Tatted Bombshell Cathrine Driggers

April 14, 2014 Phoenix, Scottsdale 0 9,378 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this cathrine o driggers she a known tatted bombshell this dirty skank has got 4 kids and doesnt take care of any of them , when she is not slumming it up at a know hang out ” chilli bombers” she is whoring it up at other bars , she doesnt take care of any of her kids most of her paycheck is spent at partys ….. She thinks this is modling even though she is nit getting paid ….. Please put this girl on the dirty because she deserves nothing but shit for this ….

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Paula West and Dennis Daniels are having an Affair

March 17, 2014 Phoenix, Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 2 7,109 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik these two lowlives are both married. Paula had all her kids taken away from her and her husband by cps because she and her husband were sexually and physically abusive to them. She has admitted she chose Dennis to cheat with because he is black! Idiot Dennishas a bbeautiful wife who just gave birth to their new baby last summer. However, he cheats on her with this..thing.. yuck! Thats where you come in Nik: by posting them on your site the sane people out there can know not to let Paula babysit your kids, that is her source of income besides her government check….

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Mother or Phoenix Sloot

December 30, 2013 Phoenix, Wichita 75 7,262 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Carmelita Silva, Mother of 4 with 3 different baby daddies, living on section 8 in Laveen, Off 3 Child Support checks, Foodstamps, an the town drunk while sleeping qith everyone’s man. Claims to be INDEPENDENT but yet lives off ex’s. Two of her children live with the father, one taken away by CPS, always out drinking an fucking guys she meets on facebook an the clubs. Puts her children’s fathers down as deadbeats an what not meanwhile she’s fuckin guys in her room while her daughters are in the next. Sends nude pics out to everyone, was toldby someone she has a cottage cheese stomach an her shit stinks like her breath. You can’t put others down when your coming from the bottom an still there. I say the slut of phoenix an worst mother. Independence is strong, on your own way of living not off baby daddies an welfare especially when the kids are not living with you but recieving foodstamps for them. Parties on her kids school nights, fucking men all week an weekend an living off child support. SLUT OF THE YEAR!

All those handouts and I bet she still hates the government.- nik

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Manface slore Alicia Lynee

August 28, 2013 Phoenix, Scottsdale 169 9,885 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl has been posted once before on your site… and based on the reaction her post got i think she needs to be exposed AGAIN!! This cheating slore is the definition of DISGUSTING hypocritical biatch! She is married but is dating some guy named Zaac, who has a record of assault, drugs and trespassing. She talks crap on everyone and calls them fat and druggies. when SHE is really the fat druggy. She stalks people online. thinks she is a GREAT model,you will see from these pictures that she is NOT a great model. Her house is disgusting, she doesnt clean it. she sits on her ass on facebook all day. lets her son run around in filt. Posts videos of herself on youtube admitting that she cutts, and tries to make her husband look like the bad guy. This girl has also had sex RECENTLY with a 16 year old BOY behind her husbands back. Then because he didnt call her or text her after she went crazy and tried to make up lies about him. She thinks shes a badass because she has crappy tattoos that she paid for by begging people for money on facebook claiming its for her son to get food but NO it’s so she can get tattoos! Nik this girl needs to be BLASTED she is a PSYCHOTIC PATHETIC LITTLE GIRL THAT NEEDS TO GROW UP AND LEARN HOW TO BE A MOTHER INSTEAD OF A PIECE OF CRAP THAT PAWN HER SON OFF ON EVERYONE!

Those are some rough looking pits.- nik

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Home-wrecking Hussie

July 16, 2013 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 0 6,249 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I don’t know whats worse…getting cheated on by a girl that is this aesthetically displeasing or being stuck with the guy I settled for. Either way, this girl is a self-proclaimed bisexual that feeds on men only because they are involved with others despite the fact that she lives with the father of her child. Furthermore, she feels its appropriate to indulge in her social life whether or not she has a babysitter hence why she felt it was appropriate to take her three year old out to Westgate with her, Margaritaville to be exact. This sloppy broad even went so far as to encourage her child to dance with the sloppy patrons at damn near eleven PM. Someone needs to tell this trick to calm down but more importantly, have your EVER seen a forehead THAT large? That alone makes this pic worth posting! Dirty army strong!

Is that a bench warmer or team ‘manager/paperboy’.- nik

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Trash Couple

June 12, 2013 Dirty Craigslist, Phoenix, Westside-AZ 14 7,022 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this  trash is Emma and Eddie Lovett. They hail from Phoenix, Arizona and I’m really surprised they have never been posted on here before. As you can see these two are a match made in HELL lol. White trash tattoos cover both of their bodies. Emma who has almost non-existent boobs is REALLY in need of +2′s but even then she still wouldn’t be hot because she has a tat directly on her right boob lmao. Her only redeeming attribute is her 4 finger inner thigh gap. She has messed up teeth, HUGE roast beef lips, real stringy hair (probably from being anorexic) talks so ghetto, say’s the N word constantly and has the perfect white trash boyfriend to keep her company. Neither of these two have real jobs and they both sit around and smoke weed every day. Emma you need to eat a cheeseburger, get some + 2′s, and slow down on the drugs.

