Jon Simon

August 7, 2014 Pittsburgh 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is one Disgusting Child pedophile. Jon Simon has been talking to my 13 year old son online. He says that He was talking to my boy to Arrange a play date. At first all seemed normal. Days later I come to see in my sons email about how Jon Simon like to play “sucking sausage” Me being 40 years Old I had no idea what was even going on. It never dawned upon me. I continue to browse these message and it comes to the point to where this pervert comes right out and says boys feel the best “inside of him” I come very close to puking. He goes on to say how much he enjoys preforming oral sex on boys. YES before anyone asks. I did turn my childs Facebook over to the state Police. I hope this child molester gets killed in Prison sick bastard This is more like a Public service announcement. He needs to be on here. EVERYONE in Pittsburgh and Butler Need to know about this child molester

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Brian Brenner Pressin’ On

August 6, 2014 Pittsburgh 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Brian Brenner and he lives in New Castle, PA outside of Pittsburgh. On his 21st birthday he got a 15 year old drunk and high and had sex with her. He’s cheated on every girl he’s ever been with. He slaps girls around when he’s having sex with them, slaps their face and their chest, slaps them real hard like he’s trying to hurt them and has hurt a lot of them. He records every girl he’s sleeping with on his phone and half the time they don’t even know. He’s a racist too he said he has a fantasy of sleeping with a black girl, tying her up and whipping her while making her call him master and calling her his house n****r whore. He plays in a band which is the only reason any girl likes this pos and he thinks he’s some kinda rockstar who gets to slap girls around, cheat on them, and record sex with all of them. Stay away from him girls. Don’t make the same mistake I did. It took a week for my face to heal.

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Whale Whitfield

August 6, 2014 Pittsburgh 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here She is again. The scummiest of scum right here. Sarah Whitfield. Already posted on here twice, but hey 3rd times a charm… Right? This time fresh outta the hospital with a even more beat vagina then she had before, from having her poop faced looking baby that she didn\’t even know who the father was!!! That’s right it was between not 1 not 2 not 3 but FOUR different men. Not only was she was caught smoking weed at parties while pregnant and hooking up with other women but she also lied to her man for 9 whole months telling him the baby was his, like I said scummiest of scum right here… Maybe instead of deflating innocent pool rafts with her sweaty smelly ass she should be in the gym and drinking SUGAR FREE energy drinks. Or doing kegel exercises to tighten that taco of hers.

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Another Casey Anthony in the Making

August 6, 2014 Fort Worth, Pittsburgh 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This sick individual is 27 year-old Whitney Hale of Ft. Worth, Texas, living in White Settlement, Texas at present. She is another Casey Anthony in the making. She is in an ongoing custody dispute with her ex-husband. Her daughter has been taken away, but if she wins her court case and gets her daughter back, the kid probably will not live to see her 6th birthday. She drops her daughter off with anyone she can in order to abuse crystal meth and run around with various married men. She has been known to lock her daughter in the bathroom for hours at a time while she engages in drug use. She does not work and will do anything to get money for drugs. A true sociopath, she will show up in church on Sunday morning after neglecting her daughter all week long. She is an avid drug abuser: ice, meth amphetamines, the hard stuff. She has epilepsy and so the drugs cause her to seizure often. Before her ex took the kid, she would seizure while her kid was helpless in her presence after hard core drug binges. I hope her ex is out there and has friends who read this and let him know that he has people pulling for him. You got friends man! She is extremely desperate and will latch onto anyone who bends her ass over a sink for 10 minutes. This “woman” is Casey Anthony 100% in-the-making in every way. If she gets that kid back, the inevitable will happen. You were warned.

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Michelle HuckleDick Mcdermott

August 5, 2014 Pittsburgh 271

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is the newly wed couple Michelle McDick & Daryl Chase. They met a few months ago on a Sex line and have been together ever since. She is a Juvenile case worker downtown and He is a drug dealer living in Crafton. Since they have done nothing but talk about other people, I think its time to put them both on blast. First and fore most the man has a cock-eye and is a complete sex addict. He has literally screwed all of his friends at one time or another. He is 31 years old and living with his step dad. Second the Woman is approaching 40 and is also all over sex sites. That would be ok if she wasn\’t projecting her self to be this nice old mature woman. She drives around in a beat down trash bag she calls a car thinking she\’s better than everybody else. Here’s some advice if you ever plan on having a normal life I’d stop chiming in on other peoples problems and learn to back up what you say. You might wanna go get checked as well, I herd Daryl is spreading drd!

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Rach Hobson

August 5, 2014 Pittsburgh 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slag here Rach Hobson has been bangin this married dude Scotty Boyd for the better part of 5 years all while supposedly she was in love with me.WTF!!!

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Etela Conway

August 1, 2014 Pittsburgh 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Etela Conway, this 50 year old lady hag married to a prominent Attorney in Pittsburgh that’s much older than her, she lives off this mans money, and sits on her ass all day long on facebook flirting with younger men and waiting on her husbands money to spend. She has No job, no education, just a complete moron, and as her husband would call her a “nut job” because she’s so stupid and illiterate. Her husband is disgusted with her but only keeps her around because of their child. Sh’s a disgusting piece of classless Slovakian trash and has no respect for herself or her husband, because she has cheated on the poor man with several different younger men and tried to hook mine. This piece of trash needs to be deported for being a low class whore with an expired pssy!

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Tanya Lee Spirk levittown pa

July 31, 2014 Pittsburgh 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is spreading drd’s to many of my friends in levittown pa.  Help put a stop to this..

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