Ottawa | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3


December 4, 2014 Ottawa 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this girl is Brittany Lynn Johnstone. The biggest crust bucket. She steals things then lies that her friend takes it, and breaks it. She tells countless lies about her WHOLE life. She’s been claiming to be pregnant for the past five months. Yet she hasn’t been showing one bit. She’s just fat… She sleeps with all kinds of men to find a new home each time just because she’s too lazy to get a fcking job. She claims she is a juggalette YET she steals from all the JUGGALOS she knows. She lies she’s been in jail and lies lies lies. She also runs away from her problems and gets other people to fight for her. If you bring your boyfriend around her WATCH HER CLOSELY, she’ll try to get with ANY man, married, in a relationship or single she doesn’t care because she’s a hoe! She tries to act tough JUST because she can ride a skate board, speaking of that, she stole one, and lied it was smashed and her friend did it and stuff, BUT she was JUST SEEN today that she was riding it down bank street! Fcking bitch, lies ALL THE TIME. NEVER trust this girl, and NEVER let her in your houses, she’ll steal everyhing and lie to you, she’ll sleep with your boyfriends. She slept with this one guy named angus and she caught drd and genital w**ts from him. HE TOLD US HIMSELF AND SHES BEEN FCKING OTHER GUYS AFTER THAT!!

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dead beat

December 3, 2014 Ottawa 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet derek kirkey. 6 kids and only supports the last 2 barely. Knows the ins and outs of the welfare system and prays off women that fall for his suave ways. Hes a controlling manipulative jerk. None of the women who had kids with him let him so much as talk to them, except the last one. Hes full of lies and deceipt. Its always someone elses fault when his life isnt what he wants. Goes from one chick to another barely ever supporting himself and uses the gf and their families as a scapegoat. Hes never dealt with the consequences. These moms would rather struggle then let this douche have anything to do with the kids. Hes warped and believes his reality to be true. Heres an example: if the kids have my last name good luck proving youre their mom….. his exact words to my friend WHILE THEY WERE DATING. Thats the last baby mom. And she got him fixed, so thank god he cant have anymore kids. But grapevine says his relationship is on the frits now….so watch out girls. No one likes a life sucking leech in their bed.

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Child Bearing Junkie

December 3, 2014 Ottawa 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright, so this bitch is the ugliest and most two faced person I ever met. She spawns kids like a factory, and doesnt even know how to parent or watch her kids. She depends on ‘men’ to take care of her and look after her kid. She has the shape of a cardboard box and fucks anything that will touch her ugly ass. She used to smoke crack when she was pregnant with her first child (lord help that child) that child was taken away and less than a year later she spawns another one. How can people on crack keep their children? that is beyond me. She is the most clueless bitch ever, I swear. her man fcks around on her, and always has been a cheater, does she think she is special or something that he wont fck around on her? She’s the ugliest girl hes been with, so naturally he would cheat. someone needs to put this bitches face to the curb, maybe it will improve her facial structure.

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Deabeat Emo

December 3, 2014 Ottawa 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fu***** goof right here is the biggest fake, lying cheating diseased deadbeat alive. He abandoned his son 10+ times and all for the same reasons…SLUTS. He has drd which he has been passing around for over a year from his ex Diana. He also has chlamydia. He uses the excuse that the baby mom is ‘insane/psycho’ but is the cause of all the fights. He’s verbally/mentally abusive, and hits pregnant women to make sure he doesnt become a father again, which he already is. I have witnessed him hitting his son one day when I was over to see my girl, (the baby mom) and I punched him in the nuts. He thinks he’s smart and that he’s entitled to be a deadbeat because he thinks the baby mom kept the baby to keep him around when she left for the states and was planning on staying there. his logic makes no sense, and neither does his face, he should be shot and killed with his polka dot dick cut off. He looks like a deformed horse or some kind of bug with huge eyes. I recommend you stay away from him he is dirty as fuck and a chiild abuser

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Dirtbag Razeau

December 2, 2014 Ottawa 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: It’s about time someone put this dirt bag on blast. Nik, Meet Jason Razeau aka the biggest man whore in Ottawa. This man on any given day has 3+ women on the go. I would know first hand this man is too busy playing “daddy” to his new skanks girlfriend rather than being a father to his own daughter.I know how this site works and yes I know I will be called “dumb” for having a kid with such a loser and I completly agree with that statment. I fell for his lies and bullshit just like every other chick that he’s been with. He spends his days praying on single moms on any dating website he can get on, he mooches off his parents and claims he works hard for his money. what a joke, some men are only good for one thing but this tool cant even keep it up. He has at least 3 girls on the go right now and I dont even understand how these chicks can be so dumb. get you’re act together Jason you are past the immature 15 year old little boy stage. Oh Soul Decision called….THEY WANT THEIR HAIRSTYLE BACK

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Fit for a Straight Jacket

December 1, 2014 Ottawa 171


THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, here is El Dulmage, how she is not on here yet is mind boggling. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting her boss on a job site (she’s a “carpenter”) and we could hear this girl swearing and ranting about something, I asked who that was, the foreman put his head down in complete shame saying “Thats El” – Sure enough I facebooked her and found her. If you search her on Facebook you will see videos, pictures of a complete psycho, she is fit for a straight jacket. She literally has a tattoo that says “Hillbilly Delux” on her ass and another one of the Southern Flag because she’s “Sooo country” does she even recognize that she lives in the Ottawa Valley and not the southern states, Toronto is more south than her shitty town. Get a life. I’m sure she has been around the block several times, she claims to be some hardcore country girl but the truth is she’s just another loud obnoxious person, Remember, “The loudest one in the room, is the weakest one in the room”. I work for a school board you incompetent brat and that video was offensive and absolutely incorrect. Enjoy your 15 seconds of fame on this site. Enjoy working as a “carpenter” (heard you’re terrible) the rest of your life. GTH – XoXo ;)

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Maleeka Racine-Chase Sucks

December 1, 2014 Ottawa 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the craziest bitch ever. She acts all nice and sweet at first then she becomes possessive, calls you over and over until you answer, gets pissed off for the littlest things, accuses you of cheating, threatens to kill herself if she doesn’t get her way.

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Be Careful Around This One

December 1, 2014 Ottawa 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I got a good one for you. This is Katherine Logan- better known as a Bayshore area escort A.K.A Kat or Kitty Kat. Just a warning for all men to stay clear of this girl. She may seem nice at first but she will steal from you and is not physically clean. She has STI’s that are not taken care of… She has attempted to rob my boys NUMEROUS times.. everything she owns and wears is stolen. Just a short n sweet post warning all guys to stay away from this girl. May seem fun at first until you discover how many STI’s she has given you!!!!

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