Dalmatian Dick Tongue

July 10, 2014 Pittsburgh 32 9,321 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Melanie Lynn Myers. If you couldn’t tell, shes a nasty whore. She spreads her legs for Jamal Gloster on the daily. And she has these weird freckles on her tongue that look like a dalmatian dick. She was sucking some spotted dick. She has hairy armpits constantly and she stinks like dirty pussy. Clean yourself slut. She has been pregnant quite a few times and she has a boyfriend who cheats on her constantly. I know Tom, her supposed boyfriend. Ugh! She owes a few people money and shes a thief. I’ve seen her steal a lot of things. Shes a dirty dog and hangs around that twiggy armed faggot. Please tell her to fix herself.

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Needy Natasha

July 10, 2014 Pittsburgh 16 10,063 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is nasty ass, needy bitch Natasha Ingle of the trashiest place on earth….Butler. She is a mess with her 2 front teeth missing. First shes not a good friend n only talks 2 u if she needs somthing or shes talkin to guys to get them reeled in to take care of her n her son n pay for everything. This nasty ho is good at gettin men to pay 4 her drugs too in return for exactly what u think. When she didnt have a man or money she wrote fake checks and the dumb bitch was caught n arrested like the many other times from being drunk and loud. After she catches a dude n is gettin what she wants her true colors come out & man is she a cheating bitch. True Butler trailer trash! So what do u think Nik?

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Mara Mercy The Wanna Be “Model”

July 7, 2014 Pittsburgh 30 8,341 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is out of control, not only are her looks bad but so is her personality! I’ve seen her put down really pretty girls just because they’re not as tiny as her. But let’s take some time to realize that her bacne is so bad that even professional editing can’t get rid of it! It looks like pixels in every photo. She has a sever case of the snaggle tooth, on top of her shitty tattoos. She models near pornographic nudes that are enough to make you gag. It wouldn’t be so bad if she wasn’t also a raging whore, and a constant c*nt. So nik what do you think, model material?

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TJ Hunsberger Is A Scumbag

July 7, 2014 Pittsburgh 17 7,445 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is TJ Hunsberger of Mckees Rocks. He was a talented high school and college wrestler, but he chose to live off of government assistance and stealing; He steals from everyone and from everywhere. LONG rap sheet of theft, assault, disorderly conduct. NOTHING worse than a 31-yr-old living off of the tax payers and stealing on top of it. He is a dirt bag Dad on top of it. I feel bad for Tammy and Talon. He wants to be rich, and steals to pretend he is. Even the “Jersey Shore” rejected this loser.

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22 with a 45 year old Sugar Daddy

July 4, 2014 Pittsburgh 25 6,553 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Cat Kay (Catherine Kimmel) she is 22 years old. When me and her first started dating she was caught in a relationship with a much older man who gave her clothes, food, a house etc… aslong as she’d be his armcandy… The guys name is Ron Padolf. 45 years old. He has a wife and kids that are older than her. She didn’t want to loose me so she made arrangements to go live back with her parents, but soon moved out again and told me she’d spend time at the battered womans shelter in Oakland.. This way she could get back on her feet and become strong. This was her way to gain my trust back. 3 weeks after not talking much and her spilling some shady bits of truth my way, I soon found out she in fact did not go to the shelter. She moved back in with Ron and continues to be his arm candy. This girl is absolutely dirty and belongs on the cover page for this website. she has suffered horrible past relationships but continues to put herself in these situations. I found this out because of posts to CRAIGSLIST about having multiple persons intercourse parties with the old man and other people. Everything she has ever told me was a lie and she is very good at it. I hope everyone becomes aware of this SLUT and WHORE. She only wants a man who can provide services and give her things for free. Be aware too that she has been TESTED both NEGATIVE and POSITIVE for HIV!!!! This girl will say whatever it takes to manipulate your mind into believing her. DONT TRUST CAT KIMMEL!!

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Deadbeat Women Beater

June 30, 2014 Pittsburgh 29 9,638 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Joey Gallagher. This piece of shit is 21 with three children. Two different baby mama’s. He doesn’t spend time with any of his children, nor does he try to help in anyway. He started beating his most recent ex when she was still pregnant with their daughter. And continued to do so until she finally pressed charges. He has two domestic abuse charges and a simple assault. All on both baby mama’s. He steals and sells stuff for money to go get drugs rather than buying necessities for his kids. He is a addict who has over dosed on several occasions. And still he is here. He will use, manipulate and abuse any one he can. And instead of helping his first baby mama with those two kids he begs her for money for his addiction. This kid is scum. Please stear clear.

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Eric Boeckel

June 30, 2014 Los Angeles, Pittsburgh 98 10,693 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Eric Boeckel lets old men fck him for cash from DC to NYC using a website called Seeking Arrangement. He was the goody two shoes of our school and got all kinds of awards for being smart but puts his FACE on that site! I work w him at a Christmas store in York, PA for old ladies and we didn’t believe it when we heard he was selling himself so made up a fake account and pretended 2 b a 65 year old man. Eric tried to get “me” to give him $5k AND an Audi and tried to get “me” to meet up, sending me the cm pic I’m posting then asking if its cool if he uses drugs when we hook up. This pos is a fraud and a skank and is probably spreading disease all over the northeast, while pretending to be a goody goody here in Spring Grove, PA. He goes to York College in York, PA. Gross.

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hXc Trashley

June 30, 2014 Pittsburgh 718 11,633 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Trashley Lynn Of course that’s not her real name because she sits behind catfish accounts “Eventually” It was going to catch up to her in the long run. She Has The Mind Of An Sixteen-Year-Old Immature High School Girl, She has multiple secret Facebook accounts of herself and of her alter egos. Shes been death threatening,harassing people who she doesn’t know. She also hides behind the identities of Raine Dvorkin And Sage Aisling, But she denies she’s not Raine/Sage Hello! The same grammar skills/typing technique. She spends most of her day creating fake profiles and more pages to harass people. She is so full of herself it’s truly pathetic. She spends so much damn time on the internet. Her two kids are probably neglected and sitting is soggy, nasty diapers. This girl needs a freaking life and get off the damn computer and spend time with her children and stop stalking people on Facebook. She cares more about harassing people on the internet than her two children. She’s so disrespectful to her elders, others, She’s complete Psychotic,… The problem with the Psycho is… She’s clearly lost her screws… She constantly harass, bullies people on Facebook. And claiming how people are stalking,bullying and harassing her! It’s the opposite and way far from the truth. She get’s her Troublemaker Cousin “AMANDA DE SINGORE” To do her DIRTY WORK For Her -> Amanda also loves to stir up drama,trouble. Minding in other people’s afters through Facebook that don’t consider her,

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