Breanna Potskin

July 24, 2014 Prince George 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ugly bitch is breanna Potskin the queen of all backstabbing hoes. She has a kid now with a guy named karl who’s just as fucked up as her she even has name tattooed on her lmao. She’s such a party slut always going for the taken guys and even broke up a family. Don’t trust this one all she does is fuck people over and steal your boyfriend she’s well known for sucking.face with guys at parties god get some class Breanna you made quite the name for yourself in this town you must be proud hey? Thanks for stealing my man 2 years ago then dumping him him leaving me for an ugly CNt like you was the best thing that ever happened to me!

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Beached Marina

July 21, 2014 Prince George 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: This chik needs serious make up lessons lmfao look at that eye shadow ommg. She has a bad fkin attitude too why u being a bitch marina ur fat as hell and ugly too . I dated one of her exes and man I heard some shit she’s such a bitch! Who would touch that lol quit taking pictures with ur fat ugly tits hanging out its not attractive at all wear a god damn shirt that fits ! You look like a joke and act like one too with ur diva attitude haha get some class guurl talk about an embarrassment

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Backstabbing Elf

July 15, 2014 Kamloops, Prince George 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Courtney Kennett is one sick bitch mann! Fuked an ex in a lake with her family present> claasssy. USED to be my best friend and fucked my ex(now) gave him drd…. slept behind my back and told me she wasn’t interested… but apparently u were i found out and and i was still with him, so he gave me drd from cheating on me. I don’t know her that well but I seen the messages between him and her n it was sickening. YOU NASTY SNATCH ! get checked it’s illegal to give someone a incurable disease! fuck you i hate you. watch your shit man!!! aughhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Garett Sawatzky

July 11, 2014 Prince George, Winnipeg 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pos , is a con artist, thief. Steals thousands of dollars from his single mom girlfriend and fucks off, not to mention he\’s a coke head, drunk. Beware ladies of pg! He’s from Winnipeg and goes to fsj too.

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Amy Gratton

July 10, 2014 Prince George 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi there im Amy im a little ugly skank who will fuck any guy in PG for drugs even a hit off A Joint!!im such a stonner, like omg. i talk about how much weed i smoke ALLLLL the time tho no one cares. i use to think i was such a hard little punk rocker but now since im dating my white rapper boyfriend im a little gangster girl! im so thug look at my photos you can see the cum stains on my clothes. i use to be pregnant (5 times) but abortion and drinking helps me out soooooo much. call me for a good time, i work at telus ill fuck you in the public washroom. my BF is the only one who doesnt see what a little hood rat i am. ive been in group fucks and fucked my best friends man in her house in her bathroom while she was sleeping!! i also have drds and dont tell anyone (shhhh) to bad i told other skanks who told EVERYONE.maybe i should go do more heroin and pretend to be depressed so i can get attention. watch out guys. this is the most disgusting trash in pg.shes ugly and trys too hard.

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Selfie Queen Amanda Landry

June 25, 2014 Prince George 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: This crazy headcase is amanda landry she thinks shes so hot and posts nasty selfies of her self constantly… let alone all her physcho bitching and ranting she does on facebook this chick is a huge slut works as a medic and a chef but fucks everyone in camp or whoever will give her some attention and pretends to be innocent well your time has come put this chick on blast Nik

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Rag Dunning

June 24, 2014 Prince George 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik this dirty fat bitch named victoria dunning living in Prince George BC goes around and fcks and cuddles with any guy she can … fcks them and stays the night then leaves right away in the morning and after she leaves i find a blood spot on my blanket she doesnt tell the guys she fucks that shes on her rag LOL so sick and she wants to be a chef but works at mcdonalds LOL no wonder why shes so fat hey? but still bums smokes and weed off people wouldnt be surprised if she fcked her dealers … well PG look out for this one shes a real fat slut

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Deadbeat momma Murray

June 18, 2014 Prince George 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and gentlemen I introduce this DEADBEAT unfit mother. She’s on here two times… Wow shows what kind of scum she is. She uses guys who have no self-worth for food, rides and money.. She lost her kid because her baby’s daddy was yelling at the baby while delta smoked the pipe. When Welfare took her kid she went out and drank all day. She can’t put down the bottle to even shower!! She goes for all her friends ex. She couch surfs and begs for food. And she plans to have another baby. SOMEONE tie her down and tie those tubes of hers. She crys when guys turn her down. She begs the guys to atleast bang her before the leave her .. She stalked my boyfriend by standing outside the window. She’s a golden home wrecker that\’s for sure. She has a face that will remind you of a miniature donkey lol even her body! This nasty sl*t needs one on one help. Delta if see this.. Leave pg and go back to salmon arm. With your wide set vag And your nasty pu**y .. That you can smell,100 feet away .. Just putting this out there. Watch ladies and gentlemen

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