Zullieso Notso Gorgeouz

September 25, 2013 Orlando, University Of Central Florida 6 9,313 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik i just would love to give everyone a good laugh at this ‘girl’ zullie shes about 21, had like 4kids by the age of 17 but condoms pop right ? Anywho this chicks a stripper at a local hoezrus joint here in the orlando area ,,, she recently posted pics of her child and tiny spanish bf baby daddy makemoneyformecauseicant boy.  after work she sucks off n goes home to her bf and 12 kids with makeup on notice “da” pagent princess omg haha poor little girl. BTW whats up with chicks with the fag hand in pics is it hidding the side fat?

Seriously what happened to her hand…- nik

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Extremely Graphic: Marlon Brown Gets Run Over By Police Car

September 24, 2013 Orlando, The Dirty, West Palm Beach 250 102,890 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the family of a Florida man killed several months ago released a video late last week that shows the last horrifying moments of 38-year-old Marlon Brown, who the family’s attorney says had fled cops over an alleged seat belt violation. The chase scene through a vegetable garden shown in the video is brief and appears to countervail a report released by the local coroner’s report near DeLand that says a collision with a car is not what killed Brown.  Of course the officer was white and did not get in trouble which is complete bullish*t.  He totally was going to fast and you could tell, a slip up by Marlon wouldn’t result in him getting ran over.

Make sure you haven’t ate breakfast yet before you watch this.- nik

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Petri Dish D

September 13, 2013 Orlando 4 7,071 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo this bitch screwed around on me throughout our entire relationship. She is in love with herself, thinks she is god’s gift to men, and in reality, she’s a dirty, cheating, ugly looking transvestite. This bitch played me and thought she would never get caught. Found out she was having sex with at least 3 different dudes. I had to get checked after being with her because her nasty hole is a petri dish’s dream with all the bacteria and disease. Sure enough she gave the gift that keeps on giving. The drd. WARNING TO ALL DUDES OUT THERE, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BITCH. She will take you for what she can, pull shit behind your back, and spread her legs for any bbc that comes her way.

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Lawyer Up

September 13, 2013 Dirty News, Orlando 1 8,933 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Regarding Unscrupolous ‘lawyers’ and ‘booking agents’ It is very unfortunate that in the 21st century we still have to take people to either small claims court or t.v. cour cases. With the advent of the internet and social media, there are those models, actors, booking agents and ‘lawyers’ who will always try to take advantage of nice, decent individuals. Case in point; [], asafi ‘law’ firm and nude model and social media model JUSTENE JARO; Mr. James D. Watkins, artistic director of PHOENIX PRODUCTIONS is owed close to $2,000.00 for the abrupt and unwarranted cancellation of PENTHOUSE PET 2008 NUDE MODEL JUSTENE JARO at the last minute. Her cancellation was based on unfounded and unwarranted claims and there was no threats nor bodily harm made to nude model JUSTENE JARO and yet she still cancelled at the last minute. This nude model was booked from /mike esterman and is supposedly represented by asafi ‘law’ firm and both are now stating that I am not owed my refund and down deposit for nude model Justene Jaro’s abrupt cancellation. This ‘law’ firm called Asafi ‘law’ is now stating that I, James D. Watkins/PHOENIX PRODUCTIONS will be owing him and justene jaro’s money. Mr. Watkins even gave Justene Jaro a decent payment plan to refund his close to $2,000.00 payment for her services. If need be, this situation will be escalated. It is not Mr. Watkins fault nude model Justene Jaro doesn’t think for herself nor that she feels more comfortable taking off all her clothers for photographers, BUT YET, Mr. Watkins attempted to give her a chance to up her game and do something creative and artistic, WITHOUT taking off her clothes. If you wish to read the entire situation, please go to the below website link and Mr. Watkins will answer any inquiries.

She shoulda known photoshop woulda taken care of whatever it was she was hiding from.- nik

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Tier Nightclub – Orlando, Florida – Hosted By Nik Richie

September 12, 2013 Orlando, The Dirty 0 92,118 Views


Come join me this Saturday night as I celebrate my life as a published author at Tier Nightclub in Orlando, Florida.- nik

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Smooth Talker Chris Miller

August 23, 2013 Dirty Business, Orlando 3 6,911 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This fat slobs name is Chris Miller. This guy has no soul just like the whores he pays to keep him company on his frequent “Pepsi” binges. This slob owes me as well as countless others large amounts of $$$. He frequents nasty strip clubs making it rain with other peoples money. He has scammed numerous people out of their retirement money. He’s apparently business partners with a man by the name of Keith Ingersoll who owns the Ingersoll group. (at least that’s what he says) The guy is a nasty fat slob who has been arrested numerous times and is under investigation for crooked land deals, fraud, etc. This guy is a total tool bag. People beware of this sad individual.

By partners he means in a relationship.  Clearly for the gays.- njik

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Not Even Make-up Can Cover Her Up

August 19, 2013 Orlando, Wichita 6 9,599 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty homewrecker/ best friend man stealer is Yarlene Amador, goes by Diana. This slut thinks sleeping around with all these married men and stealing boyfriends won’t catch up to her, wrong! She has fucked the wrong girls man. This bitch denied sleeping with my man until I caught her ratchet ass through FB. She posted pictures of text between my man and her and rug burn left from their nasty sex acts. She is so dirty she then posted pictures of her son. Who does that? I wonder how many more married men she will go through before she can find one that won’t just want to be with her when the street lights come on. I’m thinking 0. This slut is only good for one thing and that’s being a dick holster. She claims to be a pro make up artist well not even 10 lbs of make up can cover up the whore from her.

That’s a bold post.- nik

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Sweet Mormon Home Wrecker

August 19, 2013 Cougars, Orlando 3 5,790 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this “woman”, Janeen L. Davis portrays herself as a “living high off the hog MILF, but with good Mormon Values. She was always the fat, ugly girl that was a wall flower, but in 2010, she had $25000 in plastic surgery done to help her out of her miserable life. She was married to an owner of a vehicle dealership, and he caught her cheating and divorced her. She then set her sites on any man with money, that could continue to pay for her lifestyle, (Divorce Settlement was running out) and she set her sites on mu husband. She started this illicit affair in front of my 2 1/2 year old son at the time. I was also I had no idea, until 4 months later, and by then I had learned I was pregnant again. This “relationship” lasted about a year, and once i had my baby, she was getting nervous because my divorce still in “pending” mode. She put the “bite” on my ex that she wanted to move in with him, and take their relationship to the next level….he said hell no! He was still basically married, and even if he wasn’t, she was just a fling, at best. She stole his laptop, which has photos of my children being born, etc. She was supposed to have borrowed it, even signing a contract, and is not avoiding the court server. During her stint with my husband, she was also seeing a married attorney WELL KMOWN in the motorcycle industry in Daytona Beach. They went away for a 3 day cruise in March. His wife has no idea….This broad is a gold digger, bogus con artist. She brags about how gorgeous she is, and how she can’t go out without men always hitting on her. When I had her investigated, she was seeing 4 men…the attorney, my husband, her ex-husband and some loser “artist.” She is living in the Daytona Beach area….and all men who drive a German Sports Car should beware….she just wants your wallet and a free ride, married or not. She even got naked in front of my child…..what kind of whore does that? A 46 year old, at the end of her rope, DESPERATE predator. None of the 4 men thought her “platinum lined Vagina” was all that…..she was a pump and dump! Karma is real people!

Those glasses slice off a lot of age…just saying.- nik

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