Hot French Chick

May 12, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Paris, The Dirty 8 8,372 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, what do you think about this girl, isn’t she beautiful? I know you don’t like red-haired girl, but I think she’s really more gorgeous than a lot of blonds or brunette chicks, so what’s your opinion?

She can stay in Paris, I have no use for her.- nik

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Angry Frenchmen Sues Google

March 5, 2012 London, Paris, The Dirty 8 6,638 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is hilarious.  Some dude is sueing google for snapping a pic of him peeing in his garden.  One of those street view cars caught a frenchmen with his pants down and he is now sueing for 10,000 euros.  Personally I think he should be going for more, one of those cars costs more then 10,000 euros.  Nik do you think it would be a smart idea for me to do something embarrassing infront of a google maps camera in hopes of cashing in?? I think it could work or I could pretend to be one of the guys in the secoind pic and try and cash in.

Google will win because peeing in public is illegal.- nik

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French Porta Potty Aging With Greatness

March 1, 2012 Paris, The Dirty 9 9,146 Views

French Porta Poty aging with Greatness

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is a recent pic of our French Soccer Prostitute.  So what does your inner soccer star say about her and when is she going to get the coveted title of Dirty Celeb?

We should make her a Dirty Celeb… it will only help her business. Names?- nik

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France Needs A Dirty Celeb

January 31, 2012 Paris, The Dirty 19 9,374 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Zahia Dehar. She got famous in France for being an underage prostitute for the French soccer team. Now she’s like a real celebrity with famous people photographing her and her own lingerie line. I find her Dirty Celeb worthy.

She is not a real celebrity, she is a prostitute.- nik

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Former French Prostitute Zahia Dehar Is Making A Comeback

January 29, 2012 Paris, The Dirty, Would You? 19 6,742 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Zahia Dehar is gorgeous, she looks like a little Barbie. I’m quickly becoming obsessed with her! She’s almost flawless, her implants are a little too high and she looks like she’d be a real b*tch. She was busted years ago for being a prostitute in France, sleeping with the rich & famous over there, while she was underage. Despite that stigma she’s making a come back with her modeling. Would you Nik?

Answer: No, I fear her neck cords… I couldn’t choke (cords make for terrible grip) her bed so her thin frame is pointless to me.

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Scumbag Or A Genius

January 10, 2012 New York, Paris, The Dirty 24 7,703 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Have you seen this video yet Nik? Its a video of some guy grabbing 1000 girls boobs in public and it is pretty unreal. I wonder what this guy even said to this girls to make this go down, how is he not in jail and why he didn’t shoot for more girls with +2′s? So what are you thoughts on this…. Is this dude a scumbag or a genius?

Anyone can touch a girl from Budapest.- nik

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Tell Me What To Do

January 8, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Paris, The Dirty 43 5,455 Views

Tell me what to do.

THE DIRTY ARMY: I need your advice, Mr. Richie. In many circumstances, I disagree with the way that you treat people, but this time I need your brutal honesty to save my relationship. My fiance is the love of my life. Him and I worked very hard to be together including changing cities and careers to make it work. I’ve got a serious problem. So far, I consider myself to be averagely pretty with a curvy (about 125 pounds at 5’8”) figure. The issue is that want to be very pretty, but every time I suggest having “work done” to my fiance like getting breast implants, having a lip augmentation, ext., he always vehemently disagrees. He pleads with me not to. Please don’t misunderstand, we have plenty of money. I work very hard and so does he. I talk constantly about getting “work done” so that I feel prettier, but he says that I’m beautiful just the way I am, and that he would be very upset if I attempted to change anything. I know that I’m pretty, but I know that with I little bit of work done, I could be very sexy. But here is the REAL issue: Lately, we haven’t been having sex. I mean NO SEX. No sexual contact of any kind. I beg for it, but he just isn’t interested. My first idea was that he was cheating on me, but believe me when I say that it is an impossibility. He has no time for it. I’ve dated cheating men, I’m not an idiot. He isn’t cheating. We are either at work or together. If I had to guess, I would say that it is because he is too tired or depressed. I’m trying, I swear. I’m always asking if he would like a blow-job, ext., but he just thanks me and apologizes. Is it me? Is it him? I love him and I know that he loves me. We’re so solid. We’re so happy. What do I do? I just want to feel sexy again. Everyone else I’ve dated, I’ve had to fight off constantly. How can he be so uninterested in sex and yet when I suggest making myself sexier, he seems to be totally against it? Like I said, I usually think that you are too harsh but this time I know that I need your honesty. I just want him to want me again. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it. Please don’t post my personal pictures. I’ll die. To Nik Richie Only: I submitted a photo of myself in a bikini this summer (I’m sorry that it isn’t good quality), a photo of my face, and a photo for you to post on the website. FYI: I’m a brunette with a 34B bust, 25 inch waist, 36 inch hip, no gap between my thighs, cellulite that I’m trying very hard rid of, and no tan because I don’t want skin cancer. I wish I could look like Shayne. I’m begging you, don’t post the pictures of me. I swear to God I’m not a sh*t head. I work so f*cking hard at not being a sh*t head. I just want to be happy. Please.

My honest answer is that you need to be selfish. Sex in a relationship is based on love and need. In my mind when the sex ends so does the relationship. From what I have read he is not your soulmate and only a friend says, “you are perfect and don’t need work done”. I personally think you need 3 separate procedures. Email me to discuss [email protected]- nik

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Be Gentle

January 6, 2012 Paris, The Dirty 36 9,196 Views

Be gentle!

Be gentle!

Be gentle!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Love your website. Just got into it this year but I am already soo hooked! Anyway, this is a self post (finally got the courage) & I’m wondering if you could give me some advice! I’m only 17 so I’m not asking would you. Please be gentle.

Ask me again when you are 18. I don’t have time for kids.- nik

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