Pittsburgh | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Slooty Tranny

October 17, 2014 Pittsburgh 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: The trashy hoe likes to use men for money and she tells anyone that gives her attention she loves them

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Nirvana Gaffey

October 17, 2014 Pittsburgh 200

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nirvana gaffey is a slutty no good white trash tramp. I dont know who is paying her to take pictures but if she is a model then i have lost my faith in humanity. Nirvana got knocked up by a guy with a gf while she was married. She hardly ever sees her child and just uses her bf as a glorified baby sitter so she can travel to photoshoots where she gets drunk and snaps disgusting pictures wearing discount bin lingerie from five below. I thought models were supposed to be attractive and in shape. Nirvana needs to stop partying… Stop being a whore and lazy mother… And actually get a real job. She says she has a masters degree. I guess that doesnt matter when u just rely on spreading your legs to get money. You dknt deserve to be a model or a mother. You and your white trash inbred pill popping family need to go away!

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Subject B

October 14, 2014 Pittsburgh 625

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Subject B has gone by so many fake names er newest one is MiSS MAGDALAN so far she’s a cyber harasser – bully shes also a fake advocate for anti-bullying, she say’s she is against bullying when she is doing it herself with a group of t-bag fags on facebook she’s showing her true colors oh another thing she creates bogus stories about being bullied on facebook it even get’s worst that she’d have lost grip with reality this is what facebook does to the brain her brain is completely fried she’d created fictional female characters, she’s been using other peoples identities to harass random people she’s so “strung out on facebook” that she is trying to destroy a older woman from her ex-area out on facebook this been going on for two years nik this girl is completely f*cked up in the head that she’d can’t survive, live in a sustainable real life world without being on facebook she’s so disrespect as f*ck screen capping everything what pepole say displaying the screen caps on to her fake facebook anti-bullying page “Say No To Cyber Crimes, Petition Back Up.” if you’ve don’t like what someone says on facebook then stay the f*ck off of facebook then you’ve won’t have this problem.

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Andrea Haas Pearson

October 8, 2014 Pittsburgh 193

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, We hired Andrea Haas Pearson not knowing her activities. She attended our conference and passed her business cards to our esteemed guests. Later we found out she was trying to lure clients. She got very drunk that night and went home with one of guests. It was very embarrassing for us as we are promoting support to underprivileged kids in Pakistan. We are extremely upset with her activities and want to report this so that everyone is aware, Google her, do her background check and be careful.

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Sarah Marie Pratt

October 7, 2014 Buffalo, Pittsburgh 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sarah Pratt is a nasty skank hoe!! She will fck anything and any body for a dime crack rock. She’s a cheap ass hoe. Sarah Pratt has hep C and aids so even if she doesnt die of a over dose she will certainly die from her nasty drd’s she is the dirtiest of all the dirties. She even fucked a dog once talk about trif!! This nasty hoe ass bitch should be on the wall of shame and get the dirtiest of all reward. BEWARE she WILL SUCK AND FCK ANYTHING that has a dick!! She gets hoed out all the time.

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Stay Away From Eva Medusa aka Eva Baphomet Medusa

September 29, 2014 Pittsburgh, The Dirty 119

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this person is a USER. She uses people like toilette paper. She/he is a tranvestite. Going from male to female. She seems nice initially until you get to know her. Huge backstabber! She goes from city to city looking for people to sponge off of. Our friend felt sorry for her, brought her up from Houston,Tx to Pennsylvania for a while. What a mistake. She has 2 large dogs and one cat. She used the person she was with. Wouldn’t pay rent. Always wanted her weed. She decided to leave cause no one wanted her here. She’s currently in New York. She left her cat behind and it’s a domestic one. But her dogs have already bitten a cat up there twice. She says she’ll pay for the vet bill but has already moved out and is living with yet another person who is buying into her bullsh*t. So there goes the vet bill. And what about the cat? This person is seriously mentally ill. Don’t let her fool you and believe me she is good at it. She gets a pension from the gov’t because she is in the middle of going thru the process of becoming female, but she blows all her money on weed. She will not give u a dime for anything but wants from other people. She had an idea to go out to California, but they don’t want her out there either. Watch out for this person and don’t get fooled.

And you think your life is weird.- nik

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Jessica Cole

September 29, 2014 Pittsburgh 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Cole is an actual prostitute. She has an Ad on back page under escorts. If you pay more you don’t have to wear a condom. She already has 3 constant Johns that she fcks all the time and they pay for almost everything for her. Don’t leave any of your credit card information just laying around, she will steal anything she can from you to pay for her drug habit and/or order whatever she wants online. She’s a walking drd and who knows what else cause she shoots any drug she can get her hands on. She says she’s 28 & a hot Italian when she’s really 32 and a hot mess. She already has 2 kids that she doesn’t even fck with. All she cares about is money, drugs and sex. Be careful cause she’ll let you knock her up or tell you it was you who knocked her up then will blackmail you to pay for whatever she wants. She’s a scam artist. She’s really just looking for another sugar Daddy/John to pay for anything and everything. Again JESSICA COLE IS A WALKING drd! STAY AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN

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Laura D. Is No “Atmosphere Model”

September 29, 2014 Pittsburgh, The Dirty 17


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is this chick a madam or a wanna be? I saw her soliciting P4P on their Instagrams to be “atmosphere models” for “#saudiroyalty” (her description, LOL). Sounds shady with an email called “bookvipentertainment”. Gotta love chicks openly soliciting for escorts on IG. Of course, she’s ugly and has nothing attractive about her.

Saudi’s don’t scout from Pittsburgh. Sounds like a set up.- nik

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