Chichi the Failing Mother

April 14, 2014 Ottawa 44 7,095 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well my friends this here is Chantal Latreille , mostly known by ChiChi also known as Chantal Amanda , she is from downtown Rideau st , snorting , drinking and doing any drug in the book. Currently pregnant with twins , had a daughter and lost her to c.a.s and her child’s father as she was not fit enough to be a mother having twins with Shawn Wojciechowski a no good piece of shit , she sleeps around with many and crys rape on certain men, is currently blaming shawn for these twins but isnt sure I think she just needs to lay off the drugs and woman up or someone needs to sew her up , guaranteed these kids are gone to , she lies to be your friend and personally I can’t say I’ve seen her do one good thing , suicidal the whole nine yards. Chantal lay off the kids / drugs / men and pull yourself together

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Downtown Marie-Anne Belyea

April 9, 2014 Ottawa 66 6,512 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay, this is the hood rat Marie-Anne Belyea. She comes from Rideau street and vanier, she spawned 3 kids already at the age of only 18. This girl has gone through men like a girl goes through tampons. She threatens people downtown with her boyfriend and always talks about knocking people out even though she has 3 kids. She left ottawa in order to not lose her second child, which I find really sad. She would chill downtown with her newborn baby and act as if she only liked to be there than inside caring for her child. This girl needs to be locked down with a chastity belt to keep her from spawning welfare case babies. This bitch is so ugly I may just puke, i don’t know why her man is even with her, if you’ve seen her ratchet ass you would understand.

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Adam Knapp

April 8, 2014 Kingston, Ottawa 45 10,111 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Adam Knapp is a local country musician who frequents places like Raxx etc. All though married he hits on every girl that goes to his show. I have two friends that he tried to take home in the same night.The second did. Now he won’t talk to her. Don’t be fooled by this guy. Bad news and big ego!

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Jade Biggar

April 4, 2014 Ottawa 32 9,374 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: JADE BIGGAR Loves to smoke cr*ck and her harass her baby dad while living with another man, gets gang banged on the REGULAR while her kids are in the next room her boyfriend selling her for crack winner!!! has 3 kids who cant stand her loves to suck cock for rock! her kids have seen things they shouldn’t shes a disgusting excuse for a mother,had a gang bang with her ex and 3 of his friends must have every hole filled at the same time,,,shes a special one I tell ya she needs to go back to the ro where she escaped from robs stores and her work place WITH HER KIDS NEXT TO HER mentally screwed these kids feel so sorry that her youngest daughter knows what a dildoe is shes disgusting dirt ! bums wouldn’t want that stank ass pussy.SLOB GET OVER IT HOE!

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Julie’s Meagher, Dirtbag

April 3, 2014 Ottawa 47 8,103 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Julie Meagher, a hopped up coke-head that looks for men to ruin. She claims to be a drama free, level-headed girl but really, she’s the exact opposite. She’s a c*ke head, hangs out with dealers, s*cks for a taste, gets drunk all the time and acts like a 12 year old not getting her way. She has a son she neglects more than anyone I have ever seen. She parties 4, 5 times a week yet she has her son full time and leaves him at home with mommy and daddy, who are a-plus losers too and both severe alcoholics. She has slept with both of her brothers and so many of their friends, takes parts in threesomes with her brothers, and has a dirty H infected V that she neglects to tell her f*ck friends about. She’s on a fishing dating site as – her full first name underscore m underscore 1985. Keep away boys… nothing but drama and trouble.

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Andrea Peach Drama Queen

April 3, 2014 Ottawa 30 7,465 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Andrea peach she’s a user manipulator pycho bitch who use my friend and cheated on him. She’s a loony toon but case whore!! Bad person who hurts everyone for her own personal gain. When she doesn’t get her way she plots against them and tries to destroy them and their lives. Shes no better then the devil!

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Tori Rankin

April 3, 2014 Ottawa 21 8,028 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay nik, so this slut right here has been nothing but trouble since high school. She can’t keep her damn legs shut and does nothing but start drama. She is as fake as they come, one thing to your face and another behind your back. She”s had several people jumped for no reason, and has an extremely old baby dad…. second baby dad I might add. She puts everyone down to make herself feel better. in conclusion this girl is RATCHET

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Homewrecking Chug Brianna Soubliere

April 3, 2014 Ottawa 157 7,542 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this ugly home wrecking native bitch is Brianna Soubliere. She slept with my friends boyfriend who is currently pregnant with twins. He never denied they were his until this scum brain washed my friend’s man. She’s a huge slut. 19 years old with a track record of more than 50 men. Shes in love with a different guy every other week. She’s also another welfare case who leeches off the system. Gets free money and doesnt work. Her mother takes care of her kid while this bitch gets high and party it up. She thinks she’s so experienced because she has one kid that she doesn’t even take care of. Its pathetic really. Watch out Ottawa for this useless native trash. Chantal deserves better and Tristan will cheat and leave you too

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