Those granite counter tops must be at a clients house.- nik

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Moving Doesn’t Cover Trash

May 20, 2013 Honolulu, Phoenix 64 10,697 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fat whore, Ashley (a.k.a. “Trashley”) has been on theDirty.com in the past, but she’s worth another mention. She used to live in Arizona, but once she fcked every guy in the Phoenix metro area (and probably most of Tucson), she moved to Hawaii, where she is slowly spreading her herpes across the main island (you can clearly see the herpes on her face in the photos I have attached). She is an alcoholic and has had multiple DUIs (her red alcoholic flush is also visible in aforementioned pictures). When she lived in AZ, she claimed she was a “personal trainer”, but really she was (and still is) a cocktail waitress. I don’t know about you, Nik, but I wouldn’t trust a personal trainer that is as fat as she is. She is covered in freckles because she tans way too much, which also explains her Oompa-Loompa skin tone and wrinkles on her face. You would think she would use makeup to try and cover her fcked up face/alcoholic flush/up, but maybe she’s smarter than we all realize and already knows that no amount of makeup would make her look even somewhat decent. On top of being “blessed” with looks akin to Ke$ha, a lard ass, and being a whore, she is also batshit crazy. She’s bulimic (clearly that isn’t working out too well for her), has a cocaine problem, and has also stalked not only my boyfriend, but also ME. She lived in the same apartment complex as him and followed him around all the time. He felt sorry for her (before he realized how crazy she is) and hung out with her a few times, in which she repeatedly tried to fck him. He politely shut her down more than a few times, then one night he got drunk and fucked her (using a condom, thank God), and said her p*ssy was so loose he couldn’t even c*m. He blew her off and ignored her until she got the point that he wasn’t interested in her and then she moved to Hawaii. When she came back to visit AZ about a year later, she went into my boyfriend’s workplace (full well knowing he had been in a serious relationship with me for quite some time) and tried to kiss him on the lips. He pushed her away from him and later that night she started blowing up his phone. This I actually witnessed with my own eyes. She kept texting him, inviting herself over to our house and wanting to hang out. She offered to bring – in her words, verbatim – “a cheap bottle of wine”… some classy chick, huh? I had no interest in meeting her and he had no interest in seeing her, but she kept texting him, and he kept ignoring her. In the week that she was in AZ, she visited him at his work over five times, all of which he avoided her purposefully (except for the for occurrence, in which he was caught off guard). Now, for the really crazy shit – while she happened to be in AZ, I had magenta/pink streaks added to my hair, and just happened to be photographed that night. Someone took a picture of my boyfriend and me and tagged me in it. THE VERY NEXT DAY… Trashley posts pictures of her hair, which just so “happened” to be a bad replica of what I had just had done (professionally) to my hair. At that point, my boyfriend sent her a text message telling her she needed to fck off and that he clearly made a huge mistake with her. He told her he was only nice to her because he felt sorry for her, and that he never had any real interest in her. He also called her out on how she “copied” my hair, and told her that it was creepy. She didn’t even deny it! She also has tried adding me on Facebook so many times I lost count. On the same night she colored her hair to look like mine, she added me – no exaggeration – over 30 times on Facebook. As soon as I would hit “Decline” there would be another request from her, and it didn’t stop until I blocked her. Now she’s dating a short, old guy that looks like one of the Thai monks in The Hangover 2. She should stick with him, because she definitely won’t do any better in life.

I’m starting not to mind all this over exposure.  Soon it’ll be all eyes (only eyes w/+2 shadows) all the time, once it hits a cover.- nik

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Crazy Alicia Lynee

May 3, 2013 Phoenix, Scottsdale 819 9,807 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you HAVE to expose this….. THING. Its name is Alicia Lynee’ or Leasha ash it calls itself. She lives in Pheonix AS. She is the biggest sloot around! She cheats on her husband all the time…. even with her old highschool english teacher. Even lost her wedding ring in the backseat of one of the dudes car. She THINKS she is a model. HA! Most photogs dont even WANT to shoot with her! She doesn’t take care of her son. She lets him run rampant around her disgusting unclean house. She cares more about drinking, hookah and tattoos than taking care of him. She lets her animals shit wherever they want in the house. Shes so bad she had to go on Maury to find out the father of her son. (Look up Alicia on Maury on youtube) she has nothing better to do than start drama with people online. Sends them messages from fake profiles then blocks them before they can reply. Shes dirty nasty and has soooooooo many people that hate her she needs to be exposed!!!

The more metal they have around their mouth the more help they need pleasing gregs.  She must have a bad attitude.- nik

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