Pickle Smoocher Pat

June 20, 2014 Ottawa 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Patrick MacMillan. You can find him on Facebook. One of the biggest dirtbags in all of Cornwall, Ontario Canada. He lives in a tent in his sister’s backyard, not to mention he would rather spend his time doing and/or selling molly, speed and cocaine than see his child that he admits to not giving a fuck about. Has forced sex on multiple people, mainly under the ages of 16. Even though he is 22 years old. Fat. And infected. The guy is nothing but a sleazebag. He spends his time doing nothing more than wasting his ODSP check on booze and drugs, and sleeping with hoes. He has one child and another on the way. Charged with domestic & forcible confinement on his pregnant ex girlfriend. Twice. If you know this guy, you better hope you didn’t because all he does is waste an incredible amount of space & spread around gonorrhea, ch***dia & drd with his two inch cock. I’m not just saying to women either, the fcking guy’s a straight up fa**ot.

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Colleen Bentley

June 20, 2014 Ottawa 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Colleen Bentley, at it again. Working with her is a joke! She is a complete mess and at least once a week she sends out a desperate text at 3 or 4 in the morning begging for a last minute spare for her classes the next morning. We all know its because she’s a drunk and can;t get her shit together. She says shes in school to be a teacher, but how are she going to do that if she can’t pass a single class? Someone at work also go a DRD from her, so if you’ve had sex with this bush pig, get tested ASAP! She lies constantly about school, and best of all, being an heir to the Bentley car fortune! What a joke! Yeah she’s so rich, that’s why shes from Whitby haha! White trash biatch

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Kaitlin Shears

June 19, 2014 Ottawa 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is so gross, she acts like a goody two shoes but shes a total bitch. She’s got 3 drds. Couldn’t graduate school cuz she’s braindead from all the molly she pops. She cheats on her boyfriend with anyone she can get her hands on because she’s go no self esteem

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Pervert Alert

June 18, 2014 Ottawa 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This gross piece of trailer trash shit needs to go ! He hits on young girls as young as the age of 15 when he’s 28!!!!! How disgusting is that?! He sends dick pics to 15 year olds and that needs to stop. He will hit on many people at the same time saying the same things and sending the same pictures then claiming it was an accident, pathetic.

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June 18, 2014 Ottawa 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: This poor excuse of a man is Justin diamond Williams reason why there are no good girls left. this wannabe cheats on his baby mom non stop since his son has been born tells her lies and this stupid girl keeps takin him back. leave his ass!! his new thot is pregnant and doesn’t know who baby dad .so much wrong with this dude !! attention Ottawa fathers stop pretending and man up!!

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Stalker Jon Paul

June 17, 2014 Ottawa 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jon Paul, He and I were seeing each other a while back for less then 4 months back in 2013.He seemed for real and sincere at first but things changed quickly when he asked me to marry him.He was just a time filler a fling u may say. He first sleeper with my friend behind my back also became scary when I would be out he would contact all my friends and family if I decided to avoid him. I told him I wasn’t in love and wanted to stay friends he agreed for a day..then the texts started pouring in about how he is going to**ll himself and can’t go on. He became very violent and strange always showing up around my place bars I went to even friends of mine. All while sleeping with every barslut where he works.telling people I’m his wife and loves me when we are not even together. He is a stalking man whore lady’s. Well known and well hated in Ottawa for burning his bridges with people ..steer clear single moms your a free ride for this Lowlife.

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Rachel Jessup

June 16, 2014 Ottawa 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this is Rachel aka ashley Kingsley( fake facebook account with pictures of lucy pinder a uk model) this girl has over 30 fake facebook accounts she scams people for drugs and money.she has like 7 kids all were taken at birth by cas bitch is crazy she lies about everything in one conversation you can call her out on everything thing she says. People beware

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Lauren Gauthier

June 16, 2014 Ottawa 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey guys, so this little disgusting wh0re is Lauren gauthier, you’ll mostly find her down on Rideau street doing speed and MDMA, or at raves like at the cock and lion, high off her ass on Molly sucking guys dicks in the washroom, and making out with guys getting them to finger her in a sitting booth, she likes to steal guys away from other people because she’s absolutely desperate because her ex doesn’t want her, she’s been going after multiple people at once because she’s a hoe and can’t make up her mind, she also has given multiple people drd!!! So watch out ottawa, she’s diagnosed with herpes and has had probably still does have c***ydia AND she had hepotitis, don’t let her near your junk unless you want your life ruined!!! Those “zits” on her lips ain’t zits  she’s been kicked out of home because she punches her mother in the face, she’s beaten their past animals , she tells everybody to kill themselves , she pretends to commit suicide for attention, and she’s very desperate, lock up your sons and husbands , oh yeah she’ll be going after your 35 year old husbands trust me! Apparently it makes her feel “vulnerable” and she likes that, please ottawa watch out for this scene kid who’s only priorities are spreading her herpes and partying and doing drugs, this worthless girl needs to stop!

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