Hannah Crawford

September 3, 2014 Ottawa 136

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Niki, This is Hannah Crawford. Don’t let her fake “facebook mommy”act fool anyone. She is 19 years old with two children , She bounces back and forth between the two babydaddys, with a few other guys in between there.. Kiernan as well as Taryn try to be good fathers to their children but when it comes to Mrs.Cottage cheese legs Crawford her innocent kids are a weapon of mass  estruction against the fathers. She has both of her kids in fulltime daycare, sits at home then when times get tough and shes short on cash she escorts herself out of the house her babies come home to sleep in at night. “At least they tell me i’m beautiful” she says. She post pictures of both babydads with her children calling them the father depending who she’s sleeping with that day. She collects baby bonus as well as OSAP to support herself. Its quite pathetic she’d rather cater to her babydaddys needs to keep him around instead of feeding and clothing her own children. She hands out ch***ia like it’s nothing, as well as gon**hea. She leaves her kids in the house to go outside and smoke dope and pawns her kids off to anyone so she can drink. She sits in the bathroom cutting herself then holding her babies in her arms with bloody cuts all up them, because “nobody loves her”. Shes psychotic and doing her kids more damage than good. She acts like shes you’re friend but ladies and gentleman watch out, she will snake you as soon as she is bored or it is a benefit to herself in any way.

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Ottawa’s Worst Sushi Bar

September 3, 2014 Ottawa 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I got something here that is different. This is Yummy Sushi, the worst sushi bar in all of the nation’s capital. Recently, they barred single persons from eating there, unless you paid the a-la-cart-price. They discriminate single customers and require a minimum of 2 people for the all-you-can-eat menu. The boss keeps all the tips and makes the waitresses fork them over. They are losing customers left, right and center. I have been to this place myself with one of my friends on a Sunday night. It took forever to get the first orders, and we ultimately gave up and paid our bills and left. The manager comes out and picks verbal confrontations with customers who complain about the service or anything that has to do with Yummy Sushi.

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Andrew Hazard

September 3, 2014 Ottawa 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Andrew Hazard. He is loud and known throughout Ottawa. He is seen at Ottawa 67′s games and Ottawa Fat Cat games. He creeps the stands looking for girls to hit on. He has lied to impressive girls by saying he is getting a scholarship to play baseball in the United States, and will give a baseball to a girl with his phone number on it. He will also sport a jacket from a Jr. B hockey team to impersonate one of their players. He even participated in open tryouts for the Ottawa Fat Cats a few years ago. He has a shady reputation, and there was even a Facebook group called “I Know Andrew Hazard” until it was removed.

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Justin Marshall

September 3, 2014 Ottawa 35


THE DIRTY ARMY: Sending nudes to girls other then her girlfriend…

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Cierra Labelle n Jessica

September 3, 2014 Ottawa 224

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik These girls are so dirty they both were pregnant and got abortions cause there men weren’t gonna stick by them. They have sex with every guy the meet . The con guys into falling in love with them they take their money their things and fck off. Boys beware of these girls. They ate dangerous. They have drdS. Dont sleep with them. They are dirty ass sluts who suvk anyones dick or fcks anyone for their money. Fuk you cierra and jessica.

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Ultimate Brockville Slore

August 28, 2014 Ottawa 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sheenah Campbell, folks. This bitch gave my girlfriend chla**a, first off. She’s slept with every single guy I know, and they all go back to their girlfriends promising it won’t happen again, because it was like “throwing their hotdog down a hallway” lmao. She acts like a loving mother, when in reality her child got taken away from her in the hospital because her whole pregnancy she threatened her boyfriend that shed k**l herself and the baby. She is currently homeless and she’ll sleep with anyone who will give her a bed for the night. She has three boyfriends currently as well, and she’s magically ‘pregnant’ with all of them! Lmfao. This girl gave me head in 10th grade and I swear she has way too many teeth in her head. She’s seriously delusional and she’s a natural SLUT. Keep your cocks hidden with this bitch around, boys

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Breanna Bisonette

August 28, 2014 Ottawa 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik.. this is Breanna Bisonette one of Smiths Falls dirtiest. I think the pictures give a good clarification of that. She is nothing but a cked up, drd infested, whore. I’ve even heard she has the warts, ew. She takes pride on her “seductive” selfies and loves to compliment herself on them for attention, if any boy shows any kind of attention to her he can expect a nice juicy lip shot. She’s a home wrecker, a druggie, and just a straight up dirty bitch and I think she finally deserves to be apart of the Dirty World.

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The Somali Lover

August 27, 2014 Ottawa 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is just a somali dick sucking hoe, all she does is chase around in the south end and gets wasted till someone is brave enough to touch her. She does coke, she strips every weekend and cheated on her bf with another somali guy while he was away. She lives in a ghetto neighbour hood and her older sister was a whore too. This bitch needs to be on here Nick, she pretends shes sweet and innocent but really she is a whore waiting for the next somali dick to come around.

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