Camela LeBlanc and Andrew Ansems

July 15, 2014 Ottawa 0 5,214 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: First off Nik, I would have posted Mr. Ansems’ photos but hes such a disgusting, greasy smelly cretin that hes afraid of posting his pics on FB. These two cnts fcked over my friends by living with them and stealing from them. They lived there for free for a year and when they were done they didnt have the nerve to say good bye or anything. They took all of their shit and my friends and her mothers beds! she also raided the fridge before she left stealing over 50 dollars worth of meat. Only a fat cunt like her would do that. She also abandoned her cat.Ansem is also a raging pervert, and went as far as to barge into my friends room in the middle of the night, scaring the fuck out of her in the process. He is a fuck who claims to be a professional photographer, but is really just a creep with a camera. My friend felt bad for them and despite being broke, wanted to help out. Instead, Her and her mother were taken advantage of, and are worse off financially as a result. This van was last parked over in summerside.

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Shaun Martin

July 10, 2014 Ottawa 213 10,944 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies beware I contracted drd from him and even gave it to my kids . please don’t be dumb like me and not use condoms.

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Stitsville’s Personal Smutbag

July 7, 2014 Ottawa 68 10,743 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well where can I start? … Let me introduce you to Claudine Goyette this is one of Stitsville’s trailer trash finest. This is the kind of woman who used to suck Greg off for some pepsi cause she was too broke to afford it and mike wouldnt pay for her habit. She would leave her newborn baby girl Xavia alone with her mother while she went and stuffed her face with DI** and pepsi. She eventually straightened out her life and went to college to become a group home staff and there she manipulated and mentally and emotionally abused the girls who were already there due to abusive parents. She used to tell me that she would get off on making the girl’s lives miserable. She would purposely call the cops on the girl’s to try and get a date with the officers. As an old friend of hers I know she did not have the best luck with men, she dosn’t even know who the father of her first daughter is. She used to date a cop who would physically abuse her and take out her frustration on the girl’s. She eventually lost her job due to her panty thieving ways and went to back to college to learn how to bake. From there she fell off the wagon again su*** Greg in her trailer while her daughter was off to school. She figured out she could make money by pimping her daughter to different modelling agencies. She met a man who had similar hobbies; like panty sniffing. Being the low life she is she had a baby with him and now added 2 more to the Stitsville trailer trash clan. Nik what do you think of this?

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Peter Okenne

July 7, 2014 Ottawa 7 5,767 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is peter okenne , he harrasses every girl at his school and who knows where else. My expierience with peter okenne all started when i first made facebook in october. I dont feel like repeating the name peter okenne so many times so lets just call it “pp”. Okay so pp is obsessed with people ass’s like he will be in the middle of being a ass hole to me then all of the sudden he will say “uhm ur ass looked nice” thats a quote. Also he cant go a sentence without spelling shit wrong like i relize i do that too but he spells like every word wrong. He also wont stop asking people out and with me he attempts to ruin all my relationships so i would date it (not happening) he told my ex i was useing them to make someone jelous which i was not and he told my other ex lies and another ex lies and which led them to leave me. He tries to convince me to leave people for him. He is also very homophobic towards me he will say stuff like “why cant you just be normal and date me” “i dont understand how girls can like girls” “unless you want to go to hell date me” those are all things he actuelly said. I know him in real life he goes to my school but he only talks to me over facebook because hes a pussy. I know i should have blocked him but he told me if i ever blocked him he would make my life worse than it is now. All he does is ask me out and call me fat and ugly, he recently added me to a group chat on facebook with a bunch of people from my school and were telling them to all call me fat and ugly and they all were i was never more sad then at that point. It was the last day of school so i didnt have to see any of them and i was done so i blocked pp. done with his shit. If you go to merivale high school and know peter okenne at least you know my story and who he really is.

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Hillbilly Haters

July 7, 2014 Ottawa 247 10,021 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shannon Tosh. She is a real piece of work and runs groups that hate on people on Facebook, she lies and manipulates to get great stories for her dying group BOTDM , Winn Lambert Meek is her aide and minion and the senile old lady cant keep her stories straight.Brenna Bloodworth is the real culprit behind the deal as she uses people and steals stuff to to buy her drugs .They all work together to blacklist people and then blackmail them into giving them stuff “if they dont post a story about the” . I know i was one of their victims and i didnt give them a red cent. I called the cops and charges may be pending.Stay clear of them.Dont talk to them or email them as they change the words around to dirty things up.

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The Bullies

July 3, 2014 Ottawa 747 8,611 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik These are the faces of the pioneers of bullying online and cyber bullying my friend Val who runs free groups . Nik these people just cant handle that someone runs FREE groups and gives away FREE items and plants and puts on FREEMARKETS for the people . These are the faces of ovbious drug users who want groups to change rules to suit their needs so they can buy drugThey gang up on the owner and have been trolling her now for a year .Nik Ritchie these people just dont know the meaning of the words LEAVE HER ALONE and started bashing her a year ago online with complaints and whines and bullshit lies to cause defamation to her reputation so that she closes her groups leaving them the only ones to have these groups. They are sick and vile and twisted . They lie about everything and get their friends to join in who dont even know Val. Take a good look at them.they seem normal but they arent.Lying cheating conniving and deceitful people who just WONT leave Val alone. Their bullshit has escalated over a year to a point where people hate Val and dont even know her.It started with Kelly Wilson who (pictured at the courthouse with papers in hand) FREAKED because Val put on a freemarket in Ottawa , Eric Snyder backed her and watched the whole thing go down with the help of Winn Lambert pictured with the hat.Eric Snyder is the older man who looks so smug in his pic Samantha Rae Black , Andrea Darlene,Synthia Corkman and Scharmaine Dee Deborah Duval all fueled this cyber bullying .

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Nancy the Homewrecker

July 2, 2014 Ottawa 30 9,467 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl right here her name is nancy. Nancy thinks she’s the new honest thing out there and really she’s nothing but a fat umpalumpa who eats all her dinner and her poor child’s. Also she\’s been cheati.g on her man of six years. With three other guys buying them phones and what ever they want. Lets just say she thinks she\’s tinny and thin when she’s not. And she’s on welfare yet her parents pay for everything and so she’s taking our tax dollars. Get off your fat ass you DRD sloot and get a job! Ladys lock up what clothing you have she’ll steel it as well this bitch was mad because one of my best friends didn’t want her at her house so she posted her here how low can you get. This girl gives info about her life to her child’s father who isn’t aloud to see his daughter because h’s a danger. He’s not to know where she lives or goes to school add she fcking told him!

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Crazy Psycho Troll

June 30, 2014 Ottawa 142 7,334 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Brittany Lynn Johnstone, worlds most psychotic, trashy, un educated, thief, sorry excuse for a human being. This girl is OBSESSED with a friend of mine, they had only been dating a few weeks and had him convinced she was pregnant! She apparently had another child who was taken by CAS, needless to say this all came out lies!! As soon as my friend met her his whole life came crashin down, she started threatening his family, all of his female friends, guilts him into not going to school because she didn’t want to be alone or was scared he wouldn’t come back to her. She takes stage 5 clinger to a whole new level. It’s sad to say that my friend wasn’t her first victim either! This trash openly admits to being a prostitute, just putting the word out there that MEN and WOMEN both need to steer very clear of this troll if you see her coming down the road! She will suck the life out of anyone and everyone she meets! BEWARE OTTAWA!!!

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