Shane Casey the Scuzbag Sikorski

October 1, 2014 Edmonton, Prince George 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Shane Casey Sikorski from Prince George, BC is a cheating, pathological lying crackhead. I realize he has an illness (pathological liar) but he also has a bigtime cocaine problem and he cheated for almost a year and was never man enough to admit it when he was confronted, he is also very emotionally and verbally abusive. He didn’t just lie to me, he lies to everyone he meets, sometimes about the smallest insignificant things, but he does it to make himself look more of a man than he is…and believe me, he lacks majorly in the “man” department. Not only is he a liar and a cheater, he is also a theif!! Don’t believe a thing he tells you, he doesn’t even know how to tell the truth. He is of POF and was the entire time we were together. I just don’t want him treating anyone else the way he treated me..

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Player Alert

September 29, 2014 Prince George 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Tyler Vellacott , he’s a DJ in Prince George BC and he is a big player. I dated him for quite some time and he couldn’t keep his dick to himself- he thinks just because he is a hot young Dj he can have whatever ass he wants – he won’t ever find someone who cares about him because he doesn’t know how to treat woman other then pieces of meat- he’ll draw you in with charm sleep with you and then move on to the next as if he doesn’t have a heart – he recently played a new girl in town Sara Weibe sleeping with her while talking toe – they’re both a joke – I’d get tested if you’ve ever been with this boy.

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Danielle Savident aka Marsden

September 23, 2014 Prince George 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch your wallets, purses & HUSBANDS! around this little closet crackhead. I know of 3 people she has taken advantage of Since returning back to P.G last year. She stole her best friends daughters birthday money (over 500.00) for her crack habit & smoked it while her son was sleeping in the room with her. She Then lied to that same best friends ex-bf to gain access to his house and trust (lived off him for a few months rent free before the rcmp removed her from the residence). She then stole over $600.00 from her long time ex-bf that was trying to help her out. Hell her own mother can’t even trust her!! On top of all this she is a real piece of nasty works. She will literally screw anything she can if it looks at her, don’t matter if they are married or not if it’s got a nice truck and money her cyst infested vagina will spread (gags). I honestly can not name one previous spouse of her’s since she was 13 that she has not cheated on, manipulated and used. If anyone should be on the dirty it’s this nasty thing..

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POF Scammer

September 19, 2014 Prince George 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rebecca Raiche, She is on Pof scamming guys saying she is stuck in Prince George living in her car and needs 150$ bucks to get back to Calgary. She messaged my buddy and as soon as he said “how many guys have you done this to” she blocked him. Knowing how many messages girls get you can easily do the math. I messaged her after and played along with her game, enough to screen shot evidence and see how she changes her story. when my buddy messaged her it was a wednesday and she said she gets paid next week wednesday. she messaged me today Friday, and said she gets paid next friday. i dont know how far to take this but I figure I should atleast expose her on here. hopefully no guys get sucked into her money making scheme

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Yukon Sloot

September 17, 2014 Prince George 0



THE DIRTY ARMY: Gracita Cruz Hassan She’s married in the philippines and got two kids from different guys. She always love to party, drugs, especially money and guys. she slept with different guys, old/young as long as they have money to support her. watchout YUkoners, she’s a slut and always a slut. she’s a slut from Phil. and she’s a slut here in YT. Watchout married people here, she’s gonna steal your hubbys or boyfriends as well. she’s no good. Guys watchout, she’s gonna use you too for money..

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Dead Beat Dad

September 15, 2014 Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie, Prince George 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy here likes to call the mother of his child down but yet doesn’t even go see his own son. I know both very well and have seen all the Shit and Mike you are no saint. You need to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. Your bot even there for your son, you don’t support him or do anything all you do is call down Des. What makes you a better person than her?? Nothing as I can see she is actually trying and doing good. She takes care of kale and raises him day to day and what do you do?? Maybe you should take a look at yourself before you wanna call everyone else out on their own Shit cause you have a lot of your own.

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Fort St James Drama Queen

September 5, 2014 Prince George 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everything she has her dad bought for her. She’s super lazy and loves drama. She makes up lies about everyone. She’s cheated on zack multiply times with Brett bovan shayne forshner and coale monk. She’s been going on dates with Brett when she’s with zack, she fcked shayne at a party drunk as hell who would fck shayne obviously tori she’s so nasty and used up also she’s still so in love with her ex coale zack does not relised shes a shitty person and he could do 10x better tori is a fat slob and thinks she’s better than everybody else when she’s just a walking used up shitty drama queen person she would tell ppl she’s bi polar just for attention. Only way she graduated is by copying other peoples work. She acts friends with you and as soon as your not with her she’s talking about you.

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Homewrecking Troll

September 5, 2014 Prince George 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch tried to ruin a marriage of 14 years … he told her he had two kids and his wife was pregnant with twins and still she stalked him down every chance she could get … ” awe your not happy with her” dumb stunned cnt! she has had her woman parts taken out and wants every guy to fck her loose cunt with out a condom ” I cant get pregnant ! we don’t have to use a condom!” when she tried to get him to leave his wife and kids and he refused she cried and tried to steal his hat …I mean cmon how old are we 12? when she and he were busted she tried to move him out and away from his family but she cant cook ..cant clean.. cant even fck or give a blowjob properly so epic fail! worst part is she has little girls that she subjects to seeing this kind of bullshit and they’re prolly gonna end up as dirty as their mama …. if you see her prince George don’t forget to let this nasty scuzzy whore know what u think of her failed attempts at stealing married men with her nasty face and rotten pssy flaps! EEEEEEW sluts are always ugly when u take off their makeup!

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