Pittsburgh | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Wanna-Be Pornstar

November 14, 2014 Pittsburgh 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Tara Mitchell, a try hard self proclaimed “porn star” whose braces and awful fake boobs will leave you screaming for none. She recently moved to LA from her white trash home in Venango County and her ego outweighs any idea that maybe, just maybe she’s ruining the rest of her life. Having been rejected by Playboy multiple times, she relies on low paying porn gigs booked through twitter (where she misspelled the word “princess” in her handle) to sleaze her way through life. Oh and yes, those eyebrows are tattooed on…

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Keeping it in the family in fitz Henry

November 12, 2014 Pittsburgh 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik, the question is where to start… First off this is Jonathan Finley aka stoner… He live in fitz Henry… So here’s his story, he is first a dead beat father that has seen his daughter maybe 4 times in less than 2 years, he thought he was going to get out of paying $950 a month if he quit his job, well of course he guess wrong, still has to pay it hahaha!!! Next he thinks he is goods gift to females. Thinks he can have who ever he wants. Meanwhile he isn’t nothing interesting to look at. He loves going on dating sites to find his special soul mate. Mind u he never meets these girls but some how gets engaged to them, pays there bills and all. Now that’s what you call stupid.. Next is since this low life can’t hold his own place down he gets thrown out of all the places he’s ever lived he shacks up with friends and family. He has screwed over everyone he has ever lived with including his own mother. He is currently living with his aunt. Now to top this off, he is also sleeping with his first cousin. This pig is 27 years old and she’s still in high school. Now that’s pretty sick if you ask me. He also brags about how he always has sex on his bike with all these girls and I’m talking a few girls a day. He has also been involved with a girl named ashley wellek she is also on this site if you look her up. She has drd’s from what everyone is saying so more than likly he has something as well. Now another sick thing about this pig is that he will go days and I mean days without showering. He showers at other locations currently because he has no water where he is living. Enless he goes to the river to wash up but even at that point that’s just sick. Please ladies around the area run for your lives if you see this low life. Hope this helps the young ladies out there so they don’t get sucked into his crazy drug and beer life. He is known for popping pills snorting and shooting herione and blowing coke. Hmmmm this sure does sound like a winner lmfao, uhhhh NOT….

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Smartie Roc

November 11, 2014 Pittsburgh 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. This is my baby’s dad Smartie. He thinks he is the shit because he is a semi-famous deejay. He ain’t shit. Just because he’s signed to a record label and has a real job he thinks he can just get drunk and eat girls pussies whenever he wants. He does drugs too and grows pot, ewww. Girls stay away from him…he will try to eat your pussy and NEVER call you back. The loser doesn’t even have a phone. I hope he **s. I HATE HIM!

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Gretchen the Mckeesrocks Slore

November 11, 2014 Jersey, Pittsburgh 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is gretchen her ugly name matches her soul she sleep around and non stop puts people down! if you you go on her twitter gx326 you can see the pictures she takes of stangers including children to make fun of her and if you say something back she cant fight she calls a cop she blows and cries until he calls threatening to press charges.she is a cheat a problem starter and a whore who bounces from job to job and man toman! as you can tell from her looks i dont no how she gets guys! put her on blast nik this girl puts down men who dwny her homeless people over weight people sick people children people who dress different anything she can to make herself feel better! shes a big nosed whore with a bad attitude and the better qualities!

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Meet Dave Frank

November 10, 2014 Pittsburgh 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Dave Frank: Latrobe’s biggest selfie queen and deadbeat father. He spends most of his time sitting on Facebook posting about how terrible his life is and publicly fighting and breaking up with his current girlfriend/baby’s momma every other day. He’s got 3 kid’s to 3 different girls, a 9 year old son he never sees, a 4 year old daughter he’s only met maybe 4 or 5 times (only for a photo opportunity to convince all of Facebook world he’s actually involved in his children’s lives) and a 4 month old baby girl to his current ex girlfriend. Who know’s, I’m sure by next week they will be back together… He can’t hold a relationship for more than a few days because he’s too busy sticking his dick in everything that moves. He’s spent most of his life living at home with mommy and being catered too. Only spending his money on cigarettes or gambling and occasionally paying the small amount of child support that gets taken from his paychecks. He works as a Valet at a country club during the summer and feels like he’s too good to work in the winter so rely’s on unemployment to support him yet constantly brags on Facebook about how he makes thousands of dollars. You know… Parking cars and all. Just a warning to all you young girls to STAY AWAY. This world doesn’t need another fatherless child and unfortunately some people think it’s okay to keep popping out children they can’t and have no plans of taking care of.

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Joyce Mros – Trash Parent

November 5, 2014 Pittsburgh 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: enough said

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Sneaky Pig

November 5, 2014 Pittsburgh 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Amanda Basinger. She came up behind my friend while she was sitting in a chair and punched her for no reason. Of course Amanda would wait to fight her until after she had just had her appendix removed! Bitch has six chins (I counted), and can’t run a block without having a coronary! Amanda Basinger also never brushes her teeth. Just look at the proof in the pictures. Her tongue is brown in pictures taken on two separate days? Dirty little piggy!

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Latrobe Dirtbag

November 4, 2014 Pittsburgh 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bill Martz has been cheating on his wife an sending woman pictures of his penis all over the web an text messages then when he gets busted he begs the girls to keep it between them. He has been actively sending me offers for past year an half to join him at his house when his wife is at work then when I you get there he is standing there with his little penis an then decides he did the something he regrets but then he continues to text an send pics for more he is a car salesman at a local dealer ship in latrobe that sells dodge cars so I can only imagine what he does at work or on his computer there. I’m sick of the harassment an wish other girls to know an not be afraid to speak up an let everyone know what kind of a jerk an user he really is.

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