Vomit Inducing Christian Loring

March 6, 2014 Portland 83 9,793 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s time for Christian Loring to be put in his place by telling him like it is. Christian: You are a vile, disgusting, un-classy, worthless pile of refuse. And honey, it goes beyond your horrible taste in fashion and style and way beyond your anus face (seriously, dude. You are ugly. And whoa do I mean UGLY). A lot of less than stellar looking people have compensated for such with a terrific personality and soul. You have neither. You are a rude, bitchy, queeny sack of shit. You seem to think you are some sort of designer of jewelry and clothing. The problem is after having looked at everything you’ve done, I can surely tell you that talent in that area is quite lacking. “Keep Portland Weird” doesn’t apply to you. If the city based their motto off of you, it’d be “Keep Portland Butt-Ugly and Rude”. Anyways, I recommend you change the way you treat others. Respect of others will take you a long way. You cant expect or plan to get very far in life by treating people like shit and acting like a snobby, uppity bitch. Your shit stinks, too. ~Bradley. P.S. Nik, any thoughts? Put this cunt on blast, please.

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Cheerleaders And Beer Don’t Mix – Melissa Chinn

March 3, 2014 Dirty Cheerleaders, Oregon State, Portland 10 9,790 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, curious about Oregon State University cheerleading alumni? Check out over confident stuck up prissy high maintenance skank whore slut bag Melissa Chinn. She still cheers and coaches. But uh hey Mel, lay off the beers? Her dating blog (google awkward: a dating blog) is almost as worse as her rolls are to look at. Cover up honey!

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J Douchey

February 28, 2014 Portland 0 9,176 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out ladies he will send you naked snap chats saying how much he wants you… here’s the best part… the naked snaps aren’t just of him… sometimes there’s a passed out lady in the background. WINNER!!

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Homie Hopper of the Year

February 26, 2014 Oregon State, Portland 15 7,520 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brooklyn Salgado. Where to start with this homie hopping slut. I came down to Corvallis last weekend to see some buds from high school and heard all this while I was there. This girl that I thought was the opposite of a slut turns out to be one of the biggest ones ever. She fucked two of my friends, who happened to be great friends with each other and she thought that they had no idea. Little did she know they would hang out and talk about it all the time!! Then she goes on to fuck one of their friends YOUNGER brother! Worst part about that is that she started her period on him… fcking disgusting. Now she’s got a thing with a guy in a frat down there, Phi Si I think, and she still goes over and fcks my friend on the regular! Either she’s got the worst daddy issues ever, or she just loves dick. Probably both. If you meet this girl in Corvallis… DON’T BE A FOOL, WRAP YOUR TOOL! You’ll probably catch something if you don’t.

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Kylee Reichow

February 24, 2014 Portland 6 6,875 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is one of the nastiest girls I know. She spends her days smoking weed, drinking and popping pills. Shes an 18 year old drop out who survives on her dead daddy’s money because no one wants her. Two years ago she faked a pregnancy to try to make a guy stick around, too bad even that wouldn’t keep him! She’s fat, ugly, and I’ve heard straight from a reliable source that her pussy is DISGUSTING. No one wants her so she continually tries to stalk and harass her exs, who are happy they got away from that psycho bitch when they did. Kylee has slept with over 20 different guys and has had countless drds. Nik, coming from someone who actually used to consider myself her friend, kylee is a no good, dried up, drug addict whore and everyone should know. (She is the blond in the first pic)

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Jasmine Kim Is One Thirsty Girl

February 22, 2014 Portland, The Dirty 81 93,395 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Jasmine Kim, a newly 18 year old stripper who is a self proclaimed hustler in Portland, Oregon.  She spends her days on Facebook, drawing the thirst of her beloved Facebook “friends.”  Claiming she just wants to “have sex” and wants a”boyfriend to f*ck” while getting high.  She spends her nights posting #TBT pictures, and soaking in what she used to look like now she looks like a 27 year old Asian woman, who spent her greater portion of life stripping. 

All lies for attention.- nik

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Jared Hamilton

February 21, 2014 Eugene, Portland 2 7,179 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jared Hamilton is a liar and cheater, You can catch him on Plentyoffish, craigslist and local bars. He will treat you like a princess until he has you hooked then he will talk to other women behind your back, Cheat, straight out lie to your face. HE claims to be a good christian man but in fact is nothing more than a guy who preys on women. He will use you until you leave or have nothing left. He took his ex’s money and tv. He also gave his girlfriend an std. He is a biker and thinks that makes him better than everyone else. He yells at his kid constantly. He drinks all the time, if you go to his house you will see that he does nothing but live in filth and drink all the time. His favorite pass time besides using women is to smoke weed. His boss doesn’t care, his church doesn’t care. He thinks that he has everyone around him fooled… and he does. I want to warn the women of Eugene and Springfield to stay away from this guy. He will suck the life out of you. I let him live at my house for months and he never paid me and moved out abruptly with no payment or offer of a later payment. He stole from me and wrecked the place. He would have girls out all the time while his girlfriend was at home. He is a low life. He has an ex wife who he claims is a stalker but i have never seen her.

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Cheating Nickilia

February 20, 2014 Portland 5 10,149 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Nicole N. Nickila Brown. She has a loving, adoring husband who works a normal job and supports Nicole and her daughter. Nicole, on the other hand, works as a night time whore as soon as her husband leaves for work. I know because the person she’s cheating on him with brags about it to me all the time and has even shown me pictures of her whore face. I feel she needs to be outed because it is not fair to her husband to work such long hours to support a woman who cant ceep her legs shut, her tits out of her mouth or her ass off the camera. Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife.

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