Crazy as the Bedbugs

August 12, 2014 Halifax, Quebec City 61


THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik thought we shed some light on this trailer park trash this is the famous michele diavou from new glasgow ya this town is bred more trash this time she michele 18 is fcking evryone in town including a 39 year old mike ,, she is smoking balt salts even bed bugs ya that right bed bugs she is dirty with the clap she lives on welfare she has two boyfriends and a gf who is a tranny who getting a dick transplant ya and wearing adult diapers this gurl is fucked beware and stay clear

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Laurence Scott beauchesne is a Homewrecker

May 27, 2014 Quebec City 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Bicth had the nerve to fck with my husband! Destroy my life!!! Broke my relationship into a million tiny fcking Pieces!!. Karma better do it’s fcking job.

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Elle Magazine Is Sending The Wrong Message

May 7, 2014 Quebec City, The Dirty, Vancouver 252


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first it was Whale Wars Kate Upton and now this. Look at the direction ELLE magazine is going up here in Canada. Yes Nik, I’m ashamed to call myself a Canuck.

The world is changing… fat people are the new navy.- nik

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Meagan Ponting Barron

May 5, 2014 Montreal, Quebec City 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is so ratchet, sweaty, greasy and sticky all the time,shes a typical verdun sewer rat,runs the laneways and drinks fortys along with the rest of verdun scum.this girl had a 4 sum with steve dc and her cousin while she was dating the brother! this girl is a total wreck, she so stuck up,but honestly shes sooo fucking ugly and nobody wants her,naggy annoying snobby bitch. im sure the public will definatly not argue with this

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Protect your kids from Nadia St-Pierre

April 18, 2014 Montreal, Quebec City 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nik, This bitch is Nadia st-pierre , she is a old disgusting bitch. This bitch sell drugs to young teen. She’s a junkie herself at 48 years old, she think she is the most beautiful women on the planet whit her horible +2. This bitch lives in montreal, but she also lives part time in quebec. This whore approach many high school in montreal and quebec and she sell her drug to the kids. Her life is so miserable, she said one time to me she can’t have kids because of a health disorder. But i think its because she’s have an addiction to heroin. She told me that she’s selling drugs because she needs money for getting new +2. What is ironic with her is that she work at a store for kids and baby in quebec. This bitch need to be exposed for destroying kids life and family!

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Wrinkly Rigeman

April 8, 2014 Cambridge, Quebec City 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Rigeman08 that can be found regularly posting on TERB, the Toronto escort review board. This dude has no fcking life he is pathetic Lol. All he does is on the prowl on Terb all day/ night long, he is such a loser he thinks that his only place in life is to be the “perfect” john..umm *newsflash * Youre just a fucking trick that pays hoes. And the hoes he pays are fcking nasty too. At least pay a gorgeous whore, not some junkie looking beat up, used up bitches. This dude needs to be put on blast and everyone needs to know, he needs to be exposed to who this loser really is. Cambridge take a look at your number 1 TRICK!!!, Compulsive lying guy wants to be seen as the best john, its his main purpose in life because he failed in everything else. Guaranteed he prob has so may drdS by now with all the scum he has banged, Dude go see a therapist and get checked out seriously, mentally you have issues. Get help.

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Owner Of Snapchat Evan Spiegel Is An Idiot

November 20, 2013 Quebec City, The Dirty 54

Evan Spiegel

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so the owner of Evan Spiegel just turned down a 3 Billion dollar offer from Facebook to acquire Snachat…. and the idiot refused.  10 boys ranging from the ages of 13-15 were just arrested for allegedly using snapchat to make child porn. They got caught after a school teacher caught a boy with explicit photos allegedly taken with the smartphone application Snapchat.  Police arrested the 10 boys who police allege were trading photos, in several cases, of each other’s girlfriends, among themselves.  All of the teens were charged with possession and distribution of child pornography, while two of the boys also face charges for producing child pornography.  I doubt Facebook is going to want to buy a company that will be responsible for a lot of child porn going forward.

Snapchat is 85% porn. Zuckerberg is obviously desperate with that offer since people only use their Facebook to find Throwback Thursday pictures.- nik

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The Real Quebec

June 11, 2012 Dirty News, Montreal, Quebec City 266

The real Quebec

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok, this post is to clarify something! I just finished reading a post written by someone from Quebec, talking sh*t about the rest of Canada, specifically, English Canadians! He claims that the woman here are beautiful because they are Quebecois and that the English has RAPED their language. Lets get one this straight, you raped your own language, when sit there and write things like “kes ke tu fu” when it should be written “Que’ce que tu fait?” That’s you raping your own language. When you say things like “Asoire.” when it should be “A soir.” your raping your own language. Ask anyone from France, the people who speak REAL french, if the french in Quebec speak or write their own language properly, all will say NO! Furthermore, the french people here are underachievers, they all drop out of high school, work in a garage, not as the mechanic but as the guy sweeping and cleaning up the place. They all drive Ford pickups filled with beer and weed. They are the NUMBER ONE CARRIERS of SYPHILIS, CHLAMYDIA, GONORRHEA, AND HERPES in CANADA (you can look that up, ever heard of Rouyn-Noranda?)! Their woman are NOT hot, the girls in Montreal that are beautiful are the ethnic girls, the Italians, Greeks, middle eastern, Asian, Black, Indian, Russian, French from FRANCE and Romanian girls! They are NOT Quebecois! You need to go to the rest of Quebec to see what they actually look like, and they are not as attractive as the girls centered in Montreal. So don’t claim these beautiful woman as your own nationality, because they are not. The french girls here are classless sluts with no morals and STD’s. They act and talk like men, they get wasted and fuck boys and old men in bathrooms, and they piss on Crescent and St.Laurent street after the clubs. They go after coupled up and married men and protest naked in the streets. Im sorry, but Americans, if you had to deal with these low lives everyday, you too would hate them too. If Quebec ever does separate, it will FAIL, because the educated and ambitious people who keep this province running are the ENGLISH and the IMMIGRANTS! the Quebecois do nothing with their lives, but sit on their front porches, with beer and their flags and complain about everything English. If you don’t believe me, I invite you to Montreal, pick a hot chick, and she won’t be a Quebecois. She will either be English or have an ethnic background. So do not claim us beautiful woman as your own, I’m a model here in Montreal, very well known and considered one of the beautiful faces of Montreal, I do many events every weekend, I have my own calender and do signings and appearances constantly. I am NOT QUEBECOIS! And neither are any of the other girls I work with! Just wanted to make this very clear. So Canada may suck to Americans, but the Quebecois are the SCUM of Canada!

Canada problems are so low class.- nik

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