Ash Burton, Cheating Manslore

April 3, 2014 Langley, Prince George 26 5,966 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: She sleeps around with numerous people at once, dates and manipulates one of the people she is sleeping with. she will lie cheat manipulate and sleep with anything. She is abusive to the women she dates, physically and emotionally. She will tear you down and fck you over. She sleeps with all her “guy friends”and all her ex girls who will allow it. Girls and guys beware of this horrible person, she never gets tested for drds and probably harbors many. She thinks of herself as a man but really she is just a big bitch. She will bounce back and forth between as many girls and guys as possible.

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Byslut oh sorry Bystrom

March 25, 2014 Prince George, Vancouver 38 9,733 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this little shank is Bridget Bystrom, let’s start with she is already on here several times. She is a little whore who will spread her legs on the first date, and is willing to do anything, and I mean anything. She’s pregnant with a kid that she doesn’t even know who the father is, she enjoys cheating, her past times are fcking, masterbating, and sleep. She lies about being on fckbook, and she will send pics to anyone. You can literally smell her from 30ft away, and when you get close her breath will make you gag. She is loose, both ass and vag. And don’t get me started on ugly. Gotta post this up before she fcks people over some more!!

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Back Seat Riders

March 19, 2014 Prince George, Saskatoon, Vancouver 44 11,261 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: These two sister skanks are the grossest thing to come out of Chetwynd BC !! Chelsea and Shanoha Gauthier, these two skanks have fuked everything from Lloydminster Sask to Chetwynd BC!!! They spread their legs to anyone who’s willing to fuck them!! They share guys and ruin relationships!!! Their both home wrecking whores and don’t give a fuk about anyone’s relationship including their own!! Last time I heard Chelsea Gauthier had a husband and two kids but was in Chetwynd BC fcking anyone she could get in the back seat of her vehicle!!! 2 in one night to be exact!! Shanoha was fcking her own cousins boyfriend while Chelsea was threating to fck another!! These two dirty mattresses are trash but will try to fool you with their “nice” demeanour!!! they will act like a friend/family then get wasted and fck your man!!! then throw it in your face and laugh about it!! they think its funny to steal boyfriends and husbands and they seem to think they are the hottest things around and are gods gift to men!!!they both have sent nude pictures to my ex and both slept with him!! including multiple other people!!! they get passed around like nobody’s business!! Now I hear rumors of them trying to move to BC and infest Chetwynd with their stank ass’s!! no one wants you two cum gusling whores around so stay in sask where you can fuck anyone you want because you know they wont see your punched out c*nts again! EVERYONE I know who has fcked them said they pretty much just threw it in and bounced!! it was that easy, that messy and that gross!! EVERYONE talks about how disgusting these two are, never once have a I heard anything good about these two home wrecking whores! put these bitches on blast its about time someone did!!

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Most Slooty

March 5, 2014 Kamloops, Prince George 34 8,514 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: “Lexx” suicide girl wannabe skank hahaha this chick is so dirty and has no morals . All her fb pics of her in her bra. Please put a shirt on you do not have a nice rack at all. Shes so disgustin she gave my friend the c*ap. She fcks everyone and everything be aware boys and girls this one is as greasy as it gets

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Cradle Robber

February 24, 2014 Prince George 61 6,214 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This, Nik, is Andrew Rice. I’m sure many people have heard of him, whether it’s because he’s tried to bang their baby sister or not. He’s 22 and still dates 16 year olds because every girl his age realizes what sore this pig is. Last I heard he lived in dear old mommy’s basement and he takes little girls out on dates everywhere. Hide your daughters, Prince George! (And maybe your sons, just in case)

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Delusional Deadbeat

February 17, 2014 Prince George 33 7,319 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Im surprised this piece of work isnt already on here. This walking disease ladies and gentlemen is Dave Jensen. This poor boy is so delusional he actually believes hes good looking LOL, and because of it this slut bed hops from one girl to the next. He was dating one girl while hes out making the poor girls of prince george think he loves them too. Not only does he have two kids that are barely 7 months apart, but this deadbeat pays child support; while trying to hide the kids from his new girls!! Hes so lost in his own little world that he actually believes he owns a successful business. Sorry hunny, but collecting welfare and putting your name on a piece of card is NOT a business. especially when you dont even put the clothes on your own back. everyone associated with the little bitch should just do yourself a favour and put the trash out where it belongs

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Trashy Ashley

February 11, 2014 Prince George, Vancouver 69 9,025 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik, meet Ashley Campbell… This disgusting pig decided it would be a good idea to sleep with my bf and his friend (3 some) at the same time! She is a real piece of work as I have heard she just uses and sleeps around everywhere she goes, she lost her job cause every guy that walked thru the door she was trying to fuk or did. Rumor has it she was caught by her last bf being screwed by another guy at a party… Wouldn’t put it past her! All the stories I hear thru my gf’s about this girl just are horrible, she can’t even take care of her child she has! Anyways nik put this trashy pig on blast!

That laughter sums her up nicely.- nik

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Quesnel’s Nasty Brit Bradley

February 10, 2014 Prince George, Vancouver 33 9,376 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I seriously cant believe this disgusting slim ridden excuse for a human being isn’t on here already!! Ok where to start. This lazy eyed lazy ass loose vag’d cokewhore prize’s name is Brittani Bradley. If you’ve ever been to Quesnel you’ve probably had sex with her. I know ALOT of ppl and she is straight up the biggest whore Ive ever met. Her number 1 preference is taken guys, maybe not so much her choice, maybe more the fact that NO guy will actually date her b/c it would be too embarrassing, they perfer keeping her a dirty lil secret or a drunken mistake. Her mom did drugs all thru her pregnancy which you can see with her lazy eye and the warts on her forehead and chin and the fact that her IQ results came back negative. She has herpes and spreads other , she gave two of my friends the clap by giving to their bfs it when she slept with them. A guy friend of mine f*cked her up the ass and taped it on his phone and its the sickest thing ever, he pulls it out and it has crap all over it, he said he immediately lost his hard on and went and had a shower and threw up. She had a one night stand at this party and she was one her period so she pulled her tampon out and shoved it into a friend of mines couch to have sex and LEFT it there.!!! Urgh so the most disgusting person ever. She had FINALLY gotten a guy to date her recently and he just left her b.c she got knocked up…and he has a vasectomy lol so it’s definitely not his, she has been sleeping with a married guy and half of Qtown since she got with her ex bf. She’s a harsh gangster groupie, a total wanna-be she sleeps with anyone she thinks is a drug dealer (partly b/c she does every drug under the sun and tries to get it for free) and partly cuz she thinks it will make her look cool. Its so pathetic she is such a joke, so insecure and jealous of the guys she fucks gf’s because she knows she’ll never be respected, or pretty or taken care of like that. And now she has a little druggged out baby on the way and she’s already trying to get welfare even though there’s absolutely NO REASON that she can’t work! She’s not even two months along and plenty of girls work right until the baby’s born but all this lazy ass pig does is look for a free ride. This flat chested/flat assed pot bellied gross cum dumpster NEEEEEEEDS to be put on blast, she’s been such a lowlife scumbag for so long and all the guys in Q & PG need to be warned, this ugly mutt is a walking disease , you’re better off just licking a public toilet then getting within ten ft of her smelly saggy punched in ass.

Who takes a picture of themselves standing in a corner??- nik

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