Jen Marie

August 12, 2014 Pittsburgh 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this will now be the third time that this stupid bitch will be on here. Jen is a disgusting vile human being. This girl was supposed to be my friend, all of our friends, but she is to worried about Todd’s (her former boss) dick! There’s been more nights then I can count that she left me or a group of our friends for him. Boo, he doesn’t care about you. In fact he told me you should just yourself, but you’ll still be there for him right? She is so worried about drinking every night and doing who only knows what else. I know she smokes weed and blows so much coke, I’m surprised she’s still alive! Maybe if she wasn’t so worried about that shit, 1-she wouldn\’t have lost her baby a few years back and 2- she wouldn’t be labeled as a trashy skank whore! Just a thot bitch! Get your shit together you cm dumpster. Oh and todd only fucked you because he felt sorry for you and now I feel sorry for him. He’s right, do the world a favor.

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Gage Ty Wilson

August 11, 2014 Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This kid is the biggest joke I’ve ever met. While him and I were dating he decided he was going to be a drunk punk and hold a gun to me.. Hes an alcoholic.. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt.. And stayed with him. A few months later. I went to the DR and found more than I bargained for.. He gave me Genital drd. He blamed me and said it was my fault.. And I did it. A few months later after all my guilt.. Knowing I was clean when we were together. I got tested and never heard back from the DR when we first started dating. Genital Herpes is no joke. He a couple months later told me he was sleeping with two different girls while we were together. And he was sleeping with someone new now.. And she didn’t know about it. My hopes in writing this isn’t just to slander his name in what he did to me. But to hopefully maybe one day save a girl from what happened to me to her. No one deserves this pain. This disgust in themselves.. His name is Gage Ty Wilson, he’s a pipeliner.. From Oklahoma.. He was in Ohio .. Now he’s in Mansfield, PA.. He is currently 22.. He will lie and cheat his way through everything.. Including the Oklahoma Government. But that’s another story. Girls watch yourself and your body. Trust no one. You can find him on POF his name is gagety. Just watch ladies. You deserve better.

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Mitch Pearson

August 8, 2014 Pittsburgh 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dude is the complete “dirty”, he is an all in one package. His name is Mitch and he is lazy and dirty, he is a compulsive lier and sex-aholic. He has a job that I don’t even know how he keep since he is so lazy and likes to stand outside his entire shift and smoke cigarettes. He loves to steal other peoples boyfriends when they are in a relationship, if he is not happy in life he likes to make other people unhappy so they feel like him, but that never works since he lies so much. He loves to be a “dick rider” and do what ever comes to mind. Mitch is the definition of \”dirty\” and disgusting no one should trust him or sleep with him. He thinks he is a bad bitch but in reality he is doing bad.

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Michelle or Micheal Mcdermott

August 8, 2014 Pittsburgh 161

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, wrapped up in the trimmings of a man was a Pittsburgh individual waiting to be reborn by the name of Michelle Huckleberry McDermott. Former known as Micheal McDermott. It took him/her 4 years before he could undergo the procedure that he had done in Bangkok back in 2010. Being a gay man wasn’t good enough. He wanted to feel like a complete woman physically, spiritually and mentally. For maintenance he/she has to take hormone pills for the hair and skin; for the organ. He/she was advised to have regular intercourse and douche. Doctors advised shim to get a boyfriend so she with did Daryl Chase. “I satisfy all his psychological needs.” “If he is happy with how I look then I am happy.” Everybody that knows them is completely grossed out and lost contact with them. Nobody wants to be associated with this God forsaken freak of nature. He/she/shim is working with kids downtown in Pgh, PA at the court house. If tha’s aloud, I dont actually know but what I do know is that this woman is a disgrace to all women and shouldn’t even be able to call her self a complete woman.

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Jenn Prescott

August 7, 2014 Pittsburgh 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch is the definition of THE DIRTY! She is the nastiest cm dumpster thot I have ever met. She’s been fcking my friend Rachel’s ex man, Todd, for months and keeps lying about it! Both of them do! Her family disowned her and she lived in her car in the parking lot of Todd’s by the bridge until Rachel did everything for her to live in her old place! This girl is absolutely insane! ! Please get the word out about this nasty home wrecking whore!

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Jon Simon

August 7, 2014 Pittsburgh 148

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is one Disgusting Child pedophile. Jon Simon has been talking to my 13 year old son online. He says that He was talking to my boy to Arrange a play date. At first all seemed normal. Days later I come to see in my sons email about how Jon Simon like to play “sucking sausage” Me being 40 years Old I had no idea what was even going on. It never dawned upon me. I continue to browse these message and it comes to the point to where this pervert comes right out and says boys feel the best “inside of him” I come very close to puking. He goes on to say how much he enjoys preforming oral sex on boys. YES before anyone asks. I did turn my childs Facebook over to the state Police. I hope this child molester gets killed in Prison sick bastard This is more like a Public service announcement. He needs to be on here. EVERYONE in Pittsburgh and Butler Need to know about this child molester

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Brian Brenner Pressin’ On

August 6, 2014 Pittsburgh 58

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Brian Brenner and he lives in New Castle, PA outside of Pittsburgh. On his 21st birthday he got a 15 year old drunk and high and had sex with her. He’s cheated on every girl he’s ever been with. He slaps girls around when he’s having sex with them, slaps their face and their chest, slaps them real hard like he’s trying to hurt them and has hurt a lot of them. He records every girl he’s sleeping with on his phone and half the time they don’t even know. He’s a racist too he said he has a fantasy of sleeping with a black girl, tying her up and whipping her while making her call him master and calling her his house n****r whore. He plays in a band which is the only reason any girl likes this pos and he thinks he’s some kinda rockstar who gets to slap girls around, cheat on them, and record sex with all of them. Stay away from him girls. Don’t make the same mistake I did. It took a week for my face to heal.

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Whale Whitfield

August 6, 2014 Pittsburgh 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here She is again. The scummiest of scum right here. Sarah Whitfield. Already posted on here twice, but hey 3rd times a charm… Right? This time fresh outta the hospital with a even more beat vagina then she had before, from having her poop faced looking baby that she didn\’t even know who the father was!!! That’s right it was between not 1 not 2 not 3 but FOUR different men. Not only was she was caught smoking weed at parties while pregnant and hooking up with other women but she also lied to her man for 9 whole months telling him the baby was his, like I said scummiest of scum right here… Maybe instead of deflating innocent pool rafts with her sweaty smelly ass she should be in the gym and drinking SUGAR FREE energy drinks. Or doing kegel exercises to tighten that taco of hers.

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