Redheaded Ratchet

March 17, 2014 Ottawa 40 8,108 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alex Cottee, u r the sluttiest girl in all of the dt. You cant go two blocks without seeing someone u fck. ur pssy is a fishy mess and you dont shower or take out ur tampon when u fck guy. thats gross and u always go to ysb and bang the street kids, and also 50 year old mans. u have bad attitude and u dont shave your armpits and it stink!!!!! Go shower and stop steal from people who u call friend. Anyone who also fck her, comment below. we gonna get a lot of COMMENTS.

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Sadistic Summer

March 16, 2014 Ottawa 71 6,942 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Summer is a drunk, drug addicted, disease riddled sloot. She’s an escort and livecam slut, she fcks every guy that will look at her. She frequents the royal ottawa and can be found slutting up rideau street. She cheated on her boyfriend too many times to count fuking other guys in public, letting guys watch her shove beer bottles up her nasty pssy while her boyfriend is in the house. She’s lowlife scum. She used to be huge and says she lost her weight because she had an eating disorder trying to make people feel bad but really its all the crack she smokes. Noone should believe a word that comes from this hussys mouth. She’s a gold digging hoebag who will say anything and fck anyone if she thinks she’ll get something out of it. Beware of this slut, she’ll soullessly suck you dry.

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Hannah The Escort

March 16, 2014 Ottawa 41 7,218 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik - Meet the mother of the year on ‘Facebook’ Miss Hannah Crawford. You will find current post on her social network site about how mother should be spending time with there children , and not putting them in front of the television hence she has her 2 month old infant and her 2 year old son in daycare full-time so she can escort and hang in the downtown scene (homeless youth) and half the photos the boys are in front of the TV. Want to meet Hannah? You can spot her every baby bonus at the shopping centre buying clothing for her self. Then when it comes to the weekend she will be posting status if anyone could watch her sons , even with the fact that she doesn’t care who watch them, as long as someone does. here a tip Hannah, stop spending all your money on your self , because food bank is not something you should rely on, and CAS will see your true colours very soon, you just had a newborn child stop being a wh*re.

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Kayla Beddoe

March 16, 2014 Ottawa 33 7,636 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this sluts name is kayla beddoe. she’s a nasty ass hoe who looks innocent but spreads her legs for every guy that will take her. not only does she slut it up around ottawa fcking every guy she meets at her workplace walmart but whilst working she will tell anyone who listens about her conquests in other cities as well. she’s two faced, being sweet as pie in person only to turn around and stab you in the back. this bitch can’t be trusted. keep yourself drd-free and avoid this cm guzzling whore bag. she’s in a relationship with this guy ian from her work and the whole time she’s been hooking up with this guy she’s liked forever from whitby. i feel kinda bad for him. what a skank.

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Jessica Delcorvo

March 16, 2014 Ottawa 6 5,520 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hoe bag named Jessica Delcorvo is from the embrun, casselman areas . Watch out for her she tries to get into every guys pants she sees and when she does she never uses condoms , she also leaves you a nice little puddle on your bed ! She’s been with slot of men including a friend of mine who contracted an drd from her . She continues to sleep around and do a couple bumps of c*ke once in a while .

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Rideau Ratchet

March 16, 2014 Ottawa 89 8,332 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jocelyn, she been a welfare case her whole life, She is on baby #3 with no education, or any plan on getting an education . she loves the welfare system , and you can see her almost everyday with her stroller downtown , smoking weed at majors , and inviting drug attics to her apartment . She love the copy everyone idea. She cheats on her boyfriend with everyone, then when she done cheating on them he cuts him self in front of her and her son, she told me that she might be pregnant with Celina man psychie mickey (celina has no idea that he cheated on her with his ex) Jocelyn, I feel bad for your beautiful children who gonna grow up with a mother like you, a fat lazy one. Go back to school and do something with your self. and for your baby daddy, get a DNA test, she been with everyone on Rideau.

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South Side Chub

March 14, 2014 Hamilton, Ottawa 62 8,120 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is one of the biggest sluts I know. Her name is Kirsten but every one knows her as Kiki. We used to be really good friends back in the day and believe me this girl is fcked up. She has fcked and sucked all of Ottawas south end and more than a few guys in the west. She has two kids and her oldest was taken away by CAS she doesn’t even have a father for her…what a surprise. Her son still lives with her from a different dad obviously but I bet soon enough he will be taken away too.I heard shes selling drugs now and thinks shes boss cuz shes got money. She thinks shes hard body and no one can touch her but shes just some 4 foot tall fat midget. Kiki deserves to be up here karma is a bitch.. Keep you legs closed

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Night Rider

March 14, 2014 Ottawa 60 9,198 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amelie June,!!! This fatty is all about the bbc , she gives head as long as you look like chocolate . Shes known for adding guys on facebook and inviting them over so she can give them blow jobs. She abuses her mom because shes fat and demanding . she complains about headaches and says the whole world is out to get her but she just craves attention. she has pimple scars all over her face and they are nasty . Shell take your man if hes black so watch out . she also fucks cripples.

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