Mahayle Flapjack Brant

August 13, 2014 Kingston, Ottawa 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Name:Mahayle “flapjack nipples” brant Cities/known locations: kingston, napanee, Ottawa, Belleville, and many rural country areas in between Mahayle is a big waisted, lazy, freckled face, troll. She gets everything handed to her by men for performing sexual favours, and taking money from those “not to her standards”.mean while having the sweet romantic ones thinking they’ve finally found a new love. And although that Is a well kept secret that she’ll probably deny until death, there are many people that also know it to be true, she needs more booze at a party, she needs a ride home, it\’s late and she gets bored, all we\’re perfect examples of when there was witnesses to her “prostitution” acts. Worse then that tho, miss flapjacks here has an almost undertaking habit of getting involved with men that already have some form of involvement with another girl. Be it a full blown relationship, marriage, occasional dating, or even something as simple as a friend’s with benefits, mahayle Is the kinda slut that doesn’t care. She actually seems to seek out these kinds of people,as if she needs to feel as if she’s bested someone else to feel good about herself In anyway. and then she\’ll do whatever it is that the wide flat probably also freckled ass can manage to make sure rant these men are wrapped around her little finger, and when that happens the isolation starts. But god forbid these men don’t bend to her every will? That\’s when the head games really start, and if tormenting you until she gets her way doesn’t work, if your a guy that won’t play her games she\’ll just fuck your brother, best friend, even father she doesn’t care, whatever it takes to hurt the person Shes aiming for, and fck anybody else that might get in her way. How do I know? Because not 8 months ago she was with my brother and his best friend, and the only reason she was caught was because she gave them BOTH clamydia. Sh’s well known in Kingston, napanee, as well as Ottawa, not to mention god only knows how many other places shes been trying to fuck her way to the top. Sluts like this give the rest of us women a bad reputation, and sooner or later she\’ll have to learn that she\’s not the gravity that spins our universe, sh’s just a little pawn making as many moves s she can before the big bad queen steps on her head :)

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Anne Marie Exposed for What she is

August 12, 2014 Ottawa 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is a dirty prostitute by the name of Anne Marie. Shes on every escort/prostitute page as Kim, or Pamela! My friend used to be her friend until she wouldnt stop freaking her out about killing her if she told anyone about her DRDs. What do you think? Would you not agree that she should be paying people to sleep with her!?? Not the other way around!!! She looks so hideous She uses other people photos for her prostitute ADDs cuz she knows she couldnt catch with her ugly face n body. She always tries to stir shit one way or another. Her life is garbage so she tries to cause drama between everyone she comes in contact with. She doesnt care to spread her disease shes such a selfish dirty and discusting creature. Check out her deceiving add! Does anne not own a mirror? Ugly inside AND out!

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Arabian Sloots

August 12, 2014 Ottawa 104

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these girls are such nasty hoes, they love arab guys mainly iraqi men, they get fcked every weekend by arabs. One of the girls names is maria the nastiest bitch in ottawa, goes for married men and acts all religious,,,,when she is clearly a hoe she is so loose, and thinks shes so hot…the other one is named danah such a slut!! makes out with different men, loves to give head, its her full time job… both of these nasty bitches love dick. one of them was all over me last weekend at the club, she was with her slutty friends, i thought she was cool and all but then i found out that she has drd nasty bitch,, i let her give me brains,…..nasty hoes… i found out that they also fck each other up the ass,,one of these hoes was hosting a party and my homeboy walked in on them fcking each other hahahahahhaahahahahhaahahah i feeel bad for their parents mayne !!! they be acting all nice and respectful and shit…oh yea they also love attention from arab men they will do anything for them. as long as u got the alcohol they will do anything lol

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Deadbeat Sperm Donor

August 8, 2014 Ottawa 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man, Todd A. Stewart, is probably the highest paying IT Security Architect/Engineer around. He makes between $250 000 to $400 000 per year. There is a court order in effect ordered by Superior Court in Canada to pay child and spousal support in the arrears of $472 000 with a total monthly payment of $8323. He has paid in the last three years an approximate total of $5000. This man does not deserve children, especially the children he has now. One is a highly functioning 16 year old boy, the other one carries an extreme allergy to peanuts and exercise-induced anaphylaxis. His ex-wife is diagnosed with lupus and arthritis. Please be careful of this man. He is an addict as well. He can be quite dangerous and has borrowed money from many people and disappeared, which makes no sense since he makes so much money. If you know his whereabouts, please contact the Family Responsibility Office of Ontario in Canada.

