Cheated like it was her Job

August 12, 2014 Portland 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sara Newman in Portland, Oregon… When she was not googling my family and friends, she’swas accusing me of cheating based on her ‘suspicions’.no evidence,just a ‘feeling’. In my case, an ex on an adult dating site had posted a copyrighted picture of us backstage and I sent off a DMCA. But, when I was shown the page from which it had been removed, guess who was on a profile list looking for ‘a**l and p***y play’? That’s right. She had multiple profiles on multiple sites and from the testimonials posted she had found multiple gentlemen on multiple occasions for ‘ her pleasure’ and was also a member of club sesso. And the WHOLE time she wasn’t slinging on these sites, she was googling me, my family and friends, harassing them about me and she was screaming at me for cheating because she had a ‘feeling’ So when I asked her about the profile…it was my fault. She was FORCED to go on there ‘looking for me’. I asked about the men on her list. It went from ‘I never met anyone off there’ to ‘ met a guy on match and we both happened to have an AFF profile’. The lies just grew from there. So she said she would close the account, only she just changed the name. So when I told I knew about that, she denied it. the said it was a ‘mistake’ then she closed it, only to open a new account 30 min later (all these are paid, btw) . When I told her about that one…more lies, all blaming me. And one is still open…just hidden. The guilty scream the loudest.

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He’ll gut you like a Catfish

August 11, 2014 Eugene, Portland 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Donavan Charles LaCost also known as Donavan Purdy on FB and many dating and hook up sites is Jackle and Hyde. He finds women to date so he can use they’re cars, take they’re money, he hangs out with girls to steal their foodstamp cards, and he dates women with children to have an excuse to give his grandparents as to why they have to hand him a job or whatever he wants. He instantly instills in young children that he wants to be their dad, then when he’s done using you for whatever he needed to do he will abruptly leave. He tells everyone that he is sterile, but this is a lie. I don’t doubt that he has kids walking around and that hundreds (not exaggerating) of the underage girls he has sex with (he’s about to be 20) have all had to probably subject themselves to abortions. He lives in Eugene, Oregon and Junction City. He also has and wants to continue to live in Chicago, Illinois where he used a construction company owners daughter for money and a job, he fucked her mother/his wife when everyone was gone as well, the daughter is Ashley Brusseau and that is the name on the company. He smokes and shoots up meth, it\’s his favorite thing to do other than manipulate under aged girls and joke about fucking them and stealing from them. He will convince you of anything and like a light switch completely flip. He says it all started when he moved out of his grandma\’s at 16 and had to do grown up stuff. He doesn’t want to grow up, he wants to continue to shack up, steal, and defile.

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Nicknames Tuna

August 8, 2014 Eugene, Portland 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Koda Ellis, better known as Tuna. Her mugshot below was for possession of meth and the other picture shows her proudly smoking weed..which she posted on Facebook. This ratchet has a baby and doesn’t even know who the baby’s daddy is. She has the DIRTIEST PUSS in Oregon hands down and refuses to get tested. I have had two of my homies tell me when they fingered her they pulled out there (3-4!!) fingers and it was a greenish tint that REEKED of tuna. This girl is the definition of trailer trash and cares more about drugs then her own child, whom she doesn’t even take care of anymore!

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Raver Tylor Parris

August 8, 2014 Eugene, Portland 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tylor Parris has been on Eugene’s Craigslist too many times to count. This kid just turned 21 this year and has already slept with over 50 dudes in the local area. He is one of the dirties druggies around, literally willing to do any type of rave drug he can get his hands on. This kid uses every single person in his life. The last three homes he has lived in he has not paid rent ONCE nor has he ever paid any of the bills that were racked up when he lived with them either. This fool has never held down a job longer than two weeks and expects everyone to cater to him. He sucks dick for money on the regular to help fuel his rave/party addiction which, as I mentioned earlier, he advertises on craigslist. This nasty ginger actually spread SHIT and PISS on the inside of his last room mates house after he moved out…not to mention he stole all the kid\’s electronics before making a hasty exit. This kid has stolen and lied to a ridiculous amount of his friends and family to the point where he has ONE friend left. BEWARE!

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Ms piggy and her Piglets

August 8, 2014 Portland 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik my cousin Kurtis Muller met this pretty overweight chick Chelsea Mervin. Chelsea was head over heels for him but he just wasn\’t interested. Told her over and over again. Six months ago he met his now fiance. As soon as they got together his fiance AJ started receiving harassing email from Chelsea and her best friend ALEXA PASSARELLI! They were nasty emails. Everything time she was blocked they\’d make another fake fb so they could continue to email her. Finally they switched to harassing her on instagram, but this time targeting her two innocent children. When they got tired of that they began harassing family members. AJ\’s mom is undergoing chemo for breast cancer. Alexa made up slander remarks in attempt to get her fired from her job which would result in her losing her insurance and possibly her life. All AJ and Kurtis was to do is move on with their lives. Not have these crazy chicks driving by their house, calling their jobs, verbally assaulting their children. This ALEXA PASARRELLI lives at 10600 Fargo st in portland with her parents. Shes 23 and has a criminal record and garnishments cause she cant pay her bills. Shes extremely psychotic which makes her very dangerous. Stay away from her! She has herpes and sees a therapist often! She is not somebody you want to be around! She\’s negative and down right evil! Who attacks two young children and a 63 yr old women going thru chemo!? This chick is insane!!!!

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Trashy Kay Girls

July 30, 2014 Portland 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: These are the “kay” girls aka “white trash” Klarissa Kay, Kristin Kay, and Schelise Romero. Klarissa kay thinks so highly of herself when really all she does is drink bud light, blacks out and trys to get with her friends boyfriends and also has a beer belly, Kristin Kay acts like shes this ride or die chick but talks mad crap about everyone and uses people and then there is Schelise Romero that also gets with other girls boyfriends and think shes so hot that every guy wants her lol! They all went to beauty school and none of them know how to do theyre own make up! What do you think of this “hot” threesome nik?

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Rachet Wife/Mom

July 28, 2014 Portland 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: David Douglas high school graduate known as Shoni Maxwell now as of July 12th 2014 known as shoni tanner . Is an unfaithful rachet wife/mom (note my husband is no better for this) has been caught they thought they were sneaky lol but not nearly enough . I found some very very naughty snap chat pictures that my husband had saved and thought he had deleted all evidence …. And sadly in her attempt to be sexy has her baby included in pictures >_< and note all picture I have proof of were saved from snap chat July 13th 2014 yes read correctly ! The day after her wedding !!!! I know her by her rep and I found I email my husband replied back to from her and that’s when the mission began … Ladies beware . she’s still a triflin hoe. Roaming around Portland Oregon .

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Another 82nd Employee

July 24, 2014 Portland 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: The ad says it all, wouldn’t wanna distract you from that.

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