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Whale Wars Without Her MAC Forcefield

October 3, 2013 Paris, The Dirty 186

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Whale Wars was spotted in Paris without her MAC forcefield and OMG… look at that pizza face. Just when I thought she couldn’t get uglier haha. My boyfriend said she was hot the other day but he sure changed his mind after seeing this.

There you go America… that whale is what you think is a SUPER MODEL. She represents us to other countries. No wonder the French laugh at us.- nik

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Nabilla Is Not Close To Perfection

September 24, 2013 Paris, The Dirty 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, DA strong for years, after seeing Nabilla or one of her underlings post her picture proclaiming perfectness it got me a little excited, I don’t think I’ve seen a brunette on Elviras level for a long time (swordcase is a 7.7 only due to the ITG). But unfortunately like most that have been submitted a simple google search chattered any real potential here especially after they set up the expectations.  Not only is she soft and probably pushing 170 but she has a tattoo of an Asian symbol on her sagging refund gapped chest, fake eyebrows and could probably play a song with the noise her thighs make when rubbing. I’m sure a few white Knights will defend her by proclaiming these are terrible candid images so everyone please go ahead and look for yourselves online.

All I see is the perfect Hilton Logo. Nabilla is a walking throwback billboard for the Hilton’s.- nik


The World’s Best Brunette

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The World’s Best Brunette

September 21, 2013 Paris, The Dirty 121

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a model from France I see on FB, Nabilla Benattia. I know you dislike the dark haired women of the world but man this one is hard to rip up. She has a great body and ITG so she has a chance but I’m curious what you would think of her.

The only thing I find attractive about her is the smoothness of her forehead… I actually wish her hair was shorter, it comes off really fake.- nik

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Shauna Sand Is Not Who I Thought She Was

May 17, 2013 Hollywood, Paris 0

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! I am so happy I listened to your show with Shauna. She is totally not the person I assumed she was, solely by the media coverage of her (pics of her having sex in public, etc) I thought she would be an absolute bubble head, but she obviously is well educated and is really straight forward and super chill. I think she is a great lady who is totally honest about what she does and who she is. Thanks for showing us the real Shauna, and also making Farrah look like a ignorant white trash sl*t once again! lol

Media loves to shape people.- nik

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French Reality TV Star Caroline

February 12, 2013 Paris, The Dirty 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik! Here is a famous beautiful girl, well-known in France, her name is Caroline and she’s about 22. Just would like to know what you think about her. In my opinion, I think she’s just stunning.  But my opinion doesn’t really matter.  So what is the verdict here?

I like what I see so far… tell me more. Does she smell?- nik

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King Of Party’s

December 11, 2012 Manchester, Muncie, Paris 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik I may seem like a coward for doing this but I don’t know how else to deal with it and I want to help other men and woman going through the same thing. Hopefully this will prevent it from ever happening again. Meet the asshole known as Nathan Zahn. For the past decade he has been sleeping with men and woman while knowingly having herpedrds and passing it along to these people. The sad part is that herpes sometimes doesn’t show up for 6 months to a year so by the time people catch it they don’t know where it came from and more than likely pasted it to another partner. As I’ve now found out it is illegal to keep such information from someone you are sleeping with, I will be taking legal action against him and now he will be forced to pay for the medication I now have to take to stop outburst. I suggest that any of you that have slept with this man and now have herpes to also take action. This is wrong on so many levels and this guy needs to be seen for who he really is. He is a selfish liar that puts other people’s lives at risk for his own pleasure. It is truly sickening. I hope this information will help the rest of you going through it and maybe even stop some of you from making a life altering decision.

Nice comb forward oldie.- nik

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Would You

December 5, 2012 Paris, Would You? 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: My question to you Nik is would you to either?

Answer: No, they’re both Mac pros, covering the amount of face they do gains experience quickly.

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I Totally Agree With Nik Richie About Lance Armstrong

October 17, 2012 Dirty Athletes, Hollywood, New York, Paris, The Dirty 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m totally with you about Lance Armstrong being the biggest scam in sports history.  My mother and father both died of Cancer and for the past few years I have donated every year to the LiveStrong foundation.  I’ve been a huge supporter of Lance because I could totally relate to him and his pain.  But now to know that piece of sh*t got Cancer due to all the steroids and illegal PEDs he was putting in his body and it makes me sick for all the donations I have given.  I lawyer’d up this morning and fired off a lawsuit against LiveStrong and demanding my money back.  I’m not supporting this lying piece of sh*t. Nik please help me and other to file a class action Lawsuit against Lance Armstrong and LiveStrong.

I never trusted this guy. There was something about his name and face that made me think con-artist.- nik

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