Homewrecking Chug Brianna Soubliere

April 3, 2014 Ottawa 123 7,425 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this ugly home wrecking native bitch is Brianna Soubliere. She slept with my friends boyfriend who is currently pregnant with twins. He never denied they were his until this scum brain washed my friend’s man. She’s a huge slut. 19 years old with a track record of more than 50 men. Shes in love with a different guy every other week. She’s also another welfare case who leeches off the system. Gets free money and doesnt work. Her mother takes care of her kid while this bitch gets high and party it up. She thinks she’s so experienced because she has one kid that she doesn’t even take care of. Its pathetic really. Watch out Ottawa for this useless native trash. Chantal deserves better and Tristan will cheat and leave you too

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Womanizer Bucket Jace Earle

April 2, 2014 Ottawa 43 10,287 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, this guy is Jace Earle. This is one of the biggest man whores in Ottawa. He likes to pretend to like you and sleep with you while having three or more girls on the side. He thinks he’s so cool because he sells drugs and he smokes crack and he’s a broke a*s. Attention all girls! Stay away from him he will manipulate you into giving him what he wants then leave. He’s a nasty a*s bucket probably with a drd. Watch out ladies, haven’t seen anything like it before.

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Rachet Redhead

April 2, 2014 Ottawa 17 7,344 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Eva Carter the fakest, dumbest slutbag bitch i know from Sault ste Marie. She now lives in Ottawa with her bf and think shes hot shit just cuz shes taking law and is dating my friend. She thinks that just becasue shes dating my friend and has a kid with him that she can control who he talks to and shit and trys to tell me to back off little does she know ive already been with her bf and i could have him back at anytime i wanted. This sloot has been fuking with me for years, thinking she can have watever guy she wants because she thinks shes sexy and shes got big tits.She thinks she is the hottest girl in town but shes so trashy and disgusting Someone should have put her fake ass up on here yers ago. Tell me would you?

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Rebekka Harrison Sleeps with Everyone

April 1, 2014 Ottawa 51 9,847 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey Nik, so this is Rebekka Lynn Harrison. This girl used to be a good friend of someone i know. This girl has sleeped and hooked up with so many guys she cant even remember half of them. She loves nothing more then getting drunk and doing drugs like blow, mdma, shrooms, you name it. This dumb sluts done so much drugs shes lost around 40 pounds and is nothing but skin and bones. Shes the type of girl that will kick her friends out so she can hookup with guys. She has a boyfriend named Nevin that she started dating around new years 2014, which is funny because while she was starting to date Nevin, she was flirting and hitting on her best friends boyfriends friend Joey. She loves making up stories and ruining peoples relationships. She loves starting drama and is so fcking stupid when you try talking to her its like talking to a wall. She lives in a crack house, and she lives cheque by cheque. Don’t ever trust her working for you because she even steals from her own work. This girl will sleep with you or even blow you if you get her drunk or high enough. WATCH OUT FOR THIS WHORE!!!

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Meaghan Delcourt

April 1, 2014 Ottawa 70 9,413 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik so this is Meaghan Delcourt. This bitch is literally the dirtest slut out there. She’s the type of bitch that when she has a boyfriend she’ll go and fuck his bestfriend. She’s already done that to two of her past boyfriends. Not only is she 18 but she been clubbing all over Ottawa using a fake ID. this dirty cnt loves nothing more then spreading her legs, having threesomes, getting drunk and smoking weed. this dumb slut deserves nothing more than to be hit in the face by a 2×4. she’ll probably sleep with you if you got her drunk enough.

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Nasty Daniel Thomson

April 1, 2014 Ottawa 12 9,861 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Daniel Thomson, I don’t even know where to start off with this guy. Honestly from experience I’m able to tell you that he’s the most dirty, abusive immature 20 year old boy I know in Ottawa. This guy’s been with a lot of girls,beat, & mis-treated every single one of them. This guy is pyscho he belongs in the Royal Ottawa Mental Institution, He’s ripped nail’s off his girlfriend’s hands freshly after getting done, cause he “paid for them”, throws around his women..like rag dolls not to mention “pretends” to slam there heads against the bed? This guy need’s some serious help! I’m writing this for FUTURE “girlfriends” this guy claims to “LOVE” . When really dosen’t even know the term of love. girls beware, this guy clearly has mental problems. Don’t believe a word he says, he’s a pathological liar, & is surprisingly good at it, & can even fake tears. DON’T GIVE THIS GUY THE TIME OF DAY, ANY GIRL IN THE WORLD CAN DO BETTER!

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Fat Ottawa Goof

April 1, 2014 Ottawa 85 10,311 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik her is the biggest goof that ever walk this earth he thinks hes all that in a bag of chips but he has two kids that he doesnt give a fck about and hes a walking dirt bag who fcked everything that walks. He is a bouncer and gets all these dirty hoes to get with him Really like hes a fat fcking goof and doesnt know how to fck at all and let me tell you about pussy well he can eat it for shit and thats probably why hes the biggest pussy their is out there cause hes one big ass fcking looser with a capital L …

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Chad Bouthillier

April 1, 2014 Ottawa 35 7,020 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this loser is as dirty as they come…he carries drds and h** C and This loser will sleep with ANYTHING with a pulse and NEVER uses protection No job, gr. 8 education and zero prospects for a future Ladies this is a true narcissist so dont buy into it Preys on weak an vulnerable unsuspecting women so spread the word about this guy.. not your legs!!!

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