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Krystin ROdgers

August 6, 2014 Ottawa 105

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik this is Krystin Rodgers. She deserves to be on here. She is a mother of 2 and preganant to a 3rd. I went to the bar with my buddies and we met up with her and some what normal friend and not even 1 hour knowing her she was trying to get in my pants.I asked her if she had children and her response was ” NOT THAT I WANTEd” “BUT I AM STUCK WITH THEM” who says stuff like that. Anyways that night her and her friend came back to my place for after drinks and i am telling you this chick acted like she never had a man before she was literally ripping my pants off. So i ended up sleeping her.after it was all done i told her time to go and she started crying wow i couldnt believe that. Now my buddy is dating her friend and she is telling people she is having my kid. I protected myself bitch needs to find a man and a life and stay out of mine this bitch is nasty

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Cayla Dalgetty and Randy Hoskins

August 5, 2014 Ottawa 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik these two scums of the earth are Cayla and Randy a couple of coked out idiots cayla mother of 3 and apparently expecting another sit in their room and sniff coke and im guessing your wondering where the kids are well Nik their forced to stay in their rooms and if they ask for things like water or food they get yelled at or even hit..Randy has no problem yelling at her kids also no problem hitting them too he doesn’t care as long as he has his smokes weed and coke..go take a look at the place they call home it\’s completely disgusting food dripping from cupboards piles upon piles of dishes garbage all over the house and Randy just recently held cayla hostage with a weapon while the kids were there plus not to mention recently acquired warrants and also has a no contact order with cayla but yet he still lives there…Nik these two miscreants deserve to be posted please post them so the world can how horrible they really are

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Cayla n Randy

August 5, 2014 Ottawa 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: OMG Nik they hurt my feelings!!.. .This is Randy and Cayla and this is my dirty revenge… These two not even together a long time got each other names tattooed and are talking about marriage !! So this warpig Cayla will allow anything any one into her house in draper.. She has randy,Christin living there she had twiggz and Danny at one point aswell . she has escorts in and out of her house.. Caylas house is so fcking filthy she has dog piss on the floor food dipping off her cubert dishes all over furniture thats all ripped up reptiles that stink up the house omfg those tanks are green can you say nasty.. There are empty beer bottles in the kitchen on the floor where her kids can get at and booze in the freezer.. Her and randy spend the childrens money on cocaine and weed.. Randy was just in jail for holding Cayla and her children hostage and shortly arrested yet again there caught with a gun cocaine and weed!! Not to mention well wade hoskins was in jail randy went and slept with santina knocked her up and pinned it on wade.. Then randy signs the kids birth certificate yet still was never around and to this day says the child belongs to wade twisted story i tell ya. Pathetic that low life mother allowed that to go on!! Cayla has three baby children and doesn’t know who’s the baby father’s.. This girl is one ratchet… Clean your fucking house.. Start taking care of your kids..!! Lmfao the warpig is prego with baby number four whos the father this time god only knowz shes been having three sums goes to show randy loves the cock to balls ball….Biggest DRAMA WHORE IN OTTAWA

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Pathalogical Liar

August 5, 2014 Ottawa 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik where to start with this one!!! His name is wade hoskins/Matthias. This Dead beat has five children he doesn’t give a cent for! He’s a welfare BUM. He can NEVER keep ajob! wade just started working off kijiji. He claims he graduated collage if two days going is considered graduation then CONGRATS WADE (failer) wade has some sort of insest thing going on with his is Jocelyn have you seen these two together creepy! Joc families not supposed to act like that!?!!! He is a coke head and alcoholic Nik! He brags about how he hit a chick THATS SAD! Don’t forget he loves his down town hood rats. If you allow wade into your home he will rob you blind. Like fuck he robbed a child’s change jar! He rips off people then hides like a little BITCH at his baby moms house poor excuse of a man. PEOPLE BEWARE OF THIS SNEAKY BASTARD!!!!!!

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