Orlando | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Ocala Escort

August 19, 2014 Jacksonville, Orlando 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik me and boyfriend of 3 years broke up because he fcked this dirty ocala prostitute that goes by Winter Vixen. So this shit leads you into rooms with no beds ducks with no condoms and only charges 60$. My ex found out he was drd positive when he got tested I also tested and came up negative when I asked his ass about it he came clean and told me everything so this Fcking ugly man in a wig fcked up my relationship so if your in the area and fcked this thing go get tested this is no joke

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The Teachers Cheating Husband

August 16, 2014 Orlando, The Dirty 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the guy in this pic is Alex. The woman in the pic is his wife. Alex is a local man whore who works as a firefighter and bartender. He lies and says he only lives with his wife for the kids sake. He has cheated with over 20 woman, and even admittedly got an DRD and still didn’t tell his wife about. Although his wife searches his phone and has to know what’s going on, she stays. His wife is the junior high guidance counselor and he was recently sleeping with one of her students mom. (My friend). He sends DP’s on a daily basis, “borrows” money, asks for gifts, and blatantly lies to everyone he comes in contact with. He claims to be a weed dealer, but with all those jobs is crying poverty. Guys like this are the total definition of douchebag! I hope this is his wife’s wake up call. She’s way too good for him.  For you ladies, Click here to see his Greg!!!

This dude is hung (no homo).- nik

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Charlotte McKinney – What Do You Think

August 12, 2014 Orlando, The Dirty 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Charlotte McKinney. Not sure if she has been featured on your site before, but she is being touted as the next Kate Upton. She’s a hometown girl that my buddy banged back when she was ugly and in high school. Great turnaround for her. She’s getting popular now and wanted your professional opinion on the subject.

Tell me more… like real pictures. I really hope Charlotte McKinney doesn’t turn into Whale Wars. Good to see real racks making a comeback.- nik

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UFC Wannabe/Cheating Husband

August 6, 2014 Orlando 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Alex Barna VI he is a fireman, a bartender, a party bus driver, and according to his twitter a UFC wannabe. The one thing he forgets to tell people is that he is a user, liar, and in his wife’s opinion a loving and devoted husband. He sleeps with multiple woman behind his wif\’s back, and has even has chl***ia (without her knowing). He gives a great sob story about being separated living in poverty having to make ends meet by selling weed. He takes advantage of who he can all the while claiming to be a “nice guy” what a joke!

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Bryan Lambert

August 5, 2014 Orlando 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: I met Bryan Lambert on September 21, 2006 after he had contacted me online. By the end of November of that year he had moved in with me. During the entire relationship (almost 8 years) he treated me as if my feelings did not matter. He was nice enough at first but when he realised that he was in my house he started cheating on me. At first I did not know it. I started with porn sites and chat rooms where he and other women would web cam each other while masturbating while I was at work, school or asleep. When I did find out about these activities he would say that it “means nothing. They are nobody, I love you” and stupidly I believe him. During the time we lived together he never had a real job. His “work” took him to bars 6 and 7 nights a week. Rarely did I see any money out of this “Work” of his even though it took him until 4 or 5 and sometimes even 7 am to get home from the bars (the bars that close at 2am). In the 8 years Bryan paid ONE electric bill, ONE Water bill and TWO cable/internet bills. In late May I found out about his latest affair and kicked him out of my house because I know he will never change and he will never truly care about anyone other than himself. He is good at lying to your face and making you feel like you are important, but don’t let that fool you like I did. As soon as he gets you to buy him what he wants or you start financially supporting him, he will stab you in the back and cheat on you with anyone and everyone he can.

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Hmm Get Over It? How about Get Your Own!

July 29, 2014 Daytona Beach, Orlando 17



THE DIRTY ARMY: My 8 month old son, my boyfriend of 3 years, and I all live in a room together At my boyfriend’s mother’s home. I took my son with me on a visit to see my family 12 hours away. While I was gone 3 friends notified me that they witnessed a crackhead looking girl with horrible tattoos hanging all over and kissing my boyfriend. In Daytona that description could have been anyone, so I passed the information along to my boyfriend’s sister. She instantly knew it was Alissa Lauren Fowler. I looked her up on facebook, and messaged her explaining that fcking my boyfriend was wrong, it was slutty, and it hurt me. She replied that I need to get over it, and that I too will find something to fill my hole with like she had with my boyfriend. She told me she did not give a fck. I soon found out that she was there to “clean our bedroom” for $20. This told me she was fully aware that the guy she was sleeping with had a girlfriend and a son since all of our belongings were in the room she “cleaned”. This nasty girl needs to be made aware of how wrong she is for cheating on her boyfriend with my boyfriend, and telling me to get over it. I have any information anyone could possibly need to get the message through to her. The boyfriend will not see his son grow up.

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Gloria Christine Is Not Down To Earth

July 8, 2014 Orlando, The Dirty 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, whoever posted that last GC post obviously doesn’t know her. She’s still a club rat but now she’s FAT. I have seen her at the gym, she’s maybe 5 feet tall and definitely chunky in the legs now. She hides it but you can see in her boyfriends posts how ugly she really is. In person her face is awful. If she smiles, she literally looks like a troll. The first time I saw her in person I didn’t even recognize her. She’s actually unattractive, not even average. She uses to have a great body but that’s gone now too. Plus, she’s OBSESSED with red bottoms and material things. She constantly posts pictures of her shoes and saying she’s a princess, far from down to earth.

It’s never a good sign when the breasts are level with the stomach.- nik

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Christeen the Altamonte Trot

July 3, 2014 Orlando 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl christeen Gresham is the biggest slor I have ever met. She has only been in fla for 5 years and this bitch has fucked the whole town. She was dating my ex Darius after Matt left her for fcking tevin. But tevin didn’t want her cause she fucked local rapper wizzle. So she helped create the current chlamydia outbreak in altamonte. This whore stole over 30k from her whole family. She creates hates because her twat is like a cock eating machine with a constant urge to be fcked. I fcked her while she was dating Matt then she fcked my whole crew no lie! She thinks her shit don’t stink well here’s a tip honey you already had 2 stds how many do you need to realize your white trash. Let’s not talk about her family. She talks so much shit about brother (I think she wants to fck her own brother) cause he alone has fcked all of altamonte with his porn star wanna be gf anyways wish I could upload the videos I have of this bitch sucking dick! She claiming she only slept with 4 niggas mhmmmm 4 niggas this month don’t let Herve find out the real you. You just met him but your laying up in his mommas house abd didn’t you stay at Darius moms house. You can’t even pay her the money you owe her for your phone bill lmfao this female is sad. I’m not gonna lie I fcked christeen to but now my dick burns when I pee and Herve you gotta check your girl cause her hoe moves are in front of your face! She hit up wizzle the other day talking about I don’t remember fcking you or tevin really!!!

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