Gogo Troll

August 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: How is she employed…

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Meadvilles Trash

August 19, 2014 Pittsburgh 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Grace martinson. She is meadvilles finest piece of white trash. She sits around on facebook all day telling everyone how shes the worlds greatest parent and they are dirt. Yet behind closed doors the truth lies shes obsessed with little boys dingalings always harpen on people about what they did when their children are born. She allows her boyfriend to NOT ONLY mentally abuse her but her children as well. she tries to hide her pathetic life while judging others and she NEEDS to be exposed. They have been evicted from every house they have lived in the past 5 years even housing where their rent was $0.00 how do you fuck that up? her boyfriends a terrible drunk who has noo control over his drinking or drug problems. once he was so drunk he locked her and her kids outside in the dead of winter and when she got home the next day her walls had holes in it and he passed out drunk in their daughters bed and pissed all over it. Wonderful. She loves to cheat on her boyfriend and the last two pregnancies she had just finished having affairs on him when she concieved but swears up and down they are jeffs. The one kid looks like the guy she slept with and im pretty sure hes the father. Shes a dirty no good hoe and I hope everyone stears clear cause they love calling cys on people for anything and everything. she used to shoot up and then breast feed her kid. she claimed she would pump and dump….. yeah mother of the fucking year right there.

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Useless Hog

August 19, 2014 Pittsburgh 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lindsay Donofrio of Pittsburgh. This ugly hog will screw any dick you put in front of her. She doesn’t work and instead makes up the excuse of going to school at Chatham instead. She gave one of my good friends an drd and continues to sleep with guys in Pittsburgh even though shes dirty. She lives on dating websites so beware fellas you could be her next victim. I see and hear about her going out all the time because all she does is collect welfare, party and give others drds. Who would want to sex this thing up in the first place?? She walks around thinking she’s hot shit when she’s the exact opposite. Girl, you are ugly, dirty, flat chested, jobless and pathetic, which is why you deserve to be on here.

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August 18, 2014 Pittsburgh 295

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jean Dusetzina. I’m sure youre familiar with her lurking on your site like a prowler posting comments and articles on young woman who are more successful and better parents than she. Here’s some things you don’t know about this woman: she had a fake account where she flirted with her own son, she’s done every drug in the book which explains why she accuses everyone else of being addicts, she is addicted to sex which is why she calls everyone else whores, and she is jealous of her own daughter who she is constantly saying is a splitting image of herself. NOT! Jean has recently been attacking her own son because he wants to get her medical attention after finding out she was sending threats using her daughter marrisa’s boyfriend and attacking military men to ruin their career. We’re asking you to warn every one about this wench and to PLEASE for God’s sake ban this woman from your site!

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Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour At First Niagara Pavilion August 17th

August 15, 2014 Akron, Pitt, Pittsburgh 0

The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get your ticket now for the show at First Niagara Pavilion, this Sunday (8/17) at 7pm!


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Mudshark Clarke

August 14, 2014 Pittsburgh 142

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This nasty welfare collecting, section 8 having mudshark is Cortney Clarke, she’s a complete junky crackhead, in everyone else’s business,, mad at the world because her life sucks! Instead of cleaning herself up, getting a JOB , or taking care of her illegitimate child, who’s daddy is in prison for drug dealing. Nope, Cortney instead has nothing else better to do besides sit on her lazy fat manly ass, smoking pot in front of her kid, ignoring the kid. Cortney’s crazy jealous that her ex has moved on, is happy, so she keeps posting his new girl on this site, making up lies about her, claiming she’s really a man who had a sex change, 110% not true, she’s all natural beautiful woman. Cortney’s the only shim, chick with a dick that I know of. Cortney claims she’s a model with all natural beauty, claims her ex will never get better looking than her, lmao. She says she gets “hoes”, most comical Cortney claims she’s not FAT!!! Someone please tell this Steven Seagal look alike to move on, get a life, instead of threatening to use her welfare money to get someone beat up, she should use it to invest in some Jenny Craig!!

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Devil Neiderhiser

August 13, 2014 Pittsburgh 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Da nastiest of greensburg needs 2 b reveilled not only has she fcked every tattoo artist around but she moved on 2 the biker guys. All she does is talk shit but tried to fight her she didnt do shit she s a pussy and a scuzzball ugliest person inside n she loves satin n golden showers 2 the face. Lol this hoe had to commit inshance fraud because her broke ass had a slow 300 she wrecked and no1 else wanted glad u got caught

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Dina Molinaro

August 13, 2014 Pittsburgh 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this woman is in her late 40s she is a mother to a 26 yr old daughter who has been exsposed on here already Nicole miller/ molinaro Nicole and dina tried to have sex with me many of time and I turned them both down dina is a bit crazy trying to get with a man who is half her age he stayed with her but only used her for money and blowjobs Dina trades oral sex in return for pills she is a oxyhead she sit on fb in all drama she has the dirtest house I have ever seen plus a smell of fat dirty butt and her dog goes to the bathroom all over the place she is I use to live above her I have young children pays a full amount of 550.00 in rent and she receives section eight and brags that she only pays 100.00 a month she uses and takes full advantage of people she works at a storage company and she goes threw peoples lockers and takes whatever she wants I worked at the company for awhile and just quit after I seen her putting red lock on lockers over someone being a few days late on payment she has been stealing off the company for years she works the system pretty good she smokes a lot of pot and she is handling money everyone that worked their was people she new and hired them beause she did not want to get caught pocketing the funds she screwed me over pretty bad before I moved complained about my childrens toys on the porch when I was paying a full amount rent and she was paying 100.00 she also is known to have sex with younger guys she needs to be exsposed big time

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