Jessica And Jaquline Cobb

December 5, 2011 Oregon, Portland 5 7,281 Views

ktowntwin trash:jessica&jaquline cobb

THE DIRTY ARMY: well as everyone can see the twins in this picture lol hott?? not!! these two girls go around thinking they hott stuff pickin up guys and jus gettin laid. (f**ked) mostly the one on the right haha dont know how many dads her daughter has had… maybe the left one too,, but these two women as u might call them sleep wit friends of friends of friends, and i know because one is my duaghters mom.i love my daughter but she left me high and dry when i got locked up, and started sleeping around( not sleep over eithers ppl) lol same and the other twin(jaquline cobb the one on the right) she bascially did the same thing. her daughters dad got locked up and she was out lookin for d**k the nexk week. anywho i jus wanted to tell the dirty that these so call goody school girl are not so nice( nice in bed maybe) but thats it…

Cute, they have matching muffin tops.  Should sliced those down as well as your arms in photoshop.- nik

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Why Is She So Mad At Sororities

November 19, 2011 Oregon, The Dirty 71 8,762 Views

Joke of a human being

Joke of a human being

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please put this chick on blast. She recently posted on her facebook how annoying it is when sorority girls post “too” many pictures from one night. We all know she is just too beat and too poor to get into a sorority in the first place. Go back to Colorado, the only person who likes you is your fat ass boyfriend. You are a JOKE.

Anybody can be in a sorority. You don’t need to be cool, you just need to have money.- nik

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Saggy Sloot

November 18, 2011 Oregon, Portland 38 9,008 Views

Saggy slut

Saggy slut

Saggy slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this slutty bitch went to college and apparently accepted the powder because it keeps people around her. She looks like shes on cke 24/7 and has a crck addicts mentality. Her tits are the saggiest pair of knockers and she sleeps with anyone that will look her way. She stalked a boy after sleeping with him once and cried about him everyday until she found a new victim then repeated. In every picture she looks NASTY and has so much make up on to hide her soul. She also looks like shes fifty after tanning so much. She gets in girlfights over her drug dealer fck buddies. WHITE TRASH.

rose tipped noses are from drugs right…- nik

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Are We That Boring In Portland

November 16, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Oregon, Portland, The Dirty 107 10,161 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a woman I came across on the Venue 126 club photos. She looks dirty enough to be on this site just by one glance. What names could you come up with for this lovely spectacle? BTW :if anyone know her real name too, I just need to know why TheDirty in Portland is so popular but we have no DCs.

I love how new her breast looks compared to her face.- nik

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Two Faced And Neither One Is Pretty

November 4, 2011 Oregon, Portland 13 9,474 Views

Two faced and neither faces are pretty.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Cj Bennett is the biggest two faced dick in all of Washington County. He does ANYTHING for attention like having sex with a 23 year old man just to brag about losing his virginity. He gets addicted to any drug he tries and he falls in love with any guy who looks at him twice. He’s the nastiest homosexual in Portland area. Watch out fella’s he’s ruthless.

Two faced as in guy and girl?  I added hearts just in case.- nik

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College Is The Best

November 3, 2011 Oregon, The Dirty 24 7,374 Views

Nice Pipe

Nice Pipe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Mackee Woodcock put that pipe down! Ladies, facebook is not meant for these photos. I hope your parents know what their children are really up to at college.  You should have gone through your photos first.  Now everyone can see that these girls are complete hippocrates, slow down lindsey lohans of today.

I think her costume is supposed to be a drug addict? Go Ducks!- nik

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More Than Just A Beauty School Dropout

November 2, 2011 Eugene, Oregon 55 5,618 Views

More than just a beauty school drop out

More than just a beauty school drop out

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is known all over Eugene for being one of the biggest teases around but if you stick a black man in front of her you can count on the fact that she’ll suck his greg. Not only did she drop out of college, but she quit beauty school and can’t hold down a job longer than a month. She thinks she has “mad swag” and is an amazing dancer but my 10 year old sister can dance circles around her and her trashy extentions. Not only does she lead every guy on and lie to make her self feel better but she’s a manipulative b*tch who claims she’s “drama free” when she’s really the one who starts it. You can find her with a new best friend weekly because after 24 hours with this girl you want to []. Her face is pretty, but shes a total wannabe wh*re who tries to f*ck with other peoples lives. Maybe instead of worrying so much about which pair of Jordans she should buy next she should work on getting rid of those spider lashes?

Her dance ‘skills’ wouldn’t even be able to land this thick chick on the pole.- nik

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Tweeker Sloot

October 31, 2011 Oregon 45 6,848 Views

Dirty Tweeker Slut

Dirty Tweeker Slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Zara Heather Thomas and shes a dirty tweeker. She likes to run her mouth and act like she something big but in reality all she is, is a fat bloated piece of shit who lives off welfare and likes to suck d*ck for drugs. Her partner in crime is a another tweeker named Anabelle Hall who likes to snort pills. These girls like to play games and act like their 15 years old even though they look old and used up. Zara has a tendecy for fucking around with men who are taken and have families, she takes joy in being a homewrecker and then likes to play the role of miss angel. Ive even heard her brag about how she harasses the wives by sending them messages thru facebook about how shes been with their husbands. Shes a sad pathetic case who really has karma coming for her!

She’s a wannabe tweeker, judging by her mass nobody gives her any.- nik

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