Pittsburgh | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Cloey Lewis and Sarah Flaviano

December 11, 2014 Pittsburgh 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet the biggest whores in pittsburgh. Cloey lewis or “cloey ann” on Facebook and sarah flaviano. They both escort only difference is cloey escorts out of dive bar and sarah escorts out of strip clubs in Vegas and pittsburgh. They both snort cocaine and fuck tricks for money. Cloey went to jail for fighting her father and sarah went to jail for selling coke. Both went to north allegheny and ducked off dudes in the bathroom. Nik put these nasty hoes in check

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Diana Hughes from Prostitute to Nurse

December 11, 2014 Pittsburgh 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Dirty Diana Hughes. She was involved in a prostitution ring in the Pittsburgh and used her funds to pay her way through nursing school. From prostitute to nurse. Though it is hard to believe anyone would pay to sleep with such a ugly woman. What kind of world do we live in???

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Paige “Ocktobur” Price Is Trashier Than Before

December 9, 2014 Pittsburgh, The Dirty 50


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I didn’t think it could get any worse for this Pittsburgh “model”, but apparently I was wrong. She’s gained about 10 lbs in the passed year and has been becoming increasingly trashy on Instagram. Not to mention she’s becoming more & more unattractive as she ages ever so terribly. This girl is only 21. She rarely posts current up to date photos because of her weight gain. She found a new guy to leech off and is moving to Canada to live with him. The special guy is some loser who runs a pathetic IG account called The Traveling Baby. She can be seen posing and twerking on his IG– the twerking video pretty much sums up this girls life: go home. You’re embarassing yourself and you’re trying too hard, Paige.

She looks like a skinnier Kate Upton.- nik

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Gold not goal digger – Penguins dream killer

December 5, 2014 Pittsburgh 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik let me introuduce you to one of Pittsburgh’s finest frauds, jersey chasers and gold diggers 24-year old Gabrielle Yarshen. After going to school in Florida for a 2 years “Gaby” returned to the Steel city several years ago to attend La Roche college where since she has spread her legs and “I am free spirt bullshit all over the city. A few of my boys have banged her. She has been a bar fixture for the past years. Gaby was supposed to take her “free spirit\” and move to Colorado in September with her dog Briggs. She had a plan until a better gold digging option arose in the burgh. Let me give you the run-down. Gaby was working at Lulu Lemon in Shadyshide for almost 3 years. Gaby was fired last year after she caused drama when she was banging Penguins then winger James Neal. Neal shopped at the store frequently. She was unprofessional about her bang sessions with him they had to fire her. Neal smartly used her for a few bangs and walked away. Gaby in the mean time was also sleeping with one of Neal’s other budddies Patrick Taglinetti (son of a former Penguin). Fast Forward to January of last year Gaby and her friend were at Mario’s Shadyside where Patrick Tags was with another Penguin Paul Martin. The team was on the road but Martin stayed behind because of injury. Martin and James Neal were best friends when Neal was with the Pens. Even living together for a stint. After a night of partying at Mario’s the group went back to Martin’s house in the suburbs for big after hours deal. Where “sweet and kind” Gaby told friend drugs were being used. Naturally Gaby slept with Martin who is worth over $40 million. If you are keeping a score card she slept with James, Patrick and Martin all good friends in under a 2 month span(and a few other bar dudes as well). She then obsessed over Martin for months. Stalking his mentions on Twitter and to find out what bars he was at. Showing up several times at the bar I work at asking if he had been there, where he went? Now the real shocker Martin is now dating this girl since last May. She is now playing house wife cooking, cleaning….such a “free spirit eh? Her whole colorado thing was a sham. Gaby pretends she is all earthy crunchy and a fesitval music girl. I follow her on insta (her acct is private). She posted a photo calling herself a “goal digger” not a gold digger. Her current job selling cars at Audi. Not really a goal digger chasing a career dream. She posts photos on insta of all these $100,000 audi’s on the lot like they are hers. Her Pintrest used to be dedicated to all the Louibiton shoes she was going to have. Saying one day she would have all the Christian Louibiton’s she wanted. She has since deleted it most likely because she doesn’t want Martin to know what she is really about. Nik this girl is the epitomy of dream killer. Martin used to be really respected in this city. He is such a nice guy and thought to be intelligent. Now he he just a joke. The kicker Nik? This chick isnt’even hot. She is maybe a 5. Beat face, no tits, her ass is pretty decent. She was a dancer her whole life. I know one of my boys banged her and she is good lay (obviously with all the experinence). She likes to show off her “fleixbible dancer moves in bed.” I can put my leg over my head and bend everywhere shit. I guess good in bed is good to use for a booty call. Not to date when you are worth so much $$. I don’t even feel bad blowing her up like this. She has tried to destroy many girls. She is insecure. If she feels threatend she will make up lies about other chicks. At least this shit I wrote is true. This chick is trouble. She is also queen of playing victim. Nothing is her fault. She is pulling the wool over Martin’s eyes. The only real question how long until she get knocked up? Martin is in his last year of his contract. Will she wait to get a bigger piece of the pie? Why are these athletes such idiots. This girl screems “dream killer”. she needs to be a dirty celeb.

