Cornwall Legend

April 16, 2014 Ottawa 8 6,413 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this beaut right here is Cornwall Ontarios fave troll/lesbian. she is very well known for being rude and a huge shit talker, but don’t say anything to her cause she will get all defensive. biggest hypocrite ever. shes also the grossest lezbo in the world and currently engaged with FESBIAN Casie Bergeron probably keeping her locked up in her room so she cant run away!!!! cant believe the most hated girl in cornwall hasn’t already been put up on here.

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Alexandra Muffintop

April 16, 2014 Ottawa 80 7,475 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Alexandra amendola. This girl looks so terrible with her clothes off according to the losers she bangs. Take a look for yourself. She goes after other people’s boyfriends and constantly gets rejected and cries. I heard she’s got some red spots you know where… Probably an std. She tells you she’s a concerned nurse acting all innocent… Unfortunately if you have money she’ll try to hook up with you and stalk you if you reject her. This girl fcks under her grandmothers crucifix on her grandparents bed!!! This is where she brings guys! Dirty! Her apparent bf (first one ever) now is supposedly a fashion designer however she always looks like a train wreck with a four outfit rotation. I guess nothing can really cover up those tree trunk legs, butch shoulders and neck and flabby stomach. Let this be a caution to all you guys in Ottawa…. STAY AWAY

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Stephanie Heroux

April 16, 2014 Ottawa 6 6,946 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this tramp is Stephanie Heroux she now lives in Rockland Ontario and uses everyone she can to get ahead. She works at a vending machine company and spends the day eating chips and candy and her ass sure shows the wear and tear. She used my friend to move her to Rockland and took lots of his money to get set up the whole time sleeping g with him and making fun of him and his man boobs. Lol yet she continues to sleep with him. Dirty prostitute now she has been dating a nice guy who works out west and plays online meeting guys off Pof to keep her entertained while he is away. Now she claims she is pregnant for this guy but really who is the daddy?

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HIllery Leona Has A Big Butt

April 16, 2014 Ottawa 45 9,183 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, got $50 bucks? ur in luck. this girl here is Hillery Leona (stripper name is Pamela) we used to go to highschool together, she used to be this little innocent girl then she dropped out of college, started dancing at Taboo In Gatineau,QC. not only was she stripping but she was also turning tricks in guys cars for bills.  Then she started giving bjs for coke and is now full of DRD’s.  Don’t believe shes ottawas biggest sluuut just check out her instagram.

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Big Tine Douchbag

April 16, 2014 Ottawa 5 10,060 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy Al Ruiter is a total Douchbag. After finding out his wife had cancer for the second time and the marriage having its problems. He thinks it’s a good idea to cheat on his wife for six months. He didn’t have the balls to end the marriage and then sleep with the home wreaking slut Joanna Seapy from Hamilton. These two are both to blame and should burn in hell. Al is in a band The Associates from the Niagra Region, so ladies beware he is in fact married. don’t falls for his Mr. Smooth ways. He can and will lie his way in and out of everything. Just hope his wife has him on a tight lech. He has also cheated on his previous wife too. So I say once a cheater always a cheat. I hope karma comes back and bits them both in the ass. That’s mt rant I’m done.

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Abbis Mahmoud Owes People Money

April 16, 2014 Ottawa 18 9,911 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Abbis Mahmoud, he is the founder and editor of Urban Male Magazine Canada ( UMM ) and several bars in the Ottawa area.  He has accepted subscriptions for his magazine but it last published in the spring of 2013. I tried emailing him and others as well as phoning the office for a refund and they never respond in any way. Hey Abbis, we want our money back!

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Ottawa Has The Hottest Girls In Canada

April 15, 2014 Ottawa, The Dirty 209 100,729 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m really tired of you only posting ugly girls from Ottawa.  We have some of the hottest girls in Canada but you will not publish them.  Here is a perfect ten for you to drool over.  I think she’s gorgeous and nearly perfect.  She has flawless skin, an amazing personality and that body has nothing wrong with it.  So, give you me your honest opinion here.

Normal looking… a 6.288739 with the sun out, but a 5.77628 in real life.- nik

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Orlean Deadbeat; Rodrigo Camuce

April 14, 2014 Ottawa 24 6,023 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, Here is the lowest of the low! RODRIGO CAMUCE. This peice of shit had a baby with a friend of mine 14 years ago and has never paid a DIME of child support. When A claim was filed he was on WELFARE so they couldnt touch him. She found out he was at home depot in Oleans and she filed again, this time he sent her a message that if she went through with it he would make sure she lost her kids, and he would make spead as many rumors to her family to make her look like a slut….and he did just that! 2 Days before the court hearing Childrens services showed up at her door claiming she was a hooker lol! Now this girl is pretty and nice but she is also a large girl.( Not saying there are no hefty hookers out there) but she IS larger and she also has a very good education and has an amazing job. This RODRIGO has tormented her for 14 years with his overbearing mother, countless CAS calls, lies after lies and she hasnt done a fucking thing to this family or her kids.( Sorry hun but enough is enough and you have to get this out there!) NOW! Here is the best part! After the last fiasco where his claims were ignored( because they werent fucking true!)and the file was closed, she decided to just not bother with child support because of more threats he had made and she was concerned about the safety of her kids, she moved on, only to find out a couple weeks ago, THAT THIS FAT TRASH BAG, owns a small engine repair business called ToolTech, when she found out through a mutual friend, she called him out on it, right on his ToolTech page and now the threats started and the bullshit. This guy needs a serious kick in the head, if the only thing she is so hated for is asking for child support then what has this world come to? People need to grow the fuck up (especially this fat fucktard) and pay up to your responsibilities, he goes out of his way to make her look like trash because thats what he is! And apparently his girlfriend is a methhead from vanier lol. Nice couple! Word to the wise my friends DO NOT SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DEADBEAT DADS!!

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