Stinky Creep Bye Bye

July 18, 2014 Pittsburgh, Wichita 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: The guy must go, he is a disgrace to the entire scene. His odors and flamboyant way of speaking is disgusting. He has now destroyed 3 clubs.

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Leechburg Witch

July 17, 2014 Pittsburgh 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl says every dude she f*cks rapes her I f*cked her and 6 months later she wanna marry me. She gave my boy the drd’s — h plus some. She whores around every bar but leechburg because everyone knows they don’t wanna catch something when they wake. One time I heRd she had a whole entire wiffle ball bad in her but, woke she had a 40 in her tw*t… Wtf slut

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Death Threatning Duo

July 17, 2014 Pittsburgh 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the death threaters Tony thinks he is Mafia but he is ain’t nothing but a Bi-Sexual drug addict who thinks he is cool because his daddy has a singing group… So he thinks his name neans something and he can get away with Death Threats… and Amanda is a bitch from hell you think Piage Octobur Eyes are Far apart check this ugly nasty bitch out… please comment Nik, this bitch deserves a bashing!

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Mansfield Mania

July 15, 2014 Pittsburgh 140

THE DIRTY ARMY: HI NIK .This is MANSFIELD .. He is Finleyville PA Biggest Cheater He Hangs Out at Bobs Tavern getting all the New Crackwhores that come in to take outside in the Back of Bobs Tavrrn to have them Give Him a Blow Job and Fucks them in Sue his Live In Limo … making sure that He dont get No Stains on the Interior … because it is Rented Limo from QLS Pgh … He goes with a 64 yr old Skank using Her for Car Money Drugs Place to Live etc … because He is a Lazy Fuck all they do all Day is Smoke Weed and Listen to Music … He Calls his GF up while Sue is in the Home … Sexts and makes them Listen to His Music … while Sue is Naive …

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Payback for Ina Gordon

July 15, 2014 Pittsburgh 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: This total piece of shit enjoys as she puts it putting people on blast. Well karma is a bitch. Look at this saggy tit stretch marked useless piece of trash. Yes folks this is THE Ina Gordon who is so well known on the dirty. Tell me does she have any business bashing anyone? You disgusting piece of worthless shit. Check her out on instagram @ singl***9. Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to post or dirty laundry online. Thanks for blasting urself.

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Paige “Ocktobur” Price Is Done With Modeling

July 15, 2014 Pittsburgh, The Dirty 65

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, well it seems that the fake russian model Paige “Ocktobur” (seriously…….) Price has “stepped down” from “glamour” underwear modeling according to an Instagram post– meaning she finally accepted reality: she is not a model after all! Don’t go looking for the post about her “stepping down” though– she quickly deleted it after she lost nearly 900 followers. I am not sure why she cares so much though– she can just pay for followers again! A few days after being ditched by her creepy “fans” she was posted on (she probably asked for this. she goes around asking for a lot of stuff… like free products from no name companies so she can “advertise” them on her Insta– advertise to who??  Your robot followers & creeps?)– you think this would help her (and her low self esteem) but it seems that it backfired since she actually lost followers (how is that possible?). I have seen MANY posts about this girl on TheDirty & people tend to comment about how MEAN everyone is being to her, well, I will tell you the truth: Paige has been being cruel to people on the internet ever since I started talking to her on CounterStrike in 2007. She has had sex with multiple people’s boyfriends (and brags), she uses people, lies, cheats, & more– she does this all to gain attention from guys. It’s very sad to see someone waste their life like that; it’s so sad to see someone CLING to something they are not.

I always thought her eyes were way too far apart… almost like a Hammerhead.- nik


Paige Ocktobur Has No Shape

What Do Guys See In Paige Ocktobur

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Janie Dille

July 10, 2014 Pittsburgh 10


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Janie Dille aka known as dillie dots. Shes known for being the biggest internet whore. In school, she would use her “friends” phone to talk dirty to her online men and tell them how wet should would get. Gross! She stabbed her mother when she went on a rampage. Her mother is okay but Janie is a crazy lunatic! She is a beached whale. She thought she was so hot in school. She thinks she is the queen of hashtags. She lies about being pregnant. She had a miscarriage i heard but i doubt she was ever pregnant. She needs to be sent back to the psych ward and zapped til shes straight!Plus she has the biggest forehead i think anyone has ever seen!

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Dalmatian Dick Tongue

July 10, 2014 Pittsburgh 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Melanie Lynn Myers. If you couldn’t tell, shes a nasty whore. She spreads her legs for Jamal Gloster on the daily. And she has these weird freckles on her tongue that look like a dalmatian dick. She was sucking some spotted dick. She has hairy armpits constantly and she stinks like dirty pussy. Clean yourself slut. She has been pregnant quite a few times and she has a boyfriend who cheats on her constantly. I know Tom, her supposed boyfriend. Ugh! She owes a few people money and shes a thief. I’ve seen her steal a lot of things. Shes a dirty dog and hangs around that twiggy armed faggot. Please tell her to fix herself.

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