Country Girl Leanne Girbav

October 13, 2014 Prince George, Victoria 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Leanne Girbav from a nasty little town called Prince Rupert filled with drunks, drug addicts and people just living off their welfare cheques because they’re just too lazy to work. She’s a nasty slut but only online because she can’t get any in person. She lives off the internet because she has no life! If she ever sees this on here she’ll probably be happy for the attention! She likes to act like she’s a country girl but really she’s far from it! She has never even been anywhere close to the country. Her daily life includes posting “sexy” pictures in online chat pages trying to find men that don’t know any better to chat with, racking up her phone bill (that her parents pay) calling her boys long distance, and hanging out & taking pics with her friends who think they are hot shit! She also loves voicing her obnoxious opinions and no matter how many people argue with her she will not accept that she is wrong. No one will defend her. She makes herself look like an idiot! HA!! Do I really need to go on? I think her pictures do enough explaining of how nasty she is.

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Quesnel Teacher

October 9, 2014 Prince George, Quesnel 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: The fire crotch on the right is one of the most disrespectful trashiest whores i have ever had to deal with! she fcks students and lets them play with her tits. she has been home wrecking for the last 6.5 years, destroying this mans family no matter how many times they both tell her to fuck off she comes right back to him. she doesn’t care and knows very well he has three kids and a fiancé at home but keeps spreading them!! even passing on her dirty vag diseases. she fucked all of this guys friends(one who is also in a long term relationship) fcked the principal and pretty much anyone who whips it out.

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Disgusting Pig

October 8, 2014 Prince George 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ladies is a disgusting pig. He’s past around ch*** to god knows how many girls and did not tell them. I’ve heard many girls talking about it so I thought I would share for them. His name is Dillan Loreth and he thinks he’s a player and can get any girl but really he’s gross and ugly! One of Prince George’s finest.

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Lilly Isawhore

October 8, 2014 Prince George 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay Nik, so this nasty small town trash thinks it’s cool to call people Whores and skanks just cuz they are sitting down. She has been with so many guys that she doesn’t even know who her baby daddy is. She can’t keep her damn legs or mouth shut. Goes around prince george banging any guy that gives her a second look. Its disgusting. She stinks, shes sloppy and shes ignorant.
Caught her doing a three way with mt older brother and her “friend”. Gave my brother cla***dia. Shoulda stayed in school ya dumb cnt. Feel sorry for her baby!

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Tammy Webb

October 7, 2014 Prince George 87

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is an old hag that runs WTF prince George on facebook she goes by the name of tammy webb. God knows what she goes by on them dating sites! She is a total hypocrite for one… she believes that hookers and crackheads in prince George are on the street for a good cause lmfao maybe a good cause for those old men that are getting their dick sucked for a 20 dolla bill. She wheels in guys because she is an admin on a group page my friend got a message from her …. she was trying to get him to come over to her place and have sex in the exchange for not getting deleted off the page!!! that is so gross obviously her sex life with her husband is terrible if she is trying to do that. So a warning to all you boys on wtf prince George watch out for this cradle robbing cougar … before she marks you as her pray

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Low Life Father

October 7, 2014 Prince George 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: everybody this guy here is name Ryan. the fact he thinks its funny to knock up young teenage girls is bull shit and not support the kid and drink & do cock is bull shit. He just knock up a 16 year old girl name sarah pretty sad when she at work he fucking other chicks behind her back and she busy at work at McDonald.. pretty sad he also had a list on his computer of chicks he has fcked along with ryan Garfield no wonder why the two are such best friends eh.. he thinks he a hot bag of shit but really he so dirty he has genital warts I bet his mother would be so proud of him now a lot with another baby on the way.. what gets me when he says he doesn’t wanna be like his father and not be there for his children but yet he to busy drinking and on blow to care or even drop a box of diaper’s off fucking dead beat father good job ryan

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Short Gonzo Greg

October 6, 2014 Prince George 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Is Ryan Garfield. He has tried to get my sister and I to do a threesome with him and failed. He fcked Delta Murray. He has a weird shaped dick it is curved like the letter “J” Hence the name “Gonzo Dick”. He has a list of who he’s fuked in Prince George.

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Sierra Morgan Riese

October 6, 2014 Kamloops, Prince George 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sierra is a down right little whore cheating on her boyfriend that is in malasya gets pregnant with a bar manager has a abortion now moving to malasya like nothing happened. Such a fake two faced little scummy whorre

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