Do Not Mess With This girl

December 6, 2013 Jacksonville, Orlando 3 5,606 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please for the love of god, do not mess with this girl. She is a theif, a scumbag, and she will USE you for everything you are worth. She has burned ALL bridges around Jacksonville, FL, and probably other places to. She has stolen from everyone I know, even sentimental things such as THIS NECKLACE IN THIS PICTURE, that has NO MONETARY VALUE AT ALL. Her “friends” post her bail and she takes off never to pay them back. Just be warned.

She’s pecking at my eyes just looking at her.- nik

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Homewrecker Twins

November 27, 2013 Miami, Orlando 9 9,845 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Come one come all… welcome to “the twins”. If you have a BF, GF, wife or husband you are looking in the right direction. We will go one by one… Alyssa: From Orlando to Miami if your married she will love your D. I don’t think this girl notices that EVERYONE notices whats she’s doing. cough cough ( fuking Magic B Ball player Turk in the bathroom bc he will never take you home hence cause he’s married ) “we all heard you in there the other night” ANYWAY she’s hoping one day to run into a wealthy man that will take “good care” of her but she forgets she’s not hot enough for a sugar daddy. Audra: I would like to call her the dirtier twin. She’s been learning well from her “other half”, the only thing is they both forget two ugly twins don’t make even 1 hot one. So they are shit out of luck . ANYWAY …. Audra newly single I believe is like a poor person winning the lottery… She started fcking her way through promoters she met though Gabriella Katia ( don’t even get me started on that one ), ” the twins” would probably never have even been “the twins” if it wasn’t for that one. ANYWAY .. I hope audra uses protection bc even though she is the dirtier twin she is the hotter one…. So i do hope she makes it a hair shy of gentile warts. ( thats miami for ya ) Just thought I’d give the dirty a little play by play if they haven’t already gave you one. P.S… Everything you #hastag doesn’t come true… #model #hot #photoshoot #hottwins #beautiful #BTS…oh! i forgot… NIK would you ?

Answer: No, a horses moan never sounds sweet.

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Palm Coast Trash

November 22, 2013 Orlando 2 7,819 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Chelsea Rosenberry. Now, yes, she has a decent body, but I’m sorry, she looks like a man with those muscles!!! Her face looks like she done fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on her way down! She thinks she is just the bee’s knees, when in reality, all she does is get on her knees! Trainers, randoms, 50 something year old men…it doesn\’t matter. EVERYONE can have a ride on the Chelsea train!! You just better be able to feed her or buy her child a new outfit, or she will drop you like a hot potato. She works at Thriv Fitness in the child care center. DO NOT GO TO THRIV IF YOU NEED YOUR CHILDREN WATCHED! She will make them video record her doing exercises…SERIOUSLY?? No diseases that I know of, but I\’m sure it won\’t be long since she doesn\’t know what a condom is. Her poor baby daddy thinks they are going to get back together….if he only knew what a whore she STILL is. He should have learned when he got her knocked up, but while hes in the naval academy trying to make a better life for all of them, she\’s out using, abusing, and sleeping with anyone she can. Run. Away. FAST.

I don’t get the whole girls getting buff phenomenon going on currently.- nik

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Kelley Sims The Swinger

November 17, 2013 Orlando, The Dirty 210 112,849 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kelley Sims.  She is a PhD student by day at UCF College of Education and Human Performance and a swinger sl*t by night. If you want to meet her try The Stigma Tatoo Bar on S. Orange Ave. in Orlando. She’s usually their on the weekends or at one of the other Swing clubs in Orlando or Tampa such as Eyes Wide Shut or Caliente. She loves both men and women and especially loves BBC.

Is it just me or does that implant look a little off?- nik

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Worst Parents

November 15, 2013 Orlando, University Of Central Florida 4 7,785 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I just feel the need to bring these sickos to light even if its a long post, what kind of fucked up world do we live in. Jonathan and Sarah Adleta’s children were doomed to a life of perverse cruelty before they were even born. Jonathan Adleta, a former Marine officer, dreamed of the day he could have “daddy-daughter sex.” After Sarah Adleta became pregnant with a daughter, he said he would marry her only if she agreed to let him carry out that desire. When the couple had a son, Sarah Adleta was expected to have sexual encounters with him. basically she loved him, needed his financial security and said she would do whatever it took to not lose him. Gable told jurors the couple made sex with their children “part of their parenting plan.” But even with thousands of miles between them, she allowed her former husband to continue to prey on his daughter electronically through the videoconference program Skype.By the spring of 2012, Jonathan Adleta had found a new girlfriend who agreed to let him victimize her daughter. The girlfriend, 23 year old Texas mother he met on a dating website — testified this week that she watched as Jonathan Adleta molested her daughter. On at least one occasion, she took pictures of the assault. Jonathan Adleta suggested that his former wife should find another man to abuse their daughter so she would become comfortable with the sex acts, to prevent her from freaking out” in the future. During that time, Sarah Adleta was communicating with a North Carolina man who was later arrested on child-sex charges in an unrelated case. She told jurors she performed sex acts on the children while he watched via Skype. both were found guilty, more then likely this guy is going to get raped in prison the rest of his pathetic life. i think all people who want to have kids must past a fcking IQ test from now on. i know you now have a kid, what do you think?

Which ones the wife?- nik

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The Documentary Blackfish Made Me Sick To My Stomach

November 14, 2013 Orlando, San Diego, The Dirty 422 127,258 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you watched Blackfish yet?  It has to be the most disturbing thing I have seen.  I have never felt so bad for anything that is not a human person.  To be honest, I couldn’t even finish it because I was so sick to my stomach.  I hope they shut down all Sea World’s because all we are doing is paying money to watch tragedy.

I will watch it tonight… is it on Netflix?- nik

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Zumba Mess

November 14, 2013 Orlando 65 9,001 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this gremlin works at the Dr. Phillips ymca. She thinks she is gods gift to people . She had so many people fired at her job by having her friends fill out comment cards about other instructors . She is Italian but will try to tell you she is Spanish ! Yeah right!!! She says she makes all her own routines up but if you you tube Zumba songs she gets them from there . She claims she is so religious yet she will talk about every single person that walks in her class . She is the biggest definition of fake!! Just look at that ratty hair she doesn’t wash it half the time! She is so insecure with her self she try’s to take everyone out around her with her lies. All she does is lie ! She’s a disgrace.

If you have to con your way into a job your not suited for it.- nik

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Samantha Lee Howard Goolden Belcastro

November 7, 2013 Orlando 18 9,085 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl was featured on your site under Fake Belcastro. Since then she’s threatened ppl who make comments with her silly lawsuit threats. She’s a dumb one, with an 8th grade education and a criminal history that she’s tried to hide from Google searches. But she can’t hide! Here’s the mugshot link! Check out this beauty….claims she’s high class.

High class?- nik

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