Oh Tulle the Tool

February 5, 2014 Philadelphia 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl won’t STFU about herself. She can often be found frequenting dive bars around Philly, pretentiously acting like she is the shit. She begs for attention to her chunky dwarf-esque bodys. She smells horribly of 3 day old ashtray. She has no real value as a human being…aside from being a cum dumpster that is.

Does 8 dollars = a good night?- nik

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Waste of Life

January 24, 2014 Philadelphia 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: See this guy, he goes by the name Pete Carter. He is from North East Phila. He goes to Lit and Rumor on the regular. He also is on many dating sites. Claims to be gentleman, forgets to tell woman he has no job, no car, ex wife, and also is a felon. He is still hung up on his ex wife. Claims to be father of the year. He still lives with his mom and is 34. He will try to bring you home and never take you on a normal date. He will make plans n cancel them and choose his two best friends, that he uses. He claims he will wine and dine you. He loves to purchase bottles at different clubs and cause a scene. Always wants to know if you are DTF. Watch out for this animal.

Pretty obvious your posing at a dealership…- nik

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Sociopath Dan

January 23, 2014 Philadelphia 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: He goes by Dan Markin, sometimes Dan Bromley. This guy preys on young girls at restaurants, mostly bartenders. He charms you with his smile and confidence, he’s intelligent, strong and caring. He manipulates you, feeds you lies, keeps tons of secrets, and “travels a lot for work.” In reality, he has a wife, a girlfriend of 6 years, girlfriends at his gym (ACAC West Chester), and side girls at restaurants like Pj Whelihan’s, Limoncello, Buffalo Wild Wings, and who knows where else. He likes younger, attractive girls that are vulnerable and will fall for his bullshit. He’ll buy you tons of nice things, take you places, stay at nice hotels, and give you the complete run-around. He makes you fall in love, and juggles numerous women at the same time. BEWARE OF HIM! especially if you live/work in the Chester county area! He has ruined my life and will ruin yours too.

A lot more romance between the bros..- nik

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Pam Unger borderline Lesbian

December 31, 2013 Philadelphia, Portland 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Pam Pamela Unger is in her 30s. She is from Pennsylvania. She lived in Gresham and Portland Oregon, Billings Montana, and the greater Phoenix Arizona area. WATCH OUT! This bitch will charm her way into your life then fuck you over! Everywhere she goes she leaves a trail of destruction! She’s a cheater, liar, and when she feels rejected At All she will find legal reasons to go aftee you! Such as harrassment, theft of property, and have a restraining order served to your unsuspecting ass. You will underestimate this girl, but if you’re smart you will hear this warning! She needs to take her crazy medicine and get some serious therapy! Can you believe she wants to be a therapist herself?! Bahaha! Watch out, lesbians! This chick is Drama nonstop leaving a wake of destruction like you wouldn’t believe. See how many legal actions she’s taken against people who either real or imagined rejected her. You have been warned.

Crazy medication???- nik

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Another DreamKiller Ruins A Professional Career

December 30, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Hollywood, Philadelphia, The Dirty 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so did Kerry Washington ruin Nnamdi Asomugha playing career?  He WAS the best defensive back in the NFL and over night he became a nobody.  I truly feel this is another case of a dreamkiller ruining someones career.

I always thought Nnamdi was overrated and a waste of money anyway… good for Kerry. Get paid.- nik

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Why Do Girls Waste Money On Small +2s

December 23, 2013 Philadelphia, The Dirty 400

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I always wonder why girls pay like 6,000 dollars to get implants, but always get small impants. I mean, it doesn’t really cost more to get a bigger size implant. I mean this girl Brittany Elle aka Brittany Parks gets implants that are way too small for her body and height and now has to still wear padded bras to make them even noticeable when she wears a shirt like in the blue… otherwise she looks like a small c cup. Why waste the money on small implants and more padded bras, if you went with a bigger size you would save money on another operation and more padded push ups.  So weird to me. She should have went much bigger, what are your thoughts on size?

Doctors don’t charge more for bigger bag sizes. Always go larger, it will make you more money.- nik

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Natural Slore

December 18, 2013 Philadelphia 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Check out this trash bag, misty marie. yes thats her real name. This wanna be tattoo model hussy is supposedly pregnant by one tattoo artist and expects another artist at another shop to take care of it! She is also still drinking and smoking at the bar while knocked up. I’d like to think a nurse should know better than to smoke and drink while pregnant. Anyway i these generic neighborhood “modeling” shots would be good for a laugh. Put this “Maury show waiting to happen” thing on blast!

Thigh dimples are no bueno.- nik

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One Of The Biggest Losers On The East Coast

December 12, 2013 Philadelphia, The Dirty 86

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, take a look at this greek d-bag who goes by the name Christos Vourliotis on facebook. He resides in Philadelphia, but parties in A.C. every weekend. He’s an ex-meat head who thinks he’s God’s gift to earth. He lives in a sh*tty apartment that has no furniture and drives an 01′ bmw, he spends on his money on designer belts and sneakers but lives in squaller. He brags about banging over 105 girls but he stopped counting 3 years ago. This dude has DRDs and he goes around asking girls on fancy dates, then pressures them to have unprotected sex with him. Just look at his eyes, there is something very off about this dude. He’s an ex-steroid user and has gotten fat. Please expose him so no girl will be put at risk to getting DRD.

He takes pictures on left which means he is nobody important.- nik

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