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Chump Aresnault Small Cust

February 11, 2011 Fish Lips, Paris 3

Chump Aresnault small cust fuck

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok for starts this guy thinks he is the biggest french pimp that ever lived even though he’s only hooked up with four chicks all dragons. This guy f*cked his best friend of four years girlfriend. oh did i mention the guy beats off while chocking him self, how pathetic. What else can i say about his character, the only pussy he got was the left overs from his homie, the guy would fuck his own beast of a mother if he had the chance. He has to be the biggest loser i know he lives on his own and still has to get his parents to do everything for him….What a stain.either way ladies if you see this guy out at the bar stay back i know for a fact he has herpies and lies about it. oh thats the fat wh*re victoria peppin in the picture.

His ears automatically make me think he falls into the Forgy French stereotype.- nik

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Gian Bacardi Heir To The Rum Empire Goes To Rehab

January 4, 2011 Dirty Athletes, Paris, The Dirty 16

Gian Bacrdi heir to the Rum Empire goes to rehab for mental conditon and drug abuse. Is there still hope !

Gian Bacrdi heir to the Rum Empire goes to rehab for mental conditon and drug abuse. Is there still hope !

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Gian Bacardi  (The fat one) heir to the Bacardi Rum empire was sent to rehab for booze, drugs and disturbing emotional problems. His mother has tried every boot camp in the USA with no results. She too suffers from deeply rooted depression, prescription drug abuse, suicide attempts, and illegal drug use. The Bacardi only son has gained more than 100 pounds escalating his weight to over 300 lbs,which makes it impossible for him to fulfill the RUM BUM race car dream. He can no longer fit in the tight drivers race cage,leaving his father no recourse than to ban him from the team. Go to and read all the very latest on Gian. We send him our best and hope that he will return to society making a difference. The recent photos of him (number 13) depict the HUGE boy next to his trainer.

Nothing ever skips generations. If you get a chick pregnant who has serious mental illnesses like a Dina Lohan for example, your kid is going to be jacked in the head. So gentlemen please choose your host carrier wisely.- nik

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Nik, Can You Guess What Kind Of Drugs She Was On

November 30, 2010 Paris, The Dirty 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I came across this video… you gotta see this! This girls is retarded, I wonder what she was on! What do you think about this!  I know you prob aren’t into drugs but what do you assume she was on?

I love all the little kids running around. It is obvious that she mixed Zyprexa with alcohol.- nik

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What The Hell Is Going On In Other Countries

November 4, 2010 Paris, The Dirty 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you explain this to me? What the hell is going on here?  Crazy Europeans, do you think the guy is on any drugs?

All he wants is his freedom… is that too much to ask for?- nik

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NBA Player Nicolas Batum’s Girlfriend Is A Grenade

August 13, 2010 Dirty Athletes, Paris, Portland, The Dirty 117

NBA Nicolas BATUM & girlfriend Melanie

NBA Nicolas BATUM & girlfriend Melanie

NBA Nicolas BATUM & girlfriend Melanie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m glad to introduce you to big Melanie, Batum’s girlfriend, I believe she is french and she is now living with him in Portland. She always been dating basketball players, and dated him just before he got drafted …hmmm LUCK ?? lol.  Shes is kinda fat, got +2′s, and had her lips done. As for her nose i’m not sure. Tell me what you think, and do you think the young French NBA Player made a mistake with this one.

This is a HUGE mistake… I really think she weighs 4 pounds more than the tiger.- nik

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Lance Armstrong Has Taken More Steroids Than Any Jersey Guido

July 26, 2010 Dirty Athletes, Paris, The Dirty 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Lance Armstrong tried making another comeback this year at The Tour De France but this time it was different because he has so many people saying how he has taken steroids in the past when he won 7 tour de Frances in a row.  Well he finished 23rd this year, and most of the bicyclist are saying he did so bad because he wasn’t on steroids.  And it makes sense how could you dominate so much then suck when you get drug tested.  Cancer or no cancer that f*cker cheated and his whole career is a scam, Nik you’re not afraid to speak the truth, what do you think, juice or no juice?

Lance, just retire and go away.  The more attention you bring to yourself the worse it is going to get.  I believe Lance Armstrong was on performance enhancers for his entire career until now.  I also think Tiger Woods was on performance enhancers and he paid his wife and Rachel Uchitel to shut up.  It is crazy to see the drop off.- nik

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Frank Ribery Might Be Have To Serve 3 Years In Prison

July 25, 2010 Dirty Athletes, Dirty News, Hollywood, Paris, The Dirty 36

She's the beautiful monster

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, 1st of all DA strong 1 year long!  Can u believe this man chin beat face 12 year old boy body with +2′s prostituting is gonna give french soccer athlete 3 yrs in the slammer!  France is still investigating and NE-YO’s name has been brought up! Also, shes milking the attention by appearing on covers like a true pro would.  Nik, whats up with stars slaying AND paying for beatness like this when they know theres a 99% chance of them being caught? Click Here To Read Full Story

She must have charged him full price for sure and probably extra to keep her eyes open.- nik

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Ne-Yo Slept With The French Soccer Team’s Prostitute

July 22, 2010 Hollywood, Paris, The Dirty 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m a huge fan of and I remember the post you put up a few months back about the 16 year old prostitute that pretty much ruined out French National Futbol team.  Well I live in Paris, and I was reading the newspaper today and R&B Singer Ne-Yo is suspected is sleeping with the 16 year old as well.  Are you surprised she made her way through some singers?  Does this prostitute have f*cking parents?

Don’t believe anything you read in the French papers… they said Brock’s Chick was hooking up with Edward from Twilight.- nik

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