Amanda Del Signore

April 23, 2014 Pittsburgh 3 6,567 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: BEWARE! Of Ashley Rhoades troublemaker cousin `Amanda Del Signore` just likes to do is accusing and finger-pointing `Raine` someone so stupid enough like`Amanda Del Signore` post five different articles On TheDirty two of them where of `Raine` she’d posted them under the nonexistent `Jayne` and the other 3 where about `Jean` and of her daughter! And Andii but still the half of the Junk is so true about Andii she’s someone to avoid the girl is nothing about a psychotic nightmare. It’s bad enough that `Amanda Del Signore` is some ( hxc wannabe) hoodrat hipster teenaged girl who have nothing better to do with her time then harassing people just liked her psychopath! cousin `Ashley` don’t fck with people that you’ve don’t know hoodrat punk ass bitches. the second picture is of Raine Dvorkin now you tell me she’s jealous of Cyfi and her gang of hoodrats?

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Michelle Sapp, Trash

April 23, 2014 Pittsburgh 0 6,255 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is beyond ratchet. She has fcked almost all of Arlington and Hazelwood. She is notoriously known as a homie hopper, thief, and drama queen. She has 3 kids, 2 of which she has no idea who the daddys are. 1 is with her mom, another is with their dad, and the recent one she just gave birth to she gave up for adoption. She is on drugs so bad that they couldn’t release the baby until it’s bloodwork came back clean because she was using while pregnant. Likes to live off people and trash their house. Used to be a south side “blinky girl” until they found out she was only 16 at the time of shaking her ass and drinking on their youtube videos. She regularly steals to support her habit whether it’s cash and even jewelry from her grandmother. She collects both food stamps, and welfare cash support for her children, none of which she has. She also was given a large amount of money in a settlement (for an injury she faked) and was supposed to use it on her kids christmas, but only gave her mom $60 for christmas shopping. She spent the rest on drugs, a new phone, and clothes. She will play victim and accuse you of starting the drama to ruin her life. She does nothing but sit at home all day on her cellphone and do drugs, she also screws her mom and sisters bfs. she was so high one day that she’s dozed off with a lit cigarette in her hand AND she left her son outside a bar in his stroller to go drink. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRD INFECTED, DRUG ADDICT, BAD MOTHER, PIECE OF TRASH.

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Westmoreland County

April 23, 2014 Pittsburgh 1 8,202 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Dominick, he is the biggest junkie around westmoreland county. He has every disease that you can imagine, but will tell you otherwise. BEWARE ladies and even gentlemen of this man whore. He will sweet talk you then leave you with either you mouth covered in every disease imaginable, your asshole with every disease, or even your pussy! If he could fck a fly he would.

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Jon Giles Owner of Future Pos

April 23, 2014 Pittsburgh 11 8,974 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I have a update to this frosty tips nozzle. He was posted on your website a few weeks back. Nik John giles is so butt hurt he filed TWO lawsuits against individuals for posting him online here and on several different websites. I am trying to get you the paperwork so you can post it. Here is some facts. John Giles is a twisted dude that thinks he is better then everyone. Just look at his last post. No one had anything good to say about this narcissistic piece of garbage.

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Carrie Coleman

April 23, 2014 Butler, Pittsburgh 3 5,809 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik May I present Carrie Coleman. The toothless redneck that lives in the city of butler(butville) Carrie refuses to work. Gets welfare HUD housing disability and cash assistance. Sells drugs out of her home. Lets he do crap on my lawn. Lets her autistic child run the streets (she is usually to high to care for them. when he should not be unsupervised. I have no idea how this slooth has not lost her kids Nik.

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Joanna dainty

April 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 9 8,521 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this 21 year old female originally from Texas but currently lives in Carnegie/ pittsburgh area is an easy target. She spreads her legs at the drop of a dime. She will guaranteed fuk you in the same week you met her. No dates needed for this one fellas! FCK HER & FEED HER FAST FOOD! Her previous job was marathon in Robinson where she has been picked up by multiple men as well as sent her boss pictures of her self. This little girl has very few friends if any, due to her acting like her shit don’t stink w/ her orange hair & stank pssy. Her current job is petco in Robinson. Have fun fellas!

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JP Facebook Gangsta

April 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 4 7,963 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this lame right here is JP Jimmy Parker he’s from the Northsides dirty Fineview neighborhood. He’s a useless junkie just look at his nasty ass teeth. He’s a facebook gangsta but all bitch in person. He’s always running his mouth got himself shot in the ass because of it. Hes a deadbeat dad with like 10 kids. Why anyone would willingly sleep with him is beyond me. The girl hes with now he uses, cheats on all the time. This dirtball needs put on blast! Someone please start some kind of donation, help this poor dirtball get to a dentist asap.

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Isaac Skipworth Of Munhall

April 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 27 5,726 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik “I am the Spokeswoman for One People’s Project” next on the white power chopping block: Munhall man for spray painting a swastika last month on a post outside a Jewish center in Squirrel Hill near where he worked. Isaac Skipworth, a convenience store clerk, was charged with institutional vandalism “He stated that he was a traditional skinhead, not a neo-Nazi skinhead,” Lt. Scott Schubert of the Squirrel Hill station said, adding that Skipworth further explained that “he doesn’t have anything against Jews.” The Latest Skipworth Caused … A Lot of Trouble By posting false articles of a Native American Woman Mrs.Jeannie Dusetzina And of her family and children that includes racist slander we ask you nicely to unpublished the false articles as soon as possible. -Thank You

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