Dirty Celebrity March Madness 2011- Round 1

March 7, 2011 8 Belles, AIM, Blonde Snookie, Boston Globes, G-Girl, Hyena, March Madness 2011, Predator, The Dirty, Tranny Manny 8 9,753 Views

Round 1 Winners from this pool: 8 Belles, Boston Globes, Hyena and G-Girl

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Yes I Am Pregnant

January 19, 2010 Dallas, Predator, The Dirty 75 9,565 Views

Yes I am Pregnant

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am three months pregnant, and Im still dancing. So?

Predator the world already knows you are keeping the child (unknown father).  The dancing part makes no sense?  I know Dallas dudes are into that weird stuff (I call it a threesome when you bang a pregnant chick), but how could your employer want a fatso GoGo dancing?- nik

[IMAGE:  Roderick Rullum]

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Looks Like Predator Is Packing

January 5, 2010 Dallas, Predator, The Dirty 100 9,213 Views

Looks Like Predator is Packing...A Baby

Looks Like Predator is Packing...A Baby

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like her baby is already having it’s effects on the body.

Man, she is BLOWING up!  Predator easy on the pickles babe… I can’t believe Jaguars would let a prego chick work for them.  Such a bad look on both their parts.- nik

[IMAGE: 12InchPimps]

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Dirty Celeb Rave

January 4, 2010 Dallas, Predator, The Dirty 26 6,050 Views

Dirty Celeb Rave

Dirty Celeb Rave

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these pictures were from Meltdown, Dallas’ biggest rave, and it looks like our favorite dirty celeb is now into the rave scene. Im not sure I like her new look, what do you think?

Predator you are pregnant, you shouldn’t be going to Raves or be wearing clothes that show you are gaining weight rapidly.  Does anyone know who the father is yet?  I heard they got it down to three guys and my agent Ari is not one of them.- nik

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**Update** Predator Is Expecting A Mini-Pred

December 29, 2009 Dallas, Predator, The Dirty 179 7,421 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I know you don’t look at Predator’s twitter anymore after your little falling out (even though she tries to still talk to you and Ari- pathetic). Anyway, she has been twittering about how her life is over and if you click back to responses to her “friends” it’s obvious that she just found out that she is pregnant.

Her last Facebook status reads, “maybe twooo is better than one…”.  It is so funny how she gave me this whole speech about how she doesn’t sleep with dudes and how she is not like the other trash in Dallas.  Let me guess Predator… the baby is Mexican.- nik

**Predator declares WAR on Leper

EMAIL from Leper: “Predator, quit talking sh*t about me and take care of your kid. Dont know you, never met you, never heard of you, and dont plan on it. You are obviously a knocked up little attention hoe obsessed with Nik. Keep talkin your sh*t all you want prego! U are a nobody sweets and def not cute! Please quit stalking me weirdo! xoxo ~Kelli D”

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It’s Been Awhile… See Any Change? I Sure As Hell Don’t.

November 28, 2009 Dallas, Predator, The Dirty 31 6,922 Views

it's been awhile....see any change? I sure as hell don't.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my main reason of doing this is because im a dirty regular (now) and haven’t seen miss disgusting predator lately? is she still alive? I hope not. Apparently, from what i know…no one likes her? She has no friends? only been in dallas for a few months. met her a few times and felt disgusted the moment I shook her hand. might have been slipped up a few @ssholes for all I know. I do know the other blonde girl is lisa.

I love Lisa’s detachable chin.  If you live in Dallas you will know what I am talking about= Predator and Miles Austin have the same smile. So Wrigley (gummy)!- nik

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Predator Might Make It Big

November 19, 2009 Dallas, Predator, The Dirty 49 8,232 Views


**click on email below to see Predators future**


I just don’t get it?  8 Belles and The Crow are not going to happy about this…

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