Ginger Tranny Tony Robinson

April 7, 2014 Eugene, Portland 50 10,801 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch is the biggest nastiest whore in the world! She had the best man in town, Tony Robinson. All she did was sleep with every single one of his friends. She is a black dick tossed up whore! Tony took care of her payed for everything. All her bills took care of her bastard children. She didn’t do shit for him. All she did was use him and cheat on him every single day. She accused him and made his life miserable while he treated her like a queen! He finally kicked her ass to the ditch where she belongs! She spreads drd’s she’s nasty fat ugly disgusting piece of trash! She’s a drug addict. Me*h c(ke whatever she can get her hands on! She’s out at the bars every single night fcking a new guy! At least trying cuz nobody wants her disgusting ugly ass! She doesnt take care of her fucked up kids! Her son has been taken from her twice! Her daughter is a piece of shit black n……! Her son is ugly n fucking retarded cuz all she does is a bunch of drugs! She thinks she hard and can fight cuz she’s fat! She has never been in a fight and if she did she would get her ass kicked! All she does is try and find dudes that will pay her bills n pay for everything cuz she is such a loser and can’t pay her own way!!! She pawns her fucked up ugly retarded kids off on her family and anyone she can so she can go out and do drugs and find a guy to fck! NOBODY LIKES HER!!! She had a best friend that took her in and took care of her n payed for everything in her life and Sarah didn’t ever pay for shit! Then she fcked the man her best friend was in love with! Fcking piece of shit!! Stay out of the bars get off the drugs and stay off of dick and take care of your retarded son and piece of shit black daughter you fcking drugged out whore! Thank god Tony left your ugly fat black dick tossed up ass!!! HE WAS WAY TOO GOOD FOR YOU!!

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Pizzi “slopapottamus” Crawford

April 4, 2014 Oregon, Portland 30 6,918 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. This bitch is the epitome of a sloppy sloot. Always with a new guy everytime she’s seen in public. Not only can she not get enough dicks to fill her holes, but she drinks till everyone can see them. This wanna be Mexican goes around trying break hearts to fill the need of not having one. If you walk through an apartment complex and hear some people having sex, she’s probably involved. She’s a walking stripper billboard. Be warned men if you fall for this street sweeping gutter slut you will be hurt in the end. Rumor has it that the Jackson 5 song abc 123 was about her cause she’s as easy as one two three and you can take her home. Very accuate discription MJ.

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Kayla Van Sleazy

April 1, 2014 Portland 176 9,152 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, tell us what you think of Kayla Van Sleazy. One of the latest (supposedly) Suicide Girls, who stemmed out of a small town in Illinois. Not only did she get ALL of her tattoos, in the last YEAR or so…(poser)…but this stripper sloot comes complete, with a scumbag boyfriend, 6 little shit producing dogs, AND turns out she is Divorced, AND has a kid who she NEVER sees! Talk about a sad case. She sits in the corner of the girls dressing room, at the Strip club every night, does’t talk to ANYONE but her customers. And when she DOES talk to the fellow strippers, all she ever talks about is her dirtbag Boyfriend Shawn O’Hare, & how many other guys she fucked. Her rap sheet is about 3 miles long. LOL It’s the abandoned kid, I feel sorry for. Shame on you Kayla, you should have been a better Mother to your kid. Instead of whoring around tattoo conventions, showing off your Lanky, anorexic looking, overly tatted body. And all of your nasty peircings, to go with it. Yuck. Grow up, you dumb, ignorant slut! Didn’t mama teach you that posting public pics like this will only get you posted on the Dirty?! LOL

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Horny Supervisor

April 1, 2014 Dirty Business, Portland 27 7,964 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: A supervisor at the call center I work at has been sleeping with one of the girls on his team. However, I had no idea and he has been hitting on me since I started working with him. This past year I went through a lot of family issues and was incredibly lonely. My parents disowned me and I have found our I have a chronic illness. During this time, Greg started hitting on me and kept telling me I was pretty. He made me feel like he cared about me. I have never had a man tell me I was pretty as many times as he has. I started talking with me on Facebook over the new year. I would say after a month of just flirting and chatting that he suggested we open up a snapchat and send each other sexy pictures. He came up to me at work after the first time we send naughty pictures and ask how I was doing. I work with him remember! Then it just became a habit and he continued to make me feel like he cared. A couple months pass by and Im beyond irritated that completely ignores me at work. I never actually went on a date with him but he gave me a lot of attention. Then I get a red flag come up when I see that he changed the seating for him team and put one of the girls infront of him. More recently I find out that he gets a final warning because he is sleeping with that girl and the manager saw private chats where they talk about different sexual things they want to do together. So then I lose my shit and send her snap shots of our conversations and even a picture of his dick. So the next week I see that they are still taking lunches together and he is still giving her rides home. You can have him Jessica! I’m just Greg will love his pathetic baby mama with no standards. I just can’t wait to see what other girl Greg cheats on her with and how that will play out. I can’t believe I was so blind! But Om not sad. Who wants an over weight balding thirty year old man?! Only a desperate single mother with no self worth!

