Ultimate Brockville Slore

August 28, 2014 Ottawa 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sheenah Campbell, folks. This bitch gave my girlfriend chla**a, first off. She’s slept with every single guy I know, and they all go back to their girlfriends promising it won’t happen again, because it was like “throwing their hotdog down a hallway” lmao. She acts like a loving mother, when in reality her child got taken away from her in the hospital because her whole pregnancy she threatened her boyfriend that shed k**l herself and the baby. She is currently homeless and she’ll sleep with anyone who will give her a bed for the night. She has three boyfriends currently as well, and she’s magically ‘pregnant’ with all of them! Lmfao. This girl gave me head in 10th grade and I swear she has way too many teeth in her head. She’s seriously delusional and she’s a natural SLUT. Keep your cocks hidden with this bitch around, boys

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Breanna Bisonette

August 28, 2014 Ottawa 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik.. this is Breanna Bisonette one of Smiths Falls dirtiest. I think the pictures give a good clarification of that. She is nothing but a cked up, drd infested, whore. I’ve even heard she has the warts, ew. She takes pride on her “seductive” selfies and loves to compliment herself on them for attention, if any boy shows any kind of attention to her he can expect a nice juicy lip shot. She’s a home wrecker, a druggie, and just a straight up dirty bitch and I think she finally deserves to be apart of the Dirty World.

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The Somali Lover

August 27, 2014 Ottawa 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is just a somali dick sucking hoe, all she does is chase around in the south end and gets wasted till someone is brave enough to touch her. She does coke, she strips every weekend and cheated on her bf with another somali guy while he was away. She lives in a ghetto neighbour hood and her older sister was a whore too. This bitch needs to be on here Nick, she pretends shes sweet and innocent but really she is a whore waiting for the next somali dick to come around.

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Stay away Illyy

August 27, 2014 Ottawa 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik my friends dating this guy he’s a pig and she needs to realize. Ilyana helped me through a lot! And she’s the realist friend I’ve ever had! I don’t know why the fck she’s still with this kid he’s a horn dog he’s fcked so many girls he beats her and is so obsessive. He never leaves her alone. Sam you’re gross like legit gross you don’t deserve this girl you’ve been with so many girls you have studs your a goof and you ruined our friendship over your jealousy. Ilyana stop being stupid like I hate to put you on blast but we went to school together you’re actually smart your on the DL idk why your still with him like every time we went out the hottest guys hit on you and your still with this trash man who has mashed the nastiest girls. nik honestly I just want my best friend / sister back in my life and this goof with a hoe he deserves.

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Ghazal Wannabe

August 26, 2014 Ottawa 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl ghazal Rajabi is a Persian slut legit her man Ali Abdul Hussein is locked up and she’s fcking her ex SB who has a girlfriend this girls a whore she was stripping for SB when she was 16 this girl talks so much shit about everyone and talks to everyone’s boyfriends!! I’m sick and tired and it needs to be known she sucked moe safas dick while skippy was in jail also. She’s a pill head she pops e and smoked dope way to much she fcks around Algonquin. And hahahahaha thjs girl thinks she looks like Kim kardashian DKMMMM she even had Kim k as her insta Profile pic wtf nik this girl needs a nose job and a new hair dresser

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Stop Smoking Kyle

August 25, 2014 Ottawa 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is the biggest snake In Ottawa he fcked everyone over including his own hoe Natasha djirveic the fcking hoe who does extrasat pig ales and lies she doesn’t she’s been fcking behind his back and still tosses money to aleck on her day shift but aleck doesn’t give a fcka bout her and lies to her saying he can’t be with her right now cause of the airforces. You can’t blame Kyle for being a crck head knowing his mom is one too her mom has a bf and her bf has a wife and they all live in the same house. ucking weirdos can’t blame the kid doesn’t even have a health card to fix his damn teeth. He’s a perk head coke head now crack head He tries to put people down cos he feels like shit about dating a hoe who’s cheating in him that’s why he was dating jamila on the side while dating Natasha jamila was a good girl tho can’t hate compared to that slut Natasha who sucks dick for 60$ that girl hast eh body of a child. And the face of a man fck Kyle has to be in coke to fuck with that I guess. Kyles disgusting coke head Natasha’s grosser though she told him she has bronchitis when really she had bronchitis and climidia that’s why she couldn’t fck him the slut didn’t want him to know this guy calls everyone a hoe yet he fucking kisses a bitch that sucks a dick every night after work

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Jessee Mooree Merrickville Sloot

August 22, 2014 Ottawa 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl here is jessee moorree from merrickville. she also hangs in smith falls and brockville. first off she goes on pof tricking guys to meet up with her because shes “looking for a man not a boy” she talks about how mcdonalds is a good date place because thats all her ass can afford. When we dated not only did i pay for everything i also paid for the sex in a way now having an drd from her. shes into some freaky stuff too like a$$ to mouth nasty pig i tell u. quick warning to all the guys that come across her on pof. sure she sounds great wanting to go to school to open a salon..and makin u feel bad saying her a$$ got burned in a fire but shes straight up trouble take my advice consider yourselves warned ottawa,merrickville and smith falls!!

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Ottawa Goof

August 22, 2014 Ottawa 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this goofball his named joel nickolas.20 year old rapehound.he raped and forcibly confined his 14 year old addopted sister.bet you guys dint know that.goes around beating up his girfriends.never showers.abuses his dawg.giving him beatings or forces it to eat is own shit.hes on probation for life,cant be around kids younger than 14 years old.his present girlfriend is some ugly slut named brittany lee.she has a little girl.shes has been warned about joel but she rather take joels dishwashing money than care about her kids safety.his profile picture is currently the pitucre of lees daughter on facebook.i smelllllllllll a breach.you can find this goof fucking this fat slore leah annona cox or courtney herpes magadazia.if yu dont believe me ask him to go with yu to police station .see how he avoids it.somebody please get rid of this pedophile.

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