Kyle Belvedere

July 30, 2014 Ottawa 105

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Mr. Fck n chuck himself – calls himself Kyle Belvedere. Honestly I am quite surprised he has not made an appearance here before. So this womanizing bi-polar douchebag has got a lot of dirty secrets. He always has at least 5 girls on the go and manages to keep them all in the dark with stars in their eyes thinking he’s prince charming bf. This as a warning to girls that fall victim to his games. He keeps all pics of every girl he’s fcked and shares them with his boys. That’s right girls of OTTAWA, if you’ve fcked Kyle you’re snatch has been seen by a nice chunk of similar douchebags! He somehow plays this super polite, superman bullshit in front of his respectable friends so they have no idea the dirt he gets into. In reality he is a compulsive liar, a sex addict, manipulative ASS! Yeah we hooked up, and damn straight I’m bitter you gave me a fucking nasty ass infection cuz of the 5 other girls you’ve been sticking your dirty dick in!!! I feel bad for his next girlfriend who falls for his BS!! always trying to get in the next pussy while you’ve got your ‘GF” smiling clueless next to you. Some advice when fcking your 20 secret girlfriends. LAY OFF with your whack fingering, it’s not an xbox controller and the only reason I squirt is because you are literally jack hammering my insides with your fingers. its called foreplay, oh and theres such thing as a clit, find it. Girls, just do not trust a word he says, he goes for the good girls, they don’t know any better.

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Chelsie Walters

July 29, 2014 Ottawa 194

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Where do I start? This girl right here is the low life bum that does nothing but want drama in her life. Saying a man beat her oldest child when really it was herself. She traps guys in by saying she’s pregnant. She cheats on her man who’s like 45-50 old enough to be her father. This nasty SLOOT really need to get off her A*S and get a JOB. And she should probably get the DRD and the c**p cleared up before banging an other man. She also rather get tattoos and go out then spend the money on her kids. Bitch you should have learned your lesson when rob didn’t want kids with you. Hopefully no one falls for this whore bag pitty story. Be careful ladies lock your man up or hell be traced with this hood rat

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Watch you Men and Money

July 28, 2014 Ottawa 176

THE DIRTY ARMY: If she sees anything she wants she will steal it and that includes ur men. Meet Ashley Derby. She not only sells stolen cell phones but she steals mattresses as well. She will scam u, steal from u while hooking up with ur man. Nobody is safe from this girl. Not even her family and friends. She waited for her friend to go on vacation and then stole her TV and all her kids games. Her house is a party house where people get drunk and smoke up and she doesn’t even care that they have molested her kids. She still parties with them even though she knows about it. She can be found running around her ghetto in Draper or working the stripper pole while her little boys as young as 3 run around all night. She has 4 baby daddys and still has to go for men who are with other women. She is one nasty girl. If u see her don’t get too close as she also has drd.

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Pepsi Players

July 28, 2014 Ottawa 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: I give you Megan n Ginn.These two, OTTAWA’S PRIME SLUTS , lets start by saying one is a snitch , YEAH A RAT my boy did jail time over her . She Also has 7 kids by 7 different dad’s and will also break up a happy home if someone knows Kenny just ask him. The other thinks she is the hottest thing to walk the earth But in reality only thing hot is her drd’s , watch out for these two. they are fun at first but once you get to know them they show you the colour they really are. And if you have free blow, you will also Get a free blow.

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Baby Mama Drama

July 28, 2014 Ottawa 142

THE DIRTY ARMY: 21 years old with 4 children, now that insane . This welfare case loves having children because we all know the more kids you pop our the more child tax benift you get. If you ever been to her house, there like almost nothing for her children just a few toys. 3000$ plus welfare 900$ a month you think she buy her kids everything . She changing partner every other month, she currently with baby daddy # 2 Wade Hopskin. Did I tell you all her children have different fathers. Good job bethany jolly!

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Guun Got Um

July 28, 2014 Ottawa 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to Adrianna Sorgo & Nikki Donovan . These two people are all about the escorting life and making that extra money for more drugs. But the real question is where are your children ?? You see them posting status for the pass 2 years on going to rehab because your children mean the whole world , but yet you go to rehab just to leave 4 hours later, but you SAY this time is different because you guys have each other, but truth is you guys are both bad influence on each other. Nikki, All CAS wanted from you to do is STOP ESCORTING in your own house, how hard is that?? After having your child placed back in your care 2 Times you fcked up both of those times. Didn’t cas had to do 4 paternity test, guess the guy you were blaming for 2 years wasn’t the dad lol . Adrianna , didn’t you have your daughter in your care and was to busy doing drugs and when CAS got involved and you couldn’t give a fck getting her back, how long as it been removed outta your care LOL

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Mary June

July 25, 2014 Ottawa 20


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is my gurl mary june, i think she is super foxy and luscious i liked her better blondie. I know she cheats and turns tricks and steals stuff all the time and gave me the drd, but i really think she’ll clean up when she moves back to Ottawa full time. Vancouver is to big for her. I used to tap her sister Sarah, but now she’s working at a southern BBQ place, she got to hot for me. so I think I’ll marry mary june. what do you think nik, should I hitch up with this one?

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Slooty Fiona

July 24, 2014 Ottawa 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ottawa this is Fiona, she is out clubbing every weekend and is dirty!! Her piont of going out is to grind and makeout with as many guys as possible! She will sleep with anything that moves, i heard she loves black dick. She thinks she looks good but really fiona your nothing then a dirty flabby whore! Fact: beware of drd with is one!

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