Angela Collins

August 20, 2014 Ottawa 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is the most disgusting piece of shit out there. She has one child that was adopted because she is the worst mother in the world now she is pregnant with her second child. She had a boyfriend but sure enough it wasn’t his kid! This girl has even slept with her own half Brother, she admitted it to a friend when she was drunk! She’s even told me before that she thinks her brothers are hot and if they weren’t related she would smash the shit out of them! Nasty bitch right here she has had scabies and other drd! she doesn’t like to use condoms and even had sex for the first time with a guy and started her period in the middle of sex! Ewwwww!

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James Halifax

August 19, 2014 Ottawa 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This guy James Halifax is Ottawas most dirtiest pathological lier, I slept with him one night and he claimed me as lose even tho he knows I had given birth to a child. He stole my roommates prescribed meds and my meds. He is a huge drug addict. He also stole from my best friends family as he was given a spot to stay. He is a very disrespectful wannabe gangster. He thinks he can knock people out, when in reality, hes a wuss. He lied to me about his past and his life. He said he has never done drugs, that as I can see is clearly a lie. He has 4 drds. Women, beware, do not talk to this guy. He will screw you over big time. Hes nothing but a man-whore. Men, keep your women close by, he will do anything to steal them from you.

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Dirty Candy

August 19, 2014 Ottawa 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is nothing but a user, just like her ratchet little friends, she goes around acting like shes the shit! but for reals all shes is is nothing but a cock sucking whore who needs to keep her mouth shut! She lies to people just so they can feel pity and start drama for nothing. All she does is get wasted and brag about her native status. Her and her so called “friends” say that their close but they talk mad shit behind one another’s backs. She is so dirty you can smell her ratchet ass pussy from a mile away!!! i wouldnt be shocked if you caught a unknown DRD from this girl!

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Thief Nattie

August 19, 2014 Ottawa 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch Nattie is a dirty slut, she’ll fck anything that moves. She uses people for their money and liquor, she’s never had a steady job in her life. She uses her father for money and smokes. Her mom kicked her out because of stealing, matter of fact she stole a few things from me. She’s the biggest backstabber who will go behind your back and talk shit about things you told her in secret. watch out for DRD with this one!!! Make sure you run from this dirty drunk whore!!

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Dylan Pandabear

August 19, 2014 Ottawa 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This goof decides that he is goona dye his skin half black. He is half black wanna be. He makes POF accounts and badoo accounts in my best friends names. Theres a pic of him and a pic of the a male who he is using to pretend to be one of my best friends and act like him when the guy he is pretending to be and screw over is in a committed relationship and happy with his life. But the pic of this other male is FAKE not even the guy he is trying to screw over! This is Dylan Mckneely ladies no one else. This 20 year old needs to grow up he has way too much time on his hands and sits behind a screen! He is known to be a woman beater as well and a sex addict. Beware ladies of this Juggalo!!

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Cousin Dating Jordan Villeneuve

August 18, 2014 Ottawa 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: k nik so this tool bag right here is Jordan Villeneuve. i cannot believe that he hasnt been on here before, he runs around asking girls if they want his “hog” and to top it all off hes dating his fcking SECOND COUSIN. like hello and noone in the little redneck frog town of Moose Creek even sees this as an issue as they are all inbred. like stop dating your cousin and stop being such a tool bag

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Barrhaven Manslore

August 18, 2014 Ottawa 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Matt Tite, barrhaven man-whore, he’s got 3Drds, still untreated, he’s 200lbs, he thinks he’s hot shit but he’s a total loser. He’s got no education, no job, no income, nothing. Staying off drugs is his full-time job. He used to be homeless. He think’s he’s so hot he probably looks at himself in the mirror while he masturbates. He goes from girl to girl cuz he has no self-esteem. So ladies, if you wanna get herpes and dumped, this is the man to call.

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Kristopher “Kristan” Daniels

August 18, 2014 Hamilton, Ottawa 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Kristopher Daniels A.K.A Kristan A.K.A Kristen A.K.A Attention Seeking Pedophile. He think’s hes the bomb dot com because he has over 4000 friends on Facebook, he’s accused of having sex with little girls as young as 13, he’s been accused more than once, by multiple people. He sends anyone and everyone naked photos of himself because he’s clearly insecure. He doesn’t know what he is, gay, straight, bi-sexual.. it’s changed more than once. He can’t spell or speak for the life of him. He sounds like Daffy Duck. He’s a pedophile, he’s almost 19 who can’t get any better than little teenaged girls so tha’s who he preys on. He thinks he has haters when reality is, NO ONE LIKES HIM. He has NO friends, all he does is post on Facebook because he’s so desperate to become internet famous. Well here ya go Kristan, YAA made it. Bet it’s not the attention you want though . You deserve it.

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