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Joel Came Out

December 18, 2014 Orange County 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Joel Diaz-Maaele is a gay Mexican faggot in Orange County who works at McDonald’s. This lowlife faggot finally came out of the closet after years of hiding his true nature. This gay fag used to pretend he was straight for years and that he liked girls. He would even hit on girls to pretend he was straight but finally came out. This stupid queer is a disgusting homosexual piece of shit and should go to Russia so he gets his gay ass beat. I’m sick of seeing all these gay people everywhere in this country Nik wtf happened. Put this gay fag on blast please.

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OC Dirty Girl

December 18, 2014 Mission Viejo, Orange County 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kaleen Berry is the dirtiest sloot in OC. This whore is disgusting and will suck any guys dick for alcohol/weed. This sloot goes around hooking up with and fucking any guy she thinks is hot. She also is a disgusting ugly piece of shit that looks like a deformed rabbit or some weird creature. This ugly bitch looks like she was hit by a 4X4 on her way to school when she was in 5th grade. She goes around spreading her DRD. Blast this dirty sloot Nik.

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ASU Poser

December 18, 2014 ASU, Orange County 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Shayne Gabris kid is the biggest poser f**got in Orange County. This fcker pretends to be cool with people whenever its convenient for him but will disappear and talk shit on you around certain people he hangs out with. This fcking f*ggot is the biggest pussy at ASU and talks mad shit about everyone yet pretends like everything’s cool to your face. This kid is a huge two-faced mother fcker and is a free loader. Blast this f**got Nik.

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Miles Reza is Gay for Pay

December 11, 2014 Orange County 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Miles Reza is by far the biggest fa**ot and retarded qu*r male model in Orange COunty. This faggot thinks he is gonna be a famous actor and singer yet he makes 13 bucks an hour working at a Microsoft retail store. This queer is gay for pay and enjoys sucking dick for a couple bucks. Not only is this kid a gay f**ot, but he also dropped out of school to pursue his dream of becoming famous but it never happened cause he’s a gay for pay *** This homo told my friend that he would have millions of dollars from singing and modeling when in reality he can’t even afford to pay for his own shit so he lives with his mommy and daddy. He also has a breast on one side from injecting steroids. Nik do us all a favor and blast this queer.

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Barett Alves is Trouble

November 27, 2014 ASU, Dirty Mugshots, Orange County 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Barett Alves is the biggest tool and loser in Orange County. This lowlife went to ASU where he got arrested twice in Maricopa County and charged with assault and recklessness. This dbag is always up to no good and he starts fights with random people for no reason. He thinks he’s the buffest and strongest dude in the world when in reality he cant bench more than 200. This f**got also talks shit about everyone and tries to fight kids half his size to make himself look tough. This is the biggest faggot coming out of Jserra High School. Blast this fucker Nik.

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OC Blonde

November 4, 2014 Orange County 108

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Christy Guziak is the biggest retarded dumb ass blonde piece of shit in the entire United States of America. Similar to the millions of other retarded blondes, this stupid specimen is a typical slut, liar, cheater, fake and slut. This girl talks shit one everyone behind their backs and will pretend it never happen. This girl also lacks self-esteem so much that she had to get a nose job to reassure her that she is good looking. This typical retarded looking blonde slut can be found on weekends at local OC clubs and malls. She has no true friends and everyone thinks she is truly a retarded little piece of shit bitch. Nik blast this little bitch please so we can all be satisfied.

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OC Persian

November 4, 2014 Orange County 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ryan Hashemi the biggest Persian faggot motherfucker in this country. This fucker is a pussy who tells on people and talks shit behind their backs but to their face will pretend like everything is cool and nothing happened. This dumb ass queer will act nice to your face and then talk shit on someone behind their back. Typical OC pussy piece of shit. Blast this fcker Nik.

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Weird OC Loser

October 21, 2014 Los Angeles, Orange County 177

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Garette Boessler is a weird loser creeper in orange county. this weirdo does nothing with his life and texts and calls me a bunch of times asking me to hang out with cause he gets no girls. he also tried to call me and all my girlfriends to ask them out. He’s called me so much that I had to change my number. I’ve asked him to hang out multiple times and he’s bailed on me every single time. He likes to mess with girls’ feelings which its fcked up. This loser also went in the marines and didn’t even graduate from boot camp because he couldn’t handle it like a real man. Since he can’t get girls in real life, this weirdo also looks for girls on Craigslist personals. Garette you’re a sore loser and you’ll like never get a girlfriend. Nik put this weirdo on blast and teach him a lesson.

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