hXc Trashley

June 30, 2014 Pittsburgh 718 11,643 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Trashley Lynn Of course that’s not her real name because she sits behind catfish accounts “Eventually” It was going to catch up to her in the long run. She Has The Mind Of An Sixteen-Year-Old Immature High School Girl, She has multiple secret Facebook accounts of herself and of her alter egos. Shes been death threatening,harassing people who she doesn’t know. She also hides behind the identities of Raine Dvorkin And Sage Aisling, But she denies she’s not Raine/Sage Hello! The same grammar skills/typing technique. She spends most of her day creating fake profiles and more pages to harass people. She is so full of herself it’s truly pathetic. She spends so much damn time on the internet. Her two kids are probably neglected and sitting is soggy, nasty diapers. This girl needs a freaking life and get off the damn computer and spend time with her children and stop stalking people on Facebook. She cares more about harassing people on the internet than her two children. She’s so disrespectful to her elders, others, She’s complete Psychotic,… The problem with the Psycho is… She’s clearly lost her screws… She constantly harass, bullies people on Facebook. And claiming how people are stalking,bullying and harassing her! It’s the opposite and way far from the truth. She get’s her Troublemaker Cousin “AMANDA DE SINGORE” To do her DIRTY WORK For Her -> Amanda also loves to stir up drama,trouble. Minding in other people’s afters through Facebook that don’t consider her,

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Lauren Moore

June 27, 2014 Pittsburgh 49 6,921 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This trashy girl is Lauren Moore. She is the smuttiest girl that I have ever met. She has a boyfriend that she cheated on multiple times. She slept with one of his friends and then she lied to jer boyfriend and then went out and slept with her friend at a party. She loves to talk shit on people behind their backs but will cry if someone confronts her. She is a horrible human being. She will find out anything bad about your life and go around telling everyone just to try to ruin your life. Never trust this bitch. She may come off as nice but as soon as you turn your back she will make up lies and run her mouth about you.

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Heather Waggoner Monroeville

June 26, 2014 Pittsburgh 121 7,801 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl name is Heather Waggoner. This b*tch walks around the town thinking she’s the hottest thing in town and that people should be eating her sh*t as a delicacy. She likes to brag to people that she was a escort and made mad money.” Her ew-boyfriend recently dumped her sorry ass because of her wh*rish ways and probably because of her constant flirting with every guy she see’s while trying to get them to buy her drinks.He would even beat her to get her away from him but she kept coming back. But, overall, Heather is a CHAMP! Actually, she likes to f*ck with everyones heads and gets them to believe that she loves them. Her own mother can’t stand her. She was dating a friend I knew and two other guys at the same time, just to get them to by her dope. She’s fresh out of rehab and ready to party. You you really want to hook up with her, just hit any bar in Manor, Murrysville, Plum, Monroeville and Trafford. Be careful with this one guys shes a VD trix turning whore.

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Sam The Using Coug

June 26, 2014 Pittsburgh 62 9,883 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, this is Samantha Zundel. She lives Latrobe, and she will fck anyone if she thinks she can get something out of it. She worked her way around multiple friends of mine using them for a place to stay, money, and free labor. She strings you along and lets you think you matter to her, but really she just wants anything you have to offer, and once she either uses you to the breaking point or you realize she’s using you, she makes a scene. Playing the victim and try’s to turn people against whoever she’s using. She lies, cheats, and is just an overall terrible human being. Hope this helps anyone who encounters her.

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Rachel Hull (Karstyn Smith)

June 26, 2014 Pittsburgh 116 10,122 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Rachel Hull is a slut who has a fake internet identity known as Karstyn Smith. She has the BIGGEST ego in the world, she thinks she has the best ass and tits in the entire world. She’ll act friendly at first, but as soon as she realizes someone is prettier or better than her, she will talk about them behind their back until they’re no longer her friends. She is a dirty slut, who likes to post naked pictures of herself on every website she can find just to give herself a confidence boost, either that or she really thinks she’s the hottest chick out there. These pictures are of her in public and private. There are even ones of her at work. Who even does that? I used to be friends with her a year ago, but I got tired of all the lies. She talked about me behind my back to all my friends, which was a really stupid move. She tried acting like she was a big shot by posting stuff on Facebook when in reality she was a little bitch who wouldn’t even say anything to my face. She is hated by so many people including her own boyfriend\’s family. It’s a surprise she even has a boyfriend, because she cheats on him all the time. I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with the little slut.

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Turning Hippie

June 25, 2014 Pittsburgh 22 10,252 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Audrey. Wow where should I start with this one..First of all, let me just say, this girl did a complete 360. She was always super straight edge and nerdy in high school. She was even a band geek (like actually obsessed with band) And then basically overnight she decided to be a drug addict “hippie”. She was dating the biggest crackhead in the area which obviously hasn’t helped her get back on track. They recently broke up and now she is a huge whore and fucks every guy around. You can find her partying and doing crazy drugs at raves or becoming “one with nature” in the woods. She has no direction in her life at all which is why she relies on frequently getting her palms read in the south side. She prides herself on being a “free spirited hippie” but I don’t think she realizes how dumb she actually looks. She thinks she is hot shit and is always posting weird as fuck selfies on Instagram with creepy filters. I’m not sure if she knows but she is actually a fugly sloot with the body of a prepubescent boy. She literally has no curves at all and just looks like a little kid…not hot. She is so obsessed with keeping up her fake image to fit in, she doesn’t even notice she is looking like a complete jackass in the process. Every one of her tweets make absolutely no sense. I’m guessing because she is always messed up on drugs? Talk about embarrasing. She has lost all of her friends and is honestly just a joke in this town anymore. Someone get this bitch some help.

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Angela Stuckey

June 24, 2014 Pittsburgh, Scottsdale 108 9,041 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Angela Stuckey deserves to be put on blast.This 33yo slut that originally comes from Clearfield,PA moved down to Scottsdale about 3years ago and let me tell ya THIS WHITE TRASH IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST SLUTS IVE EVER KNOWN.She loves to sleep with strangers (literally ).She has no morals and self respect for herself but pretends to be all classy and s%it but she\’s NOT.Every single guy that I know banged her at least once.She is denying that she’s an escort but who sleeps with a few different guys on the same day if not an escort?She has a double life if not triple so beware of this psychotic lying slut. Angela is just another desperate bitch that loves the attention and thinks that she’s a gift from god-NOT!Just look at her..She looks like an alien/ umpa lumpa…No wonder why she’s still single at the age of 33… Angie -If you stop going out so much and getting drunk almost every single night and stop spreading your legs wide open for everyone maybe people than won’t have a perception of you being a whore and a slut that you currently are.-just sayin DIRTY ARMY STRONG!!!

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Ratchet Ass Amber

June 24, 2014 Pittsburgh 13 9,407 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is ratchet ass amber “la-ray” wright who thinks she is all that This Leechburg bitch is a wannabe ghetto bitch n ain’t it funny how hard she tries in her pics too. she’s just a mud shark. her “past” included sucking a few d’s to satisfy her junkie habits & gettin arrested all the time taking the worst mugshot n even bragging about it bein behind her. she ain’t all that diffrent anymore. amber is the worst friend promising to be there and isn’t but goes on and on about people doing that 2 her! can u say pyscho. She is also a nasty cheating whore, probly still messin behind her husband’s back. Hope he uses protection with her ratchety ass so he don’t get the drd. so nik, what’s your opinion?

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