Horrible Excuse of a Mother

October 15, 2014 Ottawa 177



THE DIRTY ARMY: Surprisingly this dirty bird hasn’t been posted yet. Sophia Nicole.. Comfortably bred trailer trash, full time stripper & c*kewhore. Find her at your near by strip club peeling off her clothes to support her habits. She also does in-calls at her very own home while her child is there, goes by the name of Vegas .. stroked more wood than a furniture polisher. Horrible person under all that makeup, will do anything for a bill. Retire girl, take care of ur kids and lay OFF the cock.. and c*ke..

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Anthony from West Ottawa

October 15, 2014 Ottawa 141

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Anthony booth aka Bizzy barksdale, he is a known c*ke dealer in the west end of Ottawa. Women has claimed rape serval times, He is in and out of jail constantly. he has fuked all the hood rats and carries drd’s and the smallest dick possible. You can find this low life trash in these known areas Draper, Caldwell and any where underage white girls are. He slept with this one hood rat bitch who has 4 and counting Murphy aka nasty slut of draper!

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Cornwall Sloot

October 15, 2014 Ottawa 19

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright nik so I’ve been looking on here for a while never thought I would ever post someone but this chick needs to be blasted and ppl need to kno this chick Taylor is a lying stealing fat b*** that is so pathetic and rediculous. My buddy met this chick off pof invited her over to his house so he could get it in or w.e then she wouldn’t leave she was there for 3 days.. she spent the whole time there lying to him and his roomates prego girlfriend .. she says she has all this money and works two jobs I found out sh’s just a dirty welfair case that lives at home.. she’s says she has a truck but if you talk to her she’s always taking the bus … She got my buddy to spend almost 200$ on booze saying she was gonna pay him back half then when she was suppose to pay it back her card didn’t work and then her dad was suppose to bring he ended up having a “heart attack ” then her step mom was gonna bring her money and her truck but her car had a flat so her aunt was gonna drive all the way from Cornwall to bring it to her made it to her house then blew her engine like come on who are you trying to fool .. needless to say that sloot got kicked outta his place pretty fast … All in all boys just be careful this broad has no money no job and will use you for anything she can

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Ottawa Rats

October 15, 2014 Ottawa 35


THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik this is mike Beattie and his fat gf Melissa holliday . they live in the west end of ottawa living in ottawa housing when Mike could easily get Jon but no they sit at home and smoke weed and play video games.. I have lived with them with a buddy and they fcked us over. They claim that we ripped her off but no that ain’t true. she love calling cops and cas when ever they want these people need a life maybe seeing them self on the dirty might change their ways in life and maybe they could be positive role models for there kids

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Lucienne Makolo

October 14, 2014 Ottawa 48


THE DIRTY ARMY: Lucienne Makolo is a dirty whore from Ottawa you can find her in a strip club or prostituting on the street of Ottawa, Montreal or Gatineau. Lucienne has a 4 month old baby and she still tries to trick grown ass men like Scott Edicot, Robert McCabe, and Robert Burns. Lucienne Makolo is a head case with every known disease in Africa. Lucienne is a violent drunk who always crys wolf when she is caught fcking around with clients and runs to the police. Nik this girl Lucienne Makolo still strip at night time with a forth month old child while milk is leaking out still ewwwwwwwww.

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Warning to Women

October 14, 2014 Ottawa 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: His name is Leo Fashola hes the biggest nasty pimp in ottawa this man choose prostitutes over his 16 year old daughter hes been pimping and having sex with no protection i remember him saying its not fun using condom this man has full blow AIDS for a fact !!! Hes so dirty i remember telling him after 3weeks to take a shower !!!you can call him dirty since hes been going to to SWINGERCLUB with man and woman all his lifee !!! Even today this man is scared to go to the clinique cuz he doesnt want his prostitution to be over…hes been posting adds for his prostitutes located at kent and nepean wich they do bbbj . Cum in mouth. Cum in the face. Anal. Barebacksex ..look it up girls if you ever sleep with that dirty not clean person your life will be ruined forever .

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Kelly Suave

October 13, 2014 Ottawa 88

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is kielly suave number one ratchet mother and waste of this world!!! She would rather smoke cr*ck and get beat my men then be a mother!! Shes definitely fb’s toughest super women talking behind a dam computer running her mouth like shes so tough. Be in face when this bitch actually gets confronted she runs and hides in the bathroom. Shes a nasty slut thats for sure. Was escorting and probably still is. Thats her type of swag. Fck for a buck eh kielly u ratchet mother you! Heard threw the grape vine her pussy is like throwing a tooth pick down the canyon. She will talk shit to other ppl about losing thete kids yet she doesnt have all what six of her kids left one with her grampa to get molested!!! And choice to pick her women beaten coke head of a bf over her own kids! Nick this what we call a women is definitely a dead beat PIG! She definitely the true definitions of a dead beat mother skank. Ur a fcking waste kielly u certainly are. Shes a actually a who’re also she fcked my beasties man then the same night she did what shes best at and thats getting trains ran up on her no ass. No tits.all padded bras and probably stuff her ass also. She lost all. Her kodkids picking drugs over her family. Ottawa this so called women definitely belongs on the dirty for she is DIRTY and I think everyone should know the Vanier trash! Am sure I seen this cunt walk in up and down v.a. streets tryin to fuck for a buck cuz thats all ur worth biiiiiiiiitch!!! Trying to b a blond wen ur actually in fact NOT. I guess thats the type of women men like at ur escorting biz. Anyways kielly u dirty dirty gal u definitely belong here. And karma will get u. My name is karma I am karma and am doing my job and aint done bitch

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Douchebag Dave Turpin

October 13, 2014 Ottawa 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ottawa, meet Dave Turpin aka the “Database of DRDs. This guy is a real piece of work just look at him. Literally the definition of a douchbag. Nik this guy is a chain smoker and I’ve seenphotos on my girls phone of him smoking in the car with her little girl!!! So selfish!!! This guy thinks he’s something special and cheats on every girl he dates. He cheated on my friend with his new girlfriend and hooked up with her 2 weeks ago then got back with this new girl. Come on girls, quit spreading his DRDs! Nik this guy thinks he’s a real tough guy but all I’ve ever seen was him get his ass kicked in Toronto, then shove his gf and say it was her fault. What a LOSER!!!

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