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Rissa Shannon Will Be A Hall Of Famer When It Comes To Being A Porta Potty

April 25, 2013 Hollywood, Porta Potty, The Dirty 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Rissa Shannon who is Hef’s EX loves showing off her spoils of victory in life.  She has now graduated to a full on escort and is loving the money she is raking.  Wanted to see what your thought on her are?

You can see the poop in her pores.- nik

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Basketball In Saudi Arabia

March 25, 2013 Porta Potty, The Dirty 263

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is what the basketball courts look like in the Middle East. This got me thinking, when these American girls fly over there to be pooped and peed on for money aka Porta-Potties, do they lay down on these rugs during the process?

I actually have been talking to a girl who was a former PP to get insider info. She told me she was paid 100k for a 1 month stay. She said they would invite the girls to dinner which was a huge dining room with a bunch of men eating as much as possible. The girls couldn’t eat, but they were there to see what type of delicacies where inserted into their donors body. They would then get sent back to their rooms to shower and a couple hours later their donor would come to their room with a full belly… ready to unload. She said she only got pooped on 20 out of the 30 days. I’m getting more intel, stay tuned.- nik

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Victoria Moore Is The Ultimate Porta Potty

December 17, 2012 Dubai, Porta Potty 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, interesting to see a post about Victoria Moore quitting. The real reason is she’s become the ultimate porta potty. Here’s a ton of pictures of her travelling to Dubai living in hotels and also staying alone in a giant ass mansion. Struggling models and actresses take note, she knew how to do it proper.

Looks like the food is for two… why is he so ashamed to be in the picture?- nik

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Warning To Porta Potties

December 10, 2012 Dubai, Porta Potty, The Dirty 225

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just read an article this morning that should really concern the traveling pack of C*M Dumpsters known as the Porta Potties.  You should be ultra ultra careful when making these so called companion trips to Dubai… as you do not have the protection and comfort of western society to insulate you should a “hobbiests” get a tad out of hand.  Seems this woman had one to many adult beverages and was given the ol’gang-bang treatment by a few local boys… UAE laws are laws crafted by a culture that follows the Islamic faith. Specifically what is deemed normal and acceptable in the west is forbidden or hidden from the watchful eyes that judge in that country which is for the most part using a view from their religious dogma… Which means – among a wide variety of customs we see every day in the west – these are forbidden of hidden in these countries.  Like this girl that was gang raped by 3 men and she actually got arrested for drinking without a license.  Personally, I think the b*tch deserves to get raped, you want to live a life like this and milk money, rape is eventually going to happen.  Click here to read full article.

“I noticed one of them filming me and I begged them to let me go but they ignored my pleas and laughed at me,” she told the court, according to The National newspaper.

The victim’s 26-year-old French flatmate said the woman returned home at around 8.30am and appeared “confused”. She took her to a police station to report the assault.

Two 20-year-old Iranian men are on trial for the assault, while the third has not been traced. They deny the charges.

The men’s defence lawyer claimed that the woman had fabricated the claims, saying: “She watches a lot of action movies”.

Porta-Potties please click on the link to read full article. It might save your life.- nik

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Mohammed K ALHabtoor Is One Of Scooby Snack’s “Clients”

December 9, 2012 Dirty Army Strong, Dubai, Las Vegas, Porta Potty, The Dirty 218

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have literally cracked the case of the “gentleman” who hires the porta potties from the United States. Mohammed K ALHabtoor is responsible for hiring Kina Tavary<—(real name) aka Kina Tavarozi aka Scooby Snack for sex adventures over in Dubai. She is always tweeting him asking when she can go to Dubai to get “paid” he often mentions that he will buy her a bunch of Louboutins to come and pleasure him and his guests. I found some pictures of him and he is def paying for Kina to service him.

The real question remains… does he poop solid?- nik

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What Was Karolina Doing In Dubai By Herself

December 4, 2012 Dubai, Porta Potty, The Dirty, Toronto 179

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this young girl named Karolina is trying to show off to the world that she went on a wonderful vacation to Dubai. The only trouble is that she doesnt have money to pay for car insurance so how can she afford to take a trip to DUBAI… by herself I might add, no pics of other friends with her just her in malls in Dubai. Her next to Yachts and buildings all alone hmmmm?? She clearly is a Porta Potty I just hope she showers real good before she comes back to Toronto.

Karolina the first image is not very flattering. Your inner thighs touch.- nik

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You Have To Be Dirty Army To Understand This

November 9, 2012 Hollywood, Porta Potty, The Dirty 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if this isn’t worth a thousand words I don’t know what is.  The best part about this is that one of my co-workers showed me them.  The girl has never even heard of TheDirty but she calls Audrina a porta potty, I asked her where did she hear that and she said some friends.  I love that so many people are using that term now.  So what you think?  Is Audrina a PP?

How else is she going to make money these days?- nik

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How Can I Get Paid To Be A Porta Potty

November 8, 2012 Miami, Porta Potty, The Dirty 227

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok hey Nik whats up?  I truly want an answer and not just sarcasm, I would like answers from the fans too my question is how do girls get paid to port a potty when a man flys them out. Do they talk about what they will get paid before the visit during or after? What if he decides not to give you any money? It must be such an awkward conversation talking about money you want. Does he give you extra money on the way home? Lol I’m obviously lost please explain…. Someone anyone.

Before you go on any vacation with a Trout, make sure you let him know you can only come if you get a “donation” or some sort of “arrangement”.  Those are the key words.- nik

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