Keep Thinking It’s Cool To Smoke Weed Ladies

August 20, 2014 Prince George, The Dirty 162


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Faith Webb… for all you girls that think its so cool to get high and smoke weed. This is what you look like, nothing sexy about this. Stop it.

Faith definitely eats Cheetos after she gets high.- nik

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Bipolar Butthead

August 19, 2014 Prince George 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: I know this piece of shit is already on here, but why not take another round out of him.. Dave Jensen is seriously the definition of fucked up! This lowlife continuously tries to play girls and flat out claims the’re the crazy bitches when they find him out! He just recently got me pregnant and when i lost the baby due to stress he put me thru.. i ended up being the delusional asshole and he accused me of getting rid of it!I also found out this deadbeat doesnt have just 2 kids, but now 3 with 3 different girls he never once mentioned to me!!! Once I confronted him. he denied all of them to i feel bad for these girls..this no life loser claims to have sold his “business” when he has NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT lol…still on welfare, and he’ll clearly NEVER change.. do everyone a favour and disappear useless sperm donor

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Unfit Boyfriend/ Baby Daddy

August 18, 2014 Prince George 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Nik, is Trenten Laarz. Notorious Cheater and Mega stoner. Lies about everything and got me pregnant and little did I know had another girlfriend in Winnipeg. Called me a slut when I confronted him about me being pregnant. He is also extreamly rude! Watch out ladies, this guy should come with a warning label.

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Burns Lake Slore

August 14, 2014 Kamloops, Prince George 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica Koster will not keep her dirty legs closed. She sleeps with all the men that come from out of town to come and work. She passes her nasty crap back to the faithful women back at home. She is dirty home wrecking whore that has been passed around a time or two and she needs to be blasted on here so we can all be aware of her dirty nasty antics.

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Sneaky Jessica Ruschiensky

August 14, 2014 Kelowna, Prince George 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the beautiful Jessica Ruschiensky. Beautiful on the outside only. She’s a drug addict (Only has most people believing she isn’t anymore) and has been in a confirmed 8 relationships at once. She gets everything she needs out of life by using her body ( except self respect) and she uses that body a lot. 3 different guys in a 24 hour period recently. She comes and goes from the Ft. Saint John area where she’s putting out that well traveled box to her employer, drug dealer and pet Roid monkey. She’s well practiced and is good at hiding who she is. Don’t fall for the ( I love you, I want to live with you, It’s only you) lie. Nothing but pain down this road boys. That and an empty wallet.

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Pregnancy Faker

August 7, 2014 Prince George 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ashley Macdonald. Where do i start? She dated my friend just so he could buy her booze and weed. He broke up with her, and \”oh guess what i am 2 months late”. She was drinking well she was “pregnant”. So right off that bat she would be a bad mom. She always wears shirts then show off her cleavage or lack of. she even posted a Photo shopped picture of her with a “baby bumb”. She needs t look a real baby bumb its not pointed b**ch. Her hair cut makes her look like a dyke, like is she trying to look like a boy?? I bet that my friend hasn’t even been the first person she did this to either. oh and she hangs out with Linsey Harper thats got mean something, I mean sluts got to stick together who else do they have?

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Breanna Potskin

July 24, 2014 Prince George 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ugly bitch is breanna Potskin the queen of all backstabbing hoes. She has a kid now with a guy named karl who’s just as fucked up as her she even has name tattooed on her lmao. She’s such a party slut always going for the taken guys and even broke up a family. Don’t trust this one all she does is fuck people over and steal your boyfriend she’s well known for sucking.face with guys at parties god get some class Breanna you made quite the name for yourself in this town you must be proud hey? Thanks for stealing my man 2 years ago then dumping him him leaving me for an ugly CNt like you was the best thing that ever happened to me!

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Beached Marina

July 21, 2014 Prince George 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chik needs serious make up lessons lmfao look at that eye shadow ommg. She has a bad fkin attitude too why u being a bitch marina ur fat as hell and ugly too . I dated one of her exes and man I heard some shit she’s such a bitch! Who would touch that lol quit taking pictures with ur fat ugly tits hanging out its not attractive at all wear a god damn shirt that fits ! You look like a joke and act like one too with ur diva attitude haha get some class guurl talk about an embarrassment

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