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Arizona Fooslore Holly Minnig

December 16, 2014 Phoenix, Scottsdale 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: At the moment this picture was taken, she was cheating on him, her husband. And my husband was cheating on me, with her. Her husband took her back. I kicked mine out. Holly Minnig is a psychotic attention starved whore who trolls the Phoenix foosball bars to pick up guys who are unaware of her self centered life. She used to be a friend of ours, till she decided to take my husband and wreck my life. She wrecked her own home too, but she does not care. While her ‘husband’ works hard to support the family, she is off screwing around, a lot! She is a stay at home mom/slut who has not worked a day in her life. She’s a Foos-whore! Her life is a total train wreck, and she will make yours one too. If you see her, grab your husband and run!

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Greedy, Egotistical, little Tyrant

December 10, 2014 Phoenix, Tucson 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Josh Mellberg is a small man. Physically and figuratively. He is the textbook Napoleon complex. He’s a lying, cheating, conniving rat. He rips off grandmas and grandpas by investing their hard-earned retirement money into shitty contracts that that pay out big commissions and lies his way through life. He’s a tyrant and will stop at nothing for the almighty dollar. Fck him and fuk his minions who carry out his dirty work. He’s a slimeball with a fake smile. He has a bad reputation around Tucson and Phoenix and has had many complaints. You can look them up online: type in “Mellberg”. He is also guilty of losing millions of client $’s investing them into shady-ass real estate ventures. He tries paying off clients to keep them quiet – HIGHLY ILLEGAL. He is a danger to society and the investment world and must be stopped. If you see this scumbag around, run the other way. Anyone who hangs out with him, only does it for the money and local-celeb status. They all know it. Him and his douchebag friend and co-worker, Brent, are lovers. They do a lot of secret stuff together. In a nutshell, Joshua David Mellberg is a cancer living among us. He infects people with his underhanded, slick, greedy fcking persona. He makes people uncomfortable and treats his employees like shit. It’s no wonder multiple high-level employees have left him over the years – because they simply cannot stand him and his evil empire. This guy is the TRUE DIRT of the desert.

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Troy Doggett is a deadbeat dad

December 5, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: My cousin was going out with this nice girl who had a history of alcohol abuse. Troy Doggett was her coworker and would enable her to fall off the wagon and would make up lies about my cousin like how he was cheating on her. After they broke up Troy gets her pregnant then runs away from his responsibility and she ends up having the baby and now she’s a single mom who can’t stay sober. Troy is a deadbeat loser who should be in jail for not taking care of his baby! I hope all the girls in phoenix stay away from this creep!

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Don’t Date Red from Phoenix

December 2, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: For about a year I began feeling neglected, turned down when I’d initiate sex, and I tried to spice things up, but Red was already vacating our marriage. 5 weeks ago it became evident that he just didn’t even really care to be in pictures with me. Last night I decided to go hunting for some truth. Turns out he’s been on the prowl. Attached is a Post by some single lady & his reply to her Craigslist Ad. He messed up his first relationship, with whom he had (3) beautiful daughters with because during a moment of him getting a blowjob from some woman and his Baby Mama pulling up during this event, the woman that was getting him off decided to lift her head, exposing what she was doing. Needless to say, the Baby Mama took off & threw all of his belongings outside their place. My comment to him telling me this story was: “Gosh…That must have been devastating for your Baby Mama” His response: “Oh Well…It is what it is!” I don’t care what any woman says or thinks, that shit was just straight up WRONG! This guy wants a woman who is submissive and will do what he wants only. Thank God I’m seeing the light. So for any of your ladies that think he’s a keeper, He’s NOT! His selfies truly demonstrate the dirty dog that he is. Too bad he couldn’t keep a good woman happy or keep up with my sexual needs. I’m glad to be getting out of this relationship. BEWARE!!

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Creepy Johnny Edge

December 1, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yeah this is Johnny Edge who’s from Arizona and claims to be a photographer but all he does is take weird pictures of himself. He is an attention whore who has never worked a day in his life. He’s a h*roin addict and wannabe Emo, who still mooches off his parents and got kicked out of his pipe fitting apprentice program because he couldn’t pass a drug test.

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Come Out My Friend

November 24, 2014 Phoenix 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy was caught at Mint blowin another guy and doin blow in the bathroom. It’s sad that he runs around town thinking he is a baller with the ladies. Stop frontin and admit it. It’s time. The machismo is getting tired.

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Man Rapes His Nieces And Gives Them DRD

November 19, 2014 Phoenix, The Dirty 180

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the biggest piece of sh*t you have ever posted on TheDirty.  This dogs name is David Wilson. He molested and gave AIDS to his 14 year old and 2 year old niece. He also gave them DRD. Their lives are ruined and it’s so sick and tragic because they are innocent children. And this dog smiles in the mugshot like he achomplished something. I hope he gets savaged in prison for this.

I say death penalty, but that’s just me.- nik

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Two-timing cougar

November 18, 2014 Phoenix, Tempe, Westside-AZ 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I love your site and am like your number 1 fan I tell all my friends of thedirty you rock! I wanted to let you and everyone here know about this cougar whore Nicole Westmoreland. I met her in Tempe in one of my classes at ASU. She is from Phoenix and works as a counselor for Phoenix Interfaith. We would go out and hook up on weekends. I would buy her dinner and we’d go back to my apartment and fck. She was actually decent in bed, actually gave me bj’s. However after a few weeks she started coming up with excuses not to get together. I was suspicious but she told me she wasn’t seeing anyone. Come to find out she was with another guy who works at Chili’s in Tempe. She two-timed me instead of being honest. I moved on and found another lady who is honest. I’m not bitter or spiteful I am just warning other guys about this cougar.

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