How About These Blue Eyes

October 29, 2013 Orlando 1 9,229 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, does this beauty have your baby blues that you have been looking for?

Easy on the filters old lady… it makes you look like a dude.- nik

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Nik, Help Me Realize MY Potential

October 28, 2013 Orlando 2 8,157 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I am a big fan of yours DA Strong I am 19 and I am in good shape and a cute girl I’ve never dated anyone (I come from a strict household). But now that I am getting older I realize I am becoming attracted to guys not near me or the ones who hit on me but athletes. I know it’s pretty weird but I am like super attracted to Colin Kaepernick. I saw prior post of how he is but I don’t know it’s still a curiosity. I know that the DA looks down on it but If I had a chance I would so take it. I guess I want more insight from you and the DA on why it isn’t a good idea to date an athlete. I don’t want to be like the girls who just chase a guy because of the fame I mean I am pretty independent and smart I am in school becoming a nurse. But I still want to experience something foreign like a taste of the life even model for a year or two I don’t know I just want to experience something different. I feel like for so long I’ve been not able to be free and I want to feel like I am not getting old at such a young age I want to have fun and try things I’ve never tried. What is some advice you and the rest of the DA can give me? I am in Orlando I am soo close to Miami I just need some guidance with getting a social life and having a interesting life and bumping elbows with famous people even for a short while without selling my soul or becoming drugged out or you know, I just want to feel liberated. What can I do to make my sure I can have a chance at something’s I’ve listed? Thank You Nik!

I stopped reading this after the third sentence because you sound crazy.- nik

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This Is Possibly The Best Photoshop Job Ever

October 14, 2013 Orlando, The Dirty 133 94,408 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this is Dakota Rose and she apparently has a huge following in Japan because she photoshops herself to look like a real life anime character. If you google her, you’ll find tons of “modelling” pictures of her in creepy kiddie poses (which, btw, were photographed by her dad) and she honestly does look like a cartoon. The first picture almost made me want to ask, “Would you?” since I thought she looked pretty much flawless except for the awful piercings… until I saw what she REALLY looks like–a chubby young Khloe Kardashian. I have to admit though, this is one of the best photoshops I’ve ever seen.

I think her fat picture is still Photoshopped, you can see it in the hairline.- nik

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Your New Orlando Dirty Celeb… Nicole Hampton

October 13, 2013 Orlando, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 116 96,670 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this chick/”published model”… um no… Nicole Hampton of Orlando FL.  She thinks she is cute because she constantly posts pictures of her ugly BF and her HORRABLE +2′s and her little boy physic.  She constantly pushes her boobs out and ass back, I don’t know who told her its ok to walk around with oranges pasted to her chest, I can only help but get a good laugh when she posts pics, do you agree with me when I say this girl is a true mess?

The DIRTY ARMY really wants new Dirty Celebs… I get it.- nik

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Look Who Got Busted

October 7, 2013 Orlando 11 9,655 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check it. Emandi Haresh aka Rik finally gets busted!

Looks like he got busted in ATL.- nik

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Beware Of Tyanna

October 7, 2013 Orlando 2 7,868 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tyanna Longtin a 27 year old GIFT SHOP MANAGER sleeps around! seriously this girl is the biggest sl*t in Orlando.  Beware she has been married before but guess what! SHE CHEATED! Big shocker there! She plays the innocent country girl but in reality you can find her at Cowboys Bar or The Country Bar The Barn every single weekend! I heard she recently just slept with a guy who had a pregnant wife!!! And beware because her face looks like a horse and she has a V that smells of the ocean.

Some guys are just that desperate.- nik

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Mr. House Still Going Strong

October 3, 2013 Orlando, University Of Central Florida 1 5,990 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: welp looks like Clint House, the bottomless job, club promoter/casey anthony friend whore/music producer/DJ is still going strong in his attention whoring, thinks he’s a big deal ways. still works for mommy and daddy, makes shitty 3 hour long techno music mixes. and constantly facebook post about how he’s soon to become the most awesome DJ in florida (insert sarcastic eye roll here). he seems to think live band music is dead and shitty, constantly tells people how he hits up the gym, like we give a damn. you still cant fix that ugly face clint, sorry. someone needs to give this guy a physical [] reality check. GET OVER YOURSELF. your music sucks, your an egotistical douche, and according to pictures cant snag a decent looking chick (photo inserted for your hotness rating, nik) i cant wait to here what sudden job you come up with next in your long resume. just stop.

The news tag says it all.- nik

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GC Is Still Kicking

September 27, 2013 Orlando, The Dirty 65 93,286 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just wanted to let the dirty army know that Gloria Christine is still alive and well. I still think she is the most beautiful girl to ever be posted on the dirty. If I was rich I would give her every dollar I had just for her to tell me “i love you”.

She is all jawline.- nik

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