Lincoln City Johnson

March 16, 2014 Portland 0 8,527 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty DRD ridden slore Hope Johnson has no respect for the people she calls family or friends. She’s fucked multiple people over on multiple occasions. She screwed everyone over for her tweaked out drd ridden bf. she’s goes around bragging about how she fuked a trail blazer. She let multiple black guys pick her up in Portland and gang bang her on a boat. She has the nastiest vagina that looks like meat flaps she has pancake tits and a frog ass. Hope Johnson is the grossest person to walk the earth. She tries to get with other girls boyfriends while she’s with her bf. guys will flat out tell her they don’t want to fuck her and would much rather fck her best friends but yet she still keeps trying to fck them. Her boyfriend joe has two whale baby mamas that he fcks on the sly while hope sits at home doing his laundry, trying to figure out a way to get joe to take a shower and trying to fck anything that’s willing to touch her meat flap vagina. Her relationship with Joe is so dysfunctional they have full out brawls about the smallest things and they don’t care who’s around or where they are. Hope will flat out tell anyone that she hates Joes kids and wished that they would just disappear, Yet Hope is taking expired birth control pills just so Joe will fck her with out protection because she’s so jealous of his baby mammas and wants to have a baby to keep Joe. Hope and Joe have lost all their friends and currently just have each other and their scummy life style. Beware to anyone in lincoln city…you might get an std just by looking their way.

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Misty Dog Starr

March 11, 2014 Portland 6 7,567 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this nasty ass pill head junkie is Misty starr. Enough said!!!!!!lol omg this bitch thinks everyone is jealous of her, she goes around barging that’s she a high paid wtf? She has no ass,no tits,no curves. She has a 12 year old boy body. Thinks girls are “J” of her. Please misty. Say something about this girl?who all knows her?

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Junk Head Mom

March 11, 2014 Portland 11 6,649 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik-This nasty piece of sh*t is Stacy Simon from Gresham, Or. She’s a loser drug addict who will pump anything into her veins that she can get ahold of. She has 4 kids that she basically abandoned for a crackhead boyfriend that she met at the methadone clinic that she was sent to because she was popping pills while pregnant with her 4th child. this waste of space should have never been able to reproduce EVER!! She talks all sorts if shit about how bad she is and is a pathological liar. She has been arrested about 7 times since the end of last year for identity theft/fraud, possession of meth, etc. She always talked about how good of a mom she was but it’s pretty obvious that she’s a worthless piece of trash. Currently she’s homeless and will give up her nasty cooter to anyone with a needle and drugs!! I feel sorry for her kids…hopefully they don’t turn out like her!! And what’s even funnier is the shit she used to talk about a fellow ho-bag on here…Katherine Tatom! She used to go on and on about how fat and nasty Katherine was and what a loser she was for being on m*th! I would advise anyone to steer clear of this “hot” mess unless you want to be robbed and get some nasty drd!!

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Kylee ‘Rayne’ Reichow

March 10, 2014 Portland 18 8,280 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I have seen this girl on here before, but the post did not do her justice. This girl is on to her second “pregnancy” though everyone knows its a lie because no one wants to fuck her. Even though shes saying shes prego she still posts about drinking and getting fucked up almost daily. My best friend used to be friends with her, but after she gave her brother ch***ia that quickly changed. She constantly talks shit about people but when asked to meet up she always pussies out. Kylee is a no good, worthless, fat, ugly whore and not worth anyones time. Everyone in Forest Grove beware.

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Wannabe Wanksta

March 10, 2014 Portland 6 7,473 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this wanna be gangster is jeremy johnston. i think hes listened to alittle to much eminem. i hooked up with this little boy awhile ago. when i say little, well you know what i mean. found out he was sleeping with my friend when he was sleeping with me. pretty sure he has a drd. claims to be so gangster cause hes a street level dealer who snorts his profits and hasnt been in a fight in his life. brags about his old job and how he use to make so much money but yet he has no house . he even slept with his brothers wife when he was gone. this guy is a real winner. he thinks hes a gift to women but ladies, hes not. the whole time i was with him all he talked about was sex and how good he was but then it happened and lets just say i got more pleasure from it being over with. And thank god it was over pretty quick. I feel bad for his daughter that this is her father. He tried to convince me he was such a good dad but a good dad wouldnt be doing deals with her home. this little boy needs a serious reality check. his text messages are all in little wankster lingo and just makes him look stupid. (sup wich u gurl)if u come across this boy, might as well walk away unless you want your live to go down the shitter with his. dont waste your time ;) K

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Who Is Hotter

March 7, 2014 Portland, The Dirty 215 104,317 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my best friends boyfriend left her for another girl. She (Heather) is upset about it and we want to know who you think is hotter.  Let me now what you think, feel free to go into deatail! The first picture I am uploading is of my friend, Heather, and 2nd one is the girl her BF left her for (Nicole).

Whoever the dark haired girl is… she is prettier. The arms in the first image kill me.- nik

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Childish Cheater

March 7, 2014 Portland 4 6,159 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Fuking dickhead fiance picked a ridiculous fight w ith me and then took off. Founf out he went and fcked some bitch. I confronted him and he straight lied to me. Fucked over me AND my 3 year old daughter who called him daddy and who’s real dad died last week. He fcked up EVERYTHING. Threw it all away for a slut.

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Jeffrey Hamar is a Monster

March 7, 2014 Portland 18 5,769 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Please keep away from this monster. My best friend has a mentally handicapped son who Jeffrey Hamar took care of in a adult foster home. She has informed me that he molested her son during the fall of 2013. Jeffrey no longer works there and they have started an investigation into possible other victims. I am posting this because my friend cannot. What he did to her handicapped son is unforgivable. I hope they put him away.

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