Hot Or Not

April 16, 2014 Pittsburgh 0 7,010 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy thinks he’s gods gift to women lets plz put him in his place and check his ego.

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Mark Kellons Needs A New Job

April 16, 2014 Pittsburgh 0 7,622 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this weirdos name is Mark Kellons he’s like 28 with 2 kids he barely sees cuz he’s a nut job!!! Has no car no job!! and his mom is a c*ke whore that has no clue who his daddy is, poor thing… meanwhile he’s spreading around drds… he almost killed his baby mama!!  He gave my friend drd!!

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This Is Nicole

April 16, 2014 Pittsburgh 1 6,558 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl is only 18 or 19 years old! I found out because she used to bang my friend. She runs around Hubbard street and River north every single weekend and only goes where she can get bottles or Molly. Her real name is Taylor – who knows where she got her fake from. WARNING: she will get whatever club she goes to shut down one of these days because she is putting them at a huge risk for losing their liquor license. She gets sooooo messed up all the time and she is pretty – but what’s not pretty is how she uses guys – like my friend. She needs to leave the city and go play with dolls and do whatever young girls do. If you really look past the makeup you will see her baby face. She fools all the guys she goes home with too because they don’t realize they are sleeping with a Child, literally. If you don’t believe me – check her Facebook – Taylor Elizabeth – someone tagged her in a post about how Taylor mcenery, 19, of Ohio is acting in crisis… I think she works at Hubbard inn, too. Do they know she’s only 19!?

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Momma Mandy

April 15, 2014 Cougars, Pittsburgh 16 8,394 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is 32yr old widower Mandy Polk, a couple years back her pizza delivery man husband was DUI in their minivan, crossed the center lane struck another vechile head on, ki***d himself. Leaving her as a single mom to 3 small children. When I first started talking to her, heard this I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, espically her kids. I still couldnt help but wonder what would drive a man with a wife& young kids waiting for him home to do something so reckless. Althrough I wasn’t immediately attracted to her physical appearences her personality, (what I thought was her having all her $hit together made up for that. She seemed so sweet, innocent, she really played the widow card to her advantage. I dated her for a few months even through she had me in age by almost 10years. I’ve had bad luck with picking the crazy chicks, I thought this one was different. She had a job, a house in ‘Shaler’ she said, a car, overall seemed like a good mother. The house she lives in turned out to be a run down duplex in some back alley in Etna, she was far from a good housekeeper, the place was always a wreck. Her car turned out to be a tiny old beater that was always breaking down, she shoved 3 car seats in the back along with her 3 screaming munkins. The low paying job she worked just to receive free daycare get away from her kids, other public aides was even worse. She was always meeting new men, bringing them home around her still grieving children, who were really starting to act out. She was always receiving flowers, going places with her 60 some year old married boss. I started to realize this was so much more than I bargained for, all I wanted was someone I could do good with, not for. Her true colors started to show, she was messing around behind my back with a few different men, her oldest son called me by the wrong name a few times, since he was always meeting new men. Things went down hill from there. She showed me what the definition of a crazy, jealous woman was. To make matters worse with all her other bad qualities now shining bright I started to notice just how unattractive she really was. I didnt notice at first but after awhile she started to smell down there, I think it was because she didnt shower regularly. She started to look more, more like a clown with the tons of makeup she was always piling on. She wanted to keep our relationship a big secret, was always posting selfies on facebook all looking exactly the same, showing only her face, never her body. I guess that’s because she’s a bigger girl espically in the mid section, the weight somehow made it’s way to everywhere except her ass/ boobs she’s espically flat in those area’s. I don’t know how I managed to look past her misshaped long donkey face, big nose, fangs, deformed ears just because I felt bad for her. I’m only posting this to warn the next sucker she gets her claws into she doesn’t know the meaning of monogamy, will string you along with more baggage than you’ve ever dreamed of wanting/ needing. She had other bad habits I wont mention here be warned men of all ages.

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Nathan Labasky

April 15, 2014 Pittsburgh 2 5,944 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik,this weirdos name is Nathan labasky he’s like 28 with 2 kids he barely sees cuz he’s a nut job!!! has no car no job!! and his mom is a c(ke whore that has no clue who his daddy is,poor thing.. meanwhile he’s spreading around drds.. he almost killed his baby mama!!he gave my friend drd!! so girls of hermanie n the surrounding area be aware n if ur gonna fuk this lil dick prock make his wrap it up a few times! he might try n poke holes in the condom to try n get ur ass prego n stuck with him!!!

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Pittsburgh Trash Aaron Meeks

April 14, 2014 Pittsburgh 13 6,206 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Aaron Meeks he is the biggest junkie piece of trash around Pittsburgh! Hes married to the blonde Sara and is also dating the other chic Emily Johnson they are all junkies and all hang out together doing and selling pills all day long getting fcked up. All he does is talk shit about everyone and spreads rumors and lies. The three of them are addicted to drama! They go around trash talking everyone. They are the most two faced back stabbing people I’ve ever known. They are all a waste of life! If Aaron doesn’t get what he wants he likes to let people know he’s related to Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and he can make a quick phone call and ruin ur life! Everyone needs to stay away!

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Amanda and the Troll

April 14, 2014 Pittsburgh 7 8,149 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- Let me just tell you about this girl and her boyfriend. You can clearly see that she is a junky and he looks like a troll. This girl is the biggest piece of trash in the city. She sleeps around with EVERYONE while he’s at work! She slept with my best friend’s husband and gave him drd!!! Totally ruined their marriage. She is on all kinds of drugs. The troll thinks he’s god’s gift to women. The troll left his kid for this girl! Nik- Show everyone how sad these two are!

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John Seighman

April 10, 2014 Pittsburgh 10 9,103 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this pitiful excuse for a man is JOHN R. SEIGHMAN. He is a VOLUNTEER firefighter in greensburg . This PIG cheats on his wife constantly. He slept with my friend Amy for about a year until she caught him with her brother. JOHN SEIGHMAN is a NOBODY who thinks hes a somebody. HE strung out on pills and sucks dick to get his fix. He was also caught sexually abusing his dogs. John is a disgrace to all firefighters. Hes a sexual predator who is a wife beating animal fucking gay piece of shit. I have no idea how hes even allowed to be a firefighter with the drug habit hes got. Nick PLEASEEEE PUT JOHN R. SEIGHMAN ON BLAST BECAUSE PPL IN GREENSBURG NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HIM AND HIS WIFE NEEDS TO OPEN HER EYES AND SEE HES A CHEATING SCUMBAG!

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