Ottawa | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Amigos Finest

December 10, 2014 Ottawa 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey Nik meet the trashy west end slut alica sara hedevery or as some call her echo.Lets start with how she lost her kid. she lost her daughter because she is a compulsive liar she is so sad and in denial its even in her papers she is a compulsive liar. her fav hobbys when she was trying to get her daughter back was hanging at amigos when they had the stripper pole there you could find her on weekends attempting to dance in hopes of getting free drinks when in reality they gave her drinks to keep her off the pole.she used to love going on pof to lure guys to buy her alcohol to feed her addiction to liquor or drugs her fav excuse as being a mom is tough id do anything for my daughter bitch please you rather drink and give head to all of amigios and when you don’t get attention you start drama your fav hobbys are stalking the dirty to see who is on there why because you are scared Ottawa will see how much a whore you are my boy recently got head from her and was drunk he said it was the worse he got it felt like he was fucking a child … and lets talk about her piercings they aren’t classy rather trashy on her and she loves to dress in tight cloths to make her tits bigger than they are if you want a quick fix tell her you will buy her alcohol or feed her and her brother and she will gladly blow you after all in her eyes she isn’t cheating if its for a “good cause” her number is  text her asking her for fun if the price is right its a go she needs it

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Deadbeat Daddy

December 10, 2014 Ottawa 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Definately at the top of the deadbeat daddy list would be this character. The mother of his child has tried for several years everything possible to have a healthy relationship with him for the sake of her children. With his anger issues and not being able to keep it in his pants, he will never amount to anything. He harbours underage, runaway girls at his apartment who willingly give it up to him. He is the most manipulating,pathetic excuse of a father that there is. He cheated on the mother of his child , countless times with over 20 different girls since they first met. Nobody every has anything good to say about him and he really wonders why ? If he was even half of the man that his father is, he would do just fine in life. Begging, borrowing and stealing is the way he survives instead of doing like every other normal person out there and getting a job. If Hannah is able to go out and get a job and raise her kids fulltime on her own , what is his sad excuse for not being able to be a even part time dad ? Isn’t it pathetic he calls it BABYSITTING when he is asked to spend time with his own child. His weed addiction and underage bitties have always been his priority and always will be. Lets be real here, I gave him endless chances to step up and grow up but a loser like this will never change.

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Dominos Slore

December 10, 2014 Ottawa 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: this gurl works downtown at dominos she sleeps with her boss as well as manager to keep her job. She does favor for customers in the washroom at work for tips sleeps with the delivery drivers for rides places and is disrespectful as fuck to customerrs. she wears tite pants that show her ass at work and acts like a tramp. this girl needs to be fired her pizza tastes like ass, i went in once and the pizzaa was almost as grosse as she is. she a homeless loser bum rideau kid . she is adickted to blow , well your downtown go to clarence street and get all ur diseases and infections cured.

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Douchebag Soldier

December 9, 2014 Ottawa 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Douchebag claims to be a great guy and proud soldier .. what ppl also dont know is that this guy is also the biggest slut on the face of the planet !~ .. he has been sleeping with me for over a year and is leading a complete double life come to find out he is living with his GF and i knew nothing of it! .. he lies and lies and lies .. pretends hes a stand up person but has some serious issues .. I hope this man get what he deserves … which is a giant drd!! … stay away from this dirtbag girls .

