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Creepy Professor From UPenn

November 17, 2014 Manhattan, Penn State, Philadelphia, The Dirty 226

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is my professor at UPenn, Stefan Al. He messaged me on okCupid! and it was obvious that he was on that site for a hookup. I also saw him on tinder but blocked him immediately. He is obviously trolling these free sites for a lay. Does he not care that he is a professor? That is just beyond creepy. It’s safe to say, I will not be taking any future courses with him. He’s old enough to be my dad!

Stefan Al dresses like Kanye West.- nik

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Marlee Silverstein From Penn State

July 22, 2014 Penn State, The Dirty 48


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Marlee Silverstein. She’s a sorority girl at Penn State. She’s originally from Miami, Florida. I happen to think she’s sexy enough to deserve everyone’s attention. What do you think of her? How does she measure up?

Some +2′s will totally enhance her smile. She is still normal looking to me.- nik

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A Hidden Forum: Eating Disorders Gone Viral

March 12, 2014 Penn State, Philadelphia, The Dirty 159

You gotta love the music. I had a lot more to say in this interview, but I was edited down. But I do take responsibility for my actions and I apologize for creating this Thigh Gap phenomenon.- nik

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Tori the Coke Snorting Slut

November 8, 2013 Dirty DUI, Penn State, Pittsburgh 46

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Victoria Atkinson, also known as Tori. She is a nasty slut that pretty much fuks every guy she meets. She fcked me within the first 2 hours of meeting her. Her and her roommate Kayla live in Bloomfield and have big drug parties, doing every drug you can think of and fuking every guy they meet. Tori lives in Bloomfield and can be found fcking guys for coke in Sonny’s Tavern. She’s a lying bitch and a total sociopath and just lost her license because she got a DUI. Her body count is easily over 200. Give Tori some Molly or some cke and she’ll fck you good.

She’s gunna be all photoshop from here on out.- nik

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Nickolas and Michelle Claypoole, Swinging for Jesus

April 4, 2013 Penn State, Pittsburgh 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik your not even going to believe this shit. This sick fucking pervert works with me at a window company in cranberry called traco. We both work security. This weirdo fck left his phone on the table of the office one night when he was ushering in a trailer. We all looked at his phone and he had some sick ass shit on it. I mean damn. he is married to Michelle Claypoole so we all thought he was straight. WRONG He has TONS of craigslist adds in the male for male section. They read that he wanted a man to fck his baby ass while he sucks cock and gets his face pissed on. That he loves it when someone takes a shit and he watches them. What is that?
He sells his wife’s panties on eBay. But this is the kicker. He preaches Jesus at work 24/7. Brags about going to church and wants to become a youth minister or youth adviser. Nic Is a mess. Him and Michelle drink all the time. I mean they live in the local dive bars when they are not at work. We took the pics off of his phone and they are pics of him and his buck tooth wife partying,yet get on his facebook and it is all about Jesus. This guy is a fcking clown Post this piece of shit. If anything is this someone we really want working with children at church. Unless our kids want to be watched while taking a shit I would think this is not the person we want trying to cram Jesus down our childrens throats.

That beer sign in the house isn’t very Christian-like.- nik

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Allergic To Rubber

March 28, 2013 Penn State, Pittsburgh 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This sack of shit, Mark Fidei, loves to f*ck randoms without protection and claim no responsibility for his actions. He has 1 confirmed and several maybe daddy babies. He f*cked a hoodrat who has been passed around like a stiff cumrag in an inner city Compton prison! He stalks women and tries to control them, he acts like a nice guy then gets his possesive fangs in you and dosen’t let go! You can find him any nite of the week slinging cards in the poker room because he is a unmotivated broke ass loser. LADIES!!! I hope you have your wallets because this broke ass f*ck will make you go dutch on that $3 appetizer. This asshole refuses to wrap it up so no telling what are festering down there! He thinks he is funny and sarcastic but his personality is more like an awkward pimpled faced teen with his first erection. Nik, PLEASE get the word out and warn women about this toxic disease floating between Pittsburgh and Greensburg.

That’s a pretty small box…- nik

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Would You Party With These Penn State Chicks

January 10, 2013 Penn State, Pittsburgh, Would You? 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik these two girls, Caitlin and Cassie are total whores. They walk around and have sex with everyone. I’ve had them, my roommate has and i am pretty sure atleast 3 other guys in my frat have. Around Penn State they are known for getting wild and pretty much being the definition of “party with sluts”. So Nik, would you?

Answer: No, their 2-for-1 outfits are unflattering and show off their pits.  They should stick to their appropriate layering for their body.

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Penn State Back Up QB Steven Bench Has Some Serious Game

November 7, 2012 Dirty Athletes, Penn State, The Dirty 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so big man on Penn State campus is back up QB Steven Bench and even though he hasnt seen that much playing time, people are giving him more attention than ever due to his game – with the ladies. One broad in particular is semi celeb Maria Valentino… First of all – Who is she?! Apparently he has confirmed multiple times that they are together! Ive tried to find every possible reason to hate her and the only thing I can come to is that she’s too damn perfect. What I want to know is why would this high profile woman even be messing with a college freshman??  Besides the fact that he is so sexy and has a huge career in front of him, obvi.

Maria must be a Vampire.- nik

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