Yukon Sloot

September 17, 2014 Prince George 0



THE DIRTY ARMY: Gracita Cruz Hassan She’s married in the philippines and got two kids from different guys. She always love to party, drugs, especially money and guys. she slept with different guys, old/young as long as they have money to support her. watchout YUkoners, she’s a slut and always a slut. she’s a slut from Phil. and she’s a slut here in YT. Watchout married people here, she’s gonna steal your hubbys or boyfriends as well. she’s no good. Guys watchout, she’s gonna use you too for money..

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Dead Beat Dad

September 15, 2014 Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie, Prince George 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy here likes to call the mother of his child down but yet doesn’t even go see his own son. I know both very well and have seen all the Shit and Mike you are no saint. You need to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. Your bot even there for your son, you don’t support him or do anything all you do is call down Des. What makes you a better person than her?? Nothing as I can see she is actually trying and doing good. She takes care of kale and raises him day to day and what do you do?? Maybe you should take a look at yourself before you wanna call everyone else out on their own Shit cause you have a lot of your own.

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Fort St James Drama Queen

September 5, 2014 Prince George 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everything she has her dad bought for her. She’s super lazy and loves drama. She makes up lies about everyone. She’s cheated on zack multiply times with Brett bovan shayne forshner and coale monk. She’s been going on dates with Brett when she’s with zack, she fcked shayne at a party drunk as hell who would fck shayne obviously tori she’s so nasty and used up also she’s still so in love with her ex coale zack does not relised shes a shitty person and he could do 10x better tori is a fat slob and thinks she’s better than everybody else when she’s just a walking used up shitty drama queen person she would tell ppl she’s bi polar just for attention. Only way she graduated is by copying other peoples work. She acts friends with you and as soon as your not with her she’s talking about you.

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Homewrecking Troll

September 5, 2014 Prince George 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch tried to ruin a marriage of 14 years … he told her he had two kids and his wife was pregnant with twins and still she stalked him down every chance she could get … ” awe your not happy with her” dumb stunned cnt! she has had her woman parts taken out and wants every guy to fck her loose cunt with out a condom ” I cant get pregnant ! we don’t have to use a condom!” when she tried to get him to leave his wife and kids and he refused she cried and tried to steal his hat …I mean cmon how old are we 12? when she and he were busted she tried to move him out and away from his family but she cant cook ..cant clean.. cant even fck or give a blowjob properly so epic fail! worst part is she has little girls that she subjects to seeing this kind of bullshit and they’re prolly gonna end up as dirty as their mama …. if you see her prince George don’t forget to let this nasty scuzzy whore know what u think of her failed attempts at stealing married men with her nasty face and rotten pssy flaps! EEEEEEW sluts are always ugly when u take off their makeup!

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Walking DRD

September 3, 2014 Prince George 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Look at this little walking drd! Everyone in pg knows her as Jessica smith. Or the biggest slut there is! First she dated my old friend sienna, and fcked him over pretty bad and left him hurt while he waited for her to take him back while she was out fcking his friends behind his back! Shady little snob. Maybe a couple days later she moves here to pg and within the days she does she’s already slept with every guy! Along those lines she dates this ginger kid, and bam guess what? She cheats again! No shock here. Now what’s on my news feed? She’s in a relationship with yet another guy Brandon! I’m sorry hunny but you’ve cheated on every guy you’ve dated, and love to jump to relationships within a day after doing so. Also has a reputation of messaging guys that ALREADY are in a relationship! Home wrecking lg. And have you seen her in person? Complete ratchet! I’m not even going to tell you how much cover up she uses to cover up that acne! Here’s a tip, Give your face a wash before applying some more, or buy some proactive for fucksakes! Watch out Brandon she will be cheating on you next! Wonder who she has lined up next to jump on to. Blah can just smell this loose std cunt just typing her name! Go back to Kamloops where you belong.

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Atention Slore

September 3, 2014 Prince George 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Destiny Hunt has sleeped with countless men not only from Fort st. James but also Pg. She thought that she could make fun of other ppl but when ppl make fun of her for not keepn her legs shut she makes a big deal out of it. If you walked up to anyone in Fsj an asked them about her they would prob say that shes a hoe and has ether suckd or fckd them. Wen she comes to fort she cheats on her bf dan daley. ppl makes mistakes but she keeps making them over an over. n the thing that anybody says about her is that shes an atention whore she sticks her breasts out in every picture nobody wants to see that.

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Acting Trashy isnt Cool

September 3, 2014 Prince George, Vancouver 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Skye Lynne Markotich Lives in PG she Gets wasted evry weekend, makes her freinds and mother babysit for her.Complains she has no life. Screams at her child over everything. sleeps with different men every week with her child in the same bed. She’s ungrateful and disrespectful to those around her. Acts like a spoilt brat when she doesnt get her way. She’s disgisting, n she has mental probs. She’s so bipolar. One day shes ok and the next she’s snapping at you for not texting her back right away. Maybe you should try parenting your child instead of worring what parties to hit up next. She thinks shes thee hottest thing on the planet. It’s pretty funny except when she dresses like a teen prostitute. Your suposed to be a good role model for your daghter. She’s been cauzing drama with evry one over the fbook but when seen in public she runs and hides. pathetic

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Stay Classy Julia

September 2, 2014 Prince George 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I even Begin. This girl has slept with more men then I can even imagine. One month she slept with at least 5. if you have a boyfriend she don’t care or girlfriend in that case. So if your partner is talking to her or friend or family member be careful shes not only a walking drd but every relationship shes in it ends up with her going ape shit crazy and abusing them. Don’t even get me started on how she abuses her family its no wonder they gave her back to foster care with mentally and physically abusing all her family to get what she wants. Shes a spoiled little brat. Maby this will give her the akeup call that everybody around her has been trying to give her since she was born. Shes already gotten as bad as her hooker meth head mom. SO for all of you out their be careful of her, its not worth getting a drd and abuse from. And whoevers going to stick up for her will find out eventually how she is, if she steals from you, try’s to fight you, ect ect. So don’t even bother because you will find out in the long run how she is.

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