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Pure Baby Momma Drama

December 9, 2014 Ottawa 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: So here she is folks.. The poster child for pure straight up baby moms drama.. Meet pamela either… This girl grew up in russel and now be living up in da sandy hill projects… Pure ghetto ass trash right there.. This girl be thinking she so tough and capable of so much shit all cuz she grew up in russle.. Bitch you couldnt even russle yo ass out of a wet fckin paper bag.. Oh wait!! Yo ass couldnt even fit in a bag lol.. Back in the day she was hopin up on any dick that came her way.. Till she purposely got knocked up by her now ex baby daddy… She straight up trapped his ass.. Even their whole family agrees… Guess looking like her id have to trap myself a man too… Since this hood rat moved to the lees area shes trashed all her so called “friends” she has now… Pretending to be thier friends but little do they actually know she be blastin all their laundry… Especially dis one girl named paris.. Pam would sit round all summer callin dis girl a skank ass hoe, dat she dont know who her baby daddies are.. And she be dressing like a straight up hooch… Wow das a real friend right there!!! She even talks mad shit about her ex baby daddys parents… Airs all they dirty laundry out.. But when his parents are told? She denies it all… The latest craze is she be keeping her kids away from thier baby daddy all cuz she don like his new fine ass girl… Those poor kids dont see their dad cuz thier momma is whacked and think she know all this shit.. Especially about the law…

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Verdon Nasty

December 8, 2014 Ottawa 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: no this is Danielle Verdon shes is the most disgusting girl i ever have met shes sleeps around like a rag doll and drinks with many different random guys, shes gets kicked out alot i wonder if she sucks her dad off to stay wouldnt doubt it its danielle shes the most nastest ratchet bitch who walks around with the god damn same fucking clothes on .. shes a two faced bitch a lair a cheater and a backstabbing little cnt.. be aware shes probability an escort i have seen her on multiple different sites. its crazy boys and girls.. she cant keep a realtionship without having sex .. shes such a horny little skank. trampest bitch ever. she never tells the truth about anything and if it is its because shes want attention she cuts her w**s for guys to please her. she cant go a day without fcking another guy shes sleeps everywhere as long there is 3 sums involved .. SHES NEVER BEEN CHECKED .. so watch out..

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December 4, 2014 Ottawa 105

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girl is Brittany Lynn Johnstone. The biggest crust bucket. She steals things then lies that her friend takes it, and breaks it. She tells countless lies about her WHOLE life. She’s been claiming to be pregnant for the past five months. Yet she hasn’t been showing one bit. She’s just fat… She sleeps with all kinds of men to find a new home each time just because she’s too lazy to get a fcking job. She claims she is a juggalette YET she steals from all the JUGGALOS she knows. She lies she’s been in jail and lies lies lies. She also runs away from her problems and gets other people to fight for her. If you bring your boyfriend around her WATCH HER CLOSELY, she’ll try to get with ANY man, married, in a relationship or single she doesn’t care because she’s a hoe! She tries to act tough JUST because she can ride a skate board, speaking of that, she stole one, and lied it was smashed and her friend did it and stuff, BUT she was JUST SEEN today that she was riding it down bank street! Fcking bitch, lies ALL THE TIME. NEVER trust this girl, and NEVER let her in your houses, she’ll steal everyhing and lie to you, she’ll sleep with your boyfriends. She slept with this one guy named angus and she caught drd and genital w**ts from him. HE TOLD US HIMSELF AND SHES BEEN FCKING OTHER GUYS AFTER THAT!!

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dead beat

December 3, 2014 Ottawa 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet derek kirkey. 6 kids and only supports the last 2 barely. Knows the ins and outs of the welfare system and prays off women that fall for his suave ways. Hes a controlling manipulative jerk. None of the women who had kids with him let him so much as talk to them, except the last one. Hes full of lies and deceipt. Its always someone elses fault when his life isnt what he wants. Goes from one chick to another barely ever supporting himself and uses the gf and their families as a scapegoat. Hes never dealt with the consequences. These moms would rather struggle then let this douche have anything to do with the kids. Hes warped and believes his reality to be true. Heres an example: if the kids have my last name good luck proving youre their mom….. his exact words to my friend WHILE THEY WERE DATING. Thats the last baby mom. And she got him fixed, so thank god he cant have anymore kids. But grapevine says his relationship is on the frits now….so watch out girls. No one likes a life sucking leech in their bed.

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