Michelle HuckleDick Mcdermott

August 5, 2014 Pittsburgh 271

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is the newly wed couple Michelle McDick & Daryl Chase. They met a few months ago on a Sex line and have been together ever since. She is a Juvenile case worker downtown and He is a drug dealer living in Crafton. Since they have done nothing but talk about other people, I think its time to put them both on blast. First and fore most the man has a cock-eye and is a complete sex addict. He has literally screwed all of his friends at one time or another. He is 31 years old and living with his step dad. Second the Woman is approaching 40 and is also all over sex sites. That would be ok if she wasn\’t projecting her self to be this nice old mature woman. She drives around in a beat down trash bag she calls a car thinking she\’s better than everybody else. Here’s some advice if you ever plan on having a normal life I’d stop chiming in on other peoples problems and learn to back up what you say. You might wanna go get checked as well, I herd Daryl is spreading drd!

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Rach Hobson

August 5, 2014 Pittsburgh 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slag here Rach Hobson has been bangin this married dude Scotty Boyd for the better part of 5 years all while supposedly she was in love with me.WTF!!!

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Etela Conway

August 1, 2014 Pittsburgh 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Etela Conway, this 50 year old lady hag married to a prominent Attorney in Pittsburgh that’s much older than her, she lives off this mans money, and sits on her ass all day long on facebook flirting with younger men and waiting on her husbands money to spend. She has No job, no education, just a complete moron, and as her husband would call her a “nut job” because she’s so stupid and illiterate. Her husband is disgusted with her but only keeps her around because of their child. Sh’s a disgusting piece of classless Slovakian trash and has no respect for herself or her husband, because she has cheated on the poor man with several different younger men and tried to hook mine. This piece of trash needs to be deported for being a low class whore with an expired pssy!

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Tanya Lee Spirk levittown pa

July 31, 2014 Pittsburgh 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is spreading drd’s to many of my friends in levittown pa.  Help put a stop to this..

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Swank Daddy

July 30, 2014 Pittsburgh 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Marc Swankler, AKA swank daddy as he call himself one of the dirtiest guys in norwin area. Not only does he screw anything that has a vagina LITERALLY, but he also is secretly a dick lover. He will never admit it though because of his family. But There’s some text screen shots and pictures as you can see with his special boys. Personally I think he’s gay so that’s why he tries to pull off this “player” life style so people don\’t catch on..Going from girl to girl no matter what shape or size or face. Doesnt matter. If it has a vagina it’s okay for swank daddy.! He lies to girls and plays them. He always gets caught and then makes it out like he doesn’t care and goes on to the next “thing” girl or boy… But the main reason he needs to be out in blast is because sadly I had sex with him a few months ago and I got Sy***lis. So before you boys and girls suck swank daddy’s penis beware because you will end up like myself in the clinic with sores all through your mouth that hurt really bad.

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Elena Krull

July 29, 2014 Palmdale, Pittsburgh 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Elena Krull is a slut! Don’t trust this bitch around your brothers, cousins, boyfriends, or yourself. This chick will fuck a guy once and become so possessively attached it’s insane. She’ll circle around a few new guys but come prancing right back. She’s done this with a circle of guys for the last few years, including the boyfriend of my bestie. (She circled around hungry for his cock for YEARS until he told her to back off and the two of them moved to get away from her.) Shes admitted to forcing herself on guys and she’s even told people about some sick mutual sexual attraction she has with her older brother. (adoptive parents biological kid technically, but it\’s still gross)She\’s gone through several guys and had to get several abortions to the point where she’s mostly sterile (good for a hump and dump I suppose) She was with some guy Andre for a while and apparently tried getting pregnant 6 times a day and it still never worked since her insides are so screwed. She guilt trips people and/or fcks them for a place to stay whenever she runs away from home because she doesn’t like that her parents won’t let her be a slut of her own free will. My bestie and her guy left and she still came back trying to start shit with them because she can’t handle not getting the cock she wanted. She’s like a vulture hungry for used dick. Seriously don’t trust this nasty bitch!

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The Man Clarke

July 29, 2014 Pittsburgh 543

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is the very masculine Cortney Clarke, she’s the most recent ex of my cousin, Thank God! I never cared for her, he’s a good dude, always gets taken advantage of, walked all over, since their split she’s done nothing but bad mouth him, lied about him to anyone she can, I think it’s about time she gets put on blast for her own nastiness. First and foremost. She thinks she’s model material, posts all day long about how “naturally beautiful she THINKS she is.” I’ve attached a pic of her from a recent basement shoot, if you can’t tell you must need glasses, because she’s a shining example of what every model SHOULD NOT want to look like! She’s the exact opposite, she’s short, fat, pugged nosed, spock eared, more manly than anything else! She’s totally flat chested! Those big ass arms ekk! Everyone has their flaws but this chick I swear suffers from gender identity disorder, acted like a rabbid animal, so ghetto. Always starting fights with complete strangers anytime my cousin would try to do something nice, try to take her out some where, not to mention she looked like a total ape in a dress, a total embarrassment. What he seen in her I’ll never know. She constantly fought with my cuz about how she thought she was better than everyone else, going places in life, had goals. That’s coming from a woman approaching 30, nothing to offer, with a kid by a black man, that would be fine if she’d stop flip flopping, make up her mind what race she wants to be with for the kids sake, the kids dad is a criminal, doing hard time in prison! She was always pawning the kid off on other people, so she could go to the bars everynight, if she woke up in the morning, didn’t have her morning cocktail of drugs she couldn’t function or start her day! She couldn’t hold a job, jumped from shitty jobs, gas stations for work, she of course lives in the hood in Section 8 row housing, so please do tell me how she’s going anywhere in life? Last but not least, she’s a pig, slept with more than half the guys I know, trust me I know a lot! My cousin looked past all that, why is a mystery. How any man could even get it up I don’t know, Fatney just so you know my cuz waited for you to fall asleep, watched porn instead of being with you, because he’d have rather done that than attempt to find your mangina! Wash that shit, while you’re at it wash that nappy rats nest, you call hair, take a good look at yourself, change if you ever expect to find another guy half the man my cuz is.

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Woman Sues Pittsburgh Steeler For Allegedly Infecting Her With Herpes

July 25, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Pittsburgh, The Dirty 142


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle, Camaron Thomas, Is being sued by a woman known simply as Adrienne E. for allegedly infecting her with the herpes virus. According to the lawsuit, the two met in 2009 at The Ultimate Sports Bar and Grille in Atlanta, Georgia and began a relationship. A month later, they had unprotected sex and continued to have sex several times a day until Adrienne E. noticed something alarming: Thomas allegedly had puss filled bumps on his behind and thighs. She asked him about the suspicious blisters, but he insisted they were just skin irritations from his football girdle, the documents claim. Do you think this chick stands a chance in court?  Click here to read full article!!!

How do you have sex with a guy who has ‘puss filled bumps’?- nik

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