Leeann Beaudoin

September 29, 2014 Ottawa 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, get a look at this crusty bitch. Ugly as sin right? Like those fckin caterpillars on her face are enough to scare a nigga away Well this bitch right here, is going around saying that a friend of mine raped her. Lemme tell you the whole story, Leeann Beaudoin is nuts she literally started acting rude at my buddy’s place and he told her to leave so she tried to hit him and he pushed her back and then, my other friend, this tiny ass girl just trying to keep the peace, tried stepping in only for Leeann to punch her in the face. That’s when she started claiming he raped her and ran to his neighbours screaming she got raped and had the fuckin cops come. This bitch is fckking crazy and this isn’t the first time she had one too many drinks. All Ottawa knows to avoid this bitch like the plague, she’s stolen people’s booze, she’s tryed fighting the police before and got strapped to a wheel chair w/ a spit mask over her head and ofc then turned it around saying the cops beat her up. I could go on and on and this is honestly my first time postin on heree but who goes around lyin they got rapeeed? Like shit, that’s a new low, just couldn’t wait around for karma to get her.

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Dat Girl Danielle

September 29, 2014 Ottawa, Toronto 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: We all know a crackhead when we see one right ? Then it should be quite obvious that Danielle is. She has robbed every dealer in Ottawa, then went to hide out in Toronto. She slept around to make her way there, and slept all around Ottawa with everyones boyfriends before doing so. She is dirty, she sleeps with people to keep a roof over her head. She tried escorting but couldn’t get herself a good rep. She slept with the dirtiest people in Ottawa, Carl Raycraft, Devin Hill, Kiernan McCormick, Brett Careau and many many more. She fcks peoples boyfriends then cries when they don’t “love her” . All she is to guys is a dirty one night stand that they regret the next day. She gets guys drunk and takes advantage of them . What kind of whore does this. Everyone in Toronto, beware of the rep she left in Ottawa and the reasons she moved to Toronto. Don’t give this crackhead the time of day!!

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Alyna Vakariouk Is One Delusional Girl

September 28, 2014 Ottawa, The Dirty 146


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl is Ottawa biggest gold digging, attention seeking drama queen I’ve ever met. I honestly think she has mental issues. She believes everyone is obsessed with her. Bitch no one actually likes you!!! You have no friends haha sweetie there’s no amount of surgeries, makeup or cosmetics that will change how you look like naturally!!! Stop photoshopping all your pictures, it’s so obvious hunny! While you are at it, eat some f*cking food you troll!! She did my hair extensions once and almost coast me all my hair! Ladies STAY AWAY!!! I’m warning you, she’s not even licensed and pays 40$ for cheap hair. What a ripoff!!!! She’s is actually the worst!! Oh and Girl, you should stick to escorting because clearly spreading your legs works better for you!

Alyna Vakariouk do you have a passport? My buddy JV wants to pay all your bills… your stomach is his style.- nik

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Mizz Verdon

September 23, 2014 Ottawa 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey so this girl Mizz Danielle Verdon is 100% the dirtiest slut in ottawa. The girl bounces from one guy to the next claiming they all abused her. she is also goign around saying her mom is dead when she is alive. she will steal from anyone from elderly to disabled to kids she is a dumb bitch . she smokes crack and robs her family and friends. she has every sti in the book. This girl goes around gettiong friends off her sob stories and the poor me act and then waits untill they give her as much as they can then she fucks them over and steals and robs from them. she is in love with kiernan mcormick but yet she talks about how small his penis is and how fat hannah crawford is . she wants to be an escort but she is too fat and smewlls like cottage cheese. she should just leave otytawa and do everyone a favor. she should go cut herself like she tells everyone to do . she needs to stop trying to steal peoples boyfriends and get one of her own . she a nasty skeeze. danielle go fuck urself and take a shower sometime

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Serial Homewrecker

September 23, 2014 Ottawa 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This fat whore goes by the name of Paige Flemming and is a revolting lard sack who strutted her fat ass into our family and stole away one of our family members! Offered him her dirty pssy on some online dating website resulting him in leaving his wife of over 30 years. Now he lives in a trailer and will be unemployed by winter. And god knows what this bitch is doing to provide for her ratchet family, Clearly not walking enough ..you fat ass dumb whore.

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Dirty Birdie

September 23, 2014 Ottawa 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Boy is she a dirty skank! So not only is she the dumbest girl ever, she likes to think shes hot shit. So some people wanted to see how desperate for attention she really was, so random numbers started texting her and in the first few minutes she was already talking dirty and sending naked pics. She would say how badass of a girl she was such as she played rugby…..even though she didnt. she told a complete stranger every bit of personal info from where she lived to her vibrator she used at night…guess she couldnt do much better then a stick with batteries lol. This pathetic piece of garbage even went to go meet this prince charming only to get stood up by someone who does not even exist. she cant get anyone to even touch her with a 10 foot pole except for guys 20 years older then her but that doesnt stop her from opening those spring loaded legs. she cant really get a boyfriend because she is really dirty, she doesnt shower but 3 times a week and smells like fish even standing 10 yards away. she is nothing but a compulsive liar who is never gonna make it out of the small town she lives in. but she will have sex with anything that crawls in her.

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No I do Not Do Drugs

September 23, 2014 Ottawa 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: No My girl does not do drug looks pretty green on the table and all her past boy friends did it but know she does not right

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Ottawa Escorts

September 22, 2014 Ottawa 119


THE DIRTY ARMY: Do you know Lydias and Pam’s real names? Lydia made a living at Gracie’s, before it closes down. And Pam (Jessika) works at goodlife as a career. … Riiiiiight. Silly girls. You want to be known by everyone, here you go.

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