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Half Ton of Fun

December 5, 2014 Pittsburgh 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mallory Kenny and Julz John can be found on FaceBook. Julz goes from her Shop-n-Save job to hustling men on Craigslist. She will take you into the baby nursery and rub on you. Once you get naked she will leave for a condom. Then her pimp comes in ranting and raving all while you are completely naked. Mallory is an even more disgusting pig as they use her house while her 3 kids are there. Drugs are going in and out of that house. She described her relationship as ‘complicated.’ I would imagine so. A longtime boyfriend and bareback sex with strangers combined with 3 kids that look totally different from each other tends complicate things. They continually post ads in Casual Encounters. I post rebuttals and get email and email about being robbed by these fat pigs. The Police are watching.

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Walking Nightmare Cy Samael

December 3, 2014 Cleveland, Pittsburgh 221

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, I know everyone is sick and tired of this generic gothic 38 yrs old psychopath, and her followers being posted on your site they’re constantly bashing people that they’ve don’t know on Facebook … This generic gothic bitch is always on her Facebook timeline constantly attacking, bullying younger girls, and month’s and their children bashing on there parenting skills wtf?! Is wrong with this picture … she don’t even have children of her own just a pet dog she is just jealous because she can’t have children caused of her nasty hardcore drug and alcohol abuse thank goodness she can’t breed Hitler’s spawn she’s also a Nazi synthesizer in meanwhile when she’s a Jew in denial other factors her so-called wannabe gothic nightclub is no longer more now she’s bagging other alternative nightclubs to let her Dj outside of Pennsylvania in Ohio recently she’s been Djing Raves I didn’t knew they’ve still exist … now she’s bagging people to be on her internet radio show monsters and more playing old skool hot topic mallgoth music Manson etc .. Now her black hearts clothing shop is now going downhill just liked her club because of her bullying other’s on Facebook.

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Brittany’s Background Check

December 3, 2014 Pittsburgh 248

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittany Stantoine is Coward who Sits behind Her Computer 24/7 Harassing Her EX BF and there Familys she thinks she does know Wrong , Crys Victim and when she is Called Out and Proven to be Wrong she Acts Sick and goes to the ER then Rants about it on her FB Status she Screws with Innocent Womans Lives and trys to Ruin Reputations she Stalks Her Prey like a Wild Beast who is Psychotic and Animalistic , She Cry Her Eyes Out to all Law Enforcement Hoping to get the Answer that she wants but she never does because they know she is Psychotic and Goofy they have Brittanys Complaints in a File under the Title GOOFY WOMAN , Her Video up on Youtube Crying about Law Enforcement not doing anything and Her suppossed Harasser is a Embarassment she looks Retarded and she also is Involved with making Podcasts that Culiminates into a Comedy the Bitches didnt know what they Saying and Nervous as Hell because they were Lying there Fat Ass Off this Bitch needs Her Name Ruined if you go around Fucking with People you will Get Fucked in the End you Cunt Skank Psycho Bitch Brittany Stantoine ……..

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The Hunter King

December 3, 2014 Pittsburgh 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik.. This is Hunter “The Hunter” King. He is known throught the Robinson area as your typical sloppy twenty-young year old who still thinks he is a teenager. Apparently still thinking he can impregnate 13 year olds and have it be unknown to the rest of the world. Well this Pedo-Creep needs to be put on blast. Basically every girl he hangs around is under the age of 16. And getting a 13 year old pregnant, not cool. Be warned of this creep. Stay Away!

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