The Big Dirty Kaylee Ransom

March 20, 2014 Langley, Penticton 13 8,526 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I searched, And searched, and searched, and to my amazement, I never found this disgusting excuse for a human being. I present to you, “The Big Dirty” Aka, Kaylee Ransom, Or Kaylee Rose, Or Kaylynne Ransom Kaylnne Rose. Im sure she changes her name so nobody can find her on Facebook that is looking for her. She took being a Hoe, To a Hoe Nutha Level! I met this girl on POF, And she was Staying Penticton BC, and was in a little trouble and needed some help, So me being the nice guy I am, drove an hour from Kelowna to go get her, and give her a couch for a little while. When we got to my house, we put on a movie and within 20 minutes she was taking her clothes off and on her back. (Shoulda seen the red flag right there, But pussy blinds a guy sometimes) She ended up being a friend of my brothers and i asked him if she was cool and he said yes so after a few days we decided to be a couple. I brought her over to a friends house and we got really drunk and had sex in my buddys bedroom. and when we were done, she walked out of the room, cuddled up with my buddy on the couch and told him she needs more… and then kissed one of the other guys… So I dumped her ass right then and there. The fallowing 7 days, She banged 6 guys! This girl has 2 kids of which she lost because she’s clearly a horrible parent, Loves to fill her face with pepsi and the “D”, Shes a pathological Lier, I swear she lies just to be saying something, Lies such as she models for victoria’s secret… and she was in playboy and did porno’s. And she makes 1000$ an hour when she does, but she cant afford to put a roof over her head or food (Other then a protein blast from the “D”) in her mouth. She’s a 1up type person, If you’ve done something, she’s done bigger and better. This girl gets around so much that I have to mention all the city’s she’s hoed around in. Edmonton, White Rock, SURREY, Penticton, and Kelowna. MY FELLOW BROTHERS, DONT EVEN WRAP IT! RUN THE OTHER WAY! What do you think Nik?

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Used Up By 18

February 17, 2014 Kelowna, Penticton 262 11,269 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So if your from penticton then you have probably seen this nasty meth head Sabrina Bille she has been used by young and old more then the bus has, she is hated by almost everyone she knows including her own family. She gets passed around for drugs by old men and has this gross smell of rotting semen. When ever I see her I cant do anything but shake my head and laugh because she thinks she cool because she does meth and fucks old men hahaha Oh Sabrina you need to get help and get clean .. in more ways then one. A few months back she wrote this big huge lie on facebook claiming how the cops were saying they were going to blow her head off when she got pulled over with a known meth dealer every single one of her “friends” called her out as a liar and as a junk and all she could say was “ill smash you if you keep talking shit” and then went onto say how she stuck her drugs up her pu**y so they couldn’t find them hahah wow you are SUPER cool Sabrina. This girl also thinks shes going to be famous for her singing pfft please you would have to have some sort of talent for that, just because your other junky friends think its good doesn’t mean jack shit. Please go back to where ever you came from penticton doesnt need anymore people like you.

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Sheena Davisson AKA Courtney the Escort

January 23, 2014 Kelowna, Penticton 556 16,799 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Sheena Davisson..AKA Courtney the prostitute at Beach Bunnies in Kelowna BC..she drives up from Penticton BC every Friday and Saturday to Bang Dirty old Married Men at Beach Bunnies Whore house in Kelowna BC instead of spending time with her kids…..her dead beat BF Jamie St Hilaire is her Handler…hes a waste of skin and does not function as adult man…. Here Is Sheena Davissons ad as Courtney. Sheena Likes to bare Back it whens shes out hoeing it up…its fair notice that the cold sores she gets may be more than simple cold sores Both Sheena Davisson and Jamie St Hilaire are dead beat Parasites…its only fair that the wives and husbands in Penticton BC know the company they are keeping

B.0.B or cameraman???- nik

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Lyndsey Is a Liar

November 22, 2013 Kelowna, Penticton 15 6,469 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Lyndsey Fridleifson (left), the craziest woman in the Kootenays. This woman has no morals. She feeds off her baby daddy’s paychecks and lives in his parent’s basement because she doesn’t want to work. She tells charities and food banks in the area that she is a struggling single mother to get free food and groceries when that is hardly the case at all. She steals from CHARITY, from people who actually need it! And then doesn’t hesitate to use the money to buy herself clothing, or get her nails done. She also victimizes herself to the end. She will tell everyone around her that her baby daddy is a drug addict who abuses her when she doesn’t get her way. She will tell strangers at the grocery store that her brothers, aunt, and other family members abuse her horribly for no reason, and that shes anorexic. She exploits her own mothers death to get what she wants. This woman has no morals, no boundaries, and there is no stopping her from getting what she wants! Don’t believe anything she says!! Please inform the world of this poor excuse of a mother!

You’re too kind submitting such a dated picture.- nik

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Train Wreck Tara

June 6, 2012 Kelowna, Penticton 126 6,497 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this nasty wh*re’s name is Tara Hamilton. She used to live in Penticton, BC. But her nasty actions forced her to move to Kelowna. This coke head finds it really attractive to date boys that are closer to her daughter’s age then her own. Her kind of a successful job is being an escort. Don’t be fooled by her “appealing” looks, because I’m more then sure no sexually transmitted disease looks good on anyone. Her vagina is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. If barbie were addicted to drugs and youngins im pretty sure this is what she would look like. She enjoys flaunting her pierced and tattoed vag to anyone she comes in contact with, and thinks fried blonde extensions look good. This used and abused “Mother” needs to grow up. She enjoys taking little boys lives and using them for babies and money…. Attractive hey? I think NOT. She would rather use her child taxes on partying rather than supporting her kids. She has hit rock bottom more then once and still continues these sk*nky, low life actions. I used to party with her, but i got sick of seeing this dead beat wh*re of a mom. I suggest to stay away from this loose as* bitch, and find a women that doesnt open up her body to anything that has money.

Canada needs to exterminate Kelowna. The air is not right up there.- nik

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