Rolly Derby

August 1, 2014 Ottawa 121

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Rolly derby this nasty guy is on the in Toronto too. His wife is on her and he actually makes a comment. No better he works for Duron Construction passes DRD to all women he sleeps with. He use to work at the dirty pub where he got all his prey. He slept with an ex girlfriend of mine and she caught a DRD. Surprise to see this man only made it to the Toronto one cause here in Ottawa almost every girl knows him. Ladies beware of this nasty pig DRD giving scum. He is a known crack head and bought pills off of another bouncer from that dirt pub. Kids or no kids he is game and without notice you are a victim.

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My Ex Amanda Osborn

July 31, 2014 Ottawa 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik check this girl out amanda lee osborn crackwhre you can find her downtown vanier area or any low income area. she is willing to fck anyone or anything as long as you have booze and rock she will go up or down and all around. she steals from her family and friends. she doesn’t take showers for days and she uses colone to mask the vile smell you can literally smell trout for half an hour after she exits the washroom. she is also known as ditch pig every boy beware 14+ she will use and abuse you shes like this cause she her father and mother are both useless cracker jacks her sister is the only smart 1 who takes off and does something with her life complete opposite of amanda and family

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Dirt Bag Mother

July 31, 2014 Ottawa 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: You think your hilarious Jocelyn Hoskins or Jocelyn Matthias which ever one you want to go by today You are by far the worst parent in the world and you can’t seem to get that into your head you talk about every ones parenting and how many kids they have and baby dads. Did you not just have a kid with a guy you ran around saying beat you and tried to say he was the father you would rather by crack for him than buy the shit your kids need. You have all this parenting advice to give out to other people but you can’t take it yourself wheres your first child and why do you not have her. You beg every one to buy you food and you sit there and take advantage of younger girls who dont have kids to buy you milk for your child. Your dirty talk about other girls getting around LOL I cant count how many guys you have been with in the short time that I have known you. Always downtown with your son surrounding him with drug addicts and low lifes but I guess you cant change what you were raised to be!!!!

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Fat Gangster

July 31, 2014 Ottawa 122

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Fritz Nik Native blood drug dealer and compulsive liar Fritz has this notion to believe that he is gods gift to woman yet cant keep them he has dated most of the girls that are posted on here and all are single mothers he uses each and every one of them he is known for fcking escorts like Niki Donovan He claims to be a drug dealer yet has no money why because he is to busy using the drugs that he is suppose to sell he gives all guys in this city a bad name I noticed his name in about every post recently but I haven’t seen him posted time to get exposed!!!!

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Julien Geremie

July 30, 2014 Montreal, Ottawa 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well hello the dirty readers! If you have read the last article on Julien Geremie, you WILL enjoy this short but sweet article. Not only is the monster slut back and better! But he’s having more orgies and anal sex than before! Few of me sources found a few pictures of him online. I thought I would share some with all of you people. We can’t forget that Julien works for Conseil de la coopération de l’Ontario and should be LET GO because of how iconic his pornography is becoming. What will we think of think of the kids! Fire him..

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Kyle Belvedere

July 30, 2014 Ottawa 109

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Mr. Fck n chuck himself – calls himself Kyle Belvedere. Honestly I am quite surprised he has not made an appearance here before. So this womanizing bi-polar douchebag has got a lot of dirty secrets. He always has at least 5 girls on the go and manages to keep them all in the dark with stars in their eyes thinking he’s prince charming bf. This as a warning to girls that fall victim to his games. He keeps all pics of every girl he’s fcked and shares them with his boys. That’s right girls of OTTAWA, if you’ve fcked Kyle you’re snatch has been seen by a nice chunk of similar douchebags! He somehow plays this super polite, superman bullshit in front of his respectable friends so they have no idea the dirt he gets into. In reality he is a compulsive liar, a sex addict, manipulative ASS! Yeah we hooked up, and damn straight I’m bitter you gave me a fucking nasty ass infection cuz of the 5 other girls you’ve been sticking your dirty dick in!!! I feel bad for his next girlfriend who falls for his BS!! always trying to get in the next pussy while you’ve got your ‘GF” smiling clueless next to you. Some advice when fcking your 20 secret girlfriends. LAY OFF with your whack fingering, it’s not an xbox controller and the only reason I squirt is because you are literally jack hammering my insides with your fingers. its called foreplay, oh and theres such thing as a clit, find it. Girls, just do not trust a word he says, he goes for the good girls, they don’t know any better.

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Chelsie Walters

July 29, 2014 Ottawa 196

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Where do I start? This girl right here is the low life bum that does nothing but want drama in her life. Saying a man beat her oldest child when really it was herself. She traps guys in by saying she’s pregnant. She cheats on her man who’s like 45-50 old enough to be her father. This nasty SLOOT really need to get off her A*S and get a JOB. And she should probably get the DRD and the c**p cleared up before banging an other man. She also rather get tattoos and go out then spend the money on her kids. Bitch you should have learned your lesson when rob didn’t want kids with you. Hopefully no one falls for this whore bag pitty story. Be careful ladies lock your man up or hell be traced with this hood rat

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Watch you Men and Money

July 28, 2014 Ottawa 182

THE DIRTY ARMY: If she sees anything she wants she will steal it and that includes ur men. Meet Ashley Derby. She not only sells stolen cell phones but she steals mattresses as well. She will scam u, steal from u while hooking up with ur man. Nobody is safe from this girl. Not even her family and friends. She waited for her friend to go on vacation and then stole her TV and all her kids games. Her house is a party house where people get drunk and smoke up and she doesn’t even care that they have molested her kids. She still parties with them even though she knows about it. She can be found running around her ghetto in Draper or working the stripper pole while her little boys as young as 3 run around all night. She has 4 baby daddys and still has to go for men who are with other women. She is one nasty girl. If u see her don’t get too close as she also has drd.

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