Rob Scott Is a Real Rapest

March 31, 2014 Ottawa 23 8,179 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: 15 years ago this sicko tried to rape me , instead he beat me up and started shoving his hands up me till i was bleeding every where and my inside were all torn up. He said he learned this in jail , and left me there I was 14 and I thought I was going to die, I had a bladder infection couldnt walk had to go to hospital and take lots of pills, My insides were all torn up and it took forever to heal. Later my friend ran to get me because another girl was telling my story except crying because he did it to her to. I really hate to see his face it still hurts and disgusts me. I would like to think no one would ever be near him and the world would always hurt him for the pain and emotional damage he has done to girls. There is no forgiveness for that.

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Amber D, Gym Rat

March 26, 2014 Ottawa 53 10,097 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amber D. This girl will fck your boyfriend, fck the guy your seeing, and if you like someone. She will get right in there and try to fuck him… This girl fucks atleast 4 guys a week. On her POF account she will fck any guy that msg’s her on the first date. She is completely obsessed with this guy named Nick but fucks all of his friends for attention which she doesn’t even get anyways… She has fcked every guy at the train yards athletic club… This girl is sooo dirty she has a different drd every month. She thinks she’s tough and act’s like an idiot in all surroundings. I dated her a couple of times and all he talked was getting fcked with a dildo and having threesome. She’ll send pictures of her pssy like it’s nothing. I can get any type of picture sent to me anytime of the day… Just have to ask… Beware of this girl. She rides around town with a box of broken condoms. Stay away from her if you don’t want to catch something… Just looking out for the guys in the city of Ottawa.

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Jordann Jones

March 25, 2014 Ottawa 59 7,182 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: First of all this girl has been posted here before but the whole truth was not told. Every picture of her daughter eating was canned pasta, the reason why she had her first kid was to have someone to love and to love her. Yes that is sweet and all, BUT when you are 20 years old never worked a day in your life and all you do is suck back on welfare that people worked so damn hard for is pathetic. Her daughter is always with her mother on weekends so she can go out at strip clubs and partying. Pretty sad that Layla hasn’t seen her BIO dad in four months, keeping her away from him and he wants to see her and he is trying to be in her life, Bitch at least some fathers i know dip the fuck out of their lives. Clearly your not giving him a chance to be her life be fuking thankful. SHe is only with James cause the money and he as a car, every boyfriend she ever had since Layla makes her call him dad, pretty fcking pathetic actually. drd was detected on her lips two years ago (HOORRRRRK) from sucking a lot of dirty guys that didn’t even shower, she didn’t know who the father of her first baby was until a test was taken about fucking time. OH even better she has been a skank since day fcking one from Tech, she cheated on james with patrice multiple times, we don’t even know who she’s pregnant with James or Patrice mmmmmm probably neither cause she’s so fuking disgusting. SHe thinks she’s top shit and says she can beat anyone up very funny actually bitch you got knocked out by crystal hahahahaha fool. Her best friend is fat bitch 17 year old Becky gross find someone your own age to hang out with god damn. NIk she tries to go for other people’s ex boyfriends and tries to get with them (claims that she is supposedly friends and does that shit to her friends talk about fake ass bitch as hell) Attention whore to the max here guys. If u wanna get with her just remember she cheats and has a drd and has two kids with two different fathers, this maury shit going on here. And jordann do yourself a favour leave ottawa we don’t need your dirty ass stds around here, if u do people may need to evacuate ottawa cause your so gross. peace bitch, i wish you luck for your kids.

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Chantale Raymond

March 25, 2014 Ottawa 79 9,445 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl likes married men that work away from home. She knew about me but proceeded to try an sleep with him. When I caught on and he fessed up I called her and denied everthing. She works at thacomfort inn in Kanata Ontario and spends most of her time on her knees. My hubby wasn’t the first. Be aware if your husband stays at this motel!!!

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Sam Will Lock You In Your Room

March 24, 2014 Ottawa, The Dirty 498 99,441 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Girls, stay away from this guy! Sam Earle is an abusive, mentally unstable junkie. He may have you fooled in the beginning. He’ll be sweet and act super nice but trust me, you do not want this guy in your life. He can not control himself. He will lock you in his room and get extremely aggressive if you try to leave. I can’t count the number of times I have been held against my will in his room being physically and verbally abused by Sam. He will break all of your stuff when he is angry, he will say the most heartless things a human being could come up with, he will take your phone away from you so you can’t call for help, and eventually he will get physically abusive. He WILL hurt you! He will try suffocating you in your sleep, but luckily he is a scrawny twig so it is possible to fight him off. He is delusional, addicted to drugs, and overall just a bad person. Ladies, please be careful around him.

Why did you block out his phone number?- nik

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Ottawas Biggest Creep

March 24, 2014 Ottawa 91 6,070 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, okay so my friend told me about this guy and his name is Chris Jackson, I couldn’t believe the story she told me about him! I felt so bad for her that I had to post this.  This guy is a creepy! He acts like a creepy old man. My friend had the worst time with this guy , he acts cocky and judgmental and then will try and do weird things too your feet. Ladies look out!! :S he told my friend he loves smelly feetThis is no lie! And not a joke as funny as it is.

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Nathan Farren

March 24, 2014 Ottawa 20 7,268 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, check this hairy chimp out. This is Nathan Farren. He’s 20 years old and his hobbies include, stealing drugs off of people, sleeping on his father’s couch, mooching of off his best friend for money and alcohol and sleeping with girls as young as 14. In the past year, this guy has gotten 6 girls pregnant, one of them kept the baby and he blames his “mental disability” on not being able to pay child support. What a gem. Oh, it doesn’t stop there though. When this guy isn’t hanging out down town Ottawa, he’s out getting high and blown by girls under the age of 16 and spreading his baby carrot, chl**dia cock around the town. He’s like a science experiment gone wrong. He looks like a butch model put on beaver tranquillizers and steroids. If you ever see this guy at local “hardcore” shows, he’ll most likely be accompanied by his side kick who looks like a younger, less hairier version of him. Ladies and under age girls, stay clear.

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Attention Rich Men, Meet Robin Bobin

March 24, 2014 Ottawa 81 7,077 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Robin Bobin Frosty the Slutty dirtiness!!  User, Abuser, Whore, Schemer, Liar, Manipulator, Bitch What hasn’t she done to hurt people let’s see…. She’s an ex pristitute drug addict slur who uses her kids to collect men’s pitty bacuase she doesn’t know who her REAL kids fathers are she slept around soooo much it’s possible 6 men for her youngest and a good 14 for other one who she doesn’t even have. Bad mom #2 first slot goes to her mom for easing garbage like robin bobbin… Anipulative bitch who ruins peoples lives she takes everyone men and women for all they got even dignity. She hurt my sister all cause she was jealous so she fcker her boyfriend real winner robin. Haha bastard got cl***mia from her so good on you too! She’s not a nice person and deserves nothing good in life she is a monster and truthfully she makes all you ladies look bad

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