Crazy Psycho Troll

June 30, 2014 Ottawa 144

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Brittany Lynn Johnstone, worlds most psychotic, trashy, un educated, thief, sorry excuse for a human being. This girl is OBSESSED with a friend of mine, they had only been dating a few weeks and had him convinced she was pregnant! She apparently had another child who was taken by CAS, needless to say this all came out lies!! As soon as my friend met her his whole life came crashin down, she started threatening his family, all of his female friends, guilts him into not going to school because she didn’t want to be alone or was scared he wouldn’t come back to her. She takes stage 5 clinger to a whole new level. It’s sad to say that my friend wasn’t her first victim either! This trash openly admits to being a prostitute, just putting the word out there that MEN and WOMEN both need to steer very clear of this troll if you see her coming down the road! She will suck the life out of anyone and everyone she meets! BEWARE OTTAWA!!!

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Cheating Man Beater

June 30, 2014 Ottawa 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. I bring you TJ Keller, she’s 19, who’s not only a slut who will have sex with anyone who offers her free booze, she’ll steal all the stuff you have, and leave you with nothing, but, genital warts. when she drinks, she likes to beat up her guy of the week, and then call the cops on them for “beating her” when she actually just beat them. if you make her mad, and she cant actually hurt you, she’ll call somebody to come down to hurt you. she cant take any responsibility for her own actions, and therefor blames others to take her fall. i have actually never met anyone else who is this insane. would you do this nik?

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Alcoholic Boy Sloot

June 27, 2014 Ottawa 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy will ask any girl out, make her feel special for two weeks then just stop talking to her because hes found another one. his family is rich, his dad owns a big company. so they have been able to afford to send his ass to rehab 8 times and this fucker still drinks!! he is a heartless bastard who is self-obsessed and thinks hes so hot, constantly looks at himself in the mirror. all his friends.. the only two left, in the pic (bottom and left) great guys i have nothing against them, but he uses them and they are too blind to realize it. he assumes people are stupid and uses them and makes them feel special for his own benefit until he no longer needs them. also ladies, if u decide to date him bc hes rich, hes actually not, his daddy is. hes a typical cheap jew and will get u to pay for things and say he will pay u back. THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. he has fooled too many girls and hurt them.

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Dirty Mistress

June 27, 2014 Ottawa 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: My story begins in 2012. I had just got married in June 23, 2012.. we had a little girl, and I was pregnant with our second child. I thought everything was fine in my marriage, until one day my husband started to get very abusive with me and started to scream at me, push me, grab me from my neck. He broke my cellphone, my laptob, kids gate, he even put a knife to my neck. When he pushed me one time I was pregnant ..he didn’t even help me to get up.. Is like he hated me!! I really didn’t know why he was always angry. He kept saying it was because I never listened to him!!!…. We had a tenant living in the basemant and one day he told me that while I was away in the hospital for the night because of my pregnancy he had brought a woman in the house and that she had slept over. He saw them watch movies in the living room. When he told me this I was pregnant and had to sit down, I felt very cold like I was going to faint..I couldn’t even talk. My wedding pictures were all over the house, my daughter’s pictures. My daughter was in the house. She was sleeping next door while they were having sex in my bed!!!! I also had my wedding pic, family pics in my room. She also came to my house the night I was giving birth to my son and she knew it!! We lost the house, our equity, kids savings accts because of this affair! my husband was giving her money and wasn’t giving me spousal support and child support. He even took money from my kids acct to go get a tattoo with this slut!.

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Ottawa’s Petting Zoo

June 26, 2014 Ottawa 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: This little piggy is Cassy Lepage . She will let any guy have sex with her as long as he plays by her rules . She’s the most clingy girl any guy can date she texts and bugs them non stop until they get fed up , she thinks she\’s a little house wife and goes off and has sex with anyone who’s willing to make her forget about guys that hurt her . She also has sent me nasty photos of her naked and she gave birth to 4 kids . She also keeps eating because she wants to get really really fat because see thinks guys like it but doesn’t realize guys just use her and treat her like garbage. This girl is disgusting every guy needs to stay away

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Abusive Mathew Bremner

June 25, 2014 Ottawa 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This guy, I swear he needs to be on here. I dated this guy for 5 months. His name is Matthew Bremner. He is 18 years old and he is a very abusive prick. He has  and he does crack… He takes prescribed Ritalin for his ADHD, but he misuses them and snorts it. He was the biggest mistake of my life. He thinks he’s above the law and he thinks he is the most toughest guy in the world. He is the biggest pathological lier I’ve ever met. He says when he gets mad, that spikes come out of his hands and satan’s wings come out of his back. He is sooo insane. When I dated this guy, he left me so many brusies and cuts… I’m a self-harmer myself, but he cut my arm and drank my friggen blood. HE’S CRAZY!! U will usually find him in Kanata, Gatinue amd at the raves at the Cock and Lion Pub on Sparks street.

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Crazy Pyscho Mother

June 25, 2014 Ottawa 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I promise U will not regret posting this. This woman is the mother of my boyfriend and she verbally and emotinally attacks me. She says that I do not love her son and that I am just using him. But the people I chill with have seen us together, me and my bf are madly inlove. His mother hasnt even gotten the chance to know me at all. The first day she even met me, She attacks me. Nik, I swear this woman is crazy. She does drugs when she has a 2 year old daughter, she drinks while her kid is in bed, she brings people down, she lives and craves for the drama…This girl by the name of Katheryn Mallette is the most unfit mother I have ever met. She hated me the day she met me all because I do nothing but love her son to death. Straight up, she deserves to be dead….. I know alot of people who would love for this sad excuse of a human being to be ran out of Ottawa. She threatens me, my mother, my family and tells me she never sent one threat to any of us. She calls on fights and starts shit, but she cant back her shit up. She needs to grow up and stop being so immature. She is 30 years old and acts like a freaking 4 year old. She is straight up CRAZY!!!

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Old Hag

June 25, 2014 Ottawa 322

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik Richie, what do you think of THIS old hag? She is 60 year old Vivalda Griffin from Orleans. This woman has so much time on her hands that she “Admins” Over 50 Facebook groups. She plays herself off as a nice older lady that gets bullied when in fact, she’s the MONSTER herself! She likes to befriend women half her age or younger, and try to get them to do her dirty work for her. She’s rude and Vile, and riddled with diseases from her days of shooting up. She is STILL a pill popper! She is sick in the head, and shes awful. If you see her online, AVOID HER! She’s full of problems! And SHE’S A SKANK! She tried to pick up someone less than 30 years old, who was in a relationship. Gross. It’s hard to watch out for someone so toxic when they have so many fake Facebook profiles. She is also Charlotte Green, Sam Stone, And Sharon Holmwood. This disrespectful broad actually made a fake profile from someone she found in an obituary, and used their picture! I feel for the family, how rude! Hopefully you never have to deal with her bad mouthing and defamation. I will laugh on the day someone charges her. Val, I think its time to retire, PUT ON A BRA and get off the internet.

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