Attention Rich Men, Meet Robin Bobin

March 24, 2014 Ottawa 81 7,066 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Robin Bobin Frosty the Slutty dirtiness!!  User, Abuser, Whore, Schemer, Liar, Manipulator, Bitch What hasn’t she done to hurt people let’s see…. She’s an ex pristitute drug addict slur who uses her kids to collect men’s pitty bacuase she doesn’t know who her REAL kids fathers are she slept around soooo much it’s possible 6 men for her youngest and a good 14 for other one who she doesn’t even have. Bad mom #2 first slot goes to her mom for easing garbage like robin bobbin… Anipulative bitch who ruins peoples lives she takes everyone men and women for all they got even dignity. She hurt my sister all cause she was jealous so she fcker her boyfriend real winner robin. Haha bastard got cl***mia from her so good on you too! She’s not a nice person and deserves nothing good in life she is a monster and truthfully she makes all you ladies look bad

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Kyle Mayhew: Delusional Machoistic

March 24, 2014 Ottawa 24 8,535 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, boys do I have some dirt for you on my ex best friend. What words can best describe Kyle Mayhew…hmm oh, lets see…GOOF, narcissistic, self-righteous, arrogant, egotistical, delusional, abusive, manipulative. He thinks that by lying and pulling the pity card just so people can feel sorry for him will cover up the fact that he has treated every girl Ive known him to be with like crap. He goes around acting like he loves whatever girl he’s with but treats them like shit…I know of him being violent with 2 of his previous gfs. I also had to rush out in a severe thunderstorm to be there for his then-gf who is now my fiance cuz he publicly humiliated her. So lets see…blackmail, lies…saying he’s some rockstar…thinking nobody will hurt him cuz he is IMMORTAL….fcking with the minds of his lovers, talking about their sex lives behind their back…trying to convince girls to have 3somes with him. Although I dont know who would want to cuz he is a fcking ugly little pizza face who needs to grow up, admit he’s fcking messed and stop hating me cuz i saved his gf from his abuse. He will date you then play the victim and turn you into the most hated person ever. Oh and did I mention I have heard he’s slept with girls under 16?? Goof much? He is also a welfare bum with no intentions of doing anything with his miserable life…he is also a high school AND college dropout who thinks everyone loves him and the world owes him a favour when so many people hate him. So ladies if you do NOT want a greasy, stanky,lazy, manipulative whiny little bitch who treats his sister like shit then…stay away from him. He is the whiniest little bitch in all of Ottawa. Oh and did I mention he has a fcking kid and his baby mama doesnt want him near the kid…why am I not fcking surprised…he wouldnt be a good dad to that little girl even if he was in her life. He is also a coward.. Kyle you wanted to expose me and lie about me, well its time you got exposed ya little fuker. Btw,she had nothing to do with this…I felt the need to expose you.

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Erik Karlsson’s New Girlfriend Is A Hottie

March 21, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Ottawa, The Dirty 279 102,709 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, NHL’er Erik Karlsson’s divorce has gone through and he’s dating a girl from my University now. Her name is Melinda Currey and I see them everywhere together! Wonder how long this will last? Go Sens Go.

What is wrong with Erik Karlsson’s eye sockets?- nik

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TwoCent Carine Barnabe

March 21, 2014 Ottawa 43 5,907 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Carine Barnabe is the biggest coke whore skank I’ve ever met. She’s an drd diseased bitch whoe pawns her son Jesse off to her skeasy mother so she can go fuck all the guys she’s meet off POF and Craigslist. She tried selling her son for a bag of coke before smoked pot I front if him and her baby dad is a criminal. She use to hit her kid when he didn’t listen and like I said spreads her legs for everything. Watch out ladies she’s bi too and she’s not clean What woman does coke and prostitutes and bungs Jon’s home and fcks them In the room next to her kid? This one carine Barnabe!!! Real great mom CAS should take him away

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Ottawa’s Worst Mommy

March 20, 2014 Ottawa 213 8,083 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl right here goes by the name of “addy Vincent” she’s got a banging hot body after having a kid but she uses that to go out every weekend and strip at pigals to make money to support her kid … talk about desperate . Her baby dAd goes by the name of Craig stunna and he’s a broke ass who can’t even afford 5$ in gas . Way to choose em girl . Stop being such a nasty s**t and grinding on men for money and wiping your p***sy on the pole EVERYNIGHT . Hope your kid doesnt find out .

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Kat Uba

March 18, 2014 Ottawa 41 6,469 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware all the woman of Ottawa this dirty whore ‘Kat Uba’ has a fetish for taken men! She’s the biggest home wrecker in the city & will do anything to try & ruin a relationship! heartless bitch id say!!!!! She enjoys sloppy seconds and will suck off and fck any guy ugly or hot. Shell take whatever she can get. She was even caught multiple times sucking guys off in the bathroom stalls at Algonquin college.

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Watch out for Scott Zimmer Ladies

March 17, 2014 Ottawa 90 7,886 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the one and only Scott Zimmer. Ladies you need to be warned about this piece of work. He is probably one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. For a few short months anyway. Than he will turn into a controlling, manipulative, piece of crap. He will make you feel like you are at your all time low. Scott plays a really good game. This man needs a serious lesson on the right way to treat a women. I’ve witnessed 1st hand what he will do to his girlfriends and sitting back watching him destroy a women’s self-esteem is terrible. He’s done the same things to one to many people, lied about going out, not come home, made up stories of being arrested, picked fights for nothing, taken money from girlfriends, got them pregnant and threatened to leave if they keep the child. He will keep these women under his spell for as long as he can, until they finally open their eyes and see what is happening. Ladies for you own mental health please stay far away. I am sure his ex’s can tell you what he has done.

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Mr. Dom Labelle

March 17, 2014 Ottawa 23 9,665 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Mr Dom Labelle is a very known skater in ottawa, he’s sponsered by West 49′ and looks like a good guy, howerver this slimy skater fornicated with his best friends underage girlfriend, filmed and showed it to said best friend with pride. On facebook this guy talks to every girl and he has gone as low as hitting on 15 year olds, saying he was their age when really; he is in his 20s. He went to far when he tried to tell one of my closest friends that she was the only girl and the same day the found evidence that the same week another girl was writing cute things on his windsheild. Ottawa girls, don’t get played by this skater boy.

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