No I do Not Do Drugs

September 23, 2014 Ottawa 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: No My girl does not do drug looks pretty green on the table and all her past boy friends did it but know she does not right

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Ottawa Escorts

September 22, 2014 Ottawa 177


THE DIRTY ARMY: Do you know Lydias and Pam’s real names? Lydia made a living at Gracie’s, before it closes down. And Pam (Jessika) works at goodlife as a career. … Riiiiiight. Silly girls. You want to be known by everyone, here you go.

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Tori Horseface Billing

September 22, 2014 Ottawa 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tori Billing is another one of Ottawa dirtiest. She thinks she is beautiful, and better than everyone when in reality she looks like a damn horse! She doesn’t know how to keep her legs closed or keep a relationship for the life of her. She cheats on all her boyfriends, then cries when they leave her. She runs back to them when she has nobody left to run to. Shes a starving aneroxic **ds case. Her cum is thick and sticky and her pussy smells like fish. You can find her down on Rideau or at the abortion clinic. She went back and forth between several guys,while she lived with her boyfriend at the time. She’s abusive, stinky and looks like shes 12! GUYS BEWARE .

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Kayleigh Harris

September 19, 2014 Ottawa 75

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Kayleigh Harris, some of vaniers finest trash. This girl sleeps around with anything that gives her the time of day. Shes a homeless bum in vanier who will stay with whoever lets her. She sleeps with different guys for a place to stay, claims she loves them 24 hours later. Not to mention has a boyfriend, another one of vaniers crackheads. Shes a pill popping junkie , filled with drdS. She acts like your friend then fcks you over as soon as someone better comes along. She lives for her next fix and will fck people over at any cost to get it. Steer clear of this pathetic excuse of a mother.

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Downtown Pepsi Head

September 16, 2014 Ottawa 184

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik this is Cody Dakota hunt otherwise known as “coco” he’s a downtown bucket who LIVES for his next fix. I’ve heard he has a kid, but am not sure on that one as he’s always f@cked up downtown. Honestly he’s one of the biggest dirtbags iv seen yet, (slept with him once and caught g**nerea from this lowlife!!!! WOMEN BEWARE DO NOT SLEEP WITH THIS TRASH, he will try to convince u to do cr*ck and shoot up !

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Vanier Trash

September 15, 2014 Ottawa 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: These girls nik are annik baron and Melanie baron vaniers finest trash. They backstab any girls that come around their man and talk shit about everyone. Annik is a compulsive liar and manipulates her bfs every move because she’s a jealous cnt. Melanie on the other hand is a lying cheating sloot, she cheats on her husband every chance she gets even though she’s fat and ugly as hell. These girls think they are gods gift to men but look at them nik lol. Would you? had to put these white trash trolls on blast cause nobody likes them and they think they’re tough because they live in the ghetto hahahah what a joke. Peace bitches!!!

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Ottawa Valley’s Finest

September 15, 2014 Ottawa 102

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is a real piece of work. Her name is Amanda Meilleur, but on weekends, you can catch her dancing at the silver dollar OR hooking around Ottawa for cheap under the name Ninna Payback. Firstly, she acts like a high end chick….but let me clarify. She has been gang banged for DIRT CHEAP. I know of some instances where she f*cked for blow. Pure f*cking trash. She BRAGS about being a stripper….who does that? This bitch is spun. Also….those eyebrows. LOL. Nik, please expose this drd carrying hoe.

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Dave Barrie

September 15, 2014 Ottawa 118

THE DIRTY ARMY: already had his 2mins of fame on here once so Id like to focus most the attention on dAVE. So this guy is a bottom feeder rat, grinder, wanna be, mule, losa! This guy needs to use a anal plug when packin cuss he’s so loose his ass got to much attention in lock down I herd he can hoop 12 bars of soap congrats bro you won everyone’s canteen $$$ this boy yes not yet a man I sware his balls have not dropped haha has no shame he has boned all of kingstons finest. At least 4 of the dirtys highlights he rob his own boys rats on his friends I could go on and on be careful when you buy Off this man his cut is kife & for little DAVE you need to put some pounds on bro come on DAVE showin you up not good not good bro rick is known for banging sMITHS fALL finest as well if they bang needles or the have scabs on there facebor nether region’s little rickys had them (last note for little DAVE the beastie boys called they want there hat bro!)

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