Pittsburgh | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Stay Away From Eva Medusa aka Eva Baphomet Medusa

September 29, 2014 Pittsburgh, The Dirty 119

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this person is a USER. She uses people like toilette paper. She/he is a tranvestite. Going from male to female. She seems nice initially until you get to know her. Huge backstabber! She goes from city to city looking for people to sponge off of. Our friend felt sorry for her, brought her up from Houston,Tx to Pennsylvania for a while. What a mistake. She has 2 large dogs and one cat. She used the person she was with. Wouldn’t pay rent. Always wanted her weed. She decided to leave cause no one wanted her here. She’s currently in New York. She left her cat behind and it’s a domestic one. But her dogs have already bitten a cat up there twice. She says she’ll pay for the vet bill but has already moved out and is living with yet another person who is buying into her bullsh*t. So there goes the vet bill. And what about the cat? This person is seriously mentally ill. Don’t let her fool you and believe me she is good at it. She gets a pension from the gov’t because she is in the middle of going thru the process of becoming female, but she blows all her money on weed. She will not give u a dime for anything but wants from other people. She had an idea to go out to California, but they don’t want her out there either. Watch out for this person and don’t get fooled.

And you think your life is weird.- nik

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Jessica Cole

September 29, 2014 Pittsburgh 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Cole is an actual prostitute. She has an Ad on back page under escorts. If you pay more you don’t have to wear a condom. She already has 3 constant Johns that she fcks all the time and they pay for almost everything for her. Don’t leave any of your credit card information just laying around, she will steal anything she can from you to pay for her drug habit and/or order whatever she wants online. She’s a walking drd and who knows what else cause she shoots any drug she can get her hands on. She says she’s 28 & a hot Italian when she’s really 32 and a hot mess. She already has 2 kids that she doesn’t even fck with. All she cares about is money, drugs and sex. Be careful cause she’ll let you knock her up or tell you it was you who knocked her up then will blackmail you to pay for whatever she wants. She’s a scam artist. She’s really just looking for another sugar Daddy/John to pay for anything and everything. Again JESSICA COLE IS A WALKING drd! STAY AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN

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Laura D. Is No “Atmosphere Model”

September 29, 2014 Pittsburgh, The Dirty 17


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is this chick a madam or a wanna be? I saw her soliciting P4P on their Instagrams to be “atmosphere models” for “#saudiroyalty” (her description, LOL). Sounds shady with an email called “bookvipentertainment”. Gotta love chicks openly soliciting for escorts on IG. Of course, she’s ugly and has nothing attractive about her.

Saudi’s don’t scout from Pittsburgh. Sounds like a set up.- nik

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HQ132 Skank

September 24, 2014 Philadelphia, Pittsburgh 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Slam hog. Cke Whore. Where do we even begin? This bitch is probably the biggest cm dumpster around. She’s all about the white ~ weather is cke or cum she loves both . Her boyfriend is a huge pill head whose eyes are pinned and he thinks he’s some bad ass from the burgh or someshit when he was raised in cow shit territory. Anyways back to this cum guzzling skank. If you do coke you’re her best friend if you sell c*ke you’re even more of a best friend she will give you any type of ride you want. She’s a mother who doesn’t care how late she’s out or rather how many nights she’s out a week partying as long as she’s getting her fix and her child is at home with her parents. Oh and let’s not forget to mention she works at a local hill billy drug bar under the table but still seems to be collecting unemployment from her previous job she got fired from for being a piece of shit. Congratulations you dirty bitch you play the game well… Until you get caught. It’s about time this skank gets her fair share at being called out. Enjoy Nik

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Nicole Fish

September 23, 2014 Pittsburgh 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Nicole Fish, the duck faced skank of North Versailles, but you can always catch this hoe bag at Monroeville Mall Charlotte Russe selling clothes and her body. She very openly admits to dating men twice her age and especially likes the men that already are in relationships and have families. Can we say HOMEWRECKER? Girl has been given the benefit of the doubt a million times but now she responds with “not giving a fck” because she likes the attention and admits to just using these guys to give her money and buy her things (can you guess what they get in return?!) This bitch is the lowest of the low and a downright dirty skank. Watch out for this home wrecker ladies, she’s actively pursuing taken men since she cannot get one of her own!

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New Stanton’s Finest, Jay Miller

September 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, meet Jay Miller aka New Stanton’s Finest. You can find Mr. Miller in TJs sports bar just about any night of the week. This is where he likes to hang out when he has no where else to go (unless he is hanging out with people twice the age of him or twice as young as him…keep in mind he’s a 41 year old dog..I mean man). Also, he just might be picking out his favorite bartender of the week here. It seems like he can’t hold a steady relationship because all he does is lies and cheats on the women that he has been with. Eventually his love triangles catch up with him. When this happens the coward goes in to hiding for a few weeks to a couple of months till he feels it’s safe to show his face because c’mon who is going to hold a grudge against this handsome, playboy, baby making, lying, cheating son of a b!tch? Beware ladies, don’t let his irresistible charm fool you. Mr. Miller always has 2-3 girls at once. He might say all of the right things and take you to all of the best local restaurants…before you know it he will have you sleeping over (at least he changed the sheets). Don’t let the cute puppy pictures fool you either, he moved his current flavor of the month into his apartment with her dog breeding business. On top of that he plays super dad to her kid that isn’t even his. He doesn’t even take care of the two kids that he has to two different women. Bravo, must make you feel like such a man

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Marcie Marez

September 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik lets expose these hoes heres a west mifflin hoe… Ms marez she a attention whore to the core you text the bitch for a day and the pussys yours… Not that you want it its been around acouple blocks… Just the look will have you thinking arbys and the smell of a mcdonalds fish filet… Theres acouple funny looking missing bumb scars shell tell you it was hair bumps nahhhh something was treated… Personally i kno she licks and fcks raw dog drd or not… The sad part is she got a son and that little boy thinks every man is his daddy probably from her calling every man in the hood that…the stomach ohhhh the stomach looks like a road map of the usa… But ima end it there lol if your a dope fiend shes all in holla at her on facebook

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Kalee Davis

September 19, 2014 Pittsburgh 59

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik this is kalee davis.  she cheats on her boyfriend for free coca*ne.  nuff said…

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