Using Julito

April 16, 2014 Portland 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dude will b nice and sweet talk and act interested wen all he wants is to use women and sex and a place to stay. He will tell u he wants a serious relationship but his actions show otherwise. He bounces around fr place to place and has fukd half of mckeesport. Don’t have no car and changes jobs all the time. He’s a liar and manipulator. Once he gets wat he wants off u, he will ignor u and tell u that u r crazy but meanwhile he’s got all these BMs and kids all over that he don’t mention till last minute. Plus he still messes with his BMs and others. He tries to make u feel sorry for him cuz he claims he got no money due to child support. He plays straight up mind games. He’s a loser and user. And no wonder y he can’t keep or find a good girl. He needs to b on blast so no one else gets used.

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J-Train Jacqy Rand Forest Grove

April 14, 2014 Portland 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jacqy rand, mega slut lair and deceiver. She talks to random guys from all over the world and falls inlove with them but goes crazy girlfriend on them and crys for weeks, yet falls inlove again. She posts pictures of “herself” when their not what she truly looks like. She edits all her pictures to make her look skinny when she’s a fat cow. All she does is sit on her ass all day playing video games on twitter or talking to random guys while stuffing her face. She’s had sex with at least 30 guys. And a few back to back. Hints why they call her JTrain. She thinks she is the most beautiful thing on earth and talks about doing drugs all the time when she’s lying. Half the “friends” she has are fake because she never had pictures with them. She’s a compulsive liar. I wouldn’t tough her with a 10 foot pole. I would be very careful if you come into contact with her, who knows what diseases she has! She lives in forest grove and is very well known. She wears push up bras and smothers her face in make up. In the first picture its looks as if she’s a dirty clown. Smh.

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Brant Clanton, Skank 4.0

April 11, 2014 Portland 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brant “Krusty Nuts” Clanton. Again? Yes, again. This guy is trash in living form. Nothing has changed since the previous times he’s been put on The Dirty (He seems to think the same person keeps putting him here. I have once before, and then now. That leaves two other times…). H’s still a skanky little ebonics talking, douchy lying queen who talks shit and makes bullshit up to try and save face. He has an unjust high opinion of himself, and it’s sad. Dude, you work at Express at the mall. THE MALL. Also, he was bitching on Facebook the other day about one of his photos being reported(submitted here) and claimed that he’s got a hot body and will show it off. Ahem! **cough** HOT BODY? THAT?! Hunni, that is NOT a hot body. Since when are mosquito bite swollen nipples and an un-toned physique considered hot? News flash: NEVER! I’m sure this post will get the usual round of supporters claiming he’s a great guy and none of this is true, and that I “sound like a burned ex-lover”. Sorry. It’s all true, you’re all morons, and I have never and would never have sex with this piece of shit. I can’t stand the guy. Time to start acting like an adult, Brant, and live in the real world. Here’s my tip: Humility will go a long way. Bye now. P.S.-That dye job looks like shit.

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Bethany Kinder Thinks she’s a Princess

April 10, 2014 Portland 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Bethany Marie Kinder, this bitch is stinky as fck. She goes after boys in bands and has no game, is always thirsty as fck for attention and is the most annoying mooch of a person I have ever met. She eats like a fcking pig and complains about being fat 24/7. She hangs out with people who dont like her cause shes desperate to have friends. She always tries to skype text or fb dudes who have no interest in her and then put them on blast when they reject her. Shes going to beauty school but the jokes on her, shes fugly, doesnt know how to do make up and has NO sense of style. What so ever. She never has any fcking money but can afford ratchet ass nails and fake ass hair and she’ll bum cigs off you like its no big deal. She claims to love jesus yet just got her bible verses covered up and is in denial of owing her tattoo artist money. This bitch passed out at like 11pm one night, i drew a penis on her face and tits on her forhead when she woke up all she could say is how her mom is gonna be so pissed and she’ll be in trouble? How old are you? Is mommy ground you? Pathetic. She didnt even try to wash it off, which doesnt surprise i dont think she knows what soap and water is. She smells like cheese and fat. Her dog is the ugliest piece of shit and she insists on posting pictures of it every fucking day and nobody gives one shit. She thinks its okay to wear shorts five times too small and wears spanx and tights and onsies to try to suck in all her fat but it looks HORRIBLE. She needs to see herself from a different perspective and get it together……

