Grace Carroll-Anderson

June 10, 2014 Eugene, Portland 60


THE DIRTY ARMY: this girl is so ugly and she’s been dieting for over 2 years. she cheats on her bf and then leaves them for a younger guy. she’s 26 and dating a kid who just turned 21. huh nasty! what do you think? PS LOOK AT THAT GUT. 5’3″ NO REASON TO MODEL TRASHY BITCH!!

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Another TNABoard Sloot

June 9, 2014 Portland 84


THE DIRTY ARMY: LMFAO… She’s at it again and going bigger and sluttier than before. White trash at it’s finest and sad part is she’s a mother. Well likes to think she is and proud of what she does. She was looking for a Hooker roommate as well, and talks about having her kids. Good luck!…smh PleasantTLA2 is her handle and easy to find!

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Skankzilla Female MC

May 29, 2014 Portland 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: First off whoever thought of skankzilla yer funny as f*ck, And sorry sweetie, but no. Alcohol is’t an excuse for being a dirty slut. Nice try though. Also you’ve has gotta be one of, if not the #1, stupidest person Ive ever met. I’ve heard smarter things from a schizophrenic with Tourette’s, Proof of your stupidity shows in your “rap star” career (yes, she thinks she can rap, silly right?).. talking about eating tampons and bloody periods, WTF? I don’t know about you but personally you wont find me singing along to a song about eating dirty tampons. Maybe you should just stick to your life as a sleazy slut screwing everyone else’s man you’ll have better luck making a career out of that if you haven’t already..

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Not so sexy Lexi

May 28, 2014 Portland 1


THE DIRTY ARMY: Lexi Blanchard of wilsonville Oregon this fat skunt thinks she is so fly she also claims to be better then people who work fast food. I found she has not only worked for McDonald’s but Carls jr as well. Would explain her xtra chins. He claims to know bikers but I’m sure she just gets passed around by dildos on mopeds. She trolls all dating sights and has ha a number of tards park in her cave. She is also one of the biggest idiots I have ever met let’s all her idiot roommates run her idiot life. Pugg nose clown

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Hannah Painter Is Wrecked

May 15, 2014 Portland 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hannah Painter is the dirtiest little girl you will ever meet, guaranteed. I\’m not sure anyone will ever know her TRUE story, considering the fact that all her stories are either obviously made-up, or taken from somebody else. Everything about her right down to her last name is made up. She must have something pretty dark to hide if she feels that she needs to lie about literally everything about herself. One thing that she is NOT too concerned about covering up is her constant cheating and sleeping around. Honey, every lesbian at the infamously sleazy Escape Nightclub has been up your snatch AT LEAST once. i wonder if all her “girlfriends\” will ever figure out that they\’re just the flavor of the week for a loose, wrecked mess of a girl who is so boring that she has to steal someone else\’s stories to make herself look interesting. it doesn’t make you look interesting hannah, it makes you look pathetic. you just have been too stupid to notice the raised eyebrows while you’re BS-ing your “friends” with your stories about how hardcore you are with your ridiculous ditzy filler words that you use when you’re in the middle of making up a story. Hannah Painter is a joke, and everyone knows she’s a skanky, lying cheater. the girl needs to calm down and prob take some penicillin. and fyi, to any of her girlfriends and/or “boyfriends” that are currently boning her, go get yourself checked because i guarantee you that you’re not the only ones up in there.

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Skankzilla Candi Cane

May 15, 2014 Portland 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This wanna be gansta drug dealer thinks she\’s the baddest thing that ever walked that planet while hooked on drugs and running the streets like a hooker. Claims to be a mom and have a kid yet you can catch her almost every night at the bar sloppy as f*ck hitting on anything that will offer her attention. My EX boyfriend fell for this loose floosey, started buying drugs and sleeping with her and, well, once I had the suspension what was going on I dropped his ass and got tested.. guess what miss candi cane.. s*ut you gave US go***ea. And I hope you guys are Happy walking drd’s together. Go get treated and go home to your kid. If it even really exists. And maybe next time if you don\’t wanna be put on blast use a CONDOM!!! So watch out youth of Portland protection is the key!

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Alexis RIley

May 13, 2014 Portland 3


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THE DIRTY ARMY: michaelis dirty cnt needs to be put on blast! It’s in everyone’s best interest. This nasty little ratchet is Lexi, or Alexis Riley. she scrapes the scum on the bottom that no one else will have, though she is a whore and will fck anything that walks. Luckily most people have the brains enough to turn down this hideous disaster piece. To put it bluntly she is an obsessive compulsive tweaking ass stalker who will blow up your phone at all hours of the day thinking shes something special that deserves anyones time if you make the miske to give her any kind of attention. I seen her do it to multiple people. i never believed anyone could be so pathetic till i had a drunken mishap with her. I was drunk and everyone knows she\’s the easiest and most desperate person you could ever know. And when youre drunk and you don\’t want to try at all to get yor dick wet, she has never been known to say no. Now I can’t drop the bitch. Be careful guys. Don’t fall for this. She will offer you whatever you want. She is an easy hook up for coke and m*th and any other drug you can think of because she fducks for it and gets it from her tweaker ass mom and knows that she can use this to entrap you, and spend months stalking you and mooching off you . Avoid this nasty skank! And find yourself unable to make rational decisions, whatever you do, WEAR A CONDOM! and prepare to change you number because that bitch, like the sores on her twat, just won’t go away!!!

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I Thought we Got Rid of This

May 9, 2014 Portland 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty boy (Brandon) moved to LA less than a year ago and thought that he was gonna be famous or some bullshit when all he really ended up with was a cocaine possession charge and probably a few free pairs of Andrew Christian underwear from banging that nasty daddy. HE FAILED! So what does he do? Come crawling back to Portland, as if he hasn’t infested enough unknowing guys with his nasty toxic ways. I’ve seen him out and about several times now and it’s the same old shit with a different guy every single night! Disgusting!!! Plus he’s a regular at the bathhouse in Portland. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s infested with all kinda of drds. Don’t trust this kid he’s not your friend. He’s stab you in the back and use you to get what he wants and after he does that he’s go after your boyfriend just for fun. This guy is the lowest of the low. California thought you were gross so why would you think going back here would be any different?

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