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Terrorist Quack

July 3, 2014 Orlando 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, long time DA, first time poster, this loser chiropractor Daniel Mcbride, is an abusive monster who at 55 lives at home and still sleeps in his mother’s bed. These two sickos’ have managed to convince Judge Karanek in Indian River County that they should not only have custody of the (4) kids this nut created but also conned Judge Karanek that this terrorist quack with documented ties to Al Queda, (please google him) made $15,404 in 2011, $15,404 in 2012, $15,404 in 2013. Now what kind of idiot or judge for that matter believes that anyone makes exactly the same amount (3) years in a row, on top of that a licensed chiropractor. This bully judge ordered the mother who had been a stay at home until recently getting a minimum wage job, to pay $800 in child support, like wtf is this judge thinking. Nik please help expose this Quack and the Judicial nonsense in Indian River County, Florida.

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How Has Gloria Christine Been Able To Stay So Down To Earth

July 2, 2014 Orlando, The Dirty 78

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, how has a girl pretty as Gloria Christine been able to stay so down to earth and not all about red bottoms and meaningless sex?  Is it cause she grew up in Orlando?  or did she come from money or something?

Is she still a bartender? Isn’t that what she did/does for a living?- nik

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Natalia KNAJ aka Katherine Nichole Arsenault Jarvis

June 27, 2014 Orlando 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: See this smelly cnt? You’re going to want to head for the hills. She calls herself Natalia KNAJ at the moment but her real name is Katherine Nichole Arsenault Jarvis (AKA Katie).She’s been spraying the internet w/ her Photoshopped” professional modeling” photos & she is completely in love with herself. She spends her free time drinking straight Vodka & staring at her own photos.She’s a liar, user, abuser of others as well as illicit drugs like heroine or whatever she can use someone for or get her hands on. She (under oath) wrongfully helped convict a drug dealer she was sleeping with, denying any involvement with him. He was sentenced to quite a few years in jail. Her lies caused him to receive an extended sentence. She’s been freaking out ever since his release as she fears he will look for her. Obviously this guy would avoid her like the plague if he rightfully spent time in jail. A kind older woman took Katie in out of pity 10 years ago & Katie ended up sleeping with the woman’s husband. Katie gave birth to her 1st kid at 12 yrs old which caused her stomach to stay permanently stretched out & ripple-y-looking.Tear off the outer “skin” of a hotdog & look at its shrivels, & texture- after you barf you’ll see what we mean. She’s 28 yrs old born 4-14-86 & 5 foot nothing,her weight fluctuates from 120-145+ lbs. Her face’s swollen & has the skull structure of a goat. Her facial lips in real life look like a vaj w/ gangrene & you’ll NEVER see her showing some tummy-THANK GOD

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These Girls Just Want the DJ’s

June 24, 2014 Orlando 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: These two ladies can be seen downtown on a regular basis acting like drunk fools. I took one of them out on a date and she ended up inviting her friends after she told me she was just into party guys and had a thing for famous people. I suppose if she thinks a local DJ is her fame found….she might need to grow up. She gave it up on the first night we hung out and my friend fuked her friend the same night too. She made me put on a condom because she said she had something going on. I was drunk and didn’t think too much about it. Now I know all about it. She’s dirty from fucking all the DJ’s. Watch out Orlando. Andrea and Theresa are Orlando’s tag team whores. Get it if you want it boys but use a condom.

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Robert Clint Adams

June 6, 2014 Orlando 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy attempts to steal your wife with full knowledge that she is married and has a 4 & 6 year old at home. Had my wife stating she was working late asking me to pick up the kid and then going over to his house. Also seduces your wife into telling you she has a business trip but goes away with this guy to a hotel. He also had her stopping by in the morning on her way to work instead of helping get our kids to school. He then informs her he doesn\’t like kids. Don\’t let this guy in Ocoee wreck your family life. His name is Robert Adams and also goes by the name Clint. Central FL husbands beware of this guy.

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Silver Dollar Is Still Money

June 5, 2014 Orlando, Silver Dollar, The Dirty 0

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is an update on Silver Dollar. She isn’t aging too bad. Def a bring home to mom type girl. I heard she was dating someone and its pretty serious. I’m not sure if she married the guy or what. Not Watson, a different guy.

Does she ever take swimsuit pictures or is she over that stage in her life?- nik

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Predator Alert: William “Murt” Murtaugh

May 21, 2014 Orlando 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet William K. Murtaugh of Apopka,Florida. Murt or Murtwitnessone as he refers to himself wants to be known as a \”new media reporter\” when he is nothing but a stalker, predator and mooch. His only claim to fame is being named in the investigative process of the Casey Anthony case when he made remarks in an open chat about trolling the malls for children and wanting to (bleep) Caylee Anthony. He later denied he said this but when presented with evidence admitted he said it but blamed others for \”hacking\” his computer, but admitted what he said was ill advised. He has also claimed to have partied with Casey Anthony. Let’s face it Nik, Casey Anthony may do a lot of things for a Klondike bar but I dont even she would do Murt. When he is not online stalking those he believes is responsible for his failure, he is trolling for vulnerable older women who he can con into taking him into his home where he lives rent free and does nothing in return for his room and board, then simply moves on when he has depleted their bank accounts. Do yourselves a favour and Google his name.This man is a nuisance to society and everyone should be aware of just how dangerous he is. Ive attached a link to the Caylee chats, though I doubt you will want to post them, but take a look for yourself Nik. There are 8 in total.

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Silly Little Pro

May 14, 2014 Orlando 8

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Pics say it all…

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