Queen Of Manipulation

July 23, 2014 Pittsburgh 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Queen Of Manipulation. “I’m just finishing up on this article,” her fingers typing furiously on her horrific fake petition to have Jean Dusetzina thrown off of the internet, she wants to get that last line.” No such thing as an innocent passerby/ she shields herself as an innocent bystander on her “bogus” anti-bullying facebook petition to have her bully friends to support her lies. she’s the enemy if you turn a blind eye. Everybody gettin’ it, ain’t nobody innocent, she’s playing the same innocent passerby game she’s not innocent herself that’s power. Because she controls the minds of her puppets, threatened and intimidate them. Ashley bring this upon herself. well, yeah, all sorts of her levels of double criminality – but not the types that she’s preying on innocent people. I have no interest in the type of criminality that has no respect for collateral damage. She lost half of her “bogus” anti-bullying facebook petition viewers why you ask Nik? Her insanity is why no one takes facebook justice warriors seriously and she’s no justice warrior she’s the common cyber/facebook bully you can see it in her facial expression. No one here is ever going to take her seriously neither. She involves herself into immature “high school” drama and twist peoples words around with lies because she’s way too childish and immature so are her family,relatives the’ve think they are Rich and Wealthy, Her friends are Disgusting! She geolocation/hyperlink stalks her victims and lies about it.

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Turning The Tables On A Con Artist

July 22, 2014 Pittsburgh 103

THE DIRTY ARMY: Turning The Tables On A Con Artist Liz Walsh she was threatening Joshua Feinstein to share his private information to her local law police department she’d tried to persuade the police with her lies, no one takes her lies seriously!!! she’s all spoof They’d admit that, Liz is “goofy” and not she’s not wrap to tight in the head three different individuals Josh Morissey, Scott Thornton and Paul Brazeau came forwards with evidence that inclined to the front, fore, earlier names she’d used online she caused lots of problems w/ these three individuals saying that she’d was impersonating gothic girls that she’d found off of VF and Darkstarlings under her with name w/ add on nicknames Emika,Tess, Lizzie, Emika Death, Ari and Amilee. Indeed in the fact she’s behind the “Aimlee” character for over six years 2009-2014 she’s a naive psycho bitch! she doesn’t realize that she’s batshit crazy,needs to quit her constant stalking, stories, and her delusion lies. “I knew something was wrong. A giveaway. A Dead giveaway.”. Trying to pin this all on Kindra. Now Liz is magically the ‘victim’. weren’t playing ‘victim’ when she decided to lie. She hides behind her fake anti bullying Facebook page. It really surprises me how Liz hides behind a fake anti bullying Facebook page about Jean at pretense, she needs to look in the mirror she’s a crazy psychopath who cowardly; treating people…on Facebook. The second Picture is that she’d said it was on her fake online profiles in the past on Yahoo ETC.

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Rob Johnson

July 18, 2014 Pittsburgh 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: If his photos aren’t enough to make you gag and your stomach turn, then let me tell you a little about Rob Johnson. This waist of life works a dead end job, cheats on every girl his ever had and thinks he’s a gift to women. This sorry excuse for a man is in his 30′s (should be your prime) and his fat/weak ass couldn’t do 20 push-ups to save his life without his man-tits hitting the ground. This pussy has a history of beating women, lying and manipulating family and friends, is two-faced like no other, is the most racist (if you’re black, he’ll shake your hand and smile to your face then call you a n****r as soon as you leave like a little bitch) piece of shit I’ve ever met. He’s a womanizer/sexist to the end that lives to prey on people when they’re down, mostly women or anyone he can take advantage of. The reason why we have to guard our children so closely and watch out for the other guy so much in our world today, is because of people like this future sex offender that are walking around free!!!

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Stinky Creep Bye Bye

July 18, 2014 Pittsburgh, Wichita 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: The guy must go, he is a disgrace to the entire scene. His odors and flamboyant way of speaking is disgusting. He has now destroyed 3 clubs.

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Leechburg Witch

July 17, 2014 Pittsburgh 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl says every dude she f*cks rapes her I f*cked her and 6 months later she wanna marry me. She gave my boy the drd’s — h plus some. She whores around every bar but leechburg because everyone knows they don’t wanna catch something when they wake. One time I heRd she had a whole entire wiffle ball bad in her but, woke she had a 40 in her tw*t… Wtf slut

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Death Threatning Duo

July 17, 2014 Pittsburgh 105

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the death threaters Tony thinks he is Mafia but he is ain’t nothing but a Bi-Sexual drug addict who thinks he is cool because his daddy has a singing group… So he thinks his name neans something and he can get away with Death Threats… and Amanda is a bitch from hell you think Piage Octobur Eyes are Far apart check this ugly nasty bitch out… please comment Nik, this bitch deserves a bashing!

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Mansfield Mania

July 15, 2014 Pittsburgh 141

THE DIRTY ARMY: HI NIK .This is MANSFIELD .. He is Finleyville PA Biggest Cheater He Hangs Out at Bobs Tavern getting all the New Crackwhores that come in to take outside in the Back of Bobs Tavrrn to have them Give Him a Blow Job and Fucks them in Sue his Live In Limo … making sure that He dont get No Stains on the Interior … because it is Rented Limo from QLS Pgh … He goes with a 64 yr old Skank using Her for Car Money Drugs Place to Live etc … because He is a Lazy Fuck all they do all Day is Smoke Weed and Listen to Music … He Calls his GF up while Sue is in the Home … Sexts and makes them Listen to His Music … while Sue is Naive …

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Payback for Ina Gordon

July 15, 2014 Pittsburgh 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: This total piece of shit enjoys as she puts it putting people on blast. Well karma is a bitch. Look at this saggy tit stretch marked useless piece of trash. Yes folks this is THE Ina Gordon who is so well known on the dirty. Tell me does she have any business bashing anyone? You disgusting piece of worthless shit. Check her out on instagram @ singl***9. Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to post or dirty laundry online. Thanks for blasting urself.

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