Mommy’s Little Womanizer

September 3, 2014 Pittsburgh 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Tara, a little womanizer from the Pittsburgh area. She is currently in her late 20′s and STILL lives at home with her mommy. This girl had dated one of my close friends a few years back, this girl Tara was completely fcking nuts! She wanted to get married within the first couple of weeks of dating my friend. Granted she wanted to be married but still live at home with her mom aka her only friend. This girl has some serious issues that need serious professional help. I almost feel bad for this girl because I know her self-esteem is super low but she shouldn’t go around trying to marry and sleep with every woman with two legs in Pittsburgh.

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Dana Rengers

September 2, 2014 Pittsburgh 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet 35 year old Dana Rengers from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. At least that’s her last name now. This woman goes through husbands faster than most guys go through a pair of half decent shoes. She’s infected with the Human Papilloma Virus, an drd that she contracted during one of her extramarital affairs with her first husband. She enjoys wrecking people’s reputations (especially those of the men in her life), play-acting being “bisexual” even though she really isn’t, and most of all cocaine. She loves Cocaine. As for her relationships and marriages, Dana is well schooled at the art of hypergamy or “marrying up” thanks to her mother, who has been divorced at least twice and has gained most of her monetary sccess in life this way. As if that’s not heinous enough, Dana also enjoys railroading the reputation(s) of her male victims once she’s through with them. This is what she did to her first husband anyway. She also feeds on drama and has no “real” friends, because she talks shit behind each and every one of their backs. She’s gonna be “on the market” again pretty soon, if not already, because she’s getting divorced yet AGAIN. So guys in and around Greensburg, PA: Heads up! Avoid this one, if for nothing more than the fact that she’s got an incurable drd.

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Turtle Creek’s Sloppy Bezts

September 2, 2014 Pittsburgh 73


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is one of Turtle Creek’s sloppiest, Kerri Teresi Bezts. U can find this chick at Sandcastle all the time sometimes wearing bikinis so tiny that her chip chopped ham pussy lips are hangin out. Shes been a real big slut since I remember at Woodland Hills. And she still goes out to get some even tho she is married. Three of my boys have slept with her n didn’t kno it was the same chick til last week when they were talkin bout this needy annoying bitch textin them bout her problems . She is usually wasted so probly doesn’t remember who or how many guys she has f*ked. Dont waste ur time with this old slut trying to live out her 20s forever. This pussy aint worth all the drama & risk of the drd.

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Evil Step Mother

September 2, 2014 Pittsburgh 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two losers Shawn Hill and Hayley Butler from Greensburg Pa need to rot in Jail. She shook his baby so bad he is on life support and probably not going to make it. This douche bag dad is covering for her and refuses to be present when he is taken off of life support. I can’t believe no arrest have been made. Look up Prayers for Brennon on FB and see the stuff this girl did to this poor baby.

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Both Ways Donny

August 27, 2014 Pittsburgh 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is donny dwyer from “southside” he is the deffinition of dirty literally never bathes has a kid whose probably close to 3 yrs old now who he never sees ive heard hes abusive to his gfs and also heard from a guy the donny was the one receiving from the back end yes he goes both ways all he cares about is drinking or taking any pills he can get his theivin hands on watch out ladies and gents he also has genital warts (trys to hide it with his bush) stay away hes nothing but trouble in & out of jail he acts so tough but never does anything hes a huge mooch i had to literally kick him out of my apartmnt n sent him home in his boxers hes disgusting waste of life

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Crystal’s Junk

August 26, 2014 Pittsburgh 262

THE DIRTY ARMY: Crystal is a heroin using prostitute, but that’s not the worst part. She will shot up in front of her 2 year old daughter; she is constantly high around her daughter passing out while her daughter wanders the house and sometimes the neighborhood. Crystal was actually using while pregnant, which caused some harm to her daughter. She claims to be a hair stylist and massage therapist but that is just a front. Her so-called “clients” are not over over for hair cuts or massages, they are there for an old fashion quickie or bj, then she will then take the money to get dope. Oh, did I mention that her daughter is there the whole time, she just locks her in her room. When she is low on cash she will either drive to a drug dealers house and have sex with them or steal to get her fix. I use to babysit for her never for money but just to keep her daughter safe, but bc of my new job I can no longer do so. Her daughter needs to be taken away from her, otherwise something tragic will sadly, but also definitely happen. She also has drd’s from time to time, some of which cannot be cured, if you know what i mean.

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Gogo Troll

August 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: How is she employed…

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Meadvilles Trash

August 19, 2014 Pittsburgh 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Grace martinson. She is meadvilles finest piece of white trash. She sits around on facebook all day telling everyone how shes the worlds greatest parent and they are dirt. Yet behind closed doors the truth lies shes obsessed with little boys dingalings always harpen on people about what they did when their children are born. She allows her boyfriend to NOT ONLY mentally abuse her but her children as well. she tries to hide her pathetic life while judging others and she NEEDS to be exposed. They have been evicted from every house they have lived in the past 5 years even housing where their rent was $0.00 how do you fuck that up? her boyfriends a terrible drunk who has noo control over his drinking or drug problems. once he was so drunk he locked her and her kids outside in the dead of winter and when she got home the next day her walls had holes in it and he passed out drunk in their daughters bed and pissed all over it. Wonderful. She loves to cheat on her boyfriend and the last two pregnancies she had just finished having affairs on him when she concieved but swears up and down they are jeffs. The one kid looks like the guy she slept with and im pretty sure hes the father. Shes a dirty no good hoe and I hope everyone stears clear cause they love calling cys on people for anything and everything. she used to shoot up and then breast feed her kid. she claimed she would pump and dump….. yeah mother of the fucking year right there.

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