Nasty Chic in the big O

March 19, 2014 Omaha 2 7,728 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this dirty girl running around town! Went out with this chic a few times and ended up hitting it Bc she is a loose slut who will sleep with anything that walks… The worst part was the nasty smell she left me with afterwards! A friend knew her in high school and later tells me she slept with 50+ people at Bellevue west..

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Helen Edgerton

March 17, 2014 Omaha 0 7,534 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: helen edgerton is the deffinition of a slut. Cheating nasty bitches wil never change. She is supposed to be moving in with her boyfriend and kids yet she keeps trying to hook up with me. Sends me naked pics of her in the tub, masturbating. This bitch is NASTY…. sge wont leave me alone. Cant take a hint. Never give this girl a compliment to get an easy lay. She wont ever go away. Always got her mouth open waiting on some dick.

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The Trash of South Dakota

January 27, 2014 Omaha, Sioux Falls 16 8,430 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is James Johnston. He is about as white trash as it gets. As you can see, he is a fan of the 2004 bathroom mirror selfie–with the phone in the pic. He is married, but separated, to a crack head that looks closer to 14 than 34 and is missing teeth. His girlfriend, Shanna Brahmer (pictured below), has two kids but doesn’t know who her kids dads are because she screwed so many people. James is 36 and lives in his mom’s basement and Shanna is 28 and lives in her mom’s trailer. They are a classy pair. He was arrested for beating the shit out of Shanna but she dropped the charges because she knows she will never find anyone else. They both rely heavily on child support and government assistance. They constantly talk about their sex life on Facebook which is funny because you know they are doing all of this in their parent’s home like a high school kid. James CONSTANTLY cheats on Shanna but who could really blame him…she’s NASTY! I can’t believe these two still have custody of their kids. The are both hooked on pills and clearly can’t figure out how to take a shower. These two definitely don’t help the white trash/incest reputation that South Dakota has.

So that’s his moms bath robe behind him…- nik

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Update: The Thug Life Cycle

January 15, 2014 Omaha, The Dirty 147 100,272 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I cried when I first saw this video because it was killing my heart to see what his parents were doing to him. Luckily the law has stepped into saving this child and taking him away from parents like this. While authorities found nothing criminal in the video, officials from the Omaha police’s Child Victim Unit and the Nebraska Child Protective Services took the infant and three other children into custody.  The joint investigation found safety concerns and I hope that these parents don’t get their kids until they are no longer children themselves.

This is a NO win situation. These kids are going to turn to the streets regardless.- nik


The Thug Life Cycle

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The Thug Life Cycle

January 7, 2014 Omaha, The Dirty 426 119,326 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is probably the most disturbing video I have ever seen.  The way these parents are talking to this child is absurd.  Literally feels like Thug Life Training Academy is going on.  They are cussing at the child and making him cuss back and say some really foul stuff.  I feel bad and with parents like this, I have no doubt this child will end up in juvenile detention and be in and out of prison his whole life.  And I’m not saying this in a racial way, I feel bad about this child if he was Asian, Mexican, White or any race for that matter.  Click here to watch the video.

Please watch the video from the Omaha Police association.- nik

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Kiara Morales

September 5, 2013 Kansas City, Nebraska, Omaha 5 9,249 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: kiki from Omaha,NE every time i seen her at a party she’s with a different guy she fuked damn there everybody! Until she fuked the wrong guy and got drd/A**S till this day! so she moved to KC,MO were no one knows about her whore life style! now she works at shady lady fcking for money on the low! walking drd feel sorry for her boyfriend chuck taylor he doesn’t know he got burned LMFAO

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Undercover Attention Slore

July 31, 2013 Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, Omaha 3 5,739 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I saw that post of Angelina Jolie and wanted to share this undercover whore Farraf Fan who works at ZOUL who goes stealing people’s man and after she bangs them, she goes back to her ex name JT (somethin’ like that). Don’t know why her circle think she’s cool or they all think their cool. When she has that weird body long arm, skinny torso, forehead like AJ. This girl isn’t hot, she’s like average and too much makeup! She doesn’t even model and always taking photos and posting them on the web. I bet she has undercover Sugardaddies is why she has her own photo collection to entice them!

Why would this noodle make you think of Angelina Jolie?- nik

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Justin Mason Is Truly A P.O.S.

February 14, 2013 Omaha, The Dirty 128 87,767 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alrighty, this is Justin mason everybody. He’s a sorry excuse for a father, posts on Facebook asking girls to get a hold of him so they can sleep together. He threatened his ex wife, telling her that he was going to kill all four of them cause he can’t have the kids. He calls her names all the time, talks so much sh*t about her, and he chased her and 3 innocent little babies out of an apartment with broken glass in his hands. He does meth, he pops pills and he thinks he is an amazing ‘daddy’. When ever he has had the kids, he would rather be on drugs. He likes to tell everyone that his minivan is a moving target for his life and that people are after him. If they see his van, they will kill everyone that is in the car. Mind you, he said this all while he had his 3 and 5 year old in the car with him! His ex went and legally kidnapped the kids back from him because of the stuff he was telling another girl. It was the best thing I have ever witnessed, those babies are safe now, and they will never be in his possession again if it’s the last thing I do. I will post the message he sent about killing all of them, and a picture of him. Also his full name is Justin Keith Mason and he was born in 1986.

Omaha representing… CPS feel free to join the conversation.- nik

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