Ottawa | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Freeloading Drama Dyke

November 11, 2014 Ottawa 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Chrystle LeBlanc. Vanier Crack whore and west end Coke and Crack dealer. She thinks because she is a lesbian she can throw it around and use it as her excuse for everything. She freeloads off one of my neighbors causing drama throughout the project. She gets the neighborhood kids to help her harass one of our neighbors because they tried to help her and they got fed up with her trying to get close to their two year old daughter. She\’s been known to buy under-aged kids smokes and alcohol. She uses everyone that she can. And when she gets caught for the lies she tells and drama she starts she either lies to others to get them to help harass and threaten people or her defence is shes a lesbian. People have been trying to get her to leave the area. She is a burden on everyone who lives in the area. She keeps saying that she is this person or that persons guest yet she is never with the person she states she’s with. She calls the cops and security whenever she gets caught for trying to lure young children (2 and a half year olds). She claims that her son was created because her father raped her. Yet we all know hes the product from her whoring herself out for crack. If she is ” Babysitting ” the girl she freeloads off kids shes always outside mingling with the young teenagers and you can hear the kids shes supposed to be watching screaming because she’s locked them in a room and left the home.

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Biggest slut in ottawa

November 10, 2014 Ottawa 201

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hoe is biggest slut she’s online fcking for money and thinks she all that. Her names Valerie and she lives in Orleans. She’s online every night. She’s been known for drds and for doing lots of coke. She will do anything for a coke and my ex had his ass cleaned by her. She escorts because it’s the easiest way to make money and get all the dirty dicks she wants.

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Worst Mom Of The Year

November 10, 2014 Ottawa 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Charlene Lafleur. Shes the worst mother I have seen yet. She is never home. Always at her boyfriends place getting drunk and leaves her kids with people who dont bother looking after them. She doesnt care that her kids scream all night. She doesnt care who watches her kids as long as she doesnt have to deal with them and she can go get drunk and fuck her man, who makes her leave her kids with a crackhead so she can go see him because he has to work. Kids are getting drunk and high in the home that her kids are in. And shes doesnt care about her kids or their safety. She causes drama to get attention and sympathy from everyone. She recently accused one of the old Lebanese guy of molesting her. The people who took her in and fed her kids while she spoke to the cops and filed a report got nothing but called “Rats” for helping her. People should set this drunk ratchet straight not for her but for her kids sake. Before she loses it all.

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November 10, 2014 Ottawa 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Breezy. A wannabe crack dealer with more debts then a hardcore crack head. Owes enough money to buy a car a the biggest wannabe in Ottawa. She loves to drink with underage straight girls and gets them so drunk they do not know what they are doing so she can easily take advantage of them. Talks about hating hoes yet that is all she hangs out with.BIGGEST attention seeker. Will 100% talk sh*t a minute after being your best friend, pretends shes a guy but screams girl when it comes to a beef.. she has gotten a train ran on her numerous times. not many remember her past a few years back probably because she looked like a girl. I was one of the guys who ran a train on her back in the day and trust me she knows how to suck a mean d*ck!!! Her face looks like a subway cookie that has gone stale!!!also uses a woman beaters rap name.

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Part Time Dad

November 10, 2014 Ottawa 40


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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is Andrew he is the father of a beautiful little girl who he can’t be bothered to come see half the time because hes to busy chasing sluts for a booty call. He has been with at least 5 girls since his baby moms moved out and has slept with way more girls then imaginable in less then a year. The girl in the pic is his newest home wrecking hood rat girlfriend who’s name is vinessa-rose. He’s a deadbeat who has let this newest girl come between him and his daughter. One of the girls he was with before is known as a drug addict std whore so he probley has more then one std also. He’s a joke who thinks he’s all that and more. Ladies beware he will tell you everything you want to hear then when you need him most he will be running for the hills after he’s drained every dime and energy out of you.

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Dirtbag Dyke

November 7, 2014 Ottawa 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirtbag has been sleeping with a 55 year old man for a place to live. She smokes crck and shoots h*roin, she is H** positive, sleeps with men than begs them to stay with her. She has been at the abortion clinic more times than anyone can even count. Dirt sells herself out of vanier motels , you can find her all over backpages ottawa. She is a fat dirty good for nothing ugly cnt.She fcks over anyone who comes in contact wuth her in one way or another. Guys & girls, avoid this girl like tha plague.

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Mary June Model

November 3, 2014 Ottawa, Vancouver 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this one right here is the dirtiest of all the dirties on this site. Mary Hopkins stinks like shit, puke and cat urine. She doesn’t change her underwear or wash her vag. She’s done hundreds of guys and girls, all different ages, sizes and habits. She gets her ass shit packed almost daily – so dudes, if you ever see this VanDirty whore, get away. She’s crazy and will use you for money, booze and drugs – she cheats on her lame ass boyfriends all the time and steals from her men and when they tell her to get help she runs back to family in Ottawa who don’t know the dirt she’s doing in VanDirty.

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Rips and Steals from People

November 3, 2014 Ottawa, Toronto 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is going to peoples house to steal and rip people off

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