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Prince George’s finest neiche

December 15, 2014 Prince George 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: We’ll this here is Prince George’s finest neiche she thinks she is better then every body…..but really she is the lowest of the low…. We’re do I start she likes to post people on the dirty and doesn’t think anybody will ever post her. We’ll hunny your wrong so big shout out to you C LEE MUAH karma’s a bitch. This chick is known for lying don’t think she knows how to tell the truth…look at the family she comes from she is a closet Pepsi head. Dirty little sloot needs to keep her legs closed has 5 kids don’t think she needs any more she only had so many for a good cheque from welly and child tax so she doesn’t have to work. But yes coral Henry you brought this on your self shouldn’t post people if you don’t want to be posted….luv ya girl :& as if

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Karissa Clapper

December 12, 2014 Prince George 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: his chick lies, cheats, gets pregnant with one guys baby and turns around and gets RED HANDED CAUGHT being a GOOF fcking someone else… makes life plans which all end up being lie plans… bringing home new daddies every week to her son… ***beware— this chick runs a smooth story that she is a “good girl” when really she’s a decetful Lil Goof rat … SHE WILL SPEND UR MONEY AND SHE WILL CALL THE COPS WHEN SHE THINKS ITS SPENT… chick likes expensive dick and cries (to ur homies or any dumb fck who will listen) when her way ain’t had

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Mad Hatter

December 11, 2014 Kamloops, Prince George 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Keygan Sloan, he’s attractive yes! But mentally deranged, psychotic which knocks him down a few pegs. No he doesn’t have an sexually transmitted disease, but he does coke now and then, and has quite the temper, if I do say so myself… AM I RITE LADIES ? He’s a huge player. He likes to keep to himself due to the anxiety attacks he has whilst being out in huge crowds. He lives @ home, doesn’t drive, work, didn’t graduate. He likes to act tough like the “963″ people do, but he’s just an average joe stirring up trouble for kicks. Did I mention he’s a fcking dick? =(

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Curtis Macdonald

December 5, 2014 Prince George 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Curtis Macdonald…drd SPREADER…since 2010…Vancouver, Prince George, Vanderhoof and Fort St James (where he resides)

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Stephan Sherman

December 3, 2014 Prince George 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: where to begin…? guess ill start with letting the pathetic shermanator know… you can RAT your well earned PLACE on the dirty and get it removed as many times as you want but you will just keep popping back up! your livin it yo.. own that shit! like your whore brit did… next ill go with how sad you are trying to get ur babys momma back when its CLEAR she dont want you and your sketchin ass bullshit. your nothing more then a simple useless excuse to help pass the time by.. thirdly, if your going to bash someone on a public site… your not supposed to be the one everyone bashes.. derrp didnt even try an it came back with a STFU N GFYS BIG TIME! wooow hmmm ill admot this much… evidentially, i am bored n decided to put a nice little fuk u rite bak to your pathetic mambo jumbo! HEY EVERYBODY.. SHERMANATOR “FUN FACTS” fact #1:he is indeed useless.. besides maybe one or two things. fact #2:he IS a good bitch..(house rained/sorta) thx erin ;) he nos his role and enjoys it 2! fact #3: take the kink up a level?? STRAP ON IT IS! oh yeaa haha fact #4:ahh fuk it.. the loser speaks for himself.. <self explanditory all on his own> -AT LEAST I CAN LAY DOWN THE SMACK WITH A LITTLE TRUTH. i DARE ya- try 2 make sum sence with ur rambles.. only this time do it with a little bit of dignity for fck sakes! {X ur fingers ppl.. he might just surprise us all !

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Vanderhoof Sloot

December 1, 2014 Prince George 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is mandy seeley….she is 18 and she likes to get rapped and drunk by people and think its funny she hangs around bars and thinks its awesome she smokes crack and she enjoys it alot….she also likes to sleep with people bf behind there backs…..she love all the attention she can gets….she tells lies and everything to get what she wants…..she walks around vanderhoof dressed like a slut just so guys would talk to her cause she likes to get attention….she will even drink all the time just for the hell of it she dropped out of school just to hang down town….she was suppose to go to rehab but she didnt go cause she likes to get drunk and high….watch out ladies your bf or husband could be in trouble if he meets this little girl

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Deven Kromm

December 1, 2014 Prince George 0



THE DIRTY ARMY: Deven Kromm cheated on one of my good friends several times during their 2.5 year relationship. He swindled her out of almost $1400 that he hasnt paid back at all. Hes also now currently cheating on another girl, Emily Fraser. He’s on pof as coffeefreak. He’s a member of the Beaverly fire hall (which is probably the only good thing about him). Almost every word outta his mouth is lies. He’s a heavy smoker. He has no problem dating many girls, he doesn\’t care about age. He tries to have sex on the first “date”. He wont drop it till you do. He also wont wear condoms so god only knows what nasty shit he has. So girls of prince georgewatch out!!!

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Alesha Ricketts

November 26, 2014 Prince George, Vancouver 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this little whore is only 18 years old and came to town less then 2 months ago. She is the greasiest, nastiest, infested and apparently stinkiest p*ssy around. She has been hopping from cock to cock and destroying relationships. This little cum dumpster slore has seen more dick ends then weekends and is currently sucking the dicks of at least 4 guys in the small town of mackenzie, she prefers guys that give her drugs or just straight up pay her but has been known to toss out a freebie or 10. Its disgusting to watch this chick befriend girls to get closer to their men and then try and steal them ( ya u carrie) give ur head a shake she has been blowing your hubby since day one now he is buying her presents, soon u will be getting kicked to the curb)I personally witnessed this slut leave one guys bed to go fck his friend . Nik this bitch needs a wake up call! She tried to get my man but no luck, sry sweetie )She says she came here from Vancouver to help her dying father but instead has only managed to fck all of his friends until he left in shame. Go home Alesha everybody’s already had a turn.

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