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Watch Your Men Around Natasha Guzman

December 20, 2014 Portland, The Dirty 45


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Natasha Guzman is a Portland girl who only cares about one thing… MONEY. She isn’t afraid of sleeping with someone’s boyfriend either. She might be hot, but she is grimy as hell. Girls, watch your men around her.

She is a terrible crawler. You always suck in when the back is arched…come on.- nik

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No Hope for this Portland Prosty

December 19, 2014 Portland 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Robyn McKim another ho from Vantuckey who posts on tnaboard.com and BackPage as Ms. Hope. She works for a pimp who goes by Cubano ThaGentleman who runs a bunch of whores in Portland. Robyn posted that she was brought into by Cubano and Elegance (Robyn King). She also goes by Fanci Young and is known for recruiting whores for her pimp.

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Couve Prosty and her Pimp

December 19, 2014 Portland 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this skank is Crissi M Davenport however this ho goes by shanelluv on tnaboard.com and BackPage and claims to be independent but guess what? She has a pimp. This fat skank only claims to have to a 50 inch ass (besides her husband).

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A Portland Prosty To Avoid

December 18, 2014 Portland 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch is just plain crazy and is a washed up porn star and a ho. Her name is Eliesha Sebra and her porn name is Alissa Wild Party Girl. Look for her videos are she is just plain ugly. Now she is a Portland whore. She got arrested for stalking clients in Eugene. She posts on Backpage that she is 28 while her arrest records for Domestic Battery and Resisting Arrest in Florida says she is 35.

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Lying Loser

December 18, 2014 Portland 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: be careful ladies he’s good. He made me feel like I was special like I was the only one then to find out he had multiple girls on the side and multiple dating sites as well. As well as picking up women on Craigslist. he is a wife beater he has a record for assault his children hate him and don’t want to be around him. Altogether he is a player and a user will take what he can get from you I make you think you’re special and tell you he loves you when all in all he’s talking to multiple women at once. He’s really just looking for someone to take care of him he’s a loser.

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Jamell aka JaySuaz

December 17, 2014 Portland 55


THE DIRTY ARMY: Time to come clean, Nik: I’ve been on a path of lies for a long time and it’s time to clear the air. My name is Jamell Suazo and I love to cheat on my baby mama Kelly that takes care of our kid and my wives kids. Kelly pays all the bills in our household but her weight is a issue and she has no skills in the bedroom. I been having women on the side for years. I just needed to clear the air, Kelly Richen I cheat on you daily and it will never stop. Your family and our friends know about it too. Everyone hit me up, I work in insurance so I got you on that.

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Christian Loring

December 17, 2014 Portland 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this skanks name is Christian Loring. He has more issues than a lifetime subscription to National Geographic. Still jobless (no respectable business is going to hire you when you cut your hair that way), still ugly, still a cunt, still mentally unstable. He also went on once about he is now a “muse”. Delusional. One of his favorite past times is lifting up his shirt to show he’s a tooth pick, dressing up in some of the most unattractive, unsavory outfits imagined, and begging for money (ahem, I mean donations) online. He has stated that he does not understand how he keeps getting posted on The Dirty, that he is a really nice guy, and does not understand what he could of done to anyone…. yet is Admin of a Facebook hate group called\’Portland Dirty Crust’ with his butt faced “brother” Chad, and a tranny looking mofo named Brad Pitts (not a joke), which is meant to trash and talk shit about people they deem “unattractive” and “undesirable”. He still has not realized the error of his ways, and until he wakes up will continue to be no better than a cum rag you throw in the corner. It’s as if his goal is to continue to be posted on here. Next!

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Grants Pass Nastiness

December 17, 2014 Eugene, Portland 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this guy is on a few sites up here trolling craigslist for bi encounters tries to say no one understand respect loyalty or honor anymore but yet sits in my house and lies to my family after given a free pass so to say on one lie. asks for their help for his “homegirl when the whole time it’s been one big lie and he’s been fcking anything that walks.. yeah found a condom wrapper that said so in his bed.

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