Agent + Father/Son

February 26, 2014 Philadelphia 19

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am a closet DA strong school teacher who started following you post Sarah Jones joke of a trial, not out of hatred but respect. What she and others continue to do to these young children is not sexual but straight up psychological CHILD ABUSE! But as you say, its ok if thwy marry them (what a joke) Nik your site is brilliant in street justice and thats why I find myself submitting my 1st post. Meet Kimberly S. Martin “real estate agent.” A fellow teacher friend of mine not only found this 50yr troll sleeping with her husband, but her SON as well who was 17 at the time. These photos were retrieved off the sons cell phone she had sent him offering a TRIO. Talk about father/son bonding. Apparently local law enforcement hands are tied bc he had just turned 18 when the photos were texted. We wonder why our country and its kids are turning into crap. Even the ones who DO have parents fighting in their corner are sabotaged by a shitty judicial system. Thanks for your street justice in exposing this trashy cougar pedophile. Deepest condolences to your family and keep on being the awesome Dad you are to Press, world needs more brutal honesty.

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Chris Caserio is a Dog

February 24, 2014 Philadelphia 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: This douche bag is a so called attorney from philadelphia. He thinks his fat ass is gods gift to women,Ha joke!!! I cant imagine he can even see his dick over his belly and threw those thunder tighs of his that rub together,ewwww probably very chaffed down there. Anyway he sneaks and takes pics of boobs and ass of random chicks, hates on girls he cant get because he is a piece of shit. He talks trash on females and always refers to them as whores even tho He will fck anything with a hole between its legs. He is your typical south philly middle aged 40 year old italian single man. He is the biggest loser and tries to drag all of his friends down with him due to jealousy. He will never be happy with his life and always be a lonely loser.

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Model Mommy Issues

February 19, 2014 Philadelphia 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: With the “dramatic” season of the bachelor quickly approaching I think it is time to pay tribute to the original JP, Yes Jesse Palmer, the “never was” quarterback and former bachelor turned college football analyst. He is now 35 years old and post more selfies than a 15 year old chick desperate for attention. He is constantly traveling and is always seen scooping out “super” models. Apparently, his mom was a former model so that is all JP is interested in.(mommy issues) He goes from one to then next. He has girls stashed away in every city he frequents. He even goes as far as to ask them not to post pictures with him so his other girls can’t see that they are with him. These models he is hanging with aren’t even attractive. He is just obsessed with people saying that he hangs with “super” models. During Super Bowl week he was seen hitting up some fitness model then at the beachbowl he was following around Nina Dobrev. He was overheard telling a friend that he likes girls with peanut butter legs. What is peanut butter legs you ask? Legs that are easy to spread. The guy is a straight up dog and user and makes a living trashing college kids who play ball while he acts like a frat boy with his hair and makeup. Hey Palmer, you’re fat and old, share some of your food with the models you use and get off my damn TV. Canada should really consider keeping their dudes with bad hair.

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Pos DeadBeat

February 13, 2014 Philadelphia 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Pos dead beat claims to be gods gift to woman all he does it lie and say things that are not true just to get in your pants. He has numerous people and companies suing him for unpaid bills and debts house was foreclosed and his so called business has tax liens on it stay away from this dead and his store Mattress world of Philadelphia. If he tries to hit you you with the poor me Ask yourself this why would you ex pack up and leave the country not the city or state but the country with there kid.. this guy will tell you everything you want to hear just to get in your pants and get shit out of you real scum bag look out..

Bluetooth’s are not a fashion statement.- nik

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Lisa Lou

February 11, 2014 Jersey, Philadelphia 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This crumb likes to Frack on the First date. Will risk your life while in the car with her sippy cup, and Trollops all over south jersey. You can find her on plenty of friends under Lisa lou in mt laurel have fun guys. Don’t forget if your gonna play in the rain always wear your rubbers.

This post is lacking some meat.- nik

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Chinese Hoe Lanie Wong

February 7, 2014 Philadelphia 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is the local Chinese doorknob named Lanie Wong who lives in my neighboorhood. This woman lives a couple housed down from me and she is always bringing in random men to her house. I swear she has to be like 50 years old, and yet every other night there is a different man stopping by her house. Some of them bring flowers, and others park in front of my driveway which is quite annoying. Anyway,.. this woman is pathetic. She works at the local ski resort called bear creek and I often see her being driven home by different men during lunch hours and then a different man after work. I am retired so I see all of this going on. Anyway,.. I am sick of this wong and all of her wongs coming through my neighborhood. Macungie look out because I think we have a 50 year old sucki sucki in our midst. No happy ending!

That’s just wong.- nik

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Oh Tulle the Tool

February 5, 2014 Philadelphia 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl won’t STFU about herself. She can often be found frequenting dive bars around Philly, pretentiously acting like she is the shit. She begs for attention to her chunky dwarf-esque bodys. She smells horribly of 3 day old ashtray. She has no real value as a human being…aside from being a cum dumpster that is.

Does 8 dollars = a good night?- nik

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Waste of Life

January 24, 2014 Philadelphia 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: See this guy, he goes by the name Pete Carter. He is from North East Phila. He goes to Lit and Rumor on the regular. He also is on many dating sites. Claims to be gentleman, forgets to tell woman he has no job, no car, ex wife, and also is a felon. He is still hung up on his ex wife. Claims to be father of the year. He still lives with his mom and is 34. He will try to bring you home and never take you on a normal date. He will make plans n cancel them and choose his two best friends, that he uses. He claims he will wine and dine you. He loves to purchase bottles at different clubs and cause a scene. Always wants to know if you are DTF. Watch out for this animal.

Pretty obvious your posing at a dealership…- nik

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