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Douchy Austin Lindsey

April 8, 2014 Portland 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Austin Lindsey. While he may be cute, he is one of the rudest, douchiest scum bags of the Portland area. He is a regular/VIP at The Escape, which is the most disgusting, trashiest club in Portland. To be a VIP there, imagine what type of person you have to be. Gross and indecent. He has let his looks go to his head. Looks fade, hunni. You’re going to be ugly as shit one day with a shit personality to compensate for it. You treat others like trash, are rude to people who try to be polite for no other reason than to think it makes you look sassy and hot. It doesn’t. It makes you look like scum. You don’t have everyone fooled. Also, Portland Idol? Really? What a joke. You think that makes you someone and matters? I laugh every time you get so worked up and excited about something so silly and meaningless. Anyways, Austin, you’re a piece of shit. Time to grow up and act like an adult.

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Ally Stinkbox Crawford

April 7, 2014 Portland 183

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ally Crawford is Your typical run of the mill home wrecker skank.She is a stripper who like the rest will date or go out with any dude that flashes money at her even if they are married. She likes to fuck married men with that nasty cooter of hers and then persuades the dude to leave his wife and daughter. She knew he was married but because having a sugar daddy was at the top of her list so she can buy more ratchet ugg boots and north face coats and fill herself with shitty dumb tattoos that make her like a dumb white girl who try’s hard to be something she’s not to fit in with the trendy strippers around here and trying to show up all stripper friends to feel good about her little dumb self. She is a lame whore. she stole a married man who has two kids. She must be proud. Now who’s the one laughing broke thirsty hoe.Now the bum bitch has been kicked to the curb like the piece of trash she is and doesn’t have a thing to show for it but the gift that keeps on giving.That’s right this silly extension wearing Orange based ratchet nail wearing ugly country time little town hick bitch has the gift that keeps on giving. That’s right she’s got drd Stay away from that gash boys.Since her sugar daddy dumped her and gave her the boot you will see her slutty skanky stinkin ass swinging around a pole at a strip club near you begging for bucks.Stay in Veneta where you hick girls belong with your dad Captain Hook and the wooden peg leg along with your retarded mom and sis.

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Ginger Tranny Tony Robinson

April 7, 2014 Eugene, Portland 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch is the biggest nastiest whore in the world! She had the best man in town, Tony Robinson. All she did was sleep with every single one of his friends. She is a black dick tossed up whore! Tony took care of her payed for everything. All her bills took care of her bastard children. She didn’t do shit for him. All she did was use him and cheat on him every single day. She accused him and made his life miserable while he treated her like a queen! He finally kicked her ass to the ditch where she belongs! She spreads drd’s she’s nasty fat ugly disgusting piece of trash! She’s a drug addict. Me*h c(ke whatever she can get her hands on! She’s out at the bars every single night fcking a new guy! At least trying cuz nobody wants her disgusting ugly ass! She doesnt take care of her fucked up kids! Her son has been taken from her twice! Her daughter is a piece of shit black n……! Her son is ugly n fucking retarded cuz all she does is a bunch of drugs! She thinks she hard and can fight cuz she’s fat! She has never been in a fight and if she did she would get her ass kicked! All she does is try and find dudes that will pay her bills n pay for everything cuz she is such a loser and can’t pay her own way!!! She pawns her fucked up ugly retarded kids off on her family and anyone she can so she can go out and do drugs and find a guy to fck! NOBODY LIKES HER!!! She had a best friend that took her in and took care of her n payed for everything in her life and Sarah didn’t ever pay for shit! Then she fcked the man her best friend was in love with! Fcking piece of shit!! Stay out of the bars get off the drugs and stay off of dick and take care of your retarded son and piece of shit black daughter you fcking drugged out whore! Thank god Tony left your ugly fat black dick tossed up ass!!! HE WAS WAY TOO GOOD FOR YOU!!

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Pizzi “slopapottamus” Crawford

April 4, 2014 Oregon, Portland 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. This bitch is the epitome of a sloppy sloot. Always with a new guy everytime she’s seen in public. Not only can she not get enough dicks to fill her holes, but she drinks till everyone can see them. This wanna be Mexican goes around trying break hearts to fill the need of not having one. If you walk through an apartment complex and hear some people having sex, she’s probably involved. She’s a walking stripper billboard. Be warned men if you fall for this street sweeping gutter slut you will be hurt in the end. Rumor has it that the Jackson 5 song abc 123 was about her cause she’s as easy as one two three and you can take her home. Very accuate discription MJ.

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