Mudflap Merkley

June 10, 2014 Ottawa 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: -Nik- This is Celsey Merkley known as street whore who’s sucks off old men for pills or money. She is the nastiest bitch I’ve ever met, she’s covered in holmemade tattoos that look like complete shit, she would fck her step dad to get money or drugs, she apperently sucked her little brother off.. She has told me these things her boyfriend is jesse and he rips off and beats every girl for money while dating Celsey he will fck other girls to get things from them and dump them off when he can’t get anything more. This girl tells people she is pregnant because some guy knocked her up but I wouldn’t doubt if she really is knocked up it’s probably from all the old men she fcks an sucks, her entire family is fcked up in the head moms a crack head, her sister gets beat by her boyfriend everyday. Both the brothers are heroin freaks and have raped young girls have been in and out of jail, and to top it all off the father just got out of jail for breaking into a tattoo shop for some revenge, they’re all ucked up and Celsey is the worst of them all to be honest…

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MTL Witch

June 6, 2014 Ottawa 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this girl is from Montreal. She came to ottawa to work. She is so jealous of me she had to dye her hair the same Color as me(red as u can see in the pic) she took the same poses as me and the same videos as me. She copied my ads. This girls wants to me be so bad!!! So I texted her saying thanks for being my first groupie I guess she got mad so she told me to come and fight her !!! Lmfao first of all I would never touch a girl like you you’re so ratchet I wouldn’t wanna dirty my beautiful hands, then she says I\’m a pssy because I don’t wanna fight her ?! But she’s the one that wants to fight not me so why am I a pssy because I\’m a mature women and I done fight?! Little tip for u hoe; I’m too beautiful and sexy you will never be me so stop trying so hard sweetie good luck. Oh and you should stop fcking for almost free you free hoe$$$$! No ass no boobs with a ugly face

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Dirtyiest Mom

June 6, 2014 Ottawa 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik! Seen this c*m bag before? Bet not. well, let me tell you a bit about this deadbeat skank. She’s 18 as of, what? 4 months ago and she has a year old daughter…. she hasnt seen her in hmmm…. 4 weeks now? ughh. She’s the WORST person to be around, she hooks in byward market infront of bearfax, waiting for all the old nasty men that come out all desperate and horny, with pockets full of cash. The reason she doesnt have custody of her kid is cause she left her little innocent, cute as FCK baby at home with her baby dads mom, to go live with KENNY MCCORMICK!!! LOL gross. She was found at 3am on rideau street with her baby, after been missing for 3 days. she had no baby food or diapers. AND her baby dads mom gave her the option of saying goodbye to her child, but instead, she went to go try and make another child with another deadbeat aka KENNY!!! caught chylamdia and GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE. She was caught coming out of “les suites” hotel, downtown with a 50 year old man and got in a cab. On her daughters birthday she had something more important to do…. maybe another client? Disgusting. She has some sick and twisted fantasies that turn her on, for instance: go yourself, she’ll still fck you if you died with a wallet in your pocket. hot eh? She a FIEND for coke. literally, she’ll suck your dick. Be verrry verrry careful of this one boys, she’ll eat you up. literally. shes gross and will probably make you rot away in your own skin.

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Woman Beater

June 4, 2014 Ottawa 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Jesse Turpin, also known as my ex. I feel that ever woman in ottawa should be aware of how sycho this guy is, he will sit there tell you je loves you and will never hurt you than in an instant when something doesnt goes his way he throws a tantrum, throws shit, starts yelling, and acting like a complete child. That i could deal with its when he started beating my cat, locking him up in a box smaller than a litter box! && kicking me in my shins and legs and slapping me in the face, claiming I pushed him to do it. Not only is he violent and aggressive hes a lier, cheater, and WILL fuck anyone of your friends or family that come along (my ex sister inlaw). He libes in V.A. and does nothing but collect welfare, smoke pot and snort perks. Beware ladys he will take all your money, fuck you, beat you and than throw you to the curb.

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Dirty Canmore Boy

June 3, 2014 Calgary, Ottawa 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dan Backmann is as dirty as they come. Tells girls lies. He is a raging alcoholic and uses girls so nothing but sex. He has not heart or feelings. He moves from city to city. Was once in Ottawa and spread drd there, now he’s fcked up there an moved on to Canmore. You poor stupid clueless girls who have spread your legs for him lol. He is a dirt bag who’s missing teeth cause of his crack habit back in Ottawa. Nothing but a drunk loser, no future. BEWARE.

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Rodrigo Camuce Revision

June 3, 2014 New Orleans, Ottawa 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: His wife Nadine Marie Middleton is just as much of a loser as he is. She’s a downtown mth head who has done DNA tests on her daughter 8 times. She told me about a time where rod put tuna on her vagina and had the cat lick it, like omfg who does that? She lives off her parents they buy her everything and they are oblivious of all the dick sucking she does to get meth. Cas was recently called on her cause she’s so mean to her poor daughter. And rod tries to be big and scares her by yelling at her. This couple is the worst and they own a shit company called tool tech which all the tools they use were stolen from homedepot where he worked before. He also claims to be a member of the bells angels and threatens everyone saying he will get them to **ll them if they are mean to him or his family! Most screwed up couple in ottawa

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Brian Timbs… just a GWC (Guy With Camera)

June 2, 2014 Las Vegas, Montreal, Ottawa 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: This creep is Brian Timbs, he advertises on Kijiji “Professional Photographer offering free Boudoir Photos”. Here are a couple adds that he has posted: As you can see from the adds, the photos are stolen from the web. He claims from one of his adds that he\’s packing up and moving his “studio” to Las Vegas. When questioned about seeing his portfolio or if he has a website, he only refers to his posts on Kijiji. Watch out ladies, all this perv wants to do is get you naked and who knows what else afterwards. He has no credentials, skill or recommendations to back up his claims.

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Brandon Lapierre

May 29, 2014 Ottawa 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy sits at home all day, dooes fck all but procrastinate about his life, he claims hes a crip born from Toronto apparently his whacko dad runs jana finch, Brandon Lapierre claimss to roll around with his “niggas” he doesnt…. all he is, is a two buck punk who has a dependency with weed he runs around and fronts weed and makes up bullshit excuses espceially to one of his so called connects \”Andy\” which he frequently calls and tells him one more week, hes a weed fiend guy cant go without a day with weed,he runs away all his friends and wonderss why its cause all you do is get stuff off friends and he even cheaps out his friends never send him to buy weed he will take some outa the bag he smells, he likes to think he the termenator but reallly whats a little white boy called- Brandon Lapierre

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