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Raymond Slore

December 30, 2013 Jackson, Ole Miss 28



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl was dating my friend James, her Name is Amanda Herrington she is 35 years old and wants someone to take of her anybody so she sleeps around with anyone, I made the discovering only after she left a old phone after att gave her a new after she cracked the screen, I got into the phone and found that she was fcking around with 2 other guys besides my friend, I saw emails and and pictures exchanged and even a video so if you see this Whore watch out, she has serious problems including a bad mental history, so i posted the pictures she was sending around, I hope she reads this i really do, her phone number is [removed], bad part it took my friend 6 months to realize she was a whore!

The sag almost makes her look double jointed.- nik

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Ex Football Player

June 24, 2013 Ole Miss, Toronto 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: John Avery, Is the biggest player yet when it comes to women. He has multiple girlfriends around Canada and the states. He lies to them all saying he only loves them and says that all those other girls are obsessed groupies. He had gotten two woman pregnant at the same time and they have no clue about each other, while he is married to another in Canada. Watch out for this man, he is good with his words and is very convincing.

A flip phone…really?- nik

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Judge The Book By Its Cover

April 3, 2013 New Orleans, Ole Miss 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik if you saw this guy you would think anyone would be mean for saying something mean about him, but this guy uses his physical condition as a way to get sympathy from the ladies! If a girl is at all nice to him he becomes infatuated with her and will say crude and sexual things to her but then act like he meant it innocently! He is delusional and will flat out disrespect a girl’s boyfriend if he likes her, and will even try to act like the guy stole the girl from him. Watch out for this guy. He will whine about his life, complain that he is all alone, but all he wants is a girl to talk to him. If any guy is nice enough to try to give him advice, he will tell the guy to mind his own business, but will call or text a girl at all hours. He has a daughter yet will say he has no one to love. Do not even try to give this guy the time of day or advice. He seems to only enjoy complaining and has no problem with bringing down others. He truly is a miserable person and wants as much company to go with it

That’s what I always do.- nik

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Downtown Skeeze

February 26, 2013 Kansas City, Ole Miss 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Erik Watson. He is a low life, alcoholic a-hole! He treats every girl he is with like shit, and then blames them and calls them crazy to the new girl. He starts off being all nice and seeming like the perfect guy, and then he sees a new and easier piece of ass and will become the biggest dick to you and even hit on the new girl in front of you! He makes fun of all of his exes at parties just to get a laugh, when they are just innocent, and played by him. He is awful at sex and has a tiny peen. He gets off to gay porn and belongs to many sites. He jacks it multiple times a day and his room constantly smells of sex. I am afraid he has a DRD. Ladies after you hit it, GET TESTED!

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Kaitlyn Smith Loves Ole Miss Football Players

November 16, 2012 Dirty Athletes, Memphis, Ole Miss, The Dirty 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kaitlyn Smith is the talk of the town at Ole Miss.  If you area football player call this sl*t and you are guaranteed to get some ass. Of those on the football team that have been in it already: Jaylen Walton, Denzel Nkemdiche, Brishen Matthews, Tray Elston, Barry Brunetti, Mike Hilton. If you even look like an athlete, approach this girl and you will get your Greg wet.

Kaitlyn Smith needs a helmet.- nik

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Skitch Witch

November 7, 2012 Ole Miss 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This bich right here… this SHIT right here… Leggo, Okay SO this bitch is graduating from Ole Miss with a Pharmacy degree; which I happen to find COMPLETELY ironic since that’s her DOC (well that and crack and or heroin & mth- it might be a tie as to importance!) She had a baby with this really great guy, who had NO clue she was pawning all of his shit, and using his money for crack, coke, meth, heroin, loratabs, etc. Anything honestly… Initially she was good at hiding it, but now it’s just obvious. So he sent her to rehab (for the sake of their kid) and she ended up leaving rehab with THIS GUY and now their getting MARRRRIEEEDD. Hahahah. I’m sorry, this girl has got to take a tumbling step off of her pedestal, and realize the rock isn’t any bigger on the other side!

She’s got beer pits.- nik

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The Drama Starter

August 2, 2012 Ole Miss 0

The Drama Starter

The Drama Starter

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ansley Williams. She thinks that shes the cutest thing that has ever hit this earth. She wears clothes that would fit a 10 year old. Not to mention she’s a b*tch. She thinks everyone likes her when the truth is, they dont. She has no friends because she talks sh*t and starts rumors about everyone of them. But the minute you say something to her, she cries. Just wanted to know, what do you think?

Body suits or stockings are a good way to keep things from spilling out…just saying.- nik

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Convict From StL

January 11, 2012 Dirty Predator, Ole Miss, St. Louis 48

Convict from StL

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This piece of sh!t lies to every girl saying he is loaded so they will date him. in reality he has spent the last 2 years in the mississippi prison system. he has been addicted to drugs(oxycontin) gambling and hookers since i have met him. everyone knows that he was a b*tch in jail cus his dick is too small to please those purple crayons. dont get into a car with him cus he has more dui’s than his dumbass can count. his friends arent much better, they are all cocky as hell and think they can get any girl they see. any girls looking to be beat and used for whatever money they have can look him up, hell be the one barking at girls in the bar..

That’s a load rash. Rough night in prison buddy…- nik

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