Take A Second Look At Zahia Dehar’s Beat Face

July 12, 2011 Paris, The Dirty 10 8,189 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, since I saw a recent post featuring the striptease video of Zahia Dehar. There’s a reason they focused on her body and not her face. Unless she has dim lighting or hair covering most of her face, the chick is totally busted. Unfortunate with an ass like that. Definitely needs a nose job. Hate to break it to everyone.

I know this… she is all body. From what I have heard, she barely even has nipples (smaller than a dime).- nik

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Zahia Dehar Has The Most Perfect Body Ever

July 9, 2011 Paris, The Dirty 37 13,099 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think this hooker is worth every penny! Check out this video and tell me you would not… ya exactly you can’t Nik because she has such an amazing body its crazy.  Anyway I bet she’d make a great nanny.  What you think?

I have a feeling she is out of my price range. Putting her on TheDirty payroll could bankrupt the company.- nik

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Update On The French Soccer Team’s Prostitute

July 4, 2011 Paris, The Dirty 18 9,284 Views

French Soccer Team’s Prostitute - Update

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Update on French Soccer Team’s Prostitute: Not bad, aging gracefully. What do you think she getting for a night? Starting at such a young age, I figured her shelf life would be over at 25, but I guess she is proving me wrong. What do you think? Da Strong 100.

I heard from paying sources that you can negotiate her down to a thousand euro.- nik

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Wackiest Douchebag Ever

June 13, 2011 Paris 0 7,684 Views

wackiest douche bag ever

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this absurd wacko loves to pretend he’s god’s gift to women when he ‘s a pathetic excuse for a human being , always asking for money , he has a 1 year old son who he doesn’t see at all and doesn’t provide for. He fancies himself as dangerous and a psychopath, but only preys on women.

That’s not true, he also preys on guys who have a free couch at their house.- nik

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Your Hot European Brunette

May 28, 2011 Paris, Stockholm, The Dirty 2 9,691 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Nik. I’ve seen that you’re looking for a hot brunette and this is a Swedish girl living in Paris. Her name is Nicoline and she works as an Abercrombie Model and is the hottest brunette IVE ever seen. I think she’s perfect, and would definitely fit into your brunette position. Here are some pictures of her as a brunette and as a blonde, which she was before.

She looks kind of old, but I would still give her a chance to interview for my nanny position.- nik

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French Sloot, Zahia Dehar

March 15, 2011 Paris, The Dirty, Would You? 31 6,015 Views

French Sloot Zahia Dehar

French Sloot Zahia Dehar

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, in early 2010 then-underage sloot Zahia Dehar was found out to be sleeping with three members of the French soccer team. She was a baby prostitute. Recently she has been in a few photoshoots and seems to be trying to become a celebrity. She loves to get pictures taken and is a total attention-wh*re. Apparently the soccer players would jet her places and spend a LOT of $$$$$ on her. I know you love some nice +2s on a skinny blonde, and she is now 19, so would you?

Answer: No, her nose defies logic and her uni-boob is natural. It seems like the older she gets the uglier she becomes.

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Euro Brunette That I Think You Would

March 7, 2011 Paris, The Dirty, Would You? 5 7,074 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a fashion blogger I follow, not sure her real name but she’s absolutely gorgeous. I know she’s not really your style, but I think I may have found one that you might consider….Aside from being down with the purple crayon, would you with this Euro Brunette?

Answer: Undecided. Does she really shave her armpits? I kind of dig this chicks vibe.

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Chump Aresnault Small Cust

February 11, 2011 Fish Lips, Paris 3 6,050 Views

Chump Aresnault small cust fuck

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok for starts this guy thinks he is the biggest french pimp that ever lived even though he’s only hooked up with four chicks all dragons. This guy f*cked his best friend of four years girlfriend. oh did i mention the guy beats off while chocking him self, how pathetic. What else can i say about his character, the only pussy he got was the left overs from his homie, the guy would fuck his own beast of a mother if he had the chance. He has to be the biggest loser i know he lives on his own and still has to get his parents to do everything for him….What a stain.either way ladies if you see this guy out at the bar stay back i know for a fact he has herpies and lies about it. oh thats the fat wh*re victoria peppin in the picture.

His ears automatically make me think he falls into the Forgy French stereotype.- nik

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