Rock House Escort

March 26, 2014 Pittsburgh 18 10,450 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wanna good time? Call Candice Jordan. Frequent bar slut, takes a new guy home every night to mommy and daddy’s house to fck them. Boyfriend stealer, I can name them all she thinks she’s gorgeous, texts 7 men at one time, her friends are just as bad, one looks like a witch with a point nose can’t miss her out of the crowd she will be the one dancing in whatever dick will give her attention. You need a good time she’s the one to go to guys her downstairs is as wide as New York City.

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Cindy Tostevin

March 25, 2014 Pittsburgh 4 8,122 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: What out for this middle aged hoe bag. Her name is Cindy Tostevin! Apperaently she has issues with her past, either “daddy” or “adoption” issues, but this crazy b#tch has got issues! She blames her divorce on a run around x husband, but this c#nt was ufckin and usckin whatever she could wrap herself around! She works in a petcare company, but cant keep her house clean from all the animals she has. Lets not forget that whomever and whatever she gets her claws into, when shes tired of them…….she takes everything she can get her hands on to call her own! Jesus this broad is a piece of work!!

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Smut Cassie King

March 25, 2014 Pittsburgh 14 8,942 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick NEEDS to be on the dirty. everyone meet nasty ass cassie king and her “friend” katie eicher. spreading their legs in a city near you, you can find these slobs in the greensburg, hempfield, youngwood, latrobe area. cassies so thirsty she’ll try to get with your man, i’ve heard she’s done so on MANY different occasions. its funny as hell to see both these girls beg for attention from dudes, ladies please stop. cassies face looks like someone hit her with a f**king pan and katie isnt any better. definitions of thirsty seriously. watch out for cassie ladies, she’ll fck your girlfriends and boyfriends no matter if you’re dating on a break whatever. spreading drd’s in a city near you! you’ve all been warned to stay away from the chick that’s had a 4 some with 3 black dudes and brags about it.

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Social Media Sloot

March 24, 2014 Pittsburgh 292 8,406 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girls name is Alicia Underwood and pretty much any dating site you’ve ever heard of,she’s been on there at least once. the problem is she has a boyfriend of at least 3 years that she lives with. The boyfriend is just as stupid for dealing with her. Who knows how many times he caught her and still stays with her. I’ve talked to and f***ed her on numerous occasions. She is the ultimate social media whore, i originally talked to her in 2009 when she was 17 living at home and ohh how fast and easy the nudes came lol. it wasn’t even a challenge and her first conversation was i was raped a few years ago so im leery of guys haha apparently not. She recently found me again and won’t stop blowing me up…well her and her boyfriend hahahaha have fun with this

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Wicked Witch Of The West, Jean Dusetzina

March 24, 2014 Pittsburgh 994 11,217 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik i live in Indiana. Meet Mrs.Jean Dusetzina SO IT’S ABOUT TIME SHE FINALLY GOT PUT ON FULLY BLAST ON YOUR SITE. She’s one of the creepiest sociopaths on TheDirty she constantly post comments in the Pittsburgh section under her so multiple split personalities, the worst about it she pretends to be her family members even her own children. Nik she’s extremely batshit insane ‘There’s no hope left’ for this woman, she goes through great lengths to get into your business She has a habit calling CYS on young mothers/young married woman. She can’t mind her own business and makes herself feel young by harassing girls that are one -third her age. So Who’s Jean Dusetzina? MCKEESPORT AND HALF OF GLASSPORT BE WARNED … she’s a disturbing coward that sits behind via facebook/thedirty that’s who. She’s a liar who is always accusing or finger-pointing people for her undoings. This lady is hilarious. That’s why her own family continues to try to get her 302′d and have charges pressed against her. She is jealous of her own daughter MARISA!!! And i see why. She can’t mind her own business and makes herself feel young by harassing girls that are one -third her age. Jean is pretending to be different people on facebook under fake multiple facebook accounts that she’d found off of the via internet JEAN get’s all of her pictures from google images for her alters for the fake facebook accounts that she’s harassing people with. CRAZY JEAN!!! and her counterfeit stories about her getting into street fights with her daughters female friends Caela Gray And Kitty.Now JEAN is just jealous of her daughters modelling That explains why she’s always saying that Marisa is a younger version of her. HA! She even thinks she looks like Cher! Maybe if Cher were still a junkie. She needs to be committed to Western Psyche until all of her alters are fused into one So what do you think all about this Nik?

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Nasty Cassie king

March 24, 2014 Pittsburgh 18 7,248 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone needs to watch out for this bitch and her nasty ass side kick. Cassie will fck literally anything that moves, that’s how fckin gross she is. Her side kick Katie eicher isn’t any better I promise. All these girls do is drink drink drink drink drink. It’s a surprise neither of them have been pregnant yet (that anyone even knows of atleast) Cassie is just fckin nasty though nik, she tried to fck my boyfriend as soon as we broke up, who does that… You’ll find her at the bottom of the barrel in the greensburg/hempfield/youngwood/Latrobe area. Just watch her around your men ladies, I heard she even goes for bitches too!!! This bitch needed to be put on blast though

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Travis Cardiello

March 21, 2014 Pittsburgh 10 8,406 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Travis meets women from the Internet and has unprotected sex with them. I’m pregnant w his baby now but affraid to tell him cause he’s a crack head. Dope head. M*th head. He has mental problems and now I have 2 drd’s for life. Stay away ladies this is a warning.

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Pittsburgh Stripper Salina Prince

March 21, 2014 Cougars, Pittsburgh 5 8,302 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey everyone watch out for this cross dressing FEMALE stripper. She is a lying cheating deadbeat mother of 2. While her kids sleep, she is on the prowl looking for another man to have her way while he pays her for sex. I’ve seen her in South Park, PA! Well I would say shes a terrible mother to her whore daughter Alexis Prince. She’s no better! She’s the skank of all skanks. She likes to make fun of peoples daughters when hers is going to be preggo by the time shes 15. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WALKING drd!

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