Why Do Girls Waste Money On Small +2s

December 23, 2013 Philadelphia, The Dirty 399

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I always wonder why girls pay like 6,000 dollars to get implants, but always get small impants. I mean, it doesn’t really cost more to get a bigger size implant. I mean this girl Brittany Elle aka Brittany Parks gets implants that are way too small for her body and height and now has to still wear padded bras to make them even noticeable when she wears a shirt like in the blue… otherwise she looks like a small c cup. Why waste the money on small implants and more padded bras, if you went with a bigger size you would save money on another operation and more padded push ups.  So weird to me. She should have went much bigger, what are your thoughts on size?

Doctors don’t charge more for bigger bag sizes. Always go larger, it will make you more money.- nik

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Natural Slore

December 18, 2013 Philadelphia 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Check out this trash bag, misty marie. yes thats her real name. This wanna be tattoo model hussy is supposedly pregnant by one tattoo artist and expects another artist at another shop to take care of it! She is also still drinking and smoking at the bar while knocked up. I’d like to think a nurse should know better than to smoke and drink while pregnant. Anyway i these generic neighborhood “modeling” shots would be good for a laugh. Put this “Maury show waiting to happen” thing on blast!

Thigh dimples are no bueno.- nik

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One Of The Biggest Losers On The East Coast

December 12, 2013 Philadelphia, The Dirty 86

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, take a look at this greek d-bag who goes by the name Christos Vourliotis on facebook. He resides in Philadelphia, but parties in A.C. every weekend. He’s an ex-meat head who thinks he’s God’s gift to earth. He lives in a sh*tty apartment that has no furniture and drives an 01′ bmw, he spends on his money on designer belts and sneakers but lives in squaller. He brags about banging over 105 girls but he stopped counting 3 years ago. This dude has DRDs and he goes around asking girls on fancy dates, then pressures them to have unprotected sex with him. Just look at his eyes, there is something very off about this dude. He’s an ex-steroid user and has gotten fat. Please expose him so no girl will be put at risk to getting DRD.

He takes pictures on left which means he is nobody important.- nik

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Wannabe Philadelphia Socialite Wants to Eat for Free

December 12, 2013 Philadelphia 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Please spread the word about this misguided and clueless Philadelphia publicist/blogger Sarah Lockard. She blasted the below email to Philadelphia restaurants asking their kitchens and servers to work overtime and provide her and her family with a free meal on Christmas eve. In return — she promised some publicity to her Instagram (followers = 559). This woman is a bully and a freeloader who tries to use her desperate blog, AroundMainLine, to snag whatever free services she can get from beauty salons, personal trainers etc. Fine, that’s capitalism, she can swindle whatever clueless business owners she wants but this Christmas scam is too much. Maybe she and her “amazing” family of five should spend their Christmas eve helping the needy in a shelter or soup kitchen. And by the way Philadelphia restaurants — your teenager kids have more followers on social media than this wannabe. From: Sarah Lockard Date: December 9, 2013 at 9:17:32 PM EST To: undisclosed-recipients:; Subject: Host the Awesome Lockards on Christmas Eve!

Good Evening!!! Every Christmas Eve my family enjoys an amazing night dining out and this year I am offering you the exciting opportunity to be our restaurant that hosts us! The host restaurant will receive approximately $1,000 in PR with AML:

1) 2 Facebook posts on AML’s Facebook page promoting the respective restaurant as the restaurant of choice for AML’s family for Christmas Eve

2) 5 instagram photos during the dining experience

3) 2 AML enewsletter ads in Jan and Feb 2014 (reaches over 3,000 unique individuals)

4) listed in our Christmas Eve dining guide published Dec 10th, 2013 on AML.

We are asking for the following in turn:

Dinner for 5 drinks and food compensated, we will tip according to the value to the server. This is a VERY innovative and effective way to promote your restaurant on this very competitive evening and reach tens of thousands of local foodies through AML’s channels. Please note this is first come, first serve. I am excited to hear from you!

Be THE top restaurant we recommend this Christmas Eve to our HUGE audience!!!!

Your friend,
Sarah Lockard
CEO, AroundMainLine.

Pathetic.- nik

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Perfect Blue Eyes

December 5, 2013 Philadelphia 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: If these aren’t the blue eyes to your soul that youve been looking for, then I dont know what are! She’s perfect and a natural beauty, a rarity in philly. Help her get some +2s and you can fly her out to LA!

Her eyebags say otherwise.- nik

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Riley Cooper Is Now A Racist Hero

November 14, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Philadelphia, The Dirty 91

Riley-Cooper-Eagles-aug2-icon copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, remember how Riley Cooper was caught using the “n*gger” word on camera at a country concert before the season started?  No one liked him and he didn’t do anything all season… until Mike Vick went down and now Nick Foles is actually passing him the ball, he is killing it for Fantasy Football.  Now everyone has forgiven him and don’t care.  It is weird how this country works, start winning some games and scoring touchdowns and everyone forgives you.

Nick Foles is racist. The guy only throws to his white players.- nik

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Amber Puzak is having an Identity Crisis

November 13, 2013 Philadelphia 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: The “REAL” amber crystal. As if anyone would want to pretend to be this girl anyway. First of all she’s Polish. She comes from a town called Olyphant Pennsylvania. She changes her nationality everyday. It\’s not like she’s even a mix of anything, she claims to be something different every month and ONLY what she decides to be that month. One day she’s Puerto Rican and Irish. The next month she’s 100% Italian and Russian. SHES POLISH. 100%! She claims to be a model/singer/actress. The only acting she does is claiming to be things that she is not. Shes a funny girl and her Instagram has some good pics, but pick a nationality already. To top it off she talks like she’s from the Bronx when she grew up in a place where the pilgrims originated. Then has nerve to claim she’s Russian? This girl needs to calm the f&$@ down.

Must be trying to cater herself to wallets.- nik

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Tina Mari Is A Real B*tch

November 12, 2013 Philadelphia 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik, this is Tina Mari. She is a model that has been running around Philadelphia for a while now. She f*cks most of the WMMR Radio air staff and many other Philly celebs. She acts as if she’s this little innocent model, a goody two shoes. I messaged her about nudes since none have ever appeared. She went on an on about what a good girl she was and sh*t. All the while I’m getting inside information she’s a real whore. So at one point I offer her $500 for a topless selfie… she doesn’t bite. Next thing my friend (who’s close with her) sends me like 10 nudes… I was shocked. Why wouldn’t this whore take my money? So I call her out, ask why she wouldn’t do nudes for $$$ when she’s shooting them for free “to further her modeling career”. She goes ballistic and shows her true nature to her so called “fans”.   Chick poses nude and is offended that it might turn men on.

Philly has celebs?- nik

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