Cousin Dating Jordan Villeneuve

August 18, 2014 Ottawa 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: k nik so this tool bag right here is Jordan Villeneuve. i cannot believe that he hasnt been on here before, he runs around asking girls if they want his “hog” and to top it all off hes dating his fcking SECOND COUSIN. like hello and noone in the little redneck frog town of Moose Creek even sees this as an issue as they are all inbred. like stop dating your cousin and stop being such a tool bag

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Barrhaven Manslore

August 18, 2014 Ottawa 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Matt Tite, barrhaven man-whore, he’s got 3Drds, still untreated, he’s 200lbs, he thinks he’s hot shit but he’s a total loser. He’s got no education, no job, no income, nothing. Staying off drugs is his full-time job. He used to be homeless. He think’s he’s so hot he probably looks at himself in the mirror while he masturbates. He goes from girl to girl cuz he has no self-esteem. So ladies, if you wanna get herpes and dumped, this is the man to call.

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Kristopher “Kristan” Daniels

August 18, 2014 Hamilton, Ottawa 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Kristopher Daniels A.K.A Kristan A.K.A Kristen A.K.A Attention Seeking Pedophile. He think’s hes the bomb dot com because he has over 4000 friends on Facebook, he’s accused of having sex with little girls as young as 13, he’s been accused more than once, by multiple people. He sends anyone and everyone naked photos of himself because he’s clearly insecure. He doesn’t know what he is, gay, straight, bi-sexual.. it’s changed more than once. He can’t spell or speak for the life of him. He sounds like Daffy Duck. He’s a pedophile, he’s almost 19 who can’t get any better than little teenaged girls so tha’s who he preys on. He thinks he has haters when reality is, NO ONE LIKES HIM. He has NO friends, all he does is post on Facebook because he’s so desperate to become internet famous. Well here ya go Kristan, YAA made it. Bet it’s not the attention you want though . You deserve it.

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Megan Ashley

August 15, 2014 Kingston, Ottawa 300

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Megan Ashley. This slore has screwed her way from Pembroke to Kingston Ontario. Sleeping with anything that moves. She walks into a room and fish stop swimming! She’ll sleep with anyone and will go after guys knowing full well they are in relationships. She bribes them with booze, weed as well as harder drugs and will screw a guy with her son awake in the living room. She has had ch***ia, g***ea and is said to most recently picked up drd. So just a tip brothers if you insist on doing this bush pig, triple wrap it!!

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Bee Garreau, Cornwalls Bicycle

August 15, 2014 Montreal, Ottawa 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brigette “bee”  Garreau. She has two children, gave them both up and doesn’t have the slightest clue who the father of either one of them is. (Yet her daughter is living with one of the possible fathers) She has to take BV pills to have miscarriages because she’s had more then five abortions a year. But goes around writing statuses about other girls being “baby killers” . She calls everyone around her a slut/whore/drama starter but she’s a stripper who sells her dirty pussy for low ball prices in the back. She has no friends because she sleeps with everyone’s man, and when she does find a new friend she dusts them somehow to. She likes to have what she can’t get, and then starts a bunch of bullshit when she loses. She claims everyone loves her “princess peach” she needs to take a step back and realize they only love it because it’s a sure lay for the night, she’s easy sleezy and full of diseasiez. LOL watch out Cornwall. Can’t trust a hoe.

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Here’s one for The Dirty

August 14, 2014 Ottawa 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, love the site my friend. I’m surprised this hasn’t been on the Ottawa page yet. What the f**k happened to the Ottawa U mens hockey team? Anyone know the dirty details? (names!!!!) The mens hockey program was  suspended for gang raping a chick in Thunder Bay… what the …. Who knows if there will be charges… to me this is some good Ottawa dirt. it’s a shame for the good guys but man did the others ever screw up. Doesn’t surprise me though.. I’ve heard of these hockey guys taking advantage of young drunk girls since their junior years.. kind of sad. PUT THESES DUDES ON BLAST!

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Mahayle Brant

August 14, 2014 Kingston, Ottawa 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Mahayle is a big waisted, lazy, freckled face, troll. She gets everything handed to her by men. miss flapjacks here has an extreme habit of getting involved with men that already have some form of involvement. Be it a full blown relationship, marriage, occasional dating, or even something as simple as a friend’s with benefits, mahayla Is the kinda slut that doesn’t care. She actually seems to seek out these kinds of people,as if she needs to feel as if she’s bested someone else to feel good about herself In anyway. and then she’ll do whatever it is that the wide flat probably also freckled ass can manage to make sure rant these men are wrapped around her little finger, and when that happens the isolation starts. But god forbid these men don’t bend to her every will? That’s when the head games really start, and if tormenting you until she gets her way doesn’t work, if your a guy that won’t play her games she’ll just fck your brother, best friend, even father she doesn’t care, whatever it takes to hurt the person Shes aiming for, and fck anybody else that might get in her way. How do I know? Because not 8 months ago she was with my brother and his best friend, and the only reason she was caught was because she gave them BOTH ch***dia. She’s well known in Kingston, napanee, as well as Ottawa, not to mention god only knows how many other places shes been trying to fck her way to the top.minxy

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Jayde Rose

August 13, 2014 Ottawa 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jayde Rose. the nastiest chick in ottawa. she sleeps with countless men while trying to play housewife with whatever guy shes dating! shes nothing but a CAS low life case. she was just with derek ” brotha goon ” on facebook. she sleeps with men knowing they have drd. she thinks shes the hottest thing around. when it reality she look slike a drown rat. her teeth are rotting out of her mouth because she never brushes them! this girl NEEDED to be exposed. how shes not up here yet beats me. why dont you go and sleep with your brother some more, ive heard that go around a couple times. or your nasty downtown guys you hang off of. maybe you should do something with you life other then sucking dick. cause thats really gotten you far!.. anyways, yout gross and needed to be on here.. sorry i had to be the one to do it! go fuck other people and cheat on your boyfriends some more. what do you think nik?

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