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Internet Bully on Skout

March 31, 2014 Portland 5 8,393 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sweetlips on Skout is a nasty internet bully on Skout. I wasn’t even on there for 5 mins and she was putting my picture down and spreading rumors about me. I was not the only victim. I had others message me on there. I tried getting her banned on that site but I guess she is sucking off the owners gregs to stay on there or they are employing her to bully every other female on there. So the next time someone bullies you on a site take their pics and info and put them on Blast!!

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Whose Yo Baby Daddy

March 27, 2014 Oregon, Portland 26 9,633 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, Nik these two sisterly hoes keeping to in the family FAT and TRASHY, and SHORT and NASTY. Tonisha Hendon & Ali Hendon! Who’s your baby daddy tonisha???? Eric Raby or Josh Mendez? Hmmm because everybody knows she’s been around the block more then once. Nik she even fcked, sucked and swallowed her sisters boyfriend I don’t even know how they found the hole she’s been around the block so many time! Lmao but we all know she ain’t running around that block she might loose a pound! Oh and don’t forget the precious NASTY NASTY NASTY little sissy! Who’s YOUR baby daddy Ali??? Andrew freeman or Jerry stites??? Haha She has her boyfriend Andrew so convinced that her baby is his but the sad thing is her hole family even knows the baby is Jerrys! Andrew didnt even know she was pregnant until like 2weeks before the baby was born not to mention she was sleeping with her sissys boyfriend Eric while she was living in there house! Lmao talk about keeping it in the family, well Nik this is a are of the HOE HOE HOE SISTAS!

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Miranda Nicolson, Dirty Herbie

March 26, 2014 Portland 2 9,114 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Miranda Nicolson….where to start…. From the pictures going around of her I wouldnt touch that vag cav with my worst enemies dick. The warts on that use to be vag are almost completely covering lip to lip. But when seeing these we weren’t surprised, the amount of use that vag gets is unbelievable. She had 2 guys fighting to figure out who was the baby daddy but when it came down to parenting no one is there. She drops her kid off at her moms apartment with drug addicts and alcoholics living there so she can go out and party and get fucked up on xanax and corona. If she even makes it to get her kid the next day its with a dude thats still messed up from the night before all over the road, thats when her ex got his DUI. So she blamed him for everything(partyin) and broke up with him to make her self look good. Now she mad cause hes dating someone else. Miranda, get a lock for your zipper, stop popin pills and take care of your kid!! Make an appointment and get that checked, you know what picture im talkin about.

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Antonio Frazier Is Nothing But A Thug

March 25, 2014 Portland, Seattle, The Dirty 104 94,906 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Antonio Frazier aka T-Double of “Chase the Sky Productions” or “Frazier Boy Entertainment”… self proclaimed producer from Portland Oregon. A talented small town single mother was just trying to get her foot in the door, refine her skills, and get serious about music. She was referred to this “producer” to help her with that. They had plans of going to California or Las Vegas for 2 months to work on recording but ultimately ended up in Seattle. His family has a recording studio there (not even sure if his connections in CA or LV are even real). Antonio has a girlfriend but was extremely controlling and acted like a pimp; going crazy for her talking to another dude. He threatened to pop her tires, said he was going to KILL her 2 year old daughter!, tried to grab her and go after her but thankfully she wasn’t alone and his OWN FAMILY knocked his ass out, stole her phone then left her in Seattle! He currently lives in Tri-Cities Washington and supposedly is going to move to Texas. But he was also supposed to move to California, and Las Vegas so who knows what the truth is. Stay away from this dirty dirty never gunna make it thug piece of trash!

I never understood tattoos on black people… you can’t even see them.- nik

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