Internet Bully on Skout

March 31, 2014 Portland 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sweetlips on Skout is a nasty internet bully on Skout. I wasn’t even on there for 5 mins and she was putting my picture down and spreading rumors about me. I was not the only victim. I had others message me on there. I tried getting her banned on that site but I guess she is sucking off the owners gregs to stay on there or they are employing her to bully every other female on there. So the next time someone bullies you on a site take their pics and info and put them on Blast!!

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Whose Yo Baby Daddy

March 27, 2014 Oregon, Portland 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, Nik these two sisterly hoes keeping to in the family FAT and TRASHY, and SHORT and NASTY. Tonisha Hendon & Ali Hendon! Who’s your baby daddy tonisha???? Eric Raby or Josh Mendez? Hmmm because everybody knows she’s been around the block more then once. Nik she even fcked, sucked and swallowed her sisters boyfriend I don’t even know how they found the hole she’s been around the block so many time! Lmao but we all know she ain’t running around that block she might loose a pound! Oh and don’t forget the precious NASTY NASTY NASTY little sissy! Who’s YOUR baby daddy Ali??? Andrew freeman or Jerry stites??? Haha She has her boyfriend Andrew so convinced that her baby is his but the sad thing is her hole family even knows the baby is Jerrys! Andrew didnt even know she was pregnant until like 2weeks before the baby was born not to mention she was sleeping with her sissys boyfriend Eric while she was living in there house! Lmao talk about keeping it in the family, well Nik this is a are of the HOE HOE HOE SISTAS!

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Miranda Nicolson, Dirty Herbie

March 26, 2014 Portland 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Miranda Nicolson….where to start…. From the pictures going around of her I wouldnt touch that vag cav with my worst enemies dick. The warts on that use to be vag are almost completely covering lip to lip. But when seeing these we weren’t surprised, the amount of use that vag gets is unbelievable. She had 2 guys fighting to figure out who was the baby daddy but when it came down to parenting no one is there. She drops her kid off at her moms apartment with drug addicts and alcoholics living there so she can go out and party and get fucked up on xanax and corona. If she even makes it to get her kid the next day its with a dude thats still messed up from the night before all over the road, thats when her ex got his DUI. So she blamed him for everything(partyin) and broke up with him to make her self look good. Now she mad cause hes dating someone else. Miranda, get a lock for your zipper, stop popin pills and take care of your kid!! Make an appointment and get that checked, you know what picture im talkin about.

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Antonio Frazier Is Nothing But A Thug

March 25, 2014 Portland, Seattle, The Dirty 123

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Antonio Frazier aka T-Double of “Chase the Sky Productions” or “Frazier Boy Entertainment”… self proclaimed producer from Portland Oregon. A talented small town single mother was just trying to get her foot in the door, refine her skills, and get serious about music. She was referred to this “producer” to help her with that. They had plans of going to California or Las Vegas for 2 months to work on recording but ultimately ended up in Seattle. His family has a recording studio there (not even sure if his connections in CA or LV are even real). Antonio has a girlfriend but was extremely controlling and acted like a pimp; going crazy for her talking to another dude. He threatened to pop her tires, said he was going to KILL her 2 year old daughter!, tried to grab her and go after her but thankfully she wasn’t alone and his OWN FAMILY knocked his ass out, stole her phone then left her in Seattle! He currently lives in Tri-Cities Washington and supposedly is going to move to Texas. But he was also supposed to move to California, and Las Vegas so who knows what the truth is. Stay away from this dirty dirty never gunna make it thug piece of trash!

I never understood tattoos on black people… you can’t even see them.- nik

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Velcro Brows

March 25, 2014 Portland 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik so here we have Aubrey Buck on the left. Complete asshole back in the day and acted like her adopted shit don’t stink. Same with her felon stealing brother. The girl on the right is Ashley. Spit out 2 kids right out of high school and does the single mom “I’m soo hot” selfies. Anyway could you please let them know that they have Velcro glued onto their eyebrows. Maybe if karma wasn’t a bitch like Aubrey maybe her real eyebrows wouldn’t have ran away from her face! Anyway what do you think about fake eyebrows?

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Basshead Douche

March 25, 2014 Portland 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brandon “BASSHEAD” He thinks he is the shit w/ his Chrysler 300 that he made look like a magnum. He claims it’s “super charged” and a v8 at car meets but in reality it is just a v6 with an annoying exhaust. This guy is spoiled by his grandmother. Uses his grandmas credit card to get whatever he wants and takes advantage of her which is sad. this guy doesn’t even have a damn job!!!! GIRLS BEWARE Only reason girls talk to him and hang with him it’s cause he buys them whatever they want whenever they want. His grandma even pays off his damn tickets, which he posts pictures of himself getting pulled over and brags about how fast he was going. He should just drive off a cliff. He thinks he’s hard through Facebook but not in person, he’s a vagina when it comes down to it. He’s all talk. He is full of himself and always lies about all this money he supposedly has and what not. He got kicked outta the army for some reason but he’s just like any other low life who went in the army for “money” but got nothing when he got out. Pathetic human being

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Trust No Ho

March 21, 2014 Portland 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ex girlfriend drama?!?!?! Better fuking believe it bub. You just low balled the wrong fcking person..sleeping an getting into a relationship with my bestfucking friend that you hated oh so fucking much when we were together. An her low balling it being a fcking bitch going for my ex of only 3 months. You fcked an got into a relationship with your other bestfriends ex now your going for my ex. God damn spreed your legs somewhere else hoe! An find your own boyfriend that your bestfriends didn’t love an have a relationship with or even had in the room while there kid was born. You call yourself a friend? A sister? Your a dumb bitch ass c*nt that takes peoples ex boyfriends an anything with a dick that’ll show you attention. Way to continuesly live up to your slutty ass reputation. No one bring your loved ones around heather Bartholomew aka Heather Kathleen (Shes spreeding her legs like a Disease again, Shell just steel them a take them right out from under your nose an not give two flying fucks about how you feel or your relationship. She’s a fake ass bitch that can’t get anyone for herself. She’ll leave her boyfriend for your ex boyfriend. Or if you have a fling or like someone she will take them from you and tell you Shes sorry and continue to do it. don’t trust this Bitch ass fake Slut.

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Amanda Yeaney Is Not Too Bright

March 18, 2014 Portland 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do you start this psychotic bitch you probably seen before on fox12 she got caught up wit 5 grams meth and a firearm in a traffic stop somewerre in salem anywaysz.. long storyshort she is now a informant. How do I know this…. she was dumb enough to have her case file in the truck of her car. Needless to say… I yoked the bitch n am now puttin it out there so its known to all…. AMANDA YEANEY IS AN INFORMANT FOR MARION COUNTY AND MULTNOMAH COUNTY ….loyalty is rare now days….I think she needs a hood ads whoopin.. check this bitch on site!!

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