Hobbit Ashley Taylor

March 31, 2014 Huntington Beach, Orange County 360 8,737 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashley Taylor Fields is the biggest hobbit slut in Orange County. She’s barely 5 feet tall and acts like she runs the show. This petite little slut will try to intimidate guys in order to achieve what she wants. She is obsessed with herself and takes like tons of pics of herself to put on her Facebook all showing her ugly face that guys don’t even find attractive. She acts like she’s the hottest girl when I’ve heard so many guys say they think she’s ugly and wouldn’t even go for her. She’s also a backstabbing bitch who will talk shit on all her friends and stop talking to them. This little girl also has a retarded tattoo that makes her even more stupid than she already looks. Ashley all you do is get drunk and you’re going nowhere. Nik, let’s hear a word of advice for this hobbit little sloot.

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Johnny Love of Corpus Christi

March 24, 2014 Corpus Christi, Orange County 2 9,338 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: alrighty. this is JOHNNY LOVE AKA JOHNNY RAMOS. this man is a terrible human being. he fuks over everybody is his circle, this goes for girlfriends and close friends. I wish I would’ve never crossed paths with this scumbag. ive never had a man lie and cheat on me the way he did. and he thinks he’s gods gift to the ‘reggae’ scene. he claims he grew up in ORANGE COUNTY .. which is why he has OC tattooed on his chest, when in fact, he grew up here in corpus Christi and went to ray high school. when he was in high school he got a girl pregnant. not once has he seen this child or done anything for the benefit of the kid. he doesn’t care about anybody but himself. he claims he’s all about ‘love’ and ‘good vibes’ but that’s total bullshit. ill never forget coming home to find a girls bra behind his bed.. and it wasn’t there the night before. (mind you, I wear a DD) and this was an A cup. He also decided to leave me stranded downtown one night at 2:30AM. HE HAS DISEASES. no doubt about that. luckily I got out of that relationship clean!!!! he fcks a new chick every night. he’ll steal from his friends. and he also claims he’s living it up in California… he lives out of his van. which is filthy as fuck from all the nasty bitches he fucks. and just himself in general. I know so many ladies in corpus Christi that feel the same way about him as I do! and I think its time to put this mother fcker on blast!! LADIES!!! TAKE IT FROM ME… STAY AWAY!!! YOU’LL REGRET IT. he may have the good looks and skills in bed. but he’ll give you something you’ll never be able to get rid of…..

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Asking my Wife to Marry Me

February 26, 2014 Los Angeles, Orange County 13 7,313 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me! It is now legal in Cali

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Wannabe Rockstar Loser

February 20, 2014 Los Angeles, Orange, Orange County 116 5,795 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Austin Holden is the biggest dumb ass and wanna be rockstar in Orange County. He thinks he’s a rockstar and acts like he’s the coolest guy in the world when everyone thinks he is a d-bag. He wears the gayest leather jackets to try to look like a greaser. He also believes he’s the best looking guy in the world and that he can get any girl. This loser will hit on innocent girls and will lie to them telling them that he has been hurt many times before and he wants a nice caring girl. Everyone knows he is gay but he acts straight to not ruin his reputation. He has hooked up with guys before and covers it up by saying he was drunk or that he was just playing around with them at parties. This f*ggot also talks shit on everybody behind their backs and acts he runs the show. He will put the gayest head shots of himself on Facebook pretending to be a model to attract girls when in reality he does it for gay websites to turn guys on. Nik, let’s hear a word of advice for this loser.

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Josh Story, as Shady as they come

February 11, 2014 Anaheim, Orange, Orange County 0 7,217 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: General Manager at Volkswagen of Orange Josh Story is about as big of a douchebag as you can find in Orange County. Don’t mind his bogus crooked ears deformed from birth or the eyebrows known to tranny’s this guy is the shadiest of the shady Greg Brown automotive group. Lies, fake income, fake stories, and putting together banks & customers quicker than a cheap suit his moral compass is broken like his ears are bent backwards. Pretends he has $$$ yet lives in Corona the arm pit of Riverside county. When the dealership at 2** W. Kat[removed]  shuts down by the DMV raiding it you’ll know why thanks for keeping the streets clean Nik, businesses right, and the internet tight.

I wonder if he plucks those brows himself or outsources…- nik

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Candice Captures

January 7, 2014 Orange County 39 7,515 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this water buffalo is the CEO of Candice captures. Shes huge an still continues to dance at fritz too, california girls, an imperial showgirls. Shes at least 40 years old. Tell me nik, what do you think of her under bite? Its gross you would think instead of sticking E up her ass an an havib parties at her house an letting her hudsband James fck her an let everyone watch you think she would be more focused on getting dental work done as well as some botox on that huge indent on her forehead looks like a dip in the grand canyon. This bitch is trash her own daughter wrote a email to a classmates mom begging for help that her mom is a total drunk an fucks her clients luke nearly nothing. Her poor daughter. This bitch is trash. Candice captures is a joke she will do a photo shoot for you an then promise the world to you then when it all said an done shes no where to be found to get your photos. Her bf finally put a ring on it an she still continues to see her customers outside the club. Fucks for $100. Gross how can you live with urself after fucking old men for nearly nothing. What a trash bag! Nik, howcan we get this cum sceptical out of irvine an to Texas?

Try dropping a wallet.- nik

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Julia Wolf: Biggest OC Ratchet

January 2, 2014 Orange County 11 10,977 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Julia Wolf has completely lost her mind. She recently turned 18, she works at a pot dispensary, is back with her felon boyfriend..and posting pics on IG of his dick, and is getting her boobs done in the near future (for 700 dollars?). This girl doesn’t belong in the OC or anywhere near it.

That’s an accident waiting to happen.- nik

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Sam Sleeps Around

November 1, 2013 Orange County 4 5,892 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sam Wingert is known to have sex under age girls but still secretly sleeps around with multiple girls and plays with girls feelings, he is a drama starter and an instigator. He hooked up with mostly every single girl in Orange County and deserves no one because he is a selfish person. If anyone tries to go for him don’t except him opening his heart just except him opening your legs because he is known as a complete man whore and who has sex with multiple girls with one day, he plans on being a porn star but doesn’t have a job or doesn’t go to school . All he day he plays video games, hang out with friends and party. Sam Wingert told me for him to fall a sleep he has to at least hear porn playing for him to pass out. This guy is Orange County biggest man whore and he would take this as a compliment .

Skinny jeans squash dreams.- nik

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