New Stanton’s Finest, Jay Miller

September 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, meet Jay Miller aka New Stanton’s Finest. You can find Mr. Miller in TJs sports bar just about any night of the week. This is where he likes to hang out when he has no where else to go (unless he is hanging out with people twice the age of him or twice as young as him…keep in mind he’s a 41 year old dog..I mean man). Also, he just might be picking out his favorite bartender of the week here. It seems like he can’t hold a steady relationship because all he does is lies and cheats on the women that he has been with. Eventually his love triangles catch up with him. When this happens the coward goes in to hiding for a few weeks to a couple of months till he feels it’s safe to show his face because c’mon who is going to hold a grudge against this handsome, playboy, baby making, lying, cheating son of a b!tch? Beware ladies, don’t let his irresistible charm fool you. Mr. Miller always has 2-3 girls at once. He might say all of the right things and take you to all of the best local restaurants…before you know it he will have you sleeping over (at least he changed the sheets). Don’t let the cute puppy pictures fool you either, he moved his current flavor of the month into his apartment with her dog breeding business. On top of that he plays super dad to her kid that isn’t even his. He doesn’t even take care of the two kids that he has to two different women. Bravo, must make you feel like such a man

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Marcie Marez

September 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik lets expose these hoes heres a west mifflin hoe… Ms marez she a attention whore to the core you text the bitch for a day and the pussys yours… Not that you want it its been around acouple blocks… Just the look will have you thinking arbys and the smell of a mcdonalds fish filet… Theres acouple funny looking missing bumb scars shell tell you it was hair bumps nahhhh something was treated… Personally i kno she licks and fcks raw dog drd or not… The sad part is she got a son and that little boy thinks every man is his daddy probably from her calling every man in the hood that…the stomach ohhhh the stomach looks like a road map of the usa… But ima end it there lol if your a dope fiend shes all in holla at her on facebook

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Kalee Davis

September 19, 2014 Pittsburgh 58

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik this is kalee davis.  she cheats on her boyfriend for free coca*ne.  nuff said…

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Town Bike

September 16, 2014 Pittsburgh 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda DeVictor is a tramp. from hopewell and now coraopolis . works at Jailhouse in coraopolis. let multiple guys run a train on her. was pregnant had the baby and then decided to ask her x for a DNA test to see if the baby was his 6 months after the child was born. skeezy slut

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Sybil Dorsett

September 15, 2014 Pittsburgh 335

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sybil multiple personalities of Ashley Rhoades. Trashley Lynn/ Rogue Rhoades/ Her infamous facebook alter egos Sage Aisling/ Raine Dvorkin And even Kindra Reese, Ashley’s been manipulating people claiming they’re not her. And the Fake Russian Girl “Adelia Vishnevskaya” doesn’t even exist it’s another one of Ashley’s alter egos. Her *NEW* FACEBOOK ALTER EGO Miss Magdalan. She has her bullying partner in crime Brittany Stantoine A/K/A/ Silent Hand making up excuses for her fake ass every 20 seconds you will see a new screenshot posted on their fake anti cybercrime facebook page “Say No To Cyber Crimes, Petition Back Up.” it’s endless of spamming posts. Brittany Stantoine Claims She is Not a Bully! LOL with her fake harassment charges.

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Mike Hensley

September 15, 2014 Pittsburgh 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this scuz ball likes to pick up chicks at the rialto in greensburg by pretending to be part owner of the bar in his spare time he enjoys powdering his nose and steriods he is 100% trash that grew up on welfare and now pretends he is a republican Italian so that people wont realize he is really a jew

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Toni Sweeney

September 15, 2014 Pittsburgh 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl beats just about anyone on the whore train. She is for sure as classy as they come. She is about as nasty as they get!!!! She is married but will stick anyone’s cock in her! She doesn’t care if he is married or not, she will let him have her. Wrap it up tight guys…never know what you may get from her. She is from Punxsutawney, PA but I’m sure she will travel to meet your needs and obviously hers. Her husband must not do the greatest job. Look her up on facebook Toni Sweeney, send her a message, you may just be her next victim. She will use you for everything you will give her. She will even take her wedding ring off so you don’t feel as sleezy. Get her while she’s loose everyone.

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Adriana Esterline Get Lost

September 8, 2014 Pittsburgh 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: Can we get this girl out of the underground scene already? She’s been in it for a few months and acts like she runs the scene, when she has like 2 friends in the scene. No one likes this troll and she just tries to fit in as a gogo when she dances like a fish out of water. Please take your rainbow bright throw up outfits and burn them. If you’re a promoter and like ugly girls who’s can’t dance and will make dj’s stop playing music because she can’t find her bowl, than go ahead and book this slut. She can take her fake “plur” self out of the scene. No one wants you hear Adrianna!

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