Beck Procter

September 12, 2014 Ottawa 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is a nasty slut that pretty much fuks every guy she meets. She fcked me within the first 2 hours of meeting her. Her and her roommate Kayla live in Bloomfield and have big drug parties, doing every drug you can think of and fuking every guy they meet. Tori lives in Bloomfield and can be found fcking guys for coke in Sonny’s Tavern. She’s a lying bitch and a total sociopath and just lost her license because she got a DUI. Her body count is easily over 200. Give Tori some Molly or some cke and she’ll fck you good.

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Looney Toon

September 12, 2014 Ottawa 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is addicted to blow, will not put down the bottle while bein pregos. She’s a unfit parent already, should have juss aborted it when she had da chance. She’s a gutter fish, she smells like rotting fish, doesn’t shower. Obviously wipes back to front, I mean nobody’s pssy smells like shit unless you’re wiping your feces to your vagina! She’s still sleepin around as if she’s not carrying a babie. Poor babie has to have a drugg adict FAS mother. She’s obsessed with drama, craves it more than the dick. Will cause any problems for anyone, makes fakes on fb, and fakes numbers. This bitch is looooooneyyy

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Maria Gibbons

September 11, 2014 Ottawa 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nasty Hoe Name Is Maria Gibbons Shes Nothing Just A Deadbeat Mom Still Doesnt Know Who Her Bbdaddy Is Stupid Slut Couldnt Hack Out Being a Mom So Instead She Turned Into A Big Hoe After She Gave Up Her Son And Top It Off This Bitch Thinks Shes Gods Gift Just Cause She Has Some Ass And Some Tits And All She Does Is Talk Shit About All The Ppl Shes Cool With But When In Reality Everybody Talks Shit About Her. And Shes A Cheap Hoe Gets Money From Old Men And All She Does Is Fuck Around With Black Men And Then Hits Up Everyone Of Her Friends Boyfriends.Plus Shes Going Around Saying Shes Pregnant By Some Black Guy When Shes Just A Side Bitch. Someone Needed To Put This Bitch On Blast

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Strips on the Side

September 10, 2014 Ottawa 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is just a somali dick sucking hoe, all she does is chase around in the south end and gets wasted till someone is brave enough to touch her. She does coke, she strips every weekend and cheated on her bf with another somali guy while he was away. She lives in a ghetto neighbour hood and her older sister was a whore too. This bitch needs to be on here Nick, she pretends shes sweet and innocent but really she is a whore waiting for the next somali dick to come around.

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Canada’s Next Not Model

September 10, 2014 Ottawa 136

THE DIRTY ARMY: Look at this chick. Tamica Adolph. Thinks she is the worlds gift. Walks around with all her fake shit on, I dont even know what part of her is real. Always bullying my girl and other people. She is Always claiming people buy her shit for no reason, we all know you are fcking for the shit. Own up to it. At the end of the day she has no one. More people hate her than like her. OPEN YOUR EYES . Your not special She is also hermophobic, for those of you that dont know HAHA

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Nicholas Evoy

September 10, 2014 Ottawa 91


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about this person! Nicholas evoy has a total of 3 drds in his life! He fucks nasty girls that smell like garbage and rotten fish from china town!! He now has 3 criminal charges to his name for beating on a women who at the time was pregnant with his child (ANTHONY) what a fcking slime ball!! And not to mention forced alcohol down his girls throat then raped the girl when she was pissed drunk sleeping, this guys is DIRTY AND NEEDS A RUDE AWAKENING!!!

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Brittan Brickman

September 9, 2014 Ottawa 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Brittan Brickman I believe his sister is on here too..So I found out round town that this guy is a 20 year old cheater. He had a loyal beautiful girl back home his baby mama at that. He cheated on her took her presto pass to go meet other girls and tried to have sex with them behind her back said that he wasn’t with his baby mama anymore yet he was!!!. Claimed to her he wasn’t cheating on her. Pulled the whole water works stating that he loved her and all that but was never there for his son screwed off multiple times. Lived off his baby mamas money and too freaking lazy to get a job. Stole money from his so called friend every week to support himself not to mention stole from his own girl I heard! Well he tried to get me and I recently found out he is a HUGE woman beater and has be! He is also controlling and desperate for sex. He has huge anger problems been in jail a couple times. If you know whats good for you stay away! He doesn’t shower and refuses to clean himself when around him he stinks. Aint no cologne gonna cover up that stank! So ladies if you wanna be with this criminal woman beater/cheater be my guest lucky I found out the truth and said no to him THANK GOD! Apparently he hacked my best friends phone and had boob pics of her and she is in a relationship! Took pics off girls fbooks too. Can you say creep much? Don’t say you all haven’t been warned he is also a compulsive liar don’t believe a word this guy who thinks he is mister tough guy says!

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Jamie Boudreau

September 8, 2014 Ottawa 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jamie Boudreau is Ottawa’s biggest slut! She has slept with most of the town if not all of it. She used to date someone who was 15 when she was 18! Gross! She thinks shes hot shit cause her daddy has money. In reality, she comes from crackburn. There is nothing classy about her. She also mugged some random guy on the street a few years ago. The paper only published her name because she was the only one of age. Everyone else was a minor LOL. Also shes usually seen with her fellow crackhead Kathryn Thomas, pictured above.

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