DeeDee Desmet

May 1, 2014 Portland 9

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, where to begin. DeeDee is a world class whore. She has cheated on every man she has ever had a meaningful relationship with. It is always with married dudes. The latest victim was me. The sad thing is she is no 10. That said, she seems to be a very nice person, but beware, she will fuck anyone that tells her what she needs to hear regardless if they are married or not and totally without thought of whether or not she is dating someone. She is a whore of the biggest magnitude. A liar and a fraud. I chose to date her with the expectation that she would never cheat because quite frankly she could not do better. Truth is she hurt me badly and I am lashing out. It is my right. Beyond that it is my duty to inform every dude in Portland that DeeDee Desmet is a whore and she will cheat on you. Beware!!!

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Portland’s Most Wanted Robyn King

May 1, 2014 Cougars, Portland, The Dirty 227

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Robyn King AKA Elegance, lets start by saying she has a body like a football player and wouldn’t be surprised if she used to have a greg.. she hates on other girls because she is a bottom of the bucket hoe.. its so bad she runs specials for an hour 120.. she has a son she does not take care of.. instead she gives all her money to pimps and says it makes her feel good… she only finished 8th grade, can’t spell and talks like she’s black… She threatened to kill a 2 year old because she was sleeping with the two year olds dad who was married to her mom.

I wonder if she is a Clipper fan?- nik

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Savanna Guyette Thacker Waldrop

April 30, 2014 Portland, Seattle, Washington State 44



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Savanna Guyette Thacker Waldrop. She is a prostitute that travels from Vancouver, WA to Portland, OR to Las Vegas and Atlanta, GA leaving a trail of mugshots and diseases behind her. Not only does she sell her disease ridden body for money..she is a pathological liar. She is always “pregnant” with someone’s baby, says she toured with young money, is a playboy model, went to Washington state university (no way this idiot can’t even spell), and many more lies… Bullshit savanna. You’ve always been a liar and everyone knows it. Unfortunately for her she looks like her mom who is pictured above…in not too many years she will be her mother’s twin. Eww. Watch out for this hooker…

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Bug-eyed Guyot

April 30, 2014 Portland 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is a ratchet. She sleeps around and when that guy doesn’t want to have sex with her anymore, she says she is pregnant. Her name is Amanda Guyot. Her friend, Ashley, and hey joke about how they have sex with the same guys. They both have babies, but are constantly or partying. Amanda couldn’t care less if the guy is taken. She will befriend the guys’ girlfriend and act like best friends to get away with it.

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Kayla Cartisser

April 29, 2014 Oregon, Portland 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Kayla Cartisser aka Dahlia Sadanko. She is hands down one of the trashiest,smelliest,sluttiest girls i have ever met. Her parents are poor white trash and her brother Kai,is a fag that loves black dick. Kayla posts pictures all the time on Facebook, calling black people niggers and coons and tries to back it up by saying she is racist because she is Native American ! Lmao she is a trashy white slore that wishes she was Native American so she covers herself in Orange bronzer and cheap ass tattoos. Every man she has been with has regretted it. She loves to meet guys and girls,play with their emotions and then fck another person while she is still in a relationship. She has three kids with three different fathers and still lives in her parent’s basement. She used to be a stripper at a club in oregon but they fired her for having staph and being a whore. She loves meeting fat white guys and swallowing their cum or getting pregnant by them. She is just a mess ! Her pussy has a bad odor, she has no curves whatsoever and is built like a man and she loves to live off of welfare. Her ex husband who is military, says leaving her was the best decision he ever made,because she was too big of a whore ! Nik, please post this so everyone can know to beware of this girl ! She is a cum swallower and racist whore with nothing to lose !

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Cottage Grove hottie

April 25, 2014 Eugene, Oregon, Portland 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here I have Corrin Day from Cottage Grove, Oregon. I’d love to hear your opinion of her, because she somehow gets married men to sleep with her.

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Working For Big Tobacco Has Julia Looking 35

April 22, 2014 Portland, The Dirty 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Julia. She lived in Ukraine and works for big tobacco. She claims she is only 26, but look at her. She looks 35 at least. She is always saying she has the best and biggest boobs, and talking about how men drool over her but come on… My grandma could get more action than this beast!

I wonder if she has those vertical smoker wrinkles above her upper lip. Those are the worst wrinkles known to mankind.- nik

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Lauren Sholtis Is Becoming Very Popular

April 16, 2014 Portland 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Llauren is new to Oregon and let me tell you it didn’t take long for her to be known.  This girl has literally been with about 7 different guys in just the last few months.  She thinks she is so cute driving her busted chevy that looks like Barbie puked on.  Shes beyond nasty and untrustworthy. Herr and Amy Davis both.  These girls are the reason people think all girls are sloots. seriously run if you see them all they want is to get in you boyfriends pants and car. Fun fact about Amy ; girl hasn’t brushed her teeth in about a year! how do I know?  Well that’s easy I think everyone knows just about every tooth is rotten and her breath pretty much smacks you in the face!!  So on that note stay away far away as you possibly can thses girls are no good wanna be nasty rats! lauren do us a favor and just go back to Virginia nobody likes you here!

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