Pizza Maker by Day, Cross Dresser by Night

May 9, 2014 Pitt, Pittsburgh 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this guy poses as a straight acting and appearing guy by daytime when working in a local well known pizzeria in the city. He hits on girls and talks about himself having sex with this girl, that girl and every other hot and not so hot chick that comes into the pizza shop. But he is busted!! He is a in the closet crossdressing queer! The only reason he probably talks to chicks is the get fashion tips that he desperately needs, during the day and when he ventures the dark streets of Pittsburgh as this tall amazon of a dragqueen! And advice for this case NIK?

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Ayodele Odubela

May 6, 2014 Pitt, Pittsburgh 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Ayodele Odubela. She lives in Oakland, goes to Pitt, and works at Penn Avenue Eyewear by the casino. She frequents Craigslist for hook ups. DO NOT hook up with this girl. She gave me an drd. This is no joke, this girl will give you drd. Stay away.

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Pedophile of Greensburg: Neil Peterson

April 7, 2014 Pitt, Pittsburgh 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Neil Peterson, he’s 31 years old, living on his mother’s couch yet again, likes to jack off to kiddy porn. Would rather masterbate then have sex. Needs to find a hot thing that has braces, pig tails and schoolgirl skirt. Will not date anyone over 18. Claims himself as a professional piercer even though he never received training. He knocked up a 17 year old who he beat while she was pregnant and even when she was holding the baby. Does not do anything to take care of the child. Never held a steady job, steals money and possessions from his mother. Pathological liar. NEVER SHOWERS. Drives a car with a tacky wing and fartcan on it. Has thousands upon thousands of naked pictures of underage girls. Also sends dirty pics to underage girls. Wanna find out if he’ll send it to you?

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Party Issues

April 2, 2014 Pitt, Pittsburgh 7

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THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m not putting this girl on here because she is dirty or sleeps around its because she needs desperate help and advice. Her name is ashley, all she does is party with her “ride or die chick” who is a super bad influence on her trying to hook her up with her old slams she had and everything. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if ashley didn’t have a 1 year old daughter. She hands her baby off to random people to watch her mostly her mother while she goes out and parties and gets shit faced. She went to college and got a degree and made herself successful but is showing nothing of it. She’s an amazing mother but the partying days are over there’s a kid involved now time to let that part of your life go and be a mother to your child not handing her off to your mom and making her raise the child she already did it once she doesn’t want to do it again. She needs major help. I’m at a loss on what to do or say for her other people aren’t going to put their lives on hold to watch the kid while she parties her life and years of her child’s life away that she’s never going to get back.

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Diseased Rat

March 20, 2014 Pitt, Pittsburgh 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Michael Pflugh is a infected diseased rat running around butler. fcking everyone and everything with a vagina. Several people found out that they were all fcking him at the same time and most ended up with herpes. Hes a lying, manipulating, cheating, dirtbag, woman hitting and disrespecting fcktard that needs to be quarantined!!

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Not so Chunky Stripper

February 14, 2014 Pitt, Pittsburgh 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been posted. I’ve been accused of being a home wreaker whore. By someone hiding behind a computer screen making anything up. Quick to judge. Not all strippers are junkies and whores. Yes I dance on the weekends to support my kids. No I’m not proud of that but I get to raise my kids and not some daycare. The girl who posted me Jami Lyn/ Balsamo is worried over nothing. I have more respect for myself than that. I don’t do drama and don’t care what anyone has to say about me I think I’m very pretty. I treat everyone the way I want to be treated so I won’t put anybody down. I’ll let thedirty community be the judge. I’m the blonde in the pictures. She’s the darker haired. She has her own man she lives with and just had a kid with. All this fighting and drama is over her ex. I dont want her man any of them! I have no problem finding my own. People who live in glass houses shouldnt be so quick to throw stones. God bless you all.

What’s with the post if you don’t care?- nik

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Dirty Santucci

January 27, 2014 Fish Lips, Pitt, Pittsburgh 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- this is Caitlyn Santucci. She’s one of the loosest girls in Pittsburgh, not just north hills. She hangs out with cokeheads and drinks like a sloppy 13 year old. She’s slept with the greater Pittsburgh area and hangs out in the dingiest bars there are. Her friends are just as dirty as she is, but they’re probably on here somewhere too. Please put this whore on blast.

She has two hands for a reason.- nik


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Jami Balsamo LVs Junkiest

January 27, 2014 Pitt, Pittsburgh 183

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jami Balsamo aka ‘Jami Lyn’ she’s been posted on here before well over a yr ago. She blames me for the post which I did not do, she just recently submitted me why she waited so long Idk, espically since we were civil towards eachother afterwards. Well let me clear a few things up, this girl has been totally obessed with me ever since she meant and began dating my loser ex husband on some dating site, she went through his CS court papers and figured out who I was, and has done nothing but harrass me since. Btw I left and divorced him years before they even meant. She left her LT boyfriend Bryan and 4 kids behind to be with my loser jailbird deadbeat daddy ex. Everything she posted about me are all lies, but totally true about her own life! She’s pushing 40 but doesnt look a day over 60, she still swears shes the hottest thing to walk the face of the earth lol. She has absolutely NOTHING to show for in life, but she claims to have everything. She lives in a house so nasty filthy disguisting it looks like its about to blow over at any second and should be condemned. Ive caught this girl in so many lies its unbelievable the best was the one about her so called Bugatti car lol. She just recently had her 5th child, which she admitted to the hospital testing the umbilical cord for drugs and a report to CYF. I have all the proof for anyone that has any question to what Ive written. She doesnt know if her LT boyfriend is the father or my ex. She went back to her LT and kids after she figured out the truth about my ex, him robbing, cheating on her numberous times! All her kids have different fathers, this is now the second child she has her LT raising as his own but is unsure of. Poor guy! She’ll never really leave the LT because without him she has nothing, she couldn’t possibly work for a living like the rest of the world! All she cares about is drugs, shes wasted years on. Which you can tell in her own appearance she’s nothing but skin and bones, and according to her own friends has scabs all over her face in person. I really did feel bad for this girl and gave her several chances even after she called my young children some of the ugliest names you can imagine, I would never go so low to speak of any innocent child the way she has repeatly. I really do feel bad for her children, just look at the pic of her pregnant, barely showing right before delivery, she looks to be nodding off standing up! she wrote in my post that she hopes my daughters dont turn out like me. Hmm like her currently pregnant HS drop out teen daughter has like her. So sad! As I stated above everything she says about others is only true in her own life. Here Jami now you have a real reason to hate me, and blame me for a post I DID do. This girl gets to get her life together, stop obessing over everyone else, focus on getting better for her kids sake.

A little concerning if that was her best pic outta the bunch.- nik

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