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Union Banks Brad Herman and Tasha Winkler

November 18, 2014 Portland, Seattle 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the people of the world need to be warned about these two. It’s the talk of the personal banking office here at Union Bank in Seattle. Brad Herman is a total womanizer. He’s a ‘wealth strategist’ with UB but I would never trust him with my money knowing how he conducts himself inside & outside of the office. Since 2011, he has moved in with 3 girlfriends only to cheat on them. He woos them in with his token trip to Hawaii in the first month & within 1 year is screwing a different girl, packs the current GF up & kicks her out of his place. His current escapade is Tasha Winkler who works at UB in Portland. They take weekend trips visiting each other under the noses of their significant others. Tasha is in a serious relationship with a great guy, Erik Lovro, who is in the picture with her. I feel so bad for him- he thinks she is on business trips to Seattle when in reality she’s banging this eight head moron w/ a god complex. Brad’s last girlfriend moved out after she found messages on FB to Tasha saying “I love you” & “We’re going to be a power couple”. They had only just moved to Seattle together from SF this July. Brad’s family wants nothing to do with him anymore because he cheats on his GFs. He’s admitted he needs counseling otherwise this pattern will never end with him, but his super ego takes over & he continues leaving a trail of victims everywhere he goes. I hope someone who knows Erik tells him about this & they both lose their jobs at Union Bank! Losers!

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Bad Nick Mr. Wonka

November 17, 2014 Portland 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy I use to go to school with here in Massachusetts. After September 11th early 2000 Nicholas Pell decided to move away from his stoner circle to The City of Roses Portland Oregon. He decided to take up being a bisexual and a warlock and started a conspiracy myspace and group called Esozone. NOTHING LIKE HIM AT ALL! I hate Osama Bin laden I want my friend Nick back!! He was so good at oral and I even heard from his dad he may have AD. Recently I re met him when I came to visit (I dated him in 2007) He had hung up with that f*cking drag queen(He dated in 2005…WHAT A CHEATING LEO! Since when do they cheat?) and tried to get them to become a stripper and travel up and down the West Coast in San Francisco and West Hollywood to become male exotic strippers. He uses meth to get cut(ripped)! He had the nicest butt before this drug! Nik Help! HE also has a f*cking kid with some asian girl or something and won\’t tell me where they are so we can start a normal life! GOD DAMMIT! His eyes are going to be meth head fabulous beautiful if this intervention doesn’t happen! I swear this was the best option! Nick I hope Nik can help you come meet me at Electric Chapel! (?!!!)

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Kaitlin Labansky AKA Lunamoon

November 17, 2014 Portland 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this one she’s back to her old tricks scamming people and playing the role of sweet as pie Her real name is Kaitlin Labansky she’s been noted on The Dirty before she used to run as Teagen on the TNA Board and Lunamoon on the HobbyHunter along with numerous Backpage ads working a duo Mommy Daughter team as Lunamoon and MiaSkyler. This one will take everything she can from you and the leave you hanging. Her most recent stint was sponging off my brother for 5 months even having him pay all of her bills and court and jail fees. hang on to your money this one has no conscience=e or morals

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She Won’t Tell You

November 17, 2014 Eugene, Oregon, Portland 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Erika Roberts- This chick has drd and WILL NOT tell you. I had my first breakout start and ask her if she had drds and she said no, and when I got a positive test and confronted her all of the sudden her facebook status was \”changed my number guys\” Thank you Erika, drds type 2 is f*ckin awesome. Watch out for this one.

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Vanessa Tello Menchaca

November 13, 2014 Oregon, Portland 6

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Vanessa tello menchaca is greshams, oregon dirty, lier,drunk, coc*ine addicted HOUSEKEEPER hahaha i work with vanessa CLEANING BATHROOMS and its sad how she lies and tells people shes a nursr hahaha but we do the dirty cleaning. vanessa is addicted to alcohol, and cocain thats why she doest know who the father really is and leaves him himself

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Grimey Stripper

November 7, 2014 Portland, Salem 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Leona Grimes, her name fits her grimey ass well. She’s a dirty stripper at the nastiest strip clubs in Salem, Or. She has 3 kids with 3 different guys an isn’t afraid to admit it. She stripped while being pregnant. She loves guys who have girlfriend’s and family’s. Probably so when her and her meth addicted boyfriend who cheats on her on the regular get back together it’s never a commitment. She is a coke head. She looks like a man without make up. She has been caught by several girls talking to their boyfriends. Beware of this home wrecking whore!!

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Dallas Heard

November 5, 2014 Portland 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Running for Oregon House of Representatives is the most awful man I know. His name is Dallas Heard and he is so far winning. I am not sure if this is the right platform for this, but I have to get these secrets out. When I was in high school I dated this man. He was in his early twenties. Long story short, he did these things: publicly monitored my weight, told me what to eat, what brands of clothing to wear, wouldnt let me be seen with him unless my makeup was applied heavily, told me he wanted to be a virgin until he got married but would FORCE me to kiss and touch him to give him an erection – and then go in the bathroom for a minute, come back out and tell me WE were so sinful. He made me use foul language because that too turned him on, he said. He told me homosexuals were horrible evil people, and I once saw him call a homosexual man out in church telling him he didn’t belong there (publicly during the class). The list goes on, but I have to say he is a horrible man, and though these seem petty, there are so many Oregonians voting for him when all hebis is a manipulative, judgemental man. I’m glad I escaped him after only a few months. His charisma is fooling everyone but not me.

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Monica Thot Banuelos

November 5, 2014 Eugene, Portland, Sacramento 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Monica Banuelos This thot of a mother is out in the bar every weekend with her ugly ass crew!! She has been around and it’s time someone called this skank out! She has the worst boob job I have ever seen and I feel bad for her son and her felon baby daddy! This girl runs through guys like crazy! She has the shape of a 13 year old boy those boobs need to be redone and her sleeping around is madness! She puts everyone on here so now karma is a bitch!

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