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Carli Young

November 20, 2014 Lincoln, Omaha 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Carli Renee Young she is 19. She looks and acts like a child. Lets first say she acts like a 12 year old, if even that old. She cant keep a job because shes too lazy. she even refused to fill out her job apps so i got her a job with me and 2 weeks later she got fired. I pay all the bills and she screws me over. All she does is make excuses and relays on everyone else to take care of her. She gets mad when you ask her to do something and starts throwing a tantrum. She makes people feel sorry for her. She doesn’t clean and barely washes her body. if your happy she does everything to make you miserable like her. She lets guys feel her up for cigarettes and money. She throws herself at every guy that’s around, single or not. she kissed my boyfriend. she fakes anxiety attacks. she takes this cheese grader thing to her skin. shes pathetic, spoiled, unhappy, weak and a whole lot more. She need to face reality, this is not middle school anymore and its time to grow up. Putting up this act is only going to get her so far with her “friends” before they realize how 2-faced she really is.

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I’m Frustrated Nik

October 2, 2014 Omaha, The Dirty 230


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I visit your site once a day to see what not to do. I am turning to you as someone who might understand my peril. I moved to US 15 years ago and I have managed to graduate school with Masters Degree and I currently make around 250k a year. I am currently 30 years old white dude and my problem is that I only manage to date 5-6′s mainly due that I don’t do drugs, or any of the stupid sh*t that is acceptable these days. I travel quite often abroad and within US, I have a great 100k vehicle and nice house, But those 9′s and 10′s seem to ignore me completely, maybe due that I still have a small accent that pushes them away or worry for some reason. Is this something that is way of the world here in the midwest or I should try something different?

Times have changed. You need to be more forward. DM a girl you would like to sleep with and don’t hit on them like a weirdo. Simply state — “Hey I have a lot of extra funds laying around and I would like to make your car payment.” This line is subtle and not aggressive. A great opener.- nik

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Sara The cheater cheater peter eater

June 30, 2014 Omaha 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh where to begin…super sloot here, was married to some guy for a few years, cheated on him more times than you can count. Super dirty girl used to fck her boss at the bar she worked at, wouldn’t be so bad but he’s a dirty old man, then dumped her boss, started fcking a new guy, then finally decided to divorce her husband…she’s really cute, if she wasn’t such a scandalous trick, she’d make a good fling.

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Nancy Griess

June 20, 2014 Omaha 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nancy Griefs is a local “model” that thinks she’s hot shit. I think she looks like a little Asian boy. Would you?

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Michael D. Schmidt

May 15, 2014 Omaha 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello everyone I want you all to know what a jerk this man really is . He is a truck driver and goes all over the states picking women and girl’s up tell\’s them what they wanna hear gets in their pants and uses them for money. He has like 4-5 diff kids and too that he barely even pays for . He was married but she left him , Then Tracy left him and now he is using Lois and touching her kids nasty jerk call him at 1(402)616-1093 for a good time .

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Nasty Chic in the big O

March 19, 2014 Omaha 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this dirty girl running around town! Went out with this chic a few times and ended up hitting it Bc she is a loose slut who will sleep with anything that walks… The worst part was the nasty smell she left me with afterwards! A friend knew her in high school and later tells me she slept with 50+ people at Bellevue west..

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Helen Edgerton

March 17, 2014 Omaha 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: helen edgerton is the deffinition of a slut. Cheating nasty bitches wil never change. She is supposed to be moving in with her boyfriend and kids yet she keeps trying to hook up with me. Sends me naked pics of her in the tub, masturbating. This bitch is NASTY…. sge wont leave me alone. Cant take a hint. Never give this girl a compliment to get an easy lay. She wont ever go away. Always got her mouth open waiting on some dick.

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The Trash of South Dakota

January 27, 2014 Omaha, Sioux Falls 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is James Johnston. He is about as white trash as it gets. As you can see, he is a fan of the 2004 bathroom mirror selfie–with the phone in the pic. He is married, but separated, to a crack head that looks closer to 14 than 34 and is missing teeth. His girlfriend, Shanna Brahmer (pictured below), has two kids but doesn’t know who her kids dads are because she screwed so many people. James is 36 and lives in his mom’s basement and Shanna is 28 and lives in her mom’s trailer. They are a classy pair. He was arrested for beating the shit out of Shanna but she dropped the charges because she knows she will never find anyone else. They both rely heavily on child support and government assistance. They constantly talk about their sex life on Facebook which is funny because you know they are doing all of this in their parent’s home like a high school kid. James CONSTANTLY cheats on Shanna but who could really blame him…she’s NASTY! I can’t believe these two still have custody of their kids. The are both hooked on pills and clearly can’t figure out how to take a shower. These two definitely don’t help the white trash/incest reputation that South Dakota has.

So that’s his moms bath robe behind him…- nik

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