Basshead Douche

March 25, 2014 Portland 21 9,833 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brandon “BASSHEAD” He thinks he is the shit w/ his Chrysler 300 that he made look like a magnum. He claims it’s “super charged” and a v8 at car meets but in reality it is just a v6 with an annoying exhaust. This guy is spoiled by his grandmother. Uses his grandmas credit card to get whatever he wants and takes advantage of her which is sad. this guy doesn’t even have a damn job!!!! GIRLS BEWARE Only reason girls talk to him and hang with him it’s cause he buys them whatever they want whenever they want. His grandma even pays off his damn tickets, which he posts pictures of himself getting pulled over and brags about how fast he was going. He should just drive off a cliff. He thinks he’s hard through Facebook but not in person, he’s a vagina when it comes down to it. He’s all talk. He is full of himself and always lies about all this money he supposedly has and what not. He got kicked outta the army for some reason but he’s just like any other low life who went in the army for “money” but got nothing when he got out. Pathetic human being

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Trust No Ho

March 21, 2014 Portland 31 8,666 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ex girlfriend drama?!?!?! Better fuking believe it bub. You just low balled the wrong fcking person..sleeping an getting into a relationship with my bestfucking friend that you hated oh so fucking much when we were together. An her low balling it being a fcking bitch going for my ex of only 3 months. You fcked an got into a relationship with your other bestfriends ex now your going for my ex. God damn spreed your legs somewhere else hoe! An find your own boyfriend that your bestfriends didn’t love an have a relationship with or even had in the room while there kid was born. You call yourself a friend? A sister? Your a dumb bitch ass c*nt that takes peoples ex boyfriends an anything with a dick that’ll show you attention. Way to continuesly live up to your slutty ass reputation. No one bring your loved ones around heather Bartholomew aka Heather Kathleen (Shes spreeding her legs like a Disease again, Shell just steel them a take them right out from under your nose an not give two flying fucks about how you feel or your relationship. She’s a fake ass bitch that can’t get anyone for herself. She’ll leave her boyfriend for your ex boyfriend. Or if you have a fling or like someone she will take them from you and tell you Shes sorry and continue to do it. don’t trust this Bitch ass fake Slut.

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Amanda Yeaney Is Not Too Bright

March 18, 2014 Portland 13 6,437 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do you start this psychotic bitch you probably seen before on fox12 she got caught up wit 5 grams meth and a firearm in a traffic stop somewerre in salem anywaysz.. long storyshort she is now a informant. How do I know this…. she was dumb enough to have her case file in the truck of her car. Needless to say… I yoked the bitch n am now puttin it out there so its known to all…. AMANDA YEANEY IS AN INFORMANT FOR MARION COUNTY AND MULTNOMAH COUNTY ….loyalty is rare now days….I think she needs a hood ads whoopin.. check this bitch on site!!

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Meth Is Bad

March 18, 2014 Portland 7 8,884 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this Nikka’s name is Hollyann Cornelius. She thinks she’s tough but has her so called friends pop peoples tires. This girl doesnt know what the word END means. You block her off facebook, she’ll purposely make other facebook accounts just to start an argument. Get in her face and let her know her sh*t is done with and says nothing. Gets on her cell phone and plays the bully but isnt women enough to say it to peoples faces.

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Drunken Dirtleg Tara Mhoon

March 17, 2014 Portland 19 6,623 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirtleg is Tara “drunk hot mess” mhoon shes a drunk, liar, cheating slore who cant keep the bittle.down long enough to be a.responsible adult. Shes a.female douche who breaks up with with an chases after others. Not she a drunk but she.puts hands on her man an even goes to.jail… She cant keep her legs closed for the life of her…. break up with her man today an.shes instantly on the hunt for a new one… Her mom should have.swallowed on that night… Men an woman beware she says shes your friend but wont mind bumping uglies with your man, brother,sister shit even your mom..

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Help her Brows

March 17, 2014 Portland 23 8,375 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, went to hs with this adopted snob so I don’t feel bad for posting. She’d be the one to go to hell before me with the way she treated people growing up. Anyway not jealous or have hard feelings cuz I never wanted to be her friend. But anyway I am just posting this to figure out why she is gluing Velcro onto where her eyebrows would be? What do you think?

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Unfit Mother In Portland

March 17, 2014 Portland, The Dirty 29 96,610 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Brittney is too busy worrying about her cheating boyfriend more then her own children and is always fighting with him in front of her 2 young children, to the point where the cops where called and both of her kids where taken away!!!! She needs to be exposed, she’s using this time away from her kids to party and get drunk…. Who can live like that knowing her kids are with some complete stranger!!!!

Some people shouldn’t have children.- nik

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Lincoln City Johnson

March 16, 2014 Portland 0 8,527 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty DRD ridden slore Hope Johnson has no respect for the people she calls family or friends. She’s fucked multiple people over on multiple occasions. She screwed everyone over for her tweaked out drd ridden bf. she’s goes around bragging about how she fuked a trail blazer. She let multiple black guys pick her up in Portland and gang bang her on a boat. She has the nastiest vagina that looks like meat flaps she has pancake tits and a frog ass. Hope Johnson is the grossest person to walk the earth. She tries to get with other girls boyfriends while she’s with her bf. guys will flat out tell her they don’t want to fuck her and would much rather fck her best friends but yet she still keeps trying to fck them. Her boyfriend joe has two whale baby mamas that he fcks on the sly while hope sits at home doing his laundry, trying to figure out a way to get joe to take a shower and trying to fck anything that’s willing to touch her meat flap vagina. Her relationship with Joe is so dysfunctional they have full out brawls about the smallest things and they don’t care who’s around or where they are. Hope will flat out tell anyone that she hates Joes kids and wished that they would just disappear, Yet Hope is taking expired birth control pills just so Joe will fck her with out protection because she’s so jealous of his baby mammas and wants to have a baby to keep Joe. Hope and Joe have lost all their friends and currently just have each other and their scummy life style. Beware to anyone in lincoln city…you might get an std just by looking their way.

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