ll break your stuff and steal your booze but she does it all with a fabulous gap toothed smile. Don’t trust her, whatever you do because all this chik does is LIE (she does that supremely well). So OKC, meet Cherrelle Janae, she loves herself so much she tattooed her own name on her arm. She’s a true class act. She’s such trash she actually lives out of a giant trashbag.

How can any guy not feel Gay sleeping with a girl who has arms like that? It’s like Cherrelle eats spinach.- nik

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Oklahoma Trash

May 5, 2014 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Stephanie Michelle Smith. Uneducated, classless and puts out without a fight. She up and left her boyfriend OVERNIGHT 6 years ago for some guy.(whored around and got pregnant with another man, surprise) Well. Tried to make herself look better so she got married,but realized she’s got an itch (literally) to scratch and divorced only to get back with her ex and is getting married this month. Sad part is, the dumb sack who took her back is raising her daughter as his own, and has 100% faith that she “changed”. Also part of “victory life” church or some creepy mega-church in Oklahoma that I guess is okay with adultery. Good luck in the marriage, you two were inbred for each other. Also, if I were her, I’d check her husband-to-be’s browser history. I’d watch my 15 and under girls around him.

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Badge Bunny Noelle Harris

April 15, 2014 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Noelle Harris is a Badge Bunny from Ardmore, Oklahoma. Noelle has screwed several married police officers. Noelle takes pride in claiming she gives cops a good blow job. Noelle Harris uses a pet donation site as a front to con people into giving her money of which she uses to party on and pay her bills, not put it to the use she claims. She does not work and is living off donations she gets from people, thinking they’re donating for helping pets, when Noelle actually condones the poisoning of pets by police officers. Noelle Harris has a long history of judgments for not paying her bills, so now she’s been using funds from an alleged non-profit organization she’s created called Forever Friends Foster Care and Rescue in Ardmore, Oklahoma to get people to donate, all-the-while she’s stealing their money and not using it for its intended purpose. We welcome Noelle Harris to Internet Trolls Exposed on Facebook, and the new recipient of the UNT Mug. Noelle also thinks it’s okay to poison dogs with anti-freeze, as long as you’re an Ardmore PD officer doing the poisoning and you’re not doing it while on duty. Noelle Harris also receives the award for being one of Southern Oklahoma’s biggest dumbasses.

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Del City Dopehead

April 14, 2014 Baltimore, Oklahoma City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey guys. So let’s meet Cameron Patton, or if you want to find her on facebook (cam elyzabeth smokeey). So let me tell you about her. She is my really good friends now ex. She currently lives in a city called del city. She is very well known as a dope head. Well tonight she went a little to far when my frend broke up with her. She said she was supposedly raped and beat but yet she won’t call the cops. She gets mad at him if he says hi to another girl but she thinks is ok to stay the night with her dope dealer. She is psycho. No joke. But if you want dope or want to get laid hit her up. She will also have sex for dope. But nik what do you think?

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Pathological Liar, Cameron Schonofer

April 2, 2014 Oklahoma City, Tulsa 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy, Cameron schonofer walks around both tulsa and OKC thinking he owns everything. He has no morals and no remorse for the girls he claims he is talking to. He lies about the littlest things and then talks shit on both guys and girls he is “friends” with. And on top of that he says he straight but I think we all know one day he will finally admit it’s not his metro sexual clothes and that he will actually come out of the closet. Watch out for him, don’t even waste your breath on his bushy eyebrow face. He’ll burn you and blame it on you that your the one with the problems. A liar and a hypocrite all wrapped in one little package. The worlds biggest liar right here folks! Enjoy!

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Sammie Jay, Oklahoma’s Classiest Stripper

March 20, 2014 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I have laughed about things on this site for a long time, and I’ve never felt the need to submit anyone….until I met the more than dirty-worthy, “Sammie Jay.” She honest to God thinks she is the most beautiful girl in the world, she’s far from it. She’s rude as hell, she’s a homie hopper, a mooch, loud mouthed, grade-A skank. She claims she has had to deal with people being jealous of her, her entire life and now she just calls them out on it. What a joke. She obnoxiously puts everyone (including her ‘friends’) down, making fun of their weight (even if they’re not fat) their height, face, teeth, etc…because she thinks she’s perfect, but she’s trash on your average person’s shoes. She uses makeup to cover her stretch marks on her stomach, but has the nerve to make fun of others?! Hypocrite. She has the IQ of a squirrel, so I doubt she could even define hypocrite. She also has a son she doesnt take care of. She’s one of those, “act like a good parent on social media sites, even though she sees her son once a week, kind of “mothers.” Please bring this orange, unproportioned, nappy weave wearing, stretch mark bellied, mother of the year back to ground level. She’s more manly looking than feminine, and the fake boobs didn’t help her case there. In one of the pictures I attached, wouldn’t mother of the year at least buckle her kid in? That’s one of maybe 10 pictures you can find of him, compared to the 600 of herself with her uneven boobs. Keepin’ it classy “Sammie”

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Crossfit Coach

March 11, 2014 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please post this to keep him from doing this to other girls. This guy was charged, pled guilty and convicted of burglary on 1 of his students. He has a long history of preying on 20something women with kids, he is in his 40s, he uses them for whatever he can, steals their belongings, threatens their kids and bails. he has been fired from several gyms across TExas for making the women feel uncomfortable, his current crossfit gym in OKC knows and defends him! They even went so far as to claim the victim deserved having her doors kicked in, her dogs injured and many guns stolen. GUy is not only a chronic loser, (2 kids, never paid a dime, both were adopted by their step dads) he is a liar and a convicted felon.

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Amanda Douglas, Unofficial Pornographer of Hooters

March 10, 2014 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City 34

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl thinks it’s her duty send naked pictures to married men for gifts and cash. She spends her time texting and sexting these men because she is a shit bag lazy sloot who’d rather destroy marriages and be a drain on society than get a real job. Her old boss Dean Fiore is the fox in the chicken head house. These girls always have someone ready to pimp them out. Hooters needs to get a handle on this. The merry band of sloots and pimps operates in two states I know of. How is this legal? So ladies, you find dean or sloot Amanda Douglas Love in your man’s email or Facebook, it might be time to contact a divorce attorney. By the way Amanda, that bikini he bought you doesn’t make you look like less of a whore. Thanks amanda love for being one of the slootier sloots at Hooters

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