Pepsi Players

July 28, 2014 Ottawa 80

THE DIRTY ARMY: I give you Megan n Ginn.These two, OTTAWA’S PRIME SLUTS , lets start by saying one is a snitch , YEAH A RAT my boy did jail time over her . She Also has 7 kids by 7 different dad’s and will also break up a happy home if someone knows Kenny just ask him. The other thinks she is the hottest thing to walk the earth But in reality only thing hot is her drd’s , watch out for these two. they are fun at first but once you get to know them they show you the colour they really are. And if you have free blow, you will also Get a free blow.

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Baby Mama Drama

July 28, 2014 Ottawa 142

THE DIRTY ARMY: 21 years old with 4 children, now that insane . This welfare case loves having children because we all know the more kids you pop our the more child tax benift you get. If you ever been to her house, there like almost nothing for her children just a few toys. 3000$ plus welfare 900$ a month you think she buy her kids everything . She changing partner every other month, she currently with baby daddy # 2 Wade Hopskin. Did I tell you all her children have different fathers. Good job bethany jolly!

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Guun Got Um

July 28, 2014 Ottawa 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to Adrianna Sorgo & Nikki Donovan . These two people are all about the escorting life and making that extra money for more drugs. But the real question is where are your children ?? You see them posting status for the pass 2 years on going to rehab because your children mean the whole world , but yet you go to rehab just to leave 4 hours later, but you SAY this time is different because you guys have each other, but truth is you guys are both bad influence on each other. Nikki, All CAS wanted from you to do is STOP ESCORTING in your own house, how hard is that?? After having your child placed back in your care 2 Times you fcked up both of those times. Didn’t cas had to do 4 paternity test, guess the guy you were blaming for 2 years wasn’t the dad lol . Adrianna , didn’t you have your daughter in your care and was to busy doing drugs and when CAS got involved and you couldn’t give a fck getting her back, how long as it been removed outta your care LOL

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Mary June

July 25, 2014 Ottawa 21


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is my gurl mary june, i think she is super foxy and luscious i liked her better blondie. I know she cheats and turns tricks and steals stuff all the time and gave me the drd, but i really think she’ll clean up when she moves back to Ottawa full time. Vancouver is to big for her. I used to tap her sister Sarah, but now she’s working at a southern BBQ place, she got to hot for me. so I think I’ll marry mary june. what do you think nik, should I hitch up with this one?

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Slooty Fiona

July 24, 2014 Ottawa 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ottawa this is Fiona, she is out clubbing every weekend and is dirty!! Her piont of going out is to grind and makeout with as many guys as possible! She will sleep with anything that moves, i heard she loves black dick. She thinks she looks good but really fiona your nothing then a dirty flabby whore! Fact: beware of drd with is one!

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Money hungry POF predator

July 23, 2014 Ottawa 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik. Well this “mans” name is Guilliaume Girard. He goes by that or William Brown or Will girard. This man will take any women for the ride of their lives. He has been married 2 times. He took his first wife for a ride 12-13 years ago. She lost her home and had to do bankruptcy. They have a son together.Whom he has never paid a dime for. His second wife and him they have a child together and bi-law they are still married. Walks in and out of their sons life. Every time he gets a new G/F he wont bother with his son. He now has a little girl with this 3 women involved. He has never paid a dime for any of these children. He has stolen from his daughter and her mother.HE will tell the new gf he needs to get sole custody of these children. He has no custody for any of them. Nor does he have any rights to them. He has been charged for fraud (3-4 time being charged with it). Owes the mother of the daughters bank well over 4000. Not including any of the bills he used under her name. He stole money from his daughter.And bought his G/F some gifts and paid for his gas to travel to see them. He cheats on every women he dates. And plays the lets make a baby together card. His parents are in on his games and will play them with him. WATCH OUT ladies. This man has been doing this for well over 20 years and has learnt from his parents to lie. This man is BI-POLAR and has muil personalities.Make sure you keep your money and bank accounts or any personal information to you

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Manipultor Kyle Skeete

July 22, 2014 Ottawa 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! So this guy Kyle Skeete is probably the most nasty thing out there. He will screw anything that has boobs and a vag. He fantasies are to “rape” woman. He screws you but he is also going behind your back and screwing your friends. He leaves women he gets pregnant. He beats children with belts. This guy will tell you he will kill himself and drink himself away just to try and keep you in his life. He manipulates for money says things like his phone will get cut. He has a job as a limo driver and the money he gets from the people he manipulates he uses on his multiple girls. Careful ladies he will run you dry! This guy is a compulsive liar and has problems with multiple people but wont confront them…he says he is too mature to sit down and have a civil convo. Be careful men this ghetto ganster wanna be mixed guy will do whatever it takes to screw your women!

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Andrea Furlong

July 21, 2014 Ottawa 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Andrea furlong will cheat behind your back with your closest friends. Get finger fuked by a girl then get with her 32 year old bf. All whilst lying to you, crying, and denying everything. She sais she wants to change, get out of drugs… But she’s partying half naked, kissing girls putting on a show for the party hosts and taking two dicks at the same time. She is a filthy sneak around whore you should watch out for. Not the cleanest either. 19 and prefers older men and strippers.

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