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Evil Manslore

November 17, 2014 Prince George 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this disgusting manwhore name is jerry little is mentally abusive and in the past has been known to be physically abusive he gave his baby momma 2 black eyes and he says it was just from restraining her so he now can not see his son he will sleep with anything that has legs he’s 26 and will date a 17 year old he’s a crck head he got someone else’s girlfriend d pregnant while his girlfriend was away for treatment he will even go so far as sleep with his girlfriends family members and deny it when both confront him at the same time watch out for this qbusive lieing cheating man whore in vanderhoof Prince George and Fraser lake

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Krystal Martens

November 17, 2014 Prince George 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This nasty sloot Krystal martens will sleep with married men and steal her own family/friends boyfriends and try to say it only happend once meanwhile she is still sleeping with him lucky thing is she has her tubes tied so she can’t have anymore kids thank god she never showers and she is such a horrible mother she pawned her kids off on her mom so she could move to Prince George and do all the blow she wants oh and smoke crck she doesn’t even care that she doesn’t see her kids

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Piece of Trash

November 11, 2014 Prince George 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: my warning to all u ladies out there….this man whore James Wilkins is a lying piece of trash…he decided it was a good idea to try and run game on me (learn the game better) take my generosity as weakness….use me for food smokes and a stop in….he lied and said he was goin out with a buddy when really he was hooking up with another girl and coming back to my place like im a motel

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Obsessive low life

November 5, 2014 Prince George 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this petty little creature my friends of the Dirty is Justine Moran, I broke up with Justine last February & have not spoke to her since. She put me on here for some nonsense that never happened. Justine is obsessed with me, when someone talks about me (Denim Morrison) She Goes on for an hour about how terrible I am & how mean I was. But lets really look into how mean I was: Her mom “kicked” her out. I didnt want her to be homeless so I let her move into my house, to which all of her stuff remained packed in my living room because she was too lazy to unpack it for 2 months & used my house as a storage locker. Made her feel loved, bought her tons of stuff like flowers & even a 2DS for her birthday, & did every thing I could to keep this parasite happy. Justine is gross, she has H*V-2 (drd)(I got tested for every drd after came out clean as a whistle luckily), She NEVER cleans up after herself. Every time anyone said something she didnt like she ran to the bathroom & scratched her arm with a safety pin because “razors hurt too much” apparently to this attention seeking lesser creature. Sex was AWEFUL: 1.) She was so gross that she got a yeast infection every other week. 2.) She just laid there like a tranquilized mattress. 3.) She had some of the gnarliest thick black ass crack hair Ive ever seen. Justine got a prank call from someone recently & is convinced it was me, sorry but Ive got better thing to do than bother myself with you, Im too busy making $27hr at the mill.

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Bobbin Robin Turner

November 5, 2014 Prince George 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Robin Turner.. She is a single Mom of three and lives off of welfare and her child support. I dated her a while back, and she’s a useless whore. She will fck anything.. she’s looking for a man who will pay her way through life… She is on POF and meets different guys on a regular basis.. looking for that one who she can leech off of and suck him dry. She figures she’s a model, but had to pay for the modeling gig she did. She is on welfare and has no need to be on it. When I was with her she was planning on getting this huge tattoo that costed 900$.. from what I’ve seen on her fb.. she spend her welfare check and child support on this tattoo. She is very selfish.. isn’t child support for the child? Not.the selfish vindictive manipulative mother to fulfill her frivolous needs and wants. You look like a man and could pass as a transvestite.. Ive never met a chick with an Addams apple. You have no figure .. no personality, no drive to do anything with your life.. your a straight up fckin loser and I feel bad for your children, that they have to see you slit yourself around and they will never know thetrue meaning of stability. She has an anger problem as well.. took out her anger on a 12 month old baby, and then freaked when someone mentioned she did wrong. She is a complete phsyco. Beware of this dirty money grubbing whore.. I wonder who her next flavor of the week is gonna be.. maybe syphilis..or gonorrhea. Men don’t want something that’s easy.. they want a classy challenge.. and you sir… Are not a classy woman.. you are useless and you will never amount to anything. Btw.. her mouth is as big as her vagina.. steady customers.

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Obsessive Lowlife

November 5, 2014 Prince George 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi my name is denim Morrison. I’m a controlling little bitch who is mentally abusive and fcked in the head. If you break up with me I’ll try and make you k**l yourself and let you know i wasn’t to be the one who makes you die. Oh and off you dump me I’ll call your friend and threaten to butcher her cat then call you and say I’m going to hunt you down and kill you. Don’t like what I’m doing? Call me out on it and I’ll cry like a little bitch. I think everyone loves me but in reality no one can stand me they just don’t knowhow to make me go away. I’m like drd I’m always gunna come back. Go ahead and talk to the cops they won’t do shit so I’ll just keep harassing you. My life is going no where and i blame everyone else but in reality I’m a slacker who sleeps all day and got fired because i was paying games instead of doing my job. I’m gunna whine about how shitty my life is but not do anything about it and blame you for how it is.I’ve got hand cuffs and a riding crop hidden in my room and no matter what I’m gunna use them. Im better than everyone even though I’m a racist narcissist who loves to control my girlfriends and when they leave i have to harass them non stop.

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EG the Pedophile

November 3, 2014 Prince George 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this peice of shit scum sells cr*ck to 14 year olds and fcks them just to get them addicted. My niece was raped by this fck tard, while his gf jamie badger, a daughter of sucker creek CHEIF…. Was in the other room. I can only imagine what her poor kids go through. This is the most fcked up family I ever came across. Currently I’m convincing my niece to press charges against EG. But says he’s already going through legal proceedings. Watch your children from this predator!!!! Is all I can say.. He will drug them and rape them- and leave them after he’s got a customer for his crck business . Way to make go! I hope karma gets you bad- the both of you are scum!!!!!! And I wish nothing but hardship and pain on you for taking my nieces child hood away from her! She’s waiting for test results- for studs and if she has anything I will hunt you down and shoot you right in the forehead eg mill sap and jamie badger!!!

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Country Girl Leanne Girbav

October 13, 2014 Prince George, Victoria 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Leanne Girbav from a nasty little town called Prince Rupert filled with drunks, drug addicts and people just living off their welfare cheques because they’re just too lazy to work. She’s a nasty slut but only online because she can’t get any in person. She lives off the internet because she has no life! If she ever sees this on here she’ll probably be happy for the attention! She likes to act like she’s a country girl but really she’s far from it! She has never even been anywhere close to the country. Her daily life includes posting “sexy” pictures in online chat pages trying to find men that don’t know any better to chat with, racking up her phone bill (that her parents pay) calling her boys long distance, and hanging out & taking pics with her friends who think they are hot shit! She also loves voicing her obnoxious opinions and no matter how many people argue with her she will not accept that she is wrong. No one will defend her. She makes herself look like an idiot! HA!! Do I really need to go on? I think her pictures do enough explaining of how nasty she is.

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