Portland | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Christian Loring

December 17, 2014 Portland 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this skanks name is Christian Loring. He has more issues than a lifetime subscription to National Geographic. Still jobless (no respectable business is going to hire you when you cut your hair that way), still ugly, still a cunt, still mentally unstable. He also went on once about he is now a “muse”. Delusional. One of his favorite past times is lifting up his shirt to show he’s a tooth pick, dressing up in some of the most unattractive, unsavory outfits imagined, and begging for money (ahem, I mean donations) online. He has stated that he does not understand how he keeps getting posted on The Dirty, that he is a really nice guy, and does not understand what he could of done to anyone…. yet is Admin of a Facebook hate group called\’Portland Dirty Crust’ with his butt faced “brother” Chad, and a tranny looking mofo named Brad Pitts (not a joke), which is meant to trash and talk shit about people they deem “unattractive” and “undesirable”. He still has not realized the error of his ways, and until he wakes up will continue to be no better than a cum rag you throw in the corner. It’s as if his goal is to continue to be posted on here. Next!

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Grants Pass Nastiness

December 17, 2014 Eugene, Portland 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this guy is on a few sites up here trolling craigslist for bi encounters tries to say no one understand respect loyalty or honor anymore but yet sits in my house and lies to my family after given a free pass so to say on one lie. asks for their help for his “homegirl when the whole time it’s been one big lie and he’s been fcking anything that walks.. yeah found a condom wrapper that said so in his bed.

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Independent Women

December 17, 2014 Portland 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is a Vantuckey fat ho named Robyn King who posts on tnaboard and BackPage. There is also some pictures of her pimp. Why anyone would want to pay for this is crazy but everyone knows about fat bitches and their pimp. Her name is Elegance and posts that she is independent. LOL everyone knows about these pimped bitches.

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Vantucky Prosty and Another Pimp

December 16, 2014 Portland 46



THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is a Vantucky prosty named Ashley Profit and her pimp. Why do all these tnaboard and BackPage prostys claim they are independent when they really aren\’t? She goes by EmmaLee on tnaboard and BackPage.

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Portland Prosty and her Pimp

December 14, 2014 Portland 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat prosty is another pimped out mess. Her name is Rachelle Carelock and her and her pimp/ husband Montonee Carelock live in Longview, Washington but she posts on tnaboard and BackPage because her pimp/ husband makes her work and he smokes 420 all day. Her tnaboard handle is thickchick630 (might be what she weighs) and she goes by Miley on BackPage and she tries to tell everyone she is independent. The word is out.

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Psycho Mom

December 14, 2014 Eugene, Portland 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know you probably don’t get too many submissions from little towns like little ‘ol Bend, Oregon but I feel that everyone needs to know about this… thing. She is my husbands ex-wife, the baby mama. She thinks she rules the damn world. When she left my husband after 12 years of being with him (because she was talking to another guy), she was on top of another guy in a week. Since then, she has been with 6 or 7 in a year. That we know of so far. She is always talking crap about me in public on facebook. Getting her friends to stalk me. Even messages friends on my facebook and talks shit about me then “steals” them from me. On top of that… she gets the kids involved. Telling them anything she can to make them hate me (which doesn’t work). I don’t know what to do with this horrible waste of a human…. She thinks she is perfect with a heart of gold. She never admits to being wrong and says everything is my fault. There is more but this is just the gist of it.

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Kylee Reichow

December 12, 2014 Portland 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kylee Reichow…. Oh where to even start. She is 19, high school drop out, and no job. After using up all of her dead dad’s money he left for her to further herself in life, she free loads off her grandparents, drinking and smoking weed all day. Due to her obesity her stomach is covered in disgusting stretch marks, yet she hasn’t learned she should keep that gross sight hidden. And even worse, she’s a fat girl with no boobs. Her rolls are a bigger cup size that the mosquito bites she calls tits. As of late she’s taken to wearing extensions a far different texture than her frizzy, fried hair, making her look like a ratchet troll doll with poorly done make up. This girl is ugly inside and out, from her big flat nose and frizzy hair to hopping from guy to guy even when she’s in a relationship. Kylee Reichow is a lying, cheating, ratchet whore who needs to keep that ugly body hidden away

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Tierney Fox

December 10, 2014 Portland 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well we dated, she “fell in love”, moved in with me and proceeded to sext with other guys while laying next to me. In my bed while i slept. I have an album of over 37 pictures full of the shit. and not just in my bed, in my bathroom and my main room. She’s dirty for sure.

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