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Diana Lovell

November 21, 2014 Orlando 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Diana Lovell, a prostitute and thief in Orlando. She writes a bunch of responses and acts like different people that are defending her. Honestly it’s just her writing all the time. She is a crook, always acting like she’s broke and never pays anyone she works with, will always short change you and steals little shit at grocery stores! Acts like she’s really something. She’s nothing more than a common criminal and a shitty lay. Selfish. Her kids even hate her, she’s a deadbeat.

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Gloria Christine Is Still Serving Drinks

November 20, 2014 Orlando, The Dirty 17


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just an update on Gloria Christine, the old O-Town phone is still serving alcohol for a living. Why can’t a rich Trout lock this hottie down already?

Every time I see a picture of this chick — it’s blurry. #SCAM- nik

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Zoradia Perez

November 18, 2014 Orlando 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the most disgusting person alive, she is the biggest whore known to men. she has cheated on her husband of 15 years with a co-worker while her husband was dying and on his death she had presented him with divorce papers saying she no longer wants to be with him , then she sat here and jump from dick to dick. all she cares about is money she will sleep with the nastyness men in order to get her hands on their wallet. she slept with her bestfriend husband of 25 years and got busted, she slept with all of her friends boyfriend and husbands, she claims to be a perfect mom but while her husband was dying she left him with the kids said that she was tired of being a mom , her daughter learned from her mother how to be a whore and look for men with money ,so if you want to get your dick sucked and get an alright fuck jut throw some dollars at her. btw she is currently living in clermont she is a gold digger and a dirty ass bitch , we doesnt care about anyone but herself so feel free to text her

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Females Beware

November 14, 2014 Orlando 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: To be frankly brief Randy Harris was married with three children and lied about having a divorce up to a month before she personally kicked him out. He will lie to you and say whatever it is he needs to say to get with you. At the time he was with me he was with many other females one whom is almost 5 months pregnant. When you try to end the relationship he will complain and beg you not to end it when he knows hes still talking to other women. Females beware!

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+2s Giveway In Tampa At The Drynk Halloween Night

October 24, 2014 Orlando, Tampa, The Dirty 0


I’m doing my Halloween party in Trampa this year. Because Trampa appreciates +2′s!! Trampa come celebrate a very Dirty Halloween with me at The DrYnk for your chance to win +2′s from Dr. Martin in Scottsdale.- nik

Click here to enter the contest for your chance to win +2′s!!!

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Justin Timberlake Did Give Her The Mercedes

October 22, 2014 Orlando, The Dirty 111

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is May 2010 after the bad flood hit. Justin gave her the car after she lost the BMW Z-4 in the flood. He signed a deal with Audi, so he couldn’t be seen in anything else. This car is custom, over $200,000. They met at his eco-friendly golf course just outside of Millington, TN where he is from. His mother and step-father still live there. She has been to their house a few times.

This shim will not give up.- nik

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Why Is Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend In Justin Timberlake’s Mercedes Benz

October 16, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Hollywood, Orlando, The Dirty 354

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, defintely the Penthouse Pet of the year Awards!!!! Love Joanne Elizabeth from Playboy! Kimberly Williams went out with Marcus Allen, her and Taylor were in the New York Post before. Taylor is friends with Claudia Jordon from the Real Housewives of ATL and case #1 on Deal or No Deal. You want to know the dirt on her, Jorge Cruz, manager at Gucci Orlando and JCruzStyle Events. Pics of her with him, Maggie Kennedy and Jacqueline Siegal in Islesworth, Orlando. Vegas pics on her twitter in Vegas same time as Phelps. Turns out they have known each other much longer then originally thought. Plug Ugly’s rumor mill is she is pregnant and they were fighting over money and keeping the baby that night. Debbie Phelps is nice to her face, but privately hates her according to David Silverman and Chris Stuuts. There is so much more going on here then meets the eye. Why after all this time is neither side talking? How does Nicole Johnson play into this? the weekend that Taylor was not in town, guess who was? Miss California 2010. No wonder he needed 6 weeks away. This man is deep in the SH*t! Kelvin Moses, New York Jets Why is she in Justin Timberlakes Mercedes Benz????

JV make an ‘also see’ so people know who the hell this thing is.- nik


Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend Is Stalking Me

Michael Phelps’ New Girlfriend Is Beat

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Maria Falcon

October 13, 2014 Orlando 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Maria Falcon is a dirty pathetic whore. She was roommates w/ a guy friend who would bring home other women & then when he was bored & had nobody & nothing better to do would do her. She loved him & was so pathetic that she allowed him to use her for the better part of 2 decades. He finally moved out to get away from her, but she still didn’t take the hint. Then when he got a girlfriend she got all depressed about it & tried to cry on his shoulder. She finally thought she had her chance when the guy & his girlfriend were having trouble b/c instead of being a real “friend” she screwed him knowing he was still with his girlfriend. She’s so pathetic she thought he would leave his girlfriend for her & didn’t realize that he was again just using her b/c he knew his girlfriend hated her. In the end though, the girlfriend found out & he threw Maria away like the trash she is b/c he really didn’t give a crap about her. Despite all this, she still has pics of him on her Facebook page & says he’s her “best friend.” PATHETIC! Ladies – if your man is friends w/ her, beware. Guys – here’s an easy lay, but you may not be able to get rid of her.

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