Ray Taylor

July 7, 2014 Portland 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met this guy, Ray Taylor about a year+ ago. He seemed nice at first, but has some serious issues and baggage. First, he will text you and tell you how much he wants to be with you, but then will run off with the first guy that gives him attention. He’s gross as fck. He lies about his age and who he is. He’s really 36 or in his mid 30′s. Second, he draws on his eyebrows with a black sharpie, that’s a tragic mess. He’s so desperate for attention that he will do anything to get with you. Do not make the mistake like I did and send him any kind of nude pictures because he will steal them and use them to talk shit about you to your boyfriend or a guy that you’re with. He’s facebook and grindr stalker/identity thief and sends them to you to try and break up your relationship. He also makes fake profiles and steals random guys pictures to hide his track so that he doesn’t get caught. He will use anyone’s picture that he can find. He does this when he gets rejected or told no. He acts like a little child and certainly has the mentality to go along with his childlike appearance. He wears clothes that are too small for him. He’s fat and nasty and he looks a hundred years old. He always wears the same hat in every picture. He\’s very emotional and crazy. Nic, please put him on blast so all of Portland and Salem can be aware and spot him. He’s a dirty old troll that needs to be sent back to his dusty crumbling bride. He’s almost 40 and wears Hollister. Ray Taylor is a FRAUD!!

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This Thing Needs to Go Away

July 1, 2014 Portland 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brant Clanton just needs to fuck off and go away. He is disgusting. Beyond trying to pathetically imitate the pathetic Miley Cyrus (as you can see from the manner in which he has fashioned his looks), he has also taken to performing at various “drag” shows around the Portland Metro area (such as at the Escape, Clark College over in Vancouver, etc) AS Miley Cyrus lip syncing stupid songs thrashing around on stage looking like a dumbass. That’s right, he doesn’t dance. He looks like he’s having a hissy fit or seizure. Brant, please. You’ve made it up on here a few times because you’re a joke and/or piece of shit. Just stop. Stop. It’s not good. Or attractive. Or cool. Nik, obviously sometimes “doing what you want” is a recipe for disaster, as evidenced here time and again. Think he’ll ever learn? My hopes are not high. The people that dislike this fool far outnumber any support he has.

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Colleen Croeni is a Con Woman

June 26, 2014 Portland 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch went on lavish spending sprees, forged checks and raided her own mother’s retirement funds, costing the 87 year old widowerover $120,000 while using her position as a trusted family member to systematically drain her moms life savings and leaving her over 20k in credit card debt and penniless. She also borrows money from unsuspecting victims with a promise to pay back but she is nothing more than a user and con woman facing felony check fraud charges and financial elder abuse. Please warn other Portlanders to watch out for this greedy bitch! Lincoln County Sherriff’s Case #145-00231

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Trashy As They Come

June 25, 2014 Oregon, Portland 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: I have this friend who is not only gorgeous but intelligent and an amazing woman. Unfortunately she start seeing this douche bag Kurtis Muller. None of her friends like him but he still stuck around. Eventually she got tired of his shit and ended it… Thank god! Shortly after the break up my friend started getting harassing calls, text and then came the Facebook posts. This douche Kurtis apparently started dating this ” moto hoe” (Aj Marie) who just couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Not only is she ugly, ignorant, and trashy as hell posting her less then average body all over Facebook but she is also a single mother of two. This girl is by far the most insecure deranged individual I have ever came across. She claims to be blond, tall & thin, came from money & grew up with class and dignity. I’ll let you decide… The pictures say it all. The last picture is the paternity test she had to take to find out who the father of her child was… Then posted it on Facebook. Real classy Hun.

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Kim Boehen

June 23, 2014 Portland 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: This lady, if you want to call her that, is a horrible parent. Not only is her five year old violent, but he cusses and says racial slurs while she laughs. She pays no attention to her son as she is too busy on her phone trying to find someone to have sex with to make a few bucks. When her child was younger, she would practice pole tricks while her son was in her hands. She wouldn’t feed him and be absent for a few months while her mother took care him because she was too busy sucking dick. She would have sex with random guys in the same bed as her son slept in. Her sister Amanda is the same way. Getting pregnant by random guys. Just so they can get on welfare. This family is disgusting. Amanda too has had sex with multiple people while her daughter was asleep in the bed. And was absent for six months from her daughters life so she can fck and guy she sees in the street.

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Portlands Biggest Douchebag

June 23, 2014 Portland 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy thinks he is the hottest guy in Portland. He’s really just an insecure guy who makes an awful excuse for a boyfriend. What do you think Nik?

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Illiterate Trash

June 18, 2014 Portland 68



THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty hoe is from a dark place in portland oregon. My psychopath roomate found her on the internet. She asked to keep her couch in our dining room and came over to sleep on the couch, at least she didn’t have the audacity to move her clothes in. Then she dated my ex, an overweight pedofile with no job and bipolar disorder and 80 percent of that is because he managed to score an alpha girl, otherwise she would have fucked the cuter roomate who had a car and license at least. They adopted a stray cat with a scar on its face and she came over to see her cat as an excuse after he rebounded off of her. The other 20 percent is because he keeps a roof over her head and food in her mouth. He kicked her out because she only sat around and watched glee (she goes to school for cosmetology and calls herself a woman because they make her contribute with her FSFA money and tells me they complain that I never put up money. She didn’t figure out that they only say it a season later so that she would feel better about having to pay for things I got for free. She thinks being ugly is her problem, 4th graders nowdays spell better) and didn’t have a job, she asked if she could stay on the couch! When I met her she had a broken arm because her ex cheated on her. After I left my bf she told me “You left a diamond sitting in the dust, I picked him up and polished him” This diamond later turned around and told me he was single so we hooked up and she got cheated on. Would you, nik?

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Guns Need To Be Illegal

June 11, 2014 Portland, The Dirty 812


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is starting to get out of control.  It feels like every other week you hear about some school shooting… is this really becoming the norm?  Cause its to the point that people aren’t even shocked or even care.  The latest shooting happened  Tuesday at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon, a city of 16,400 people 12 miles east of Portland.  The shooter killed a 14 year old kid and then turned the gun on himself.  If guns were illegal this would never happen.  How many school shootings do you hear about in the UK?  Oh ya NONE…

It’s just too easy to get access to a gun. You can buy anything on the internet.- nik

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