Pittsburgh | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Snake in the Grass

December 2, 2014 Pittsburgh 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who anyone who have the unfortunate event of meeting her this girl will lead you on like your the love of her life but beware it’s all just a front she lies like is second nature and can’t be faithful for the life of her… kimberly swencki she loves young guys no matter what the race..

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Greensburg Bartender

December 1, 2014 Pittsburgh 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is a local bartender, jumps around guy to guy…… Gave me nothing but a headache and a broken heart when the cheater was finally caught. Can’t get enough laughter out of this she goes guy to guy over and over I was a fool for thinking I was the only person she was into she was talking to 5 on the side. To think I gave up my friends for a chick. NEWS FLASH ANY GIRL WITH A TATTO ABOVE THERE P*ssy stay away

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Cyberstalker of Fort Campbell Army Base

December 1, 2014 Pittsburgh 279

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Meet Ashley Rhoades AKA Psychopath of the Year this Bisexual Bitch is Facebooks Biggest Cyberstalker she Fcking Lives on Facebook 24/7 she has No Life all she wants to do is Stalk ..Harass and Bash People she is Extremely Opininated and Judgemental she also is a Racist Pig who uses Racial Slurs she Crys Victim when somebody Outs Her .. She is a Little Bitch Pussy who Cant take getting Yelled at and when she does she Forms a Gang of Cyberbullies and make Fake Facebook Profiles of Her Victim and Pages to Bash them this Bitch is Evil as Hell she Worships SATAN along with Her Lesbian Lover Brittany Stantoine she also is a Sexual Predator of Minors .. she Loves to Gang up on Teens and Bully them to gain some Power of her Low Self Esteem from being Bullied as a Kid in McKeesport PA … Im sure People of McKeesport Knows this White Trash Bitch … Ashley thinks she is Tough and Intelligent Her Newest Venture is to Write a Book about Cyberbullying and Her Experiences ..This Bitch is a F***King Cyberbully Stalker Predator … FUK YOU ASHLEY RHOADES YOU CNT !!!

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Dirty Duckee

November 28, 2014 Pittsburgh 35


THE DIRTY ARMY: Stay away from this lying swears shes pregnant by every dude she fcks and if your not right by her i.e in jail or out of town/state she will even go as far as to send you pics of her sisters kids and tell you they are yours she will even go as far as getting a google picture of a birth certificate this bitch is fcking insane…people of mckeesport and the surrounding areas beware. its so bad that the mckeesport police dont believe her because she likes to get drunk and hit herself then turn around and pin it on you. WHATEVER YOU DO AVOID HER AT ALL COSTS

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Pittsburgh’s worst is at it again

November 27, 2014 Pittsburgh 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this man Alan Lee, goes around and destroyes lives. He looks like he is at it again. He uses all the lies he can, to get young girls or women in relationships to go for him. He is a low life pig. Yet again he seems to be targeting women of the younger age, mind you hes 34 years old and only goes after women in relationships or vulnerable ones. Well this time he took it upon himself to brag online about a girl who also works in the movies, and is 19 years old. He keeps posting profile pictures and posts of them together. He has been on set numerous times with other females trying to lure them as well. He is a criminal, a liar and a fraud. He claims to have all of these connections in the movies, but yet he is a glorified extra. He makes other professional people like myself look bad. Dude, the movie set is a place to work, not use and abuse females!! I have witnessed him time and time again ruin everyones lives he comes in contact with, but yet he thinks he is better than everyone else! Dude, grow up, move out of your mommys house, and stop using females for everything you cant have in life. 34 year old wanna be, needs to get lost!

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Erin Burgman

November 25, 2014 Pittsburgh 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is erin burgman. U can find her hopping from lap to lap in westmoreland and allegheny county. Besides being a thieving home wrecking smut she also steals money to fund her pill and cocaine habit. She starts trouble where ever she goes. On the up side i do hear she is very good at giving blow jobs in bar parking lots. At least she is good for something. If u see her around town feed her a few shots and she is pretty much all yours. Good luck!

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Airman of Pittsburgh

November 25, 2014 Pittsburgh 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Former Air National Guard Crew Chief, Jon “Jonny” Hoffman is a real piece of work. Originally met him on an online dating site and when I saw we had mutual friends on facebook, I started asking around. Turns out he has a girlfriend… who he lives with. He kept talking to me saying he wanted me to wait until his girlfriend moved out so he could dump her and date me. He’d make plans to come have sex then call it off last minute. I got sick of waiting and told him to get lost. On St. Patty’s Day last year, I met a girl who told me he did the EXACT same thing to her. THEN I texted him something that reminded me of him and he started texting me back thinking I was some girl named April who has multiple kids and a bf named Calvin, who she was cheating on with him. He pretty much was spelling out the same story he’d told me months ago, but thinking my name was April. When I told him I wasn’t April, he had no idea who I was and got really upset when I said I should tell his gf what he’s up to. His girlfriend’s name is Mary Yasurek and is a picture of her is attached.

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Waitress Smut

November 21, 2014 Pittsburgh 122

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Meet cloey lewis. Or “cloey Ann” on Facebook. She’s pittsburgh’s biggest waitress slut. She\’s been on your site a few years back which I find halarious. I had the displeasure of meeting her after hearing rumors about her for years. She thinks she’s hot because her body is OK and tiny,but her face is far from anything special. She dresses like a prostitute and meets clients at the dive bar in Wexford where she works and goes home with them for the right price. She speaks of class but has anything but. She lives with her parents and does cocaine daily she has multiple back page listings. A few years ago I found it halarious there was drama for years between her and the psycho stripper/escort sarah flaviano (who is on your site as well). Funny they both are escorts only difference is sarah is a smutty stripper in Pittsburgh and vegas. Cloey stalked her boyfriends ex Nikki Oleska and tried giving her car a flat tire. Cloey and her dad also both went to jail for fist fighting over cloey taking a vacation with her fat fugly boyfriend. Poor guy probably doesn’t know she’s a hooker living with her parents. I feel bad for her she should get a college degree and a real job. Nik what do you think of this cocaine smut.

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