Jessee Mooree Merrickville Sloot

August 22, 2014 Ottawa 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl here is jessee moorree from merrickville. she also hangs in smith falls and brockville. first off she goes on pof tricking guys to meet up with her because shes “looking for a man not a boy” she talks about how mcdonalds is a good date place because thats all her ass can afford. When we dated not only did i pay for everything i also paid for the sex in a way now having an drd from her. shes into some freaky stuff too like a$$ to mouth nasty pig i tell u. quick warning to all the guys that come across her on pof. sure she sounds great wanting to go to school to open a salon..and makin u feel bad saying her a$$ got burned in a fire but shes straight up trouble take my advice consider yourselves warned ottawa,merrickville and smith falls!!

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Ottawa Goof

August 22, 2014 Ottawa 96

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this goofball his named joel nickolas.20 year old rapehound.he raped and forcibly confined his 14 year old addopted you guys dint know that.goes around beating up his girfriends.never showers.abuses his him beatings or forces it to eat is own shit.hes on probation for life,cant be around kids younger than 14 years old.his present girlfriend is some ugly slut named brittany lee.she has a little girl.shes has been warned about joel but she rather take joels dishwashing money than care about her kids safety.his profile picture is currently the pitucre of lees daughter on facebook.i smelllllllllll a can find this goof fucking this fat slore leah annona cox or courtney herpes magadazia.if yu dont believe me ask him to go with yu to police station .see how he avoids it.somebody please get rid of this pedophile.

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Shelby Horse Face

August 22, 2014 Ottawa 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is the biggest Dillon she fcked all her mans boys. She claims to be with him for 2 years now yet theirs pictures with her and other guys on Facebook? Forever butch sit down she has a horse face and donkey teeth she has cellulite all over her ass. I hate this butch because she was drunk texting my man and saying she needs a rebound cuz her man tosses her like a little butch and wants her to strip but the only club she got into was taboo she’s a ratchet hoe and fucked tpg, ali, mousa, moe, sam and all her boys friends she fucked all Arabs this white trash typical white girl

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Dirty Aida

August 21, 2014 Ottawa 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is one fake trashy slut who needs to be exposed she sleeps with different guys and cheats on all her bf and uses sex as a way to make the guy she likes stay with her she’s cheated on my friend who she was with for 5 years and ended up sleeping with one of her coworkers and was get fucked in his toolshed while being high and drunk Also another guy she dated and cheated on him with one of her good friends broke with him in the worst way putting him down this girl is a cheat and has no morals she’s slut and a liar most of all fake careful with this one she puts on an innocent act but she’s too fake can’t stress it enough

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Brianna Baker

August 20, 2014 Ottawa 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, so this girls name is Brianna Nicole baker. Okay so tell me how the fuck this girls never had sex. She claims she still has her v card when two of my bestfriends fcked her and even have like a small clip of it ( wouldn’t post those) she’s rude, gross and a boyfriend stealer. I think y’all should really help this girl with acknowledging what clothes are. When she’s with her guy friends she NEVER responds to people, witch makes it obviouse she’s ” busy” or “working” if I EVER catch he talking to MY boyfriend, she’s gonna get her face beat in. STAY CLEAR OF HER. She may have drd or something worse. Don’t even listen to her lies. She’s also a theif. She stole my iPod and shit.

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Angela Collins

August 20, 2014 Ottawa 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is the most disgusting piece of shit out there. She has one child that was adopted because she is the worst mother in the world now she is pregnant with her second child. She had a boyfriend but sure enough it wasn’t his kid! This girl has even slept with her own half Brother, she admitted it to a friend when she was drunk! She’s even told me before that she thinks her brothers are hot and if they weren’t related she would smash the shit out of them! Nasty bitch right here she has had scabies and other drd! she doesn’t like to use condoms and even had sex for the first time with a guy and started her period in the middle of sex! Ewwwww!

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James Halifax

August 19, 2014 Ottawa 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This guy James Halifax is Ottawas most dirtiest pathological lier, I slept with him one night and he claimed me as lose even tho he knows I had given birth to a child. He stole my roommates prescribed meds and my meds. He is a huge drug addict. He also stole from my best friends family as he was given a spot to stay. He is a very disrespectful wannabe gangster. He thinks he can knock people out, when in reality, hes a wuss. He lied to me about his past and his life. He said he has never done drugs, that as I can see is clearly a lie. He has 4 drds. Women, beware, do not talk to this guy. He will screw you over big time. Hes nothing but a man-whore. Men, keep your women close by, he will do anything to steal them from you.

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Dirty Candy

August 19, 2014 Ottawa 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is nothing but a user, just like her ratchet little friends, she goes around acting like shes the shit! but for reals all shes is is nothing but a cock sucking whore who needs to keep her mouth shut! She lies to people just so they can feel pity and start drama for nothing. All she does is get wasted and brag about her native status. Her and her so called “friends” say that their close but they talk mad shit behind one another’s backs. She is so dirty you can smell her ratchet ass pussy from a mile away!!! i wouldnt be shocked if you caught a unknown DRD from this girl!

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