Homewrecking Mandy Depellgrin

April 1, 2014 Pittsburgh 48 6,014 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is mandy depellgrin from Jeannette pa she is nothing but a home wrecking whore!! One of her friends were nice enough to put a roof over her head and feed the nasty bitch but mean while she was fckin her friends man in her house. Nobody knows how long it’s been going on. She’s also a drd infested mattress. She’s proud of what she’s done to her now ex friend…So i just wanted to warn other women about this snake on the prowl!! She also thinks she’s playboy model material what do you think??

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Carnegies Finest Gamrod

April 1, 2014 Pittsburgh 2 5,673 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is one of the whole crackhead glendales finest john gamrod. He is a pig was in the army when he came home did nothing with his led except find a girlfriend who he was cheated on her with 15+ women in the yr they dated and shes a dumb broad still staying with him. He lives with two drug dealing parents and always gets kicked out. He drives without a license in a broke ass truck he cant hold a job for more then 2 months and uses his girlfriend.. That’s what he told me she pays for a lot of his things and looks stupid. John loves younger girls he is 20 but has sex with 14,15 and 16 yr old girls. He is one of glendales finest players and a piece of trash.

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Boring Brian Boyle

April 1, 2014 Pittsburgh 5 5,496 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I thought this guy was really nice, even though he was boring he has a good job and good future. The only problem is he gave me ch**dia. I am thankful I found out since he said he hasnt sleep with anyone other than me in a year. I havent returned his calls so he most likely still has the c***a. Watch out for this liar.

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Nasty Ashley Hart

April 1, 2014 Pittsburgh 28 7,674 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty girl has already been on the dirty two times. She is the definition of skank. She uses men and thinks she is so good looking but she is a fat, ugly, fake tan, too much make up wearing, skank. She lies about riding motorcycles doesn’t even have a car. All she has is her (also nasty) mother who taught her all the manipulative tricks she knows. This girl says and does anything to get attention. Her and her mother are both leaches. Oh and the latest news about Ashley is that she is pregnant with no clue who the father is. She should just do everyone a favor and go away.

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John de Nugent

April 1, 2014 Finland, Georgetown, Pittsburgh 34 6,076 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am Henrik Holappa, a Finnish activist and author for our European heritage and freedom. I am writing from Oulu, Finland. John de Nugent still promotes his supposed support for me on his blog. He uses me as a claim to fame of his own dedication to our people. In fact it is all a big lie. I have stayed silent on this far because I can’t stand division among supposed fighters for European Heritage, but I have been so appalled by John de Nugents evil, Jewish-lies, and his base attacks on Don Black and David Duke, Willis Carto and others, that I have to disassociate myself from this person who I truly believe is a paranoid Schizophrenic, a bipolar (which he himself has claimed), mentally ill person who is now doing exactly what the ADL wants – an attack on some of the hardest working and best leaders for our people in the world. John De Nugent puts my name on the front page of his blog and promotes himself as someone who helped me when I was in America, when the true fact is that John De Nugent used me to advance his own agenda, he collected money from patriots for my defense fund when my lawyers and I did not receive a penny, He extracted from me what little money I had and actually tried to convince my sister to get my bank account Internet access information and passwords so he steal money from my accounts…..Cont here.…Do America a favor Nik and put this lunatic on blast!!

Do me a favor and learn how to summarize…click here for the rest of the novel

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Brock’s Chick Is Still Photoshopping

April 1, 2014 Brock's Chick, Pittsburgh, The Dirty 57 98,000 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think BC is stunning and I always have but why still photo shop so badly? If your just a Mom trying to live the “Mom life” why photo shop? This pic of her and her “parent friends” was posted today as they are wine tripping in Napa but look at the left side of her teeth it is clearly so much whiter and looks almost like a blob. We all know the right side of her teeth are practically missing. No one cares anymore that your not “perfect” get over it BC!

Brock’s Chick please buy a better camera phone. It’s 2014, no phone takes sh*tty pictures anymore.- nik

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The Perfect Perv

March 31, 2014 Pittsburgh 13 6,094 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: A guy rubbing his hog in ladies panties

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Nate Kiszer

March 28, 2014 Pittsburgh 32 8,396 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: are you looking to buy acid? well this is not your man. most likely he will sell you construction paper cut into small squares because he assumes everyone is as stupid as him and will fall for that shit. this fcker thinks he is the shit but in reality is annoying as fck. he’ll ask you to come smoke with him but if you do, be warned, you’ll probably be molested. its hard to blame him though because he’s so annoying that he’s probably very lonely and sick of himself so he needs companionship. the amount of people he’s robbed in carnegie is significantly higher than the amount of people who genuinely enjoy his company. he’ll claim he has bands and will get all the people he’s ripped off back after he buys a car and gets his life together but dont hold your breath because that day will never come. and lastly, hell tell you not to buy drugs “in his turf” but go ahead he wont actually do shit to you.

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