No Room For Normal

October 12, 2014 Ottawa, The Dirty 350


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m not a super feminist and I’m not here to tear down TheDirty, but I am curious – is there room for normal looking girls these days? I know that this site loves to showcase red bottoms and judge these women based on fake +2′s, fake hair, fake noses, and usually fake/assisted bodies. Do you pass the same judgement on normal girls? As in, girls that work normal 9-5 jobs, and aren’t trying to pass themselves off as “models” or working girls – or do you think fake +2′s and a 4-5 finger ITG is mandatory in today’s society?

The world currency is SEX. Nobody cares about normal looking girls. And the image you submitted is way below Normal.- nik

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Chris Hopper Man Slore

October 9, 2014 Ottawa 114

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dude right here is a player. he dated this chick and cheated on her the entire time they were together. after he breaks up with her he goes and sleeps without about 15 different chicks. makes out with even more at the bars. his count is up to over 300 chicks and still climbing. he never protects himself. pretty sure he is full of drds. even when he was with his last girlfriend he couldnt stop texting calling and flirting with girls from all over ottawa. he had girls on the go in ever corner. he lives at home with his mom and is 25. like wtf. people need to stay away from him. he is a no good piece of trash. he will hurt you in almost every way possible.

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Dan the Man

October 9, 2014 Calgary, Ottawa 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Between the half naked pictures this girl posts and the amount of peoples boyfriends she sleeps with , she really wonders why she doesn’t have a boyfriend ? Danielle, its time you face the fact that any guy who talks to you only wants you as a fck and absolutely nothing more. She is a dirty , good for nothing whoree. Home wrecking is her best hobby,along with robbing people and stealing from her family. She is madly infatuated with Kiernan McCormick who she slept with for 2 years all well he had different girlfriends. She acts like she is innocent when in reality she is the furthest thing from that. Look at her pictures , she is the dirtiest most useless piece of shit there is out there. She isn’t worth the fck, drd and g***ah is a guarantee . She will fck you then stalk you for weeks on end. DO yourself the favor and block this girl out of your life no matter how easy and down to earth she may seem. Watch yourself loose everyone VERDON! Don’t you think shes manly looking Nik ?

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Gabrielle Fradet

October 8, 2014 Ottawa 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: I nik this is Gabrielle Fradet. She is the biggest crckhead in Ottawa. She has a 2 yr old son who lives with his grandparents cause Gabby would rather smoke crack and escort herself than spend time with him. I have seen her with many guys she is nasty. She has gone so bad where her son was born addicted to cocaine. I let her live with me cause I felt bad and she said she wanted to get help and I came home and she had 2 black guys laying on my couch naked while she went back and forth from giving them oral. I asked her what the hell she was doing and she started crying tell me she wanted to die. This bitch is fucked please women if you see her keep your hubby\’s away she will have sex with anything as long as they are paying

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Roid Rager

October 7, 2014 Ottawa 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Johnny, all 5’5″ of him. Suffers from classic ‘little man syndrome’. He takes steroids like it’s going out of style, and that just adds to his already wonderful controlling and jealous personality. He has had anger and rage issues for years and the steroids are just the icing on the cake. He loves to hit women, make them feel useless and ugly, all to make his short ass feel like a big man. He’ll beat you in the face with the nearest object and lock you in a bathroom- such a manly man! He loves to go out and party all night doing every drug under the sun and is extremely racist. He keeps cheating on his girlfriend and then accuses her of creating and then beats her. He’s just complete trash. Not to mention the guy is 30! You’d think he would know better, but he has the mindset of a 18 year old spoiled brat.

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Chris Lend

October 6, 2014 Ottawa 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty dog used and abused me…he waits to get close to you when you at your worst…he has several drd’s that I found out about. He tries to get you to sleep with you without condoms He acts like a nice guy but deep down he is fucking 9 girls at one time
I’ve even heard now he likes guys Beware His name is Chris Lend Lives on Upper Ottawa and Mohawk

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Cara Pikard

October 6, 2014 Ottawa 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is most definitely the BIGGEST wh*re/slut/hoe anyone will ever meet. That girl without makeup looks like gohst. She has hooked up with so many peoplein ottawa , montreal… Now that she has hooked up with every single guy…She lives for destroying relationships. she work at bela vista PIzza if u wanna fck her use condom **(SHE IS A WALKING STD)** CARA has been a whore before high school, so this is really nothing new. I guess it’s true what they say, you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife… This bitch right here stole my man away from me …….

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Goofy Cody Hunt

October 6, 2014 Ottawa 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik this is Cody hunt. He sells Dope on rideau street claiming it to make money for his kid (which im great friends with his baby mom) he hasent given her anything to help with that baby and has seen him 3 times yet he’s almost 3 months old. The greatest thing she ever did was leave him. He acts tough yet is the biggest chicken and will literally RUN from beef bit that’s what crackheads do right ! Here’s a tip Cody lay off the crack and quit selling. Everyone has beef with this guy yet he acts tough because he has “friends ” to back him up. He is a known women beater. If your smart you’ll avoid him at all costs !

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