Gums is the Way to Go

June 19, 2014 Pittsburgh 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this is Kelly miller this girl trots around bentleyville like she’s a queen. Mind you now she ain’t nothing but a low life that is 25 years old and lives off her parents. Yes, she has a part time job at ups in new Stanton. But that will never pay the bills. So she will do anything in her power to make a buck. But b warned fellas this 6′ tall phyco bitch is nothing but a log in bed. She uses her boyfriends for there money and saves every bit she has. She expects the world…. But one thing for sure is this bitch will gum that dick only cause she has fake teeth. But like we all know some guys like the gums, lol!!! Just keep this face in mind cause u don’t want this winner to suck you dry…!!! Yes, you all may fall for those blue eyes but tgat her best way of sucking everyone in.. For instants that new car she’s driving yup her mommy and daddy bout that for her. This bitch needs to learn to take care of herself instead of her parents and the guys that fall under her no good slutty wing!!!

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Oakdale’s Trashiest

June 17, 2014 Pittsburgh 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik, this is little miss. Rachel Williams from oakdale pa. This chick thinks her shit don’t stink. She cheats on all the guys she’s with. If its not Rachel’s way it’s no way. She’s a huge control freak. Lives mainly off of public assistance. If it don’t please her it won’t happen. In every way possible she will suck u dry, she does nothing but use people. This girl puts on one hell of a show. Beware guys this crazy bitch will act all sweet until she gets in good with you. Run far away. Hell with all the cheating she may even have something. Be very careful fella’s. also does not take care of her daughter all the guys she brings into this poor child’s life takes care of her. Perfect example of a dead beat mother. She works at the diner in oakdale stop by and check this nasty ass out. Hell she may even try and talk you into a three some with her and her son call man. If that’s wat u wanna call him. Just another low life toothless fck!!!!

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Burnt Junkie Lyndsie Vivian

June 17, 2014 Pittsburgh 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl HAS FCKING H**. IT PROBABLY TURNED TO A((S BY NOW BECAUSE SHE DOESNT TAKE CARE OF HERSELF. She gave me W**rts & afterwards my good friend H** with a topping of wa**s.THIS IS NO JOKE. Please stay away from her for youre own health. She knows what she has but she has no regard for others. You’ve probably seen her on the back streets of Scottsdale. She looks and acts like a fucking rapid dog. I would say go for it, its easy pssy but man, my friend is struggling and hasn’t been the same ever since he was diagnosed. Shes too caught up with getting her fix to care about how shes getting it. DONT PICK HER UP.

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Sewer Trout Kirsten

June 16, 2014 Pittsburgh 750

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik.My Names Donat. Kirsten Babinger This bitch is gross and disgusting, No one likes Kirsten in Mckeesport for a reason because she’s a dumb immature bitch. She lives right next to Crawford Village on Pirl Street. She used to hang out at “Club Arkham” on every other weekend trying to fit into the alt. gothic club scene and subculture but failed She’d used to be a loyal fuckable follower of Cy’s Kirsten pretends to be Ghetto, Punk Rawk!, Gothic, Emo, HXC, Rockabilly and even a Pin-up girl. Don\’t pretend to be a goth, punk, hXc, rockabilly, pin-up girl and emo, and don\’t pretend you know what they are … If you are a goth or punk, you\’ll know what it\’s like and what it means … She glamorous bisexuality and she claims to be bisexual herself when\’d she never had been in a relationship with a woman So that means she\’s not actually bisexual “bisexuality doesn’t exist” It\’s so trendy now, half of them are fake like Kirsten. Kirsten was going around saying that Marisa Dusetzina is her bestfriend Marisa Dusetzina wants nothing to do with Kirsten … Andii Kudla is Marisa’s BBF! Marisa BANNED Kirsten and her pusher \”mother\” Cyndi Babinger from Omerta Ink. Kirsten bums off of people for free food, rides and food for her son. Kirsten has no high school diploma or GED! She\’s still living off of the governments free hand-outs, she still jumps to dick to dick on facebook that’s right she meets guys on facebook and hooks up with them. Mike Beck, Jeremy Myers, Joe Egolf.

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Chocolate Goddess

June 16, 2014 Pittsburgh 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: KENDRA PARKER is a paid escort….nasty ass HO tries to play herself off as a grown woman but acts like a nasty ass hood rat when she thinks nobody is looking. She’s even ‘offered’ her services to a few of her friends men….what a nice person. She\’s so hard up for money….she’d get paid by just about ANYTHING so she can pay for her habit and to just get by. SHE\’S A NASTY ASS WHORE. If you’ve paid this used up ho to get off….it would be best if you’d go check yourself. She’s been with OVER half of PGH…and that’s without getting paid.

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Stacey Bands Her Friends Ex’s

June 16, 2014 Pittsburgh 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stacey Medford who cheated on her children’s father with some scumbag she met at her grandmothers. Of all places. Can\’t even meet someone in the real world. Who’s stil with this guy but wants out of her exes life. But loves to go back to his hometown and fck all of his close friends. While the boy friend sits at home with anal plugs in his ass. Great catch. So watch out guys. If you see this one she does have stds, and can be seen out with a few of the greats on here! She also is a mother of 2 which she hardly spends time with cause of the running around she does. Her children despise her and do not wanna be near her. She also has no problem being a home wrecker No matter how much baby mama drama you got or how many kids you got. Her taste varies from 100 lb crack heads to 400lb fatties.

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Apollo Hoho

June 16, 2014 Pittsburgh 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: This skanks name is Chels Wuchevich shes pregnant and the babys dad is prob a million different guys. shes the lowest bitch on earth. her vagina stinks so many guys that she has fcked told me so! and her pussy looks like chipped ham.. ewwwww shes on pills really bad and feeds them to her dead beat boyfriend who does meth, dope, and many other drugs! chels and her man have a little boy that they dont take care of just pawn off to other people to watch because they are pieces of shit this girl should not be aloud to have a child nor care for the only they have with them 2% of the time

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Mckeesports Toughest

June 12, 2014 Pittsburgh 94



THE DIRTY ARMY: the guy right here erik is the toughest man alive he is not someone to mess with he will “run up in your house and kill you” he is so tough i seen him rip a semi truck in half with his bare hands. this dude is no joke dont mess with him he will most definitely message you on facebook and threaten you then turn around and call the cops. also any ladies watch out he contracted some herpes from his current slam hog most people probably know her she is from elizabeth no names need be said we all know who she is haha i bet his gf is so proud of him being so tough and such a thug.

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