Philadelphia | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Stripper & Escort Mom

July 21, 2014 Philadelphia 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so here we have Carisa Wynn Benner; a stripper, escort, sugar baby and whore since the age of 18. She strips at the (fully nude) Go Go Rama in New Jersey under the name TEAGAN. Carisa desperately needs a reality check. Not only is she still stripping in her mid 30’s but is addicted to plastic surgery. She has had a nose job, chin implant, cheek implants, permanent lip enhancement, an entire mouth of veneers, breast implants, butt implants and who knows what else that we don’t know about. She has everyone fooled into thinking she only works trade shows for Century 21 selling Solar Energy (along w other girls from the club) for some grimy old man she met at the club. She “lives for likes” on FB and if she doesn’t get enough likes on one selfie, she’ll post a new one w/in an hour. The reason for putting her on blast is not only to let everyone know what Carisa REALLY does for a living but to knock some sense into her and make her realize how her lifestyle is affecting her beautiful little 3 year old daughter. Her daughter is constantly being shuffled from one house to the next so she can go get naked and vacation. She also loves her ecstasy and pepsi and has no shame doing it with her daughter in the house or bringing multiple men; including her sugar daddy around this sweet innocent child. I mean really, who takes their daughter along on escorting escapades with their sugar daddy? Please tell Carisa that it’s time to let go of the pole and start acting like a mother!

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Middle Aged Philebrity Chode Hipster

July 20, 2014 Philadelphia 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, It’s high time someone finally got around to calling out small dicked Joey Sweeney. Back in the 90′s he was a music writer for a fee weekly here in Philly. Because people actually read weeklies back then, Joey’s ego inflated and 20 years later he’s still utterly insufferable. He’s been reduced to writing for a second tier gossip blog called Philebrity, yet somehow his sneering, smarmy inflated self entitlement has only grown. Sweeney is seen as personifying the condescending Philly hipster douche. I mean, when he’s standing on the street, people will literally drive by and scream “hipster douche” at him. He thinks it’s ironic. But Nik, it IS ironic because the dude is in his 40s. Lurking around PYT, clenching a PBR, trying to pickup drunk boys old enough to be your kid by trying to show off a shitty Bandcamp page is fcking pathetic. While most people are grossed out by this ugly, sweaty, aging wannabe hipster creep, I feel sorry for him. Deep down he’s disturbingly insecure. He’s insecure about not being perceived as relevant as he grows old, coupled with a horribly conflicted sexuality, a fat kid complex and a famously rumored small penis. (Yes, Philly’s biggest little chode is said to actually HAVE a stumpy little chode) But I know the Dirty isn’t about feeling sorry for creepers, so you know what? Fuck him. He\’s an embarrassment to Philly’s music scene, its press, its gay community, its aging Gen X population and its hipster kids.

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Delilah’s Slore

July 7, 2014 Philadelphia 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Susan Collantes AKA tootsie, AKA Suzy. She’s a nurse by day and stripper by night. She is supposed to only serve drinks but has been caught many times give lap dances to managers. She dates multiple men, and currently a married man. She leaves her son with her mother while she runs around north philly. Her best friend often shares her husband with her. She is a gold digger with no standards. She once gave a guy Chl***iya and then denied it when he showed up at her job to confront her. Watch out for this one, Sheep in wolves clothing!!

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Philly’s Nasty Cheater and Thief

July 2, 2014 Philadelphia 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jamil “Small Professor” , is Philadelphia’s biggest phony and crook. He’s damn near 30 and doesn’t even know how to drive. It\s recently been learned that he has solicited prostitutes and been involved in check card scams which resulted in him also being Philadelphia’s brokest man. He was engaged to be married that was until she found out about ALL of his secrets. The latest was that h’s been sleeping with his married baby\’s momma, Benessa. Perhaps the nastiest thing, is the picture of the cold sores on his lips. He says their from stress but after learning about the prostitute and the married baby mama, I think we can all detect where they might be coming from. Below is a picture of him and his nastiness and a picture of his trifling baby momma, who is married, with tree kids by three different men. Beware of these two disgusting individuals. Trash clearly belongs with trash. Also, is a voicemail from the baby momma who boasts about sleeping with him to his fiancee. She’s a real class act.

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Beware at PBR

June 25, 2014 Philadelphia 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wanna be a Buckle Bunny? All you have to do is blow Chris Hunter. He seemed so nice when we were talking  to him at the bar before he grabbed both my ass and my girlfriend’s ass at the same time and offered her a job.No thanks “dude” Not even on a good day.

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Sherri Thomson Cheated on me

June 20, 2014 Philadelphia 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name – Sherri Thomson/Sherri Thompson. She is divorced have 11 years old daughter. We met online and we started dating. She lives in North East,Maryland with her parents. Everything was good between us but whenever we met, she cries and she demanded money ,shopping, fill the gas and dinner. she always come with her aunt. She borrowed more then 10 thousand dollars in cash and top of it shopping and fill gas on her car. I felt she is changing for me, she started ignoring me. I always asked if she is talking to someone, she always told she is not talking to anybody. but i had a doubt, she told me she does not have facebook either. One day i found out her facebook and there was a guy on his friend list. when i checked his profile and picture, i saw many pic of them kissing and pics on bed of them. i called her and asked why you did to me she started making excuse and lie. and then she deleted that guy from her facebook.I wasted my 2 years and all my time. She always said she does not go anywhere. I trusted her and did everything for her whet her parents never did. she destroyed my life. if you want a piece and happy life,stay away from this dirty mind girl. She is a big lair of all. I am repenting now why i trusted that kind of woman. but its over and accepted the truth She cheated on me for a year in 2 years of relationship. You can find out her facebook with name Sherri Thomson with no pic and bingo blize game on her profile.

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Gorgeous Philly Baddie

June 19, 2014 Philadelphia 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: All I know IG Louiemarie99 she’s so bad

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Twisted, Ex-Con, Salafi

June 10, 2014 Philadelphia 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Qadeer Limbach aka Maurice Jones aka Juan Montanez. This man is more phony than a $3 bill. He\’s a trifling, womanizing, deadbeat, ex-con, compulsive lying narcissist. Claims to be a righteous Muslim man, but drinks alcohol, goes to nightclubs and has sex with multiple women (all unprotected, btw!). Beware of this conniving predator. He seeks out, young impressionable young ladies and ruins their lives. If you see him, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

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