Pittsburgh | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

The Pitcairn Slore

November 4, 2014 Pittsburgh 159

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this piece of trash prowls the local bars on weekends looking for anything to pay attention to her. She’ll go home with anyone who’ll buy her a drink or take her on a “real date”. She has thing for arm tats, anything fast and hard drugs! It’s a trap though guys! She’s got a boyfriend in jail doing 90 days, and she’s currently banging at least two guys regularly while he’s inside. She also has history of trying to trap men with pregnancies. She’s been pregnant 6 times and has 2 tragically beautiful kids. Do the math guys. She’s been out looking for a payday since her ex fiance booted her after her second abortion from cheating. She’s the lowest of the low. Liar, cheater, user, abuser, “mother”…

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Pittsburgh’s Piglet

October 29, 2014 Pittsburgh 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little piglet has made a strong run around the Northside and North Hills of Pittsburgh. Claims to be independent, but keeps plenty of the dick around for her personal fun in which she always rides bare back, up to and including married men. Luckily she works at a local hospital ER in case she does catch something, unfortunately. This is also where she picks up the married guys driving the medic trucks. Just think an all points PSA needs to be posted before someone catches the gift that keeps on giving. I don’t believe any one wants to catch the couchie rot from this one!

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Working Girl Or Model/Personal Trainer

October 23, 2014 Pittsburgh, The Dirty 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sarah Evelyn aka Sarah Badges-Canning. She hails from the Pittsburgh area but now is in Cincinatti/Covington Kentucky. She claims she is a promotional model or personal trainer, with all of her workout pics she posts all over IG. But she drives a BMW, never talks about work, and has pictures in hotels. What do you think…..working girl or “model”?

Why are they always buff from Pittsburgh? It’s like they lift fire logs in the winters and flex in the summers.- nik

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Terrell Throne

October 20, 2014 Pittsburgh 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Terrell Thorne from lv but claims to be from like every “hood” in pgh lmfao..hes a fat 18 year old virgin who likes to make fake ass profiles nd pick on little girls. Who does that? he made a fake fb page trying to get my sister who’s in the 9th grade to send him pics then when she didn’t want to he tried “exposing” her on Facebook…she’s like 14 grow tf up weirdo He’s always bragging about how he fights and hits girls & sh** like its cute well it’s not & ur foul. Whenever you get a dude to come fight him he stays in his grandmas house and calls the cops I heard he got beat up in high school for making a fake fb page & telling some girl he was gonna beat her up o well guess nothings changed. Look who’s getting exposed now. Ugly fat f**ck get off fb work out & take a shower

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Lisa’s Loose Lips Sink Ships

October 20, 2014 Pittsburgh 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this trash has to be the biggest disgrace in the Navy, aren’t you supposed to LOSE weight in boot camp? She graduated from Derry, but not before tricking her ex into marrying her and dragging him to Virginia, milking him for every cent he had. There’s not a dick she didn’t ride in high school. Hopping from dealer to dealer was the best way for her to drink and get high for free. When she got done with her ex she went back to sleeping with her dealers back home, got one to knock her up, and is now somehow fatter than ever before. I hope to god the kid doesnt get his looks from baby daddy in the pictures above – that face looks like its been smashed with a brick repeatedly. If you say her name around town people just laugh. She’s the dirtiest thing to ever put on a uniform.

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Worst Guy in Pittsburgh

October 17, 2014 Pittsburgh 220

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am so sick of watching this POS walk around Pittsburgh destroying lives. This lowlife is named Alan Lee, and he goes after younger females who are vulnerable looking for someone to vent to, or that are in bad relationships. He is 34, and uses his so called Exel Modeling and Talent agency to make females feel comfortable and then he uses everything they say against them. Everyone knows that he is woman abuser and has hit or abused every single person hes been with in one way or another. It has even been posted on here previously that he beat up his ex Kri$tie, so badly, and she left him because she found illicit photos on his computer. Not to mention Eric@, and Meli$$a (word travels). He goes around, uses and manipulates females for everything they have. He tries to get them tied down, by trying to get them pregnant or tries to marry every single one. He takes the same photos w each one and says he loves them. This has happened to so many girls across Pittsburgh and other cities. I feel horrible for the next female. This POS has beaten his women so badly its hard to believe that he is not in jail, and that he actually still gets to walk around and be around women & little girls. He is constantly talking about his ex girlfriend’s daughter, and “claims” her like his own to everyone he talks to. I don’t even know why she brings her around him? This a$$hole needs exposed for the piece of $hit he is! He gives all of us men in Pittsburgh, a bad name and I am sick of what he does.

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Natasha Ingle

October 17, 2014 Pittsburgh 18


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Natasha Ingle is still at it. This 2 toothed greasy sleezy dirty classic piece of butler trash is nuthing but a money & drug seeking sloot. She may seem nice at first but there’s nuthing special about this chick except she steals from boyfriends, fiances, everyone. Guys n girls, just. say. NO

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Slooty Tranny

October 17, 2014 Pittsburgh 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: The trashy hoe likes to use men for money and she tells anyone that gives her attention